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So Far Back Sunday: WWE Future is.....

I have done this series before on another site, but this time around it has a different concept. Because when I did it on the old site it had to with just remembering the moment and plus the old post had to come from somewhere for the series on the other site. Now this time around it's different, because I'll be going back in time every Sunday to old blog posts I have done over the last 4 years on this site. Also I won't be making any grammar corrections on the posts or changing anything in it, because that is also the point of this series to be able to back and see how far I've come in the last 4 years as far as writing and editing. So now that you know what this series is about let's get to the flashback: 
I did this yesterday with TNA now today is WWE,  this was harder to do then the TNA one because i didnt really know who i would want to see get signed by WWE. But below is the chart just like yesterday but this time its WWE talent.

Should be In WWE

Out/demoted o…

How I Would Book it WCW 1998: Part 5

As the road continues we move to the final week of January and things continue to grow and change as we progress with the year. As I mentioned previously things started off slow with the WWE installment before things started clicking for me as the installment came to a close. Now I hope for the same thing with this edition of the series as it would make things extremely more worth it. Below are some high points of the show:

- Tensions continue to mount between Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash

- Announcer's Give us an Update on Ric Flair's condition following Sold Out

- The Steiner's defend their newly won Tag Team Titles against Harlem Heat

- Bret Hart issues an Open Challenge to anyone on the WCW Roster and tells Macho Man to pay close attention

- Old Wounds are reopened as a once Prominent feud Main Event's Nitro for the First Time Since 1997

How I Would Book it Part 4: WCW 1998

This my friends is the go home show for WCW Nitro before we hit the first PPV of 1998. Our first PPV is Sold Out and though it might be a weak show it is the first PPV and things will get better as the year goes on. Things are still coming together and intentions are becoming clear as 1998 is still just beginning. For this edition of Nitro below are some high points:

- Bret Hart & Randy Savage come face to face for the first time since Starrcade

- The mystery continues as another close friend of Ric Flair's is taken out

- Where is Hollywood Hogan and when will he be back

- Is the NWO breaking up or just having growing pains

- What is Eric Bischoff talking about when he confronts The Outsiders in the middle of the ring

Note: WCW Sold Out will be the next video!!!

ECW Legends Tribute A Fallen Brother

The hardest thing about being a wrestling fan is having to say goodbye to so many of your favorite wrestlers at such a young age. Though there are some fans out there who may not have respect for the legacy that ECW has left behind that doesn't change the fact that you should respect each and every individual who stepped foot in that ring for the company and the risks they took being in that ring. I will be honest the fact is that Balls wasn't the best worker, but he was a great character and could absolutely get the crowd into the match and on their feet and that is what a pro-wrestler is suppose to be able to do.

In this video I found I think Tommy says it best that "If we were a family then Balls would be the crazy uncle." There is no doubt in my mind that though I never met Balls he was a very special man and loved by everyone he came into contact with and you can see that in this video. Balls may have had his issues, but we all do and that doesn't change who…