Ready Set Go Up

Richie Steamboat: 2nd Generation star good in the ring i have not seen him do a promo so i dont know but he is good enough to be promoted now and get by with his in ring skill
Seth Rollins: one of the newest people to FCW but is one of the quicket rising stars in development winning the FCW 15 & a Former tag champion in about 8 months cant tell they like him. His ring skills are tops in the development and like richie he needs a little work on his promo skills
Bo Rotundo: 3rd generation star son of Mike Rotundo, Brother of Husky Harris, Nephew of Barry Windum, & Grandson of Blackjack Mulligan talk about a lineage. One of the best in the ring down their of course being the world champion helps so if anyone comes up soon its him.
Lucky Cannon: One of the best people on ther mic down their.  I am well aware that he has been on NXT but still never up with the main roster. Maybe if the rumors are true and cole becomes a heel manager lucky could be his first client
Byron Saxton: Average mic skill but, he has made just about a spotless change from the booth to the ring being probably on of the better non original wrestlers to change from a non wrestler to one. I know he is on NXT but still never been up with the main roster full time.
My top 5 Farm Guys  that will benefit from the firings from yesterday soon or a latter they will be with the WWE full time just you wait


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