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Differences in Writing for a Site vs Blog Part 3

Over a lot longer period of time then I though it would be I have been writing about the differences between writing for a site and a blog. In the first part I gave a good amount of background into well who I am and what happened to all the posts from me like I had been doing a few years ago. Then in the second part it was a more basic post focused on opinion well now it's time for the organized post. This post is focused on well let me just get into it:

Professionalism is Must for all writers on Sites: I am just going to come right out and say it that the stigma of being professional just because the fact that your writing is seen by more is complete bull. Being biased as a writer is bigger negative, because it disallows you from seeing both sides and possibly even writing a better article looking at the same topic from two different perspectives. However, the stigma of saying F*** or Bullshit or any other mature language has a negative stigma as people believe you sound uneducate…