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Brock Lesnar's Title Reign Has Been Lackluster

Now when Brock won the title I was one of the biggest supporters of Brock winning the World Title back at SummerSlam and not being their every week, because I had the Old School perspective on things and thought and still do think that the World Champion shouldn't be featured every week and should be thought of as special. But not having the World Champion on the show for months at a time isn't good for the championship or the guy holding it. I think every expected this when Brock won the belt, but I think they should have worked on getting Brock some more apperance when he won the title so he was seen more often. However, they are just focused on keeping Brock happy even though it is very likely that Brock will be leaving in March after Mania 31 so they should use that as a reason for Brock do them a favor and work more as champion. Fact is that because Brock and Heyman haven't appeared on TV since after Night of Champions which is hurting Brock's momentum and the im…

Stinger is in THE WWE

For those who may have missed it Sting has finally debuted in the WWE. He showed up near the end of Survivor Series and dropped Triple H with the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting has always been the one man never to step foot in the WWE until now and almost 30 years after his debut in 1985 he is finally apart of the WWE.

From 1987-88 till 2001 Sting became and was thought of as the "Franchise of the WCW" and Sting was The Man who stood up and fought against the NWO for over a year. After WCW went under in 2001 Sting was one of if not the only WCW alumni never to appear for the WWE. It was almost like Sting walked away from the Wrestling business after WCW partly due to his hefty contract from Time Warner still having time on it. In late 2002 Sting was back in the ring for a short time working for the company WWA (World Wrestling All-Stars.) Sting would then sign a four appearance limit contract with NWA-TNA at some point in 2003, and he would debut at TNA's one year anniversa…

Wrestling World Loses a Legendary Promoter

As I have said on many occasions one of the hardest things about being a fan of wrestling is having to say goodbye to some your favorites when they pass away. Many fans will tell you that most of their favorite stars growing up are gone, now is this a lot of people who grew in the 80's... yeah. However, the evil side of the wrestling industry has not just touched the fans of the 1980's, but also has hit the fans of both the 1990's and 2000's. This is one of the many reasons why I believe that the past isn't celebrated as much as it should be in the wrestling business. Like the territory days, or legends or who helped pave the way, or anything just to help fans of today know who people like Lou Thez, George Hackenschmidt, Bob Giegel, Jim Barnett, Magnum TA, Giant Baba, and the list goes on and on. Though wrestling will respected by those outside the business that doesn't mean those within can't respect it and honor those from days gone by.

Two days ago the v…

Thanks for the Continued Support

I have to say that almost 4 years ago I started this site and I didn't think it would be anything more then just me talking about my opinions on the wrestling business and maybe a couple people would read it. However, I wasn't prepared to see that about 3 and a half years later over 23,000 people have read things I have posted and still are reading. I couldn't be happier and more appreciative of you guys and gals for the support you have shown and continue to show this blog. This shows me that for the 3 years I had the blog I did something right and that means a ton. Please continue to support the blog and I will keep posting whenever I can. 

Thank You All!!!!

Double Standard Presents itself again

For years I have been preaching the fact that the WWE has an obvious Double Standard in the company among the talent and how they are punished/treated by the executives and other talents. I am aware that Double Standard has existed for quite a long time in the WWE, but I think in my book it started to become evident in 2009-2010 and has become worse ever since. Back in 2010 a Mid-Carder/Tag Team wrestler getting suspended in 2009-2010 for violating the wellness policy and someone else not getting suspend because he was in a top feud and then only getting suspend because the news came out of his failed drug test. In the past things like this have gone away because of the fact that I have tried to professional about it, but when they are holding back a very talented superstar for telling the truth, 'you have got to draw the line somewhere.' 
Anyone who may have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks you don't know that we saw what was a good match, but was st…