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Video Rewind ECW Taz vs Sabu Death Match Sabu vs Rey Mysterio Extreme Rules match (crazy ending) Sandman vs Raven Barbed Wire Match Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack KOD Match 95

I felt like doing this so here it is:

PPV Predictions

Extreme Rules
Pre Show: The Miz vs (c) Santino Marella this will be an average match as it is just a pre show match nothing more so it would be that special but it will be something. Even though i would like to see Miz get the gold i think Santino retains the US title tonight (c) Nikki Bella vs Beth Pheonix usual divas match not to long but not to short and i dont how healthy Beth is after the injury on Raw last Monday we shall see tonight. I think if this match even happens that Nikki will win to keep the gold a little longer (c) Big Show vs Cody Rhodes this should not be just a filler but it should be the last match in the feud because it will get to the point were this feud will do more harm than good to Cody undoing all the work they over the last year making him someone. Therefore i think tonight Cody wins the belt back and wins the feud FCA Match Kane vs Randy Orton this could be a really good match only if they give it the time though as this feud has blossomed from noth…

Extreme Reunion Tonight

Tonight after all the hype & promo is the night many have been waiting for the night when the misfits of Extreme try to save the business once again. Usually important shows like this i would offer my predictions but instead i am just letting tonight happen for those going to the show enjoy and bask in the memories of the past as they become the present. I wish the best of luck to all the guys that are going to perform tonight hope its a great show because it looks that way on paper. These guys have given the bodies so many times for you fans over the years. Now this my friends is a real Reunion tonight Phillidelphia, PA Where it all began that summers night in 1994 it will be where it all begins Again. Extreme Reunion Wrestling will Be reborned. Some more promos from the talents on the show and the card is below as well enjoy and remeber #Savewrestling lets get it trending tonight. Gary Wolfe speaks on this & to Anthony Durante


TNA New Time

Since October 2007 TNA has been on Thursday at 9pm on Spike TV, that was until they changed timeslots. Now TNA is on Thursdays but at 8pm instead of 9 because Spike officals believe that more viewers will watch at 8 rather then 9. It doesnt matter the time your on it matter the quality of the show put on no matter the time the show goes on tv. I am not going to tell you that i would be happy if TNA went out of business because it wouldnt really be true as they are a little closer then the indy companies to competeting with WWE because of their TV deal. But they are still very far away from actually competiting with WWE because even though people may say TNA is better its not true. WWE makes more money, has bigger fan base, & knows how to book a decent show or even a good show. Now TNA hasnt been around as long as WWE i know that but they are in the same postion they were in back in 03 or 04 when they were on FSN just another company. Thats because they dont have anything that make…

Rework & Rewrite

WCW vs WWE Invasion
Last Nitro: Shane comes out and tells Vince that the name on the contract does say McMahon… Shane McMahon (surprised face by Vince & show the WCW wrestlers reaction) Shane vs. Vince still happens at Wrestlemania 17
4/2/01: start having WCW logo’s pop up on the tron & a video of highlights from the last nitro & at the end have it show the word beginning
4/9/01: have the ending of nitro play when Shane says he is the new owner of WCW and at the end say power
4/16: The last match on the last Nitro which was Sting/Flair show highlights of that and at the end show the word change
Hold it off for a week but then have it happen again at Backlash but this time no video just flashing through all the words & ending with the new WCW logo
4/30: have what will become the WCW entrance theme start playing to end the show & have JR & Paul start questioning what is going on.
5/7: have Shane show up in the crowd with a WCW shirt on and ticket in hand.
5/14: Have Sh…

WWE The Future Is.......

I did this yesterday with TNA now today is WWE,  this was harder to do then the TNA one because i didnt really know who i would want to see get signed by WWE. But below is the chart just like yesterday but this time its WWE talent.

Should be In WWE

Out/demoted of WWEinJohn MorrisonoutSin CarainColt CabanaoutDavid OtungainChase StevensoutJinder MahalpromotedDean AmbroseoutEzekial JacksonpromotedSeth RollinsdemotedMason RyanMore TV TimeLess Tv timemoreTyson KiddlessBrodus ClaymoreJoe HenniglessDavid OtungamorePrimolessLord TensaimoreEpicolessJohn LaurinaitismoreTrent Barrettatime offJohn Cenamoredivas

TNA Future is...

TNA has been saying for months that they will be focusing on the future talents in TNA if you didnt understand what i said here it is again TNA is in a youth movement. I have formulated a table with people i believe should be in TNA & who should not be in TNA and those who should be given more time & those who should get less. Also quick props to TNA for open fight night it seems like a unique idea if handled right best of luck to them with that.

Should be In TNAOut/demoted of TNAinJimmy RaveoutHulk HoganinLow KioutDoug WilliamsinPetey WilliamsoutRob TerrypromotedAdam RevolverdemotedRobbie Esigned to OVWCliff ComptondemotedGarrett BischoffMore TV TimeLess Tv timemoreKid KashlessHulk HoganmoreAnthony NeselessGarrett BischoffmoreAJ StyleslessRic FlairmoreGunnerlessCrimsonmoreMadison RaynelessEric Young

It Could Have Happend

This is like Rework & Rewrite only its different in the way i dont rewrite something that already happend i take stuff that hasnt or wont happen. Depending on the reaciton these get will see if i continue doing it. First, did you ever wonder if a feud between Hawk vs Animal would have happend how it would have went well it could have gone like this.
When they expanded the group to 3 members in the WWF they could have started to make tension rise between Hawk & Animal because of Droz being apart of the group. After a couple of months things could have just reached a boiling point and that would see Hawk leave the LOD and maybe have a match with Animal at a ppv & Droz before it. It would not become a deep seeded feud just as away maybe if the LOD were leaving or something then they could done as like something new to try. See it could have happend but nobody tried to do it i wonder what else could have happend stay tuned

This day in Wrestling History

Today i would like to wish a Happy Birthday to ROH Star Jay Lethal & Axl Rotten

Axl Rotten: Most known for his tenure in ECW where he fought in the first Taipei Death Match vs Ian Rotten. He never held a title but did challenge for the ECW Tag titles numerous time with different partners. Also he competed in WWE & TNA for a short time first in WWE in 2006 then came to TNA for the reuion show in 2010 aka Hardcore Justice. Happy 41st Birthday to Axl Rotten

Jay Lethal: First started in ROH were he won the Pure Championship on one ocassions then he went to the promotion where he would become known for and that was TNA. There he won 6 X-Division titles & the Tag titles once with Consequences Creed. Around 2010 Jay left TNA and after a few months returned to ROH in June of Last year and has blossomed ever since winning the TV title & facing some of the top stars in the Indy Circut.  Happy 27th Birthday Jay Lethal

Japanese Wrestling

Spring Cleaning Part 1

Today WWE has began their endeavored list for 2012 as they have sent Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks off into the sunset. Both guys had some sort of potential to help WWE but i guess management didnt agree and they got the boot. I am surprised that Hawkins got the boot because he is a talented wrestler & draws decent heat on the mic but was just used a jobber in recent months. I felt Hawkins had untapped potential that i find to be a shame that WWE didnt catch but maybe a different promoter will. Tyler Reks I think came up to soon and never really had that much of a future in WWE because of it. I am not surprised that Reks is gone as i had him on the list i first published a couple of days ago giving my guesses of who would be gone. Nothing against Reks I'll wrong place wrong time for him and it is sometimes good to start new & i think it will help Reks and Hawkins in the run. This isnt the end but only the beginning for the WWE Spring Cleaning 2012. Now there is only one th…

TNA Really

TNA Lockdown a ppv that was hyped up like an important ppv for TNA only brought them 2000 people in a 9000 seat arena. Which is ridiculous because that means the arena wasnt even half full and they dont think that is wrong or bad in anyway. It is and it shows in my opinion that TNA cant draw even in Nashville & they need to stop focusing on there production output of the show and start focusing on fixing the creative direction & the quality of matches. I mean i dont think i am an expert in this but i will ask a question to the people who will view this post do you think you could book TNA better then those in charge now. When i say book i mean know who & when a guys should be pushed, not allow yourself to let the fan knowlege crowd your jugement. By that i mean if you dont like a heel because, of the person he is on TV they then doesnt mean you shouldnt still push him because most heels are good wrestlers to sometimes better then the good guys. But then again TNA also real…

This day in Wrestling History

Happy Birthday to George "The Animal" Steele, Vickie Guerrero, & Paul London

Paul London: turns 32 today and has competed all over the world including TNA, WWE, ROH, & others. He also is a former WWE cruserwieght champion, tag team champion & winner of OWW match of the year (Armagendon 2006) Happy Birthday

Vickie Guerrero: turns 44 today, is one the few manager around in WWE that have been successful managing a former world champion, 2 United States champions, & a former Intercontinental champ. Many wonder if Eddie haddent died would Vickie still have came to WWE i dont really know what my answer would be but in case. Happy Birthday

George Steele: the one time performer, then manager and had a part in one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time Steamboat vs Savage. Steele is very gifted because of his ablilty to be incredibly strange and entertain at the same time. Happy 75th Birthday to a WWE legend

PPV Predictions

Matt Morgan vs Crimson the match has had horrible hype for it but also this isnt a match that many are looking forward to anyway because of the people in it no offense to them though. Since Crimson's unbeaten streak ended when they lost as a team technically I see Morgan winning to officially end Crimson's streak because its not like the people really care about it anymore anyway (c)Devon vs Robbie E (Robbie T) I think both Robbie's need to go down to OVW get new gimmicks get little better in the ring come back up fresh and ready to actually be hated by the fans. Devon needs to win tonight because he just won the title and if you want the belt to me anything you keep off of Robbie E for the time being (c) Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky this will most likely be longer then any WWE divas match but not be that long even with the loads of hype it has had. I think tonight is when the alliance with Kim & Rayne finally ends when Rayne costs Kim the belt and allows Sk…

TNA: A Meeting

Earlier this week TNA Executive had mettings with offcials from Spike tv regarding there new Tv deal that they just signed recently. I dont refer to myself as an expert in this stuff but i dont think of myself as very nobel. Here is what i think should be happening with TNA coming off the meeting with the spike officals.
Also Carter added to saying presentations changes will happening with Impact but also they are making decisions to focus on the young talent now. There was also talk that TNA could be getting more programing on Spike which i think if anything would help TNA or Spike Tv lose lots & lots of $$. That's not for the reason some people would think I would say but it is because Impact isnt as popular as it could be or should be for TNA to expand to another program & they dont have the talent or the resources to have another show. Talent meaning wrestlers because you cant have the same stars on both shows because that would make the talent get overexposed or have…

Weekend News

This weekend is full of wrestling worth watching including Evolve 11 live on IPPV in Toronto headlined by Callihan vs Finlay the rematch. Tommorrow CZW Presents Best of the Best 11 live on ippv this is when all the top lightheavyweight come to the combat zone to see who is Best of the Best. Also TNA presents their annual Lockdown ppv where every match is in a Steel Cage.

TNA: I just looked at the card and if it was me i would put some serious thought into ordering the ppv because a  majority of the matches will be good to great. The ones that caught my eye Storm vs Roode even though it really doesnt have the build it could have had it will still be really good. Hardy vs Angle & MCMG vs Magnus & Joe both will be good matches. Not looking forward to the Lethal Lockdown match though because i dont know about others but i dont think a lot of people want to see Eric Bischoff in a Cage Match.
Evolve 11: The rematch from Evolve 9 when Callihan vs Finlay 1 took place now another mat…

Video Information

Some may say its a cheap plug but i think of it as a way to explain myself and give an explination to why the order is as such for the newest video i put up the Top 10 most Underated WCW stars of all time: link below
Top 10 
10- Rick Rude: i picked him because well it seemed like he was getting a push by beating Flair for the NWA later called the International title either way he beat Ric Flair great boost to anyone. But unfortunately Rude was injured in a match in japan vs Sting which cost him his chance at the big time. RIP Rick Rude
9- Konnan: i picked him cause in 98 there were very few people that got as big a crowd reaction as Goldberg but Konnan was one of them no the people werent chanting his name but when he came out the crowd always blew up. Why else would he get the TV title for his health or maybe it was because he was very over Goldberg certainl…

Rework & Rewrite

Old School Smackdown: this was probably the worst Smackdown in quite a while as most if not all of the show was complete joke. So I have decided to rewrite the Show from top to bottom. (excluding Piper's Pit that was the highlight of the show in my opinion)

To start Mark Henry should have went over in the match vs Orton because Mark is fighting Punk on RAW for the WWE, and last time i checked it's good for challengers to go into title matches with momentum. Maybe not win clean like have Kane cause a distraction for Orton allowing Henry to win.
I wouldnt change anything about the next match which was Ryback squash match because it did its job however i would add Mick Foley backstage with Paterson, Dibiase, & Atlas watching the match. Next match was Kidd & Slater (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs The Uso's & since Foley was seen backstage he doesnt have to be commentary. This match i think Kidd & Slater could make a good especially since Gabriel is hurt & maybe they c…

Extreme Coming Back

April 28 in Pennsylvania National Guard Armory the old band of misfits & some of the new breed will be together for a real reunion show. Extreme Reunion live in Philly where Extreme was born: New Jack talking about April 28 Luke Hawks promo for Shane Douglas Shane Douglas interview the announcement by Shane Douglas this show will happen EXTREME WILL RETURN


Spring Cleaning

It maybe a little early to be speaking about this but with WWE one never knows when they will be doing the spring cleaning just that they will be doing it. Here are some of my predictions of who may get released this year from the Main Roster

Ezekiel Jackson: I think his time is up because his pushes have fizzeled out often then not & his wrestling ability has been lacking. He also doesnt fit the mold of jobber because of his size so i believe Big Zeke will be going going gone this spring
Evan Bourne: After 2 violations of the wellness policy & now the injury he isnt putting himself in a good place. They will probably let him heel up before they cut him lose to see where he is but the hope isnt there with me for Bourne to stay. Plus i think he would be better off leaving WWE anyway more valued on the indy circut
Drew McIntyre: The once promising Drew is a long shot but i wouldnt be surprised because he has only been jobbing for the last couple of months. In my book he is ta…

TNA Tag Team

On the heels of the Motor City Machine Guns making their return to TNA i thought it would be fitting to get some great Tag Team matches from TNA's past because one of the best teams are back together so here we go: Machine Guns vs Generation Me BFG 2010 Machine Guns vs Beer Money Victory Road 2010 AMW vs Triple X Turning Point 2004 (Must See)

Scouting Report

Ric Flair
awesome on the mic
awesome in ring

Best Possible Feuds: anyone as Ric has the ability to make anyone he faces in the ring look great

Beginning his career in the early 70's after being trained by Verene Gagne it wasnt until he made his way to the Mid-Atlantic region that Ric started gaining attention which was around 1974. It wasnt long before Ric had gotten a belt to his name defeating Paul Jones for the NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Title. Then a little more then a year later the now infamous Plane crash happened where nature boy broke his back in 3 places. He was told he would never wrestle again but after 4 months of rehab he returned to the NWA and became a heel after tearing up the fans get well soon cards. In 1977 Ric started a feud that would go on throughout his career vs Ricky Steamboat. After feuds vs many hall of famers like Jimmy Snuka, Piper, Greg Valentine, Ricky Steamboat, Blackjack Mulligan, & Buddy Rogers. He became NWA World Champion after defeating Dusty…

Return Rewind

With Brock Lesnar & Albert returning this past monday I figured why look back at their shining moments from their last stint with the WWE: Albert wins the Intercontinental title Brock Lesnar vs The Rock for the WWE Title at Summerslam 2002

Monday Night Raw

The day after Brock Lesnar makes his ruckus return to the WWE 8 years after his last match with the company. To crazy crowd in Miami I might add who saw him hit the F-5 to John Cena then say I wanted along time to do that. Last night the crowd was insane chanting Yes, We Want Lesnar, & Daniel Bryan all night at sporadic times during the show. Even when heels like Alberto Del Rio was out cutting a promo they were cheering him but also showing there hate for Sheamus so the roles were reversed. WWE did exactly what i knew they could they showed they are good with eyes on them and after how good mania was on Sunday numerous eyes were on RAW last night to see Rock, Cena, Lesnar. Rock kicking off the show and Brock ending it i can tell you guys seriously that was one of the best RAW i have seen in a while and i havent missed one in 7 years so i have seen a lot of them. Hopefully WWE didnt set the bar to high that there will be a huge drop off on next week's show like some may think.…

Post PPV Thoughts

Yesterday was Wrestlemania and it disappointed in some ways, the opener was not up to Mania standards thats really the only problem i had tonight. Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus ended in 18 seconds are you serious i mean really that is suppose to be one the most important pieces of gold in the company and a title change happends in 18 seconds. I guess didnt realize how impactful what they do can be as after the match happend there were Bryan chants for the next two matches. Also people say Hunter vs Undertaker wasnt good your right it was great as there are many different ways for a match to be great and it was a great brawl, leaps and bounds better then last year. Punk vs Jericho lived up to expectation last night as it was the best pure wrestling match on the show. Last I might be over thinking it but Why did they have Rock win last night, I am not mad I was actually extremely happy because i didnt want Cena to win. As I believe this to be true that Rock was and is 10x's better then Jo…

PPV Predictions

(c)CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
this could be the match that steals the show if given the right amount of time which is around 20 minutes or more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again these two guys are two of the best workers in the business today. It’s tough to pick who will win tonight but I am going to go with Punk because I’ve heard things about Jericho leaving again so I am going to go with the rumors here for the guess.
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve 
This will be the usual divas match just a filler somewhere in the card to calm the fans down before or after the big matches. The faces will win the match
Team Teddy vs Team Johnny This match will either be a clusterf*** or it be a good matchdepends on how they have it happen & elimination could help matters by allowing guys on face team to overcome or something like that. I see Team Johnny winning because Teddy has been GM for so long it’s time for something different Randy Orton vs …