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How I would book it Part 8........ Rebirth of Extreme (ECW 2006)

Tuesday December 5th ECW on SC-FI:
Brian Kendrick, Kid Kash, Paul London def. Shelton Benjamin, Masked Man, & Elijah Burke (Kash pins Benjamin), Carlito def. Stevie Richards, Announcers hype the history between Punk & Dreamer, then hype the match between the two next week and what a win would mean for both men, William Regal def. Ryan O’ Riley (Post Match: Rene Dupree shows up on the big screen and gets Regal’s attention pretty quick he says “William don’t both to come looking for me as I am not at the arena tonight but I heard what you said two weeks ago and my response is I should have you arrested for threatening me but instead I will just end your career at December to Dismember.” Regal jumps in says “I accept and let me just it will be fight you will never forget.” Little Guido def. Danny Doring, Daivari, Shad & Danny Basham in a 5 way match (Guido pins Danny), Announcers hype Tag Team main event RVD & Justin Credible vs Ray Gordy & Mr. X, Ray Gordy & Mr. …

Wrestlemania Rewind

Even though Wrestlemania is still far enough away that only one match has been set that being the World Title match between Orton & Batista. Other that nothing has been set but that doesn't mean that it's to soon to look back some great matches from the last 30 years of Wrestlemania. Over the course of the next 42 days I will be taking a look back at numerous matches that have taken place over the last 30 years of Wrestlemania. I thought why not start our look back at Wrestlemania's of the past with looking back at a match from Wrestlemania 19 and it was for the WWE Championship. The match is by far one of my favorite matches of I have ever seen, Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. I can do all the talking I want about this match but I don't think there is much I can say other then I will let the match do my talking for me.

Just Watch And Enjoy:

WrestleMania Matches Predictions

Big E V.S Dean Ambrose Unification Match

Sheamus V.S Triple H or Kane

John Cena V.S. Bray Wyatt

Daniel Bryan V.S. Batista v.s. Randy Orton

Brock Lesner V.s Undertaker

Tag Team Title Match

Pre Show Battle royal

Pre Show Divas Match

Extreme Rising: What a Difference

Opened in the Spring of 2012 with a show that was very lackluster and they pretty much started on the wrong foot. From all the issues on the first show, to canceling numerous other shows, to Stevie Richards saying he'd defend the World Title in an online game of Madden. A lot happened in the first full year of Extreme Rising's existence but that has now changed. Now that the at one time partner of the Extreme Rising, Steve O' Neil has taken over the company things are different. From them attempting to get a TV contract in the local tri-state area to returning home.

The crowd when they were in Philly last month was hot and ready to see wrestling again in the area so famous for independent wrestling. I remember watching the last show at ECW Arena back in 2010 and having goose bumps the entire show. There was no better way to welcome wrestling back to The Arena then with Extreme Rising. I am very happy to see wrestling back where it belongs and I am also very happy to Extrem…

Superstar Recall

In March of 2001 the wrestling world changed forever with the purchase of WCW by WWE. In many ways it was almost a year after the purchase that the business start to recover with other companies finally coming in. One of those companies was NWA-TNA run by the Jarrett's (Jerry & Jeff) they employed numerous guys who had gotten their start in the late stages of WCW; also some of the top independent stars.
One of those stars was "Wildcat" Chris Harris one half of America's Most Wanted which was one of the best teams in TNA history. He and his partner James Storm had worked in the past together on the Indies. Chris and James became a team and had some great feuds with Triple X & Disciples of Synn. Also were multiple time tag champs until they broke up and Storm turned heel. After AMW's break up Harris wasn't really able to catch on he was canned only to end in WWE as Braden Walker for a short stint. But who remembers the Wildcat.

How I would book Part 7....... Rebirth of Extreme

Tuesday November 7 ECW on SC-FI: (If you missed it or need a refresher)
Highlights of the ending of the show last week, Kid Kash def. Jamie Knoble (Post Match: Elijah Burke walks out and says to Kash “I am the guy that deserves to be on TV every week because I am the best thing this company has. Kid Kash you were good once and you may have even been an up and comer but now you will be the next victim to feel the Elijah Experience.” After he finished Kash attempted his trademark plancha but Burke moved and Kash caught himself before going through with it. JTG def. Daivari, Announcers plug Punk’s actions from last week and Taz once again tells Punk “to not piss Tommy off to much because you will regret it.” Justin Credible def. Kid Kash ends after a distraction from Elijah Burke, Matt Striker interviews segment with RVD (touches on his feelings facing Credible), Shelton Benjamin & Masked Man…