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Brock Lesnar's Title Reign Has Been Lackluster

Now when Brock won the title I was one of the biggest supporters of Brock winning the World Title back at SummerSlam and not being their every week, because I had the Old School perspective on things and thought and still do think that the World Champion shouldn't be featured every week and should be thought of as special. But not having the World Champion on the show for months at a time isn't good for the championship or the guy holding it. I think every expected this when Brock won the belt, but I think they should have worked on getting Brock some more apperance when he won the title so he was seen more often. However, they are just focused on keeping Brock happy even though it is very likely that Brock will be leaving in March after Mania 31 so they should use that as a reason for Brock do them a favor and work more as champion. Fact is that because Brock and Heyman haven't appeared on TV since after Night of Champions which is hurting Brock's momentum and the im…

Stinger is in THE WWE

For those who may have missed it Sting has finally debuted in the WWE. He showed up near the end of Survivor Series and dropped Triple H with the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting has always been the one man never to step foot in the WWE until now and almost 30 years after his debut in 1985 he is finally apart of the WWE.

From 1987-88 till 2001 Sting became and was thought of as the "Franchise of the WCW" and Sting was The Man who stood up and fought against the NWO for over a year. After WCW went under in 2001 Sting was one of if not the only WCW alumni never to appear for the WWE. It was almost like Sting walked away from the Wrestling business after WCW partly due to his hefty contract from Time Warner still having time on it. In late 2002 Sting was back in the ring for a short time working for the company WWA (World Wrestling All-Stars.) Sting would then sign a four appearance limit contract with NWA-TNA at some point in 2003, and he would debut at TNA's one year anniversa…

Wrestling World Loses a Legendary Promoter

As I have said on many occasions one of the hardest things about being a fan of wrestling is having to say goodbye to some your favorites when they pass away. Many fans will tell you that most of their favorite stars growing up are gone, now is this a lot of people who grew in the 80's... yeah. However, the evil side of the wrestling industry has not just touched the fans of the 1980's, but also has hit the fans of both the 1990's and 2000's. This is one of the many reasons why I believe that the past isn't celebrated as much as it should be in the wrestling business. Like the territory days, or legends or who helped pave the way, or anything just to help fans of today know who people like Lou Thez, George Hackenschmidt, Bob Giegel, Jim Barnett, Magnum TA, Giant Baba, and the list goes on and on. Though wrestling will respected by those outside the business that doesn't mean those within can't respect it and honor those from days gone by.

Two days ago the v…

Thanks for the Continued Support

I have to say that almost 4 years ago I started this site and I didn't think it would be anything more then just me talking about my opinions on the wrestling business and maybe a couple people would read it. However, I wasn't prepared to see that about 3 and a half years later over 23,000 people have read things I have posted and still are reading. I couldn't be happier and more appreciative of you guys and gals for the support you have shown and continue to show this blog. This shows me that for the 3 years I had the blog I did something right and that means a ton. Please continue to support the blog and I will keep posting whenever I can. 

Thank You All!!!!

Double Standard Presents itself again

For years I have been preaching the fact that the WWE has an obvious Double Standard in the company among the talent and how they are punished/treated by the executives and other talents. I am aware that Double Standard has existed for quite a long time in the WWE, but I think in my book it started to become evident in 2009-2010 and has become worse ever since. Back in 2010 a Mid-Carder/Tag Team wrestler getting suspended in 2009-2010 for violating the wellness policy and someone else not getting suspend because he was in a top feud and then only getting suspend because the news came out of his failed drug test. In the past things like this have gone away because of the fact that I have tried to professional about it, but when they are holding back a very talented superstar for telling the truth, 'you have got to draw the line somewhere.' 
Anyone who may have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks you don't know that we saw what was a good match, but was st…

Former NWA World Champion Shares a Great Sean O' Haire Story

For those who may not have seen my last post or haven't heard the sad news about the passing of former WCW and WWE talent Sean O' Haire. Former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce shared story about his time with Sean O' Haire. Below is an excerpt from the story: 
"In 1999, I was in Atlanta, Georgia for my first tryout with WCW. What no one knew was that I went into it with a decimated left shoulder (I had partial reconstructive surgery the following year, which explains the big scar that I wear to this day). I really shouldn't have even been there with the injury. As part of my evaluation, I was tasked by Paul Orndorff and company with wrestling opposite Sean O'Haire in an amateur-style match. As we were set to begin, I secretly said to him, "Please watch my left shoulder, it's gone." With everyone watching, he didn't say a word. He simply looked me in the eye, and nodded a subtle "yes" in response."

For the full story visit: http:…

Wrestling World Loses Another With Untimely Passing of Sean O' Haire

Sadly this isn't the first time I said this here as it seems I have said this far to often for my liking because I never like writing about the passing of another wrestler. Unfortunately it seems most of the members of our favorite stars pass away very young as compared to some other sporting outlets. The news broke late last night that former MMA fighter and most notably former pro-wrestler Sean O' Haire had passed away. I like most members of the IWC was very saddened to hear the news and hoped that this new was false and Sean would come out and deny the rumors, sadly he did not and it was later confirmed he had passed. 
For those who maybe unaware of Sean's past in wrestling he was a trainee of the WCW Power Plant and up on television as a part of the group named the Natural Born Thrillers with many other Power Plant graduates. During his time in WCW from around late 1999-2001, Sean had success in WCW's Tag Team division with his partner Chuck Palumbo whom he won t…

Wrestlers Step Up for a Great Cause Revisited

Though it seems to may be fizziling out a little bit I thought it would be cool to take a look again at some other Wrestlers who have stepped up and taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: 
Tommy Dreamer Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge: 

David Otunga Take the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch Maryse & Eve Torres accept the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch Shawn Michaels & Former TNA Knockout Rosita take the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch Eva Marie & Summer Rae accept the Ice Bucket Challenge:

All I have to add is guys remember even if you disagree with the idea of pouring ice water on your head as a way to raise awareness for a charity it seems like it's doing something. So though you may not agree w…

Wrestling Fans Use Their Voice as: I Ask The Crowd Part 2

What opinion do you have on the current WWE & TNA products and do you think it’s better or worse than it was a year ago?

Bryan: WWE’s product is much better than last year in my opinion. They have great feuds and have new young talent breaking through in great fashion, like Reigns, Wyatt, Ambrose etc. Also WWE has put on better matches than ever before, I mean look at how many Raw matches get this is awesome. TNA ehh I mean like the Dixie Carter and Bully Ray character. But last year they had all there great talent such as AJ, Sting, Daniels, etc. Honestly I think TNA is dead in the water pretty much because no matter if they put on good TV or not the fan base will never be able to rise that high via the disappointment many fans have seen over the years. Also I’d like to add that GFW will be one lucky company as they are able to get guys TNA had to let go like AJ and Daniels and now WWE are cutting costs so GFW is looking at some good established Free Agents.

Bsal: First thing first,…

Wrestlers Take on a Worthy Cause

As many of you people must know that over the last few months many people have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which entails a person pouring a bucket of Ice Water over their heads as a way to bring awareness to a worthy cause. Now I don't know a lot of details about this illness so I will not fill out any information about the disease because all I know about it is that Lou Gehrig lost his battle with ALS and ALS was the disease that ended Lou's career. But I am happy to see that people are doing good in bringing awareness to such a terrible disease. Below are videos of Pro-Wrestlers who took the Ice Bucket Challenge: 

Triple H Expresses His Views on the Ice Bucket Challenge 

Below is a link to The Miz accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge:
Ronda Rousey Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge
Below is a link to Dana White Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge:…

A Reference to International Incident May Have Cost Someone a Top Push......

Right now I am going to say it this is a blog and I own it. For the most part I have tried to be unbiased; however I want to express a certain opinion on an Article I saw. This past Sunday at Battleground during Lana's pre-match promo she referenced a certain international incident. Now I don't disagree with the fact that certain things shouldn't be involved in the wrestling world, but this isn't about that. 

People are getting pissed about the fact that Lana was trying to get heat in a promo, which is the point in wrestling. But if people keep making a big deal over stupid reference's then it will just be very bland promos and nobody will push the envelope anymore, because they are too afraid. Plus it wasn't up to Lana unless she makes her own promo, which I doubt she does because I don't think they give her the freedom. Getting heat like this is a lost art in wrestling because everyone is to easily offend nowadays, which is a shame. Below is an excerpt fro…

Wrestling Fans Use Their Voice as I: Ask The Crowd

One thing that is very difficult about writing for a site is trying to be different then the other people writing about similar things. That is why I have went to the drawing board and decided to come up with something totally different in my book then anyone else is doing. I have chosen a group of questions about Wrestling that I asked a group of randomly selected fans and will be posting their responses right here. Over the course of the next few weeks I will posting the questions with the responses from the fans, so keep an eye out. So to keep my words short, since this post is about the fans let's get to it:
Do you believe that TNA is going through hot-shotting when it comes to booking the shows and talent? 
Bryan: Not really no, they have some good storylines and aren’t like a Vince Russo in that they just change on a moment’s notice. So no I do not believe TNA is hot-shotting.
Fan 1: TNA seems to be trying to be a WWE junior, WWE lite...a copy of WWE to clear things up. Daniel…

Comparing "The Decision" to the formation of the NWO:

For those who don't know there are times that events that take place in the Wrestling industry can be compared to events that took place in other sports industries. Recently did article on how both Hulk Hogan and LeBron James "legdropped" their fans and changed their sports forever. In goes in depth into not only the creation of the big three down in Miami on the NBA team the Miami Heat with LeBron, Dwayne Wade, & Chris Bosh. But it also goes into how one could see similar aspect between that and the formation of the New World Order back in the summer of 1996. However, instead of me spoling the article let me put in an excerpt from the article below:
"This week marks the anniversary of two shocking moments that altered the history of their sports – LeBron James fleeing the Cavaliers to create Miami’s Big Three andHulk Hogan’s declaration of a New World Order. Both superstars were the top talents in their industries, but chose to backstab their lame franc…

WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum: The Ultimate Tribute to The Ultimate Warrior

After the tragic events of last Tuesday the folks over at WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum chose to honor The Ultimate Warrior by having a tribute show where various wrestlers shared their memories of the Warrior. Some of those names that shared candid moments & some road stories were; Ken Shamrock, Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon, Sam Houston, Baby Doll, Buff Bagwell, Jimmy Valiant, Bobby Fulton, & many others. So if you have some time it's a really great interview and gives just a small glimpse of the impact that The Ultimate Warrior had on so many of his fellow wrestlers in the pro-wrestling industry.  

RIP Jim "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig: Gone But Never Forgotten!!

The Ultimate Disrespect

Now I know that certain people may think that it is time just to leave alone and let it go away but with the fact that a petition (Follow the Link) is out now it won’t be going away for a little while at least so I would feel wrong not doing a post about it. First of all to avoid anyone getting pissed at me I will not mention the journalists name and I use that term very loosely as one certain journalist showed vivid disrespect for the truth and showed that she didn't care about the fact all she wanted was to get her point across and her opinion. To disparage any thought of what I am talking about I am referring to that disrespectful interview that took place last night that involved Diamond Dallas Page. I will not mention the name of the women who was interviewing DDP because I will not give her the free advertising space on my site. Also I just want to say if you have a problem with anything I am going to say don't continue reading because well you don't have to read it …

WWE: Bad Booking of Brock Lesnar before Wrestlemania

As many people have noticed over the last few weeks leading into Wrestlemania this Sunday the strongest thing about Brock Lesnar has been Paul Heyman. That is because the creative team decided not to have Undertaker be touched for the entire build-up to Mania but it was scrapped last week when Brock attacked Taker and gave him an F-5. After the attack the backstage feeling is that Brock came off as a coward because it seemed like a sneak attack rather than a normal attack. Many think Brock should've been booked better over the last few weeks to seem like more of threat to the streak then he has been booked to seem like.

I have heard many people say that Brock has been booked real bad the last few weeks going into Wrestlemania which is disappointing because WWE creative should know that Undertaker isn't going to be hear forever and that his Mania matches are winding down so they should make them be as best they can other wise people will stop caring. Unless that is the plan that…

Wrestlemania Rewind

"With Wrestlemania around 8 days away and time winding down to do more posts about remembering some of the greatest matches in the 30 years of Wrestlemania is coming to a close once again. With that being the case I think it's only fitting that one the last posts I do about Wrestlemania prior to Wrestlemania 30 has got to be about one of the most important matches in Wrestlemania history and not only Wrestlemania history but Wrestling history. I am talking about the match that Main Evented Wrestlemania 3 in 1987 live from the Pontiac Silverdome when Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan or when the Irresistible Force met the Immovable Object. Now the attendance of that show maybe highly debated as some don't believe the announced attendance of 93,179 was the legitimate attendance for that event. But with all that aside their is no doubting the importance of the match and how it changed the business. In many ways Hogan vs Andre was the End of an Era because up......"


PPV Predictions

Lockdown 2014
(**Every Match Is inside of a Steel Cage**)

Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs Great Muta, Tigre Uno, & Sanada

To my knowledge their isn't enough history for this match to be important or taken for more then just being a match to introduce the Japanese guys to TNA fans. If the Japanese guys are staying then I see them winning but if not TNA heel team wins. Because I do believe two of the 3 guys on the Japanese team actually have TNA contracts I would say Muta's team wins.

Samuel Shaw vs Mr. Anderson

It seem as though they have reinvested into Sam Shaw and that is a new project they are working on as a company. But I just think making him beat Anderson, a guy who just got out of the companies biggest feud with Bully Ray and was the winner of the feud it might be to much to soon for Shaw. With that being said I think Anderson wins tonight.

Gunner vs James Storm

Both of these guys are brawlers and can take a good beating in any match, like we saw in the Storm…

Wrestling World Lost Another

It was brought to my attention last night that the Wrestling world lost another legend on March 3rd, former AWA wrestler Billy Robinson passed away at the age of 77 years old. Though Billy may have been more known to some as an International Wrestler as he was from England but because of his exposure with the AWA he became just as known in the United States. Billy was trained at.....

To see the full post follow this link

How I would book it Part 8........ Rebirth of Extreme (ECW 2006)

Tuesday December 5th ECW on SC-FI:
Brian Kendrick, Kid Kash, Paul London def. Shelton Benjamin, Masked Man, & Elijah Burke (Kash pins Benjamin), Carlito def. Stevie Richards, Announcers hype the history between Punk & Dreamer, then hype the match between the two next week and what a win would mean for both men, William Regal def. Ryan O’ Riley (Post Match: Rene Dupree shows up on the big screen and gets Regal’s attention pretty quick he says “William don’t both to come looking for me as I am not at the arena tonight but I heard what you said two weeks ago and my response is I should have you arrested for threatening me but instead I will just end your career at December to Dismember.” Regal jumps in says “I accept and let me just it will be fight you will never forget.” Little Guido def. Danny Doring, Daivari, Shad & Danny Basham in a 5 way match (Guido pins Danny), Announcers hype Tag Team main event RVD & Justin Credible vs Ray Gordy & Mr. X, Ray Gordy & Mr. …

Wrestlemania Rewind

Even though Wrestlemania is still far enough away that only one match has been set that being the World Title match between Orton & Batista. Other that nothing has been set but that doesn't mean that it's to soon to look back some great matches from the last 30 years of Wrestlemania. Over the course of the next 42 days I will be taking a look back at numerous matches that have taken place over the last 30 years of Wrestlemania. I thought why not start our look back at Wrestlemania's of the past with looking back at a match from Wrestlemania 19 and it was for the WWE Championship. The match is by far one of my favorite matches of I have ever seen, Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. I can do all the talking I want about this match but I don't think there is much I can say other then I will let the match do my talking for me.

Just Watch And Enjoy:

WrestleMania Matches Predictions

Big E V.S Dean Ambrose Unification Match

Sheamus V.S Triple H or Kane

John Cena V.S. Bray Wyatt

Daniel Bryan V.S. Batista v.s. Randy Orton

Brock Lesner V.s Undertaker

Tag Team Title Match

Pre Show Battle royal

Pre Show Divas Match

Extreme Rising: What a Difference

Opened in the Spring of 2012 with a show that was very lackluster and they pretty much started on the wrong foot. From all the issues on the first show, to canceling numerous other shows, to Stevie Richards saying he'd defend the World Title in an online game of Madden. A lot happened in the first full year of Extreme Rising's existence but that has now changed. Now that the at one time partner of the Extreme Rising, Steve O' Neil has taken over the company things are different. From them attempting to get a TV contract in the local tri-state area to returning home.

The crowd when they were in Philly last month was hot and ready to see wrestling again in the area so famous for independent wrestling. I remember watching the last show at ECW Arena back in 2010 and having goose bumps the entire show. There was no better way to welcome wrestling back to The Arena then with Extreme Rising. I am very happy to see wrestling back where it belongs and I am also very happy to Extrem…

Superstar Recall

In March of 2001 the wrestling world changed forever with the purchase of WCW by WWE. In many ways it was almost a year after the purchase that the business start to recover with other companies finally coming in. One of those companies was NWA-TNA run by the Jarrett's (Jerry & Jeff) they employed numerous guys who had gotten their start in the late stages of WCW; also some of the top independent stars.
One of those stars was "Wildcat" Chris Harris one half of America's Most Wanted which was one of the best teams in TNA history. He and his partner James Storm had worked in the past together on the Indies. Chris and James became a team and had some great feuds with Triple X & Disciples of Synn. Also were multiple time tag champs until they broke up and Storm turned heel. After AMW's break up Harris wasn't really able to catch on he was canned only to end in WWE as Braden Walker for a short stint. But who remembers the Wildcat.

How I would book Part 7....... Rebirth of Extreme

Tuesday November 7 ECW on SC-FI: (If you missed it or need a refresher)
Highlights of the ending of the show last week, Kid Kash def. Jamie Knoble (Post Match: Elijah Burke walks out and says to Kash “I am the guy that deserves to be on TV every week because I am the best thing this company has. Kid Kash you were good once and you may have even been an up and comer but now you will be the next victim to feel the Elijah Experience.” After he finished Kash attempted his trademark plancha but Burke moved and Kash caught himself before going through with it. JTG def. Daivari, Announcers plug Punk’s actions from last week and Taz once again tells Punk “to not piss Tommy off to much because you will regret it.” Justin Credible def. Kid Kash ends after a distraction from Elijah Burke, Matt Striker interviews segment with RVD (touches on his feelings facing Credible), Shelton Benjamin & Masked Man…