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Wrestlemania Rewind

I have done 3 different parts of this all leading toward the final one as tomorrow is Wrestlemania 28 live from Miami Florida but also here is my last 2 of 6 favorite matches from Mania's past: Savage vs Steamboat Wrestlemainia 3 Rock vs Austin Wrestlemania 19

This day in Wrestling History

To day is one of the more memorable eras of a time when numerous Wrestlemania's were forgetful but this one was different this one Wrestlemania 14 was different. It was the night the LOD returned but also the night Shawn Michaels left because of his back injury. Also tonight saw the first ever and last ever dumpster match in WWE history between Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs Billy Gunn & Road Dogg. They fought all over using the dumpster as a weapon. This was also the night many say Austin's career took off cause after 1 year of climbing to the top he accomplished and helped WWE jump in front. But the macth between him and Shawn could have been of course if Shawn wasnt hurt but for the shape he was in it was a great match. With numerous highlights still spoken of today by fans & superstars alike. Even more background this was the first time ever that Undertaker & Kane fought each other in any way shape or form. Then the feud continued for the rest of the yea…


Nerd Note: 10 years ago at Wrestlemania 18 vs Hulk Hogan when WWE was in Toronto Canada. Now 10 years later another Once in a Lifetime Match happens speaking of Mania
Lets get to the Wrestlemania talk right here:
Rock vs Cena: Even though it would make sense just to do a rematch and let Rock win the first match cause of his hometown. It wont happen that way because WWE Creative doesnt think like that, they think i dont really know how they think it just not normal. So baiscally I am saying that Cena shouldnt win because 2 reason off the top of my head The Rock is 10x's the wrestler Cena is on any given night. Also it's The Rock's hometown so unless you want to get Cena heel heat I wouldnt make him win. I dont care if people will cheer because of the good match still people will boo him because of where they are. Also HHH will lose at Mania because if he doesnt then numerous people will stop even flipping on WWE programing by accident. People will miss the show on purpose …

Wrestlemania Rewind

I did this on Monday now another couple of matches for you guys viewing pleasure
Enjoy & if their is ever a match or a Wrestling realated video you want me to circulate then please leave a comment: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels Part 1 Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle

Rework & Rewrite

Today I am going to rebook: WCW July 1998 Goldberg vs NWO

Backstory: In the Summer of 1998 WCW was looking for someone new to push in order to keep nitro hot & the streak was over big time at the time so put over the streak. That's not what happend long story short Hogan fought Goldberg on Nitro instead of on ppv & we believe that someone else should have won the Starrcade match.
So let's travel back to June 15, 1998 or the night after WCW Great American Bash when Goldberg fought Konnan (Nwo Member for the US title) & retained the gold. I would start it out slow I would have him get provoked by Scott Hall saying Bill degrades the championship & these people dont really like him they just hate the NWO so much that they will like anything thats against them. This leads to a match between the two that night in the Main Event and sees Goldberg win & continue the streak. Next week Bischoff makes a rematch between Hall & Goldberg but this time Hennig as spe…

Wrestlemania Rewind

Since WWE will probably be doing this tonight and on Smackdown I figured why not do the same so since its only 6 days before Mania over the next 6 days I will dig through the history books to find my 6 favorite Mania matches of all time: They are in no particular order I am just putting it up Bret Hart vs Steve Austin No Holds Barred Match Wrestkemania 13 Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan (one of the biggest matches in WWE history)

Scouting Report

Rob Van Dam

good in ring
average on mic

Best Possible Feuds: Angle, Roode, Punk, Jericho, Gabriel, Cole

Rob debuted back in 1996 for ECW that not being his first stop in a national company his first run was as a jobber in WCW. But he left because of booking changes & went to ECW a couple of years later and in ECW his star began to form. First in a feud with top guy Sabu over a matter of respect this lead to a stretcher match between the two which Sabu won. Then the two became a tag team and probably the most hated people in ECW because of their association with the WWF and Jerry Lawler. Also in ECW he became tag champion twice with Sabu & became the longest reigning TV champion in the history of ECW holding the belt 23 months before having to vacate it because of injury. During his reign he began his feud with Jerry Lynn a feud that saw some of the best matches in ECW history take place. Those matches also closed out the last ppv & their first show on national TV. After…

Should be Present

Over the last couple of weeks Michael McGillicutty & Tyson Kidd have been embroiled in a feud to see who comes from the better lineage which has saw some very good matches between the two. One the fans were even into also which is surprising cause it was on NXT and its very rare when the fans are into a match on that show. But those two showed that they need to be taken seriously by the fans and WWE cause they are as good as some say they are. Tyson is one of the best technical wrestlers in the business today & Hennig has yet to live up to the family name but could if given the chance. I think this feud should be on TV either on RAW or Smackdown because it would breth a breath of fresh air on repeitive show. I say its repitive because even though WWE has all of this time to showcase talent they use the same talent every week on the tv shows and repeat feuds & matches not thinking about the fans. Please watch this match and tell me it wasnt good, tell me you wouldnt want to…

WCW: Do You Remember

For the next 50 some awt minutes or so it will be the 11 year anniversary of the Last Nitro so because of the fact i am doing so late i will do another post about this tomorrow as well here are some of the best matches from WCW's history: Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Halloween Havoc Goldberg vs Hulk Hogan 3 Count vs Jung Dragons vs Karagis & Knoble

all of these where great matches and gave people awesome reasons why WCW was better then WWE at certain points during the War but in the end politics & ego got the better of WCW and costed all us fans the best prize competition

Rework n Rewrite Part 2

I was busy yesterday so I wasnt able to get it done like i said in the post on Tuesday but here is the ending of the post from Tuesday & since Hart's run ended at Starcade 99 thats when i will end it in this. Now in April 98 begins a feud with Chris Benoit this feud starts at Slamborre which is the April ppv. Hart attacks Chris after his match vs Finlay officially turning heel. The next night on Nitro Hart explains that he attacked Benoit because he is sick of seeing great talents specifically Canadians taken for granted by this company. Then says tonight he will prove it by taking out an American wrestler anyone open challenge. Glacier accepts the challenge lasts maybe 5 minutes but wins via DQ because Hart wouldnt let go of the figure 4 around the ring post before 5 count. Post match Benoit comes down and attacks Hitman laying him out. Next week Hart does the same thing he did the week before but before he could injure Malenko, Chris comes down and these two go at and are sp…

Rework & Rewrite

Bret Hart's WCW run is what I am Reduing today see if you agree with what i think should have happend

In November 1997 rumors began to circulate that after Survivor Series Bret would leave WWF with the World title and do what he wants with it. Long story short Vince would do anything to keep that from happening and he did because at Survivor Series on PPV. Vince & Shawn Michaels did the most infamous angle ever they screwed Bret out of the title by ringing the bell to end the match even though bret didnt tap. Now gone from WWF he is a free agent and it didnt take long for WCW to snach him up and made him one of the many marque name apart of that company.
Right from the start I would change when he came in even though he would not be in the main event they couldnt really tell us that at that point all the matches were set in stone. You really take it to WWF by making Hart debut the next day on Nitro cutting a shoot on Vince, Shawn, & WWF. This will lead to Flair coming out…

WWE: News

Reported last night all over internet wrestling sites was that FCW better known as the place where Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, McIntyre, Gabriel, Slater, Otunga, Kidd, & others started their WWE life. The report said that after April 15th FCW would closing its doors because thats when there TV deal expires. Also Vince has seemed frusturated as of late with the talent that have come up from FCW saying that they haven't been ready & are far behind where they should be. He blames this on former talent developer Ty Bailey who is no longer with the company cause of his lack of knowledge in the field and all the compliants executives where getting from talent. With a new crop of talent most likely arriving in the weeks after Wrestlemania the fans who doubted the life of FCW will be shown that FCW is alive and well as is the talent. Seeing what Rollins, Ambrose, Ono, Cesaro, Steamboat, & others can do & have done in the ring will prove that 10 fold.
Also in rel…

Wrestlemaina Hype: Chris Jericho

Another big match talked about by the other fans just maybe not fans that are around him is how good Punk vs Jericho is going to be. Now let me Punk was yesterday now Jericho today lets see what happens: Chris Jericho 2007 return Jericho calls out Punk 2/6/12 Jericho's return to RAW Jan 2 2012

Enjoy this look back!!!!!!!

PPV Predictions

Victory Road
(c)Robbie E vs ????  this match will be average because i will never be able to take Rob serious until he drops the stupid gimmick. But also i think Robbie will win this match because of help from his bodyguard Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim(c) this will be nothing more then the usual divas match for TNA a filler in between two other matches. Since it seems to me that they are trying to make Rayne seem like the inexperienced & uncoordinated younger talent i think see wins tonight but by accident and gets the belt (c)Magnus & Samoa Joe vs Crimson & Matt Morgan this match like others so far will be nothing but average because of the people in the match having average in ring skill. I think Joe & Magnus need to keep the belts because Morgan & Crimson should be champions again as they make better rivals then partners (c)Austin Aries vs Zema Ion this will a good match cause since when is a match involving Aries not good. I dont think Ion is ready to end the record set…

Wrestlemania Hype: CM Punk

I wasnt going to give posts to other matches at Wrestlemania but i figured why not so here is some past promo's from the man in the Battle of the Best's in the World CM Punk: The Promo from 6/27/11 Jericho & Punk Promo from RAW Epic promos from CM Punk that have happend in his WWE tenure

Controversey Creates Cash

Ever wonder what really happend to WCW, how it was working for people who didnt have a clue about the business or what about the backstage politics of WCW. Well Eric Bischoff a guy who was actually gives you a first hand account of what happend to WCW from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs to the merger that ended up killing the company. You read about it right from the person who was their for it all & he also shares his opinion on people like Bill Watts, Savage, Hogan, Nash, Hall, Sting, DDP, Ross, Dusty Rhodes, & many, many others. He also shares his opinion on many top ranking officals that worked at turner brodcasting during the mid 90's. But it is not all about wrestling as it wasnt the only thing he did and wasnt a fan all his it wasnt until he started to become a partner with Verene Gagne in Minnesota that he became infatuated with the business. Also he mentions the end of AWA how it really and how being their till the end hurt him and his family. Give fan…

Rework n Rebook

Since I thought that keeping with the Creative has nothing for you stuff was a little to opinionative for the site so thats gone and this is in its place. In this post i will be Reworking/Rebooking specifice times, storylines, wrestlers, promotions, etc in the way that may have worked better. Starting with a simple time 1997 and a place that was once the measuring stick of pro-wrestling that company from the ATL better known as WCW. For all of 1996 & 97 the NWO dominated WCW like nobody has ever seen before but also during that time people started to see a darker side of Sting this lead to rumors of why sting is silent. Answers started to come when Sting began attacking the NWO. The hunt began for Sting to take down the NWO & Hogan from the top of the moutain and it looked like they were going to  do it. A little side note many say that if WCW would have done this match right they would be the one who put WWE out of business but it didnt work something went wrong. The thing th…

Highlights of Raw

Last night on Raw we saw both John Cena & Rock down two things that set them apart from everyone else and thats having the ability to make the fans cheer when given freedom to do it right. That was shown in the Concert & Rap last night and if you missed it here you go: Rock concert part 1 Rock concert part 2 Cena Rap

Wrestlemania Recall: Songs

With it being 21 days before Wrestlemania i fugured we would change it up again and hype Wrestlemania in a unique way again. This time hightlighting 4 of my favorite songs from past Wrestlemania's starting here: Wrestlemania 17 (My Way by Limp Biskit) Wrestlemania 26 (I Made It by Kevin Rudolf) Wrestlemania 22 (Big Time by Peter Gabriel) Wrestlemania 27 (Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah & Eric Turner)

please tell me what your favorite Mania theme song is by commenting or retweeting this post

New Videos

Scouting Report

Kyle O' Reilly

good in the ring
average on mic

Best Possible Feuds: Bryan, Punk, Jericho, Shamrock, RVD, Kidd

He began his career in ECCW which is a small company up in Canada, there he won the Jr Heavyweight title 3 times in that company. Since then he also appeared in DGUSA, Chikara, PWG, FIP, & other companies throughout the US. The first time he got on major company is in 2009 he debuted with ROH this was the first time he was on Nation wide TV. It wasnt until 3 matches into his ROH career that he won his first match which came at the expense of training partner Tony Kozina. Since Kyle has worked with Adam Cole in a team called Future Shock they took the American Wolves, Kings of Wrestling, & Briscoes to the limit but came up short each time. Now a couple of months ago Kyle & Adam disbanded going their separate ways joining with Davey & Eddie respectively. To clear up any confusion Kyle went with Davey to form Team Ambtion & Adam went with Eddie. If the 10…

TNA: Truth is

TNA has changed but needs to keep changing they need to move back to what got them noticed in the first place and that was being the alternative to WWE and the same as them. I think the change creatively is really helping TNA because they get someone with a new way in their but thats not going to fix the company. They need to focus on the people they have and making them household names and not jokes like some are. What they dont get is just because they are known doesnt mean they should be a household name & only should be bringing in the new guys if it helps the guys already there in the long run. Also their ppv's are lacking hype & reasoning by that i mean they need to talk up more then just the big matches on the show & in doing it gives the people a reason to order the show. Unless of course a big match is like a match that the fans have been waiting to see and it needs lots of hype in that case that match could give a reason & deserve a lot of hype. Last thin…

Wrestlemania Hype: The Song

And now Mania’s here & so we face the final curtain My fans l’ll make it clear that I am the best for this I am certain I’ve have had career it was full & I even main evented a couple pay paper views But more much more this I did it Rock’s way Regrets I had none cause most of the time I was the one won And for that I did all that I had to I saw it through without rejection I would say your city name & it would a shame cause all of you are the same Before I came out it was always the same what I said was usually planed and it was just one big sham But still more much more this I did it Rock’s way Yes I am sure knew there were actual times when I bite off more than I could chew But when there was doubt I laid the smackdown & check out I faced em all and stood tall and did it Rock’s way You’ve loved me, hated me, & wanted me dead But that was back when I had a big head And that’s in the past when you look back you’ll figure out why you were an ass Can’t believe I’ve done al…

Wrestlemania Hype: The Rap

To John Cena & Management
That promo we saw on raw was good but, the rock’s are always great no matter how long he’s gone he can out due you in the ring on the mic at any time on any date. Now I don’t mean to hate, cause I used to be fan & thought you were the man until you dropped the gimmick that made you famous, soon enough I realized Vince was your only fan. People think you’re the best cause of management’s portrayal but, any thought of you being the best that would make me whale Never turn heel will seal your fate that they’ll always be hate, you can wait to see if it goes away but I am here to say it’s here to stay You say your time is now but that’s not true the only thing that’s now is your gimmick because it’s so past due that people ask why you weren’t in the Marine 2 well its because a gimmick change is 12 years overdue You and the Lebron James have something in common your presence aint needed for the fans to go home happy why to do you follow the Michael Jackson s…

PPV Predictions

ROH 10th Anniversary
Tomasso Ciampa vs (c)Jay Lethal this will be a good match because ROH always gives their title matches time to mean something and since this is the Streak vs the belt it should be interesting. I think its about time the Embassy win something cause as of now the Embassy has only won one title and that was 8 years ago so I see the Dominant Male coming out on top Amazing Red & Tj Perkins vs Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin (w/ Truth Martini) another semi good match i would have like to have seen perkins & red vs alexander & coleman cause i believe the match would be better but still its great to see Red back in ROH. Even though i love the team of Red & TJP still i have to go with HOT for the win because they have the experience as a team edge on them Mike Bennett (w/ Bob Evans & Maria) vs Homicide this will be a very good match because both these guy are great at their jobs and Bennett also will strive to prove he belongs in  the ring with the f…

Wrestlemania Hype 2: Rock

I did 2 posts about Cena & now this is the second one on Rock, next week the hype will continue with now Wrestlemania only being 29 days away the hype has to pick up. Mid next week I will start with another match from the Wrestlemania card to hype before the big show Sunday April 1 in Miami. Rock's Return 2/14/11 The Rock & Jericho mock each other Austin & Rock diss each other & sing to each other (very funny)

Creative has nothing for You Oh Really 2

Last time was so non descriptive cause i was detailing what this blog post entails but now more descriptive and in depth then before.
Doug Williams

Williams a former TNA Tag Team, X-Division, & TV champion has what it takes to make it to the top of TNA they just have to book him the right way. He is a perfect example of how TNA books and why people dont like them because, they are touch and go with the when they book people. Even if the people get over they may not book them for weeks at a time which isnt how your suppose to book shows. Those who dont get heat are the ones that arent supposed to be booked every week. Unlike how it was for the first edition of this i am going to go back to where TNA made the mistake and re-book it from their on. I am going to go back to January 9 2011 when Williams lost the belt to Abyss at Genesis. Now at that point Doug was still trying to get over as a face from leaving Fortune and was close. Going into the show he has a feud with Aj but faces …

Wrestlemania Hype Up: Rock

Two days ago i had promo's from John Cena here on the site now its time to switch sides and go for The Rock. I am going to dig through to find some of the rock's best promo's throught his time in WWE. Lets get to it right here: The Rock shows that he can out talk anyone even as a heel as he disses the fans in Sacremento & Austin Rock's toronto promo from way back in 2003 probably one of the more funny promo's from the invasion storyline with Jericho & Rock dissing Stephenie, Booker t, & Rhino