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WCW: Do you remember

I feel it would be some what of a crime of sorts to go through not only the month of October but the day of Halloween without mentioning the once monthly tradition WCW Halloween Havoc. From 1989-2000 Halloween Havoc was full of some great moments & matches but then again some not great, but why would I be doing this if it was to remember a bad thing: This match some call one of the best if not the best in the history of WCW. Get you candy ready kick back and enjoy: Rey Mysterio Jr vs Eddie Guerrero (Title vs Mask)

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!!!

How I would book it Part 2...... Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Even though I moved from this site to the new site I still fell it neccessary to keep with tradition which is why I am doing this post. This series started here and will continue here as long as I continue doing new verisions of the series on the other site:

September 16th Monday Night Raw: Bryan seeks revenge on Shield & Rhodes Family will fight for Cody
Stephanie & Hunter air a tribute video to Cody Rhodes during the show commemorating his time in WWE. However Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust interrupts the video, he talks about how Cody doesn’t deserve this, the Rhodes family doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. The McMahon Family has always had a problem with the Rhodes family because my dad was able to make himself something without WWE. My family is prepared to not only fight for Cody’s job, but for the Rhodes family name. Cody, I know you may think I don’t have to do this for you but think of it as a Wedding Present. The Shield come out and attack Goldust, out of nowhere …

Apologies from me

I should have mentioned it right when it was in the works of possibly happening because of the history I have here but I didn't because at first I was going to continue to post for both sites but it didn't continue like that; and as many have noticed I am not posting daily or at one point even weekly here anymore. That is because I moved to a new site and I am very sorry for not telling you guys here about the move but I guess I didn't think I would stop posting here but I did.

What I did not telling you guys that I moved is disrespectful and wrong because some of you may have been supporting me from when I started the blog and wondered why I stopped posting. For that I am very sorry but I hope you guys that gave me so much support here on blogger will come join me at my new home, this is an actual website called  I got this site through the group Fan vs Fan. These guys are a really great group of guys and were really helpful and nice when I was g…

Live photo from BFG

Pictures of the sad looking attendance at last night's Bound For Glory ppv from San Diego:

Interview With John Curcie of NYWC

A little background on John Curcie, he is part owner of a small wrestling company called NYWC or New York Wrestling Connection which is located in Deer Park, NY. The company which was founded in 2002 by Curcie has been entering wrestling fans on the Island for over 10 years now. Over the years NYWC has been home to various past & present WWE superstars. Now after a little background here is my Interview with John Curcie:

What is your position in NYWC, and have you guys ever thought of expansion of NYWC into other parts of the island or even more?

I'm one of the owners. Yes, I think about expansion all the time.
Were you a wrestling fan when you were growing up? Also if so who did you see that made you say I want to do this for a living.

JC: I watched wrestling since I was about 7 or 8. Chief Jay Strongbow
Did you ever think about wrestling and being the owner or are you happy just being the owner of the company?

JC: I'm too big of a pussy to wrestle

What made you decide…

How I would book it Part 1.... Orton vs Bryan

August 18th SummerSlam: **Daniel Bryan def. John Cena (c) to win the WWE Title (Post Match: While celebrating Triple H turns to Bryan and hits the pedigree laying him out. (The fans are shocked) then Orton’s them song hits and it all makes sense. Orton walks down to pin Bryan but then Bryan kicks out much to the delight of the fans
August 19th Monday Night Raw: Hunter’s Explanation
To start the show Triple H, Stephanie, & their new bodyguards The Shield make their way to the ring. Hunter get’s on the mic to offer an explanation, he says “I know of all you people are wondering why I attacked Daniel Bryan last night; well here your answer he doesn’t have what it takes to be the face of the WWE. I know from experience how good Randy Orton is and he has what it takes to be the face of WWE, unlike the 5 foot nothing, pint sized, troll aka the man he beat last night for the WWE title. Without further adieu your WWE Champion…… Randy Orton.”Randy comes down the ramp to a course of boos an…

PPV Predictions

Battleground Pre-Show:
Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow
this match maybe be a good a match but it will be nothing special as since it is the pre-show match with no real background it doesn't mean much. Both guys in this match could use the win but I think Damien gets the win here because he needs it more.
Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston
I see this match being nothing to special, I think WWE may just be using this match as a way to get Wyatt on the PPV. With Wyatt's feud with Kane still technically going on Wyatt get's the win tonight.
(c) AJ Lee vs Brie Bella: Divas Title Match
this will be the usual divas match, just now it kind of means something as opposed to before when the matches meant very little to nothing. I do believe that someone from Total Divas will dethrone AJ but as long as they keep giving her the TV time I don't think AJ needs to lose yet. So AJ wins here.
Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs (c) Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins
With the background and the hype this matc…

Moment in time 13

This blog series is all about looking back a memorable moments from the history of wrestling. These moments are the ones that make people say I don't believe that, "Oh My God", or even a moment that you remember where you were when you first saw it.

The moments we will be taking a look at today is a Very Memorable moment in the world of Pro-Wrestling: This event ended one era and began another it marked the end of the Monday Night Wars and started WWE as the one place in town.
Ric Flair's promo from the last Nitro: (By far one of my favorite Promos ever)

Breaking: TNA's Future in Doubt

I founded out last night that TNA's future with the Carter Family maybe in doubt. As of two days ago it was made public the Carter family may look into either shutting TNA down or more likely selling the company.

This will only be the case if things continue the way they have which as most know TNA has had financial difficulties over the past few months. But it is also being said that Spike TV has said, that they are willing to invest in TNA to keep it open as they don't want to loss the program.
The possibility of a sale is one of the reasons Dixie wants to keep Hogan & Sting on payroll as she believes it will help add name value to the company if a sale were to occur. This is a boat load of overpayment, bad decisions, and listening to the wrong people finally catching up with the Carter's.

Right now possible suitors for the company aren't known but a lot questions will need answering from now until January 1 2014, like: Will the Carter's Finally Sell, If a …