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How I Would Book it: WCW 1998 Part 7

As we draw closer to SuperBrawl the matches that will take place on the event become more clear and tensions continue to rise between the stars of WCW. I have made the decision that I may not be running this edition of the series as long as first expected, but I will be making an official decision on how long the series will continue within the next week or so. Until then this installment of the series will continue as per usual. Now enjoy some notes from this weeks edition of Nitro:

- Ric Flair has reached his boiling point and is now trying to intimidate management

- Who will become the #1 Contenders for the WCW Tag Team Titles at SuperBrawl

- Who will be next to stand up from the NWO against Hulk Hogan and Bischoff

- Old rivals collide once again in the Main Event for the first time in over a year

- Goldberg's Streak Continues against one half of prominent team

How I Would Book it: WCW 1998 Part 6

As we now being to SuperBrawl in February some things are continuing to grow and other feuds are starting a new and may reach a boiling point soon. Keeping this week short and to the point let's waste no time and get right to the bullet points from this weeks episode of Monday Nitro:

- Tensions continue to rise between Bret Hart & Randy Savage

- Questions are still left unanswered when it comes to the future of Scott Hall in WCW

- Who challenges The Steiner's for the Tag Team Titles Harlem Heat or Faces of Fear. One team will lay down a challenge tonight.

- Diamond Dallas Page & Raven's feud takes another step forward

- Ric Flair gets some help fighting the mystery attacks from a friend

Everything Evolves Part 2

This post wasn't suppose to happen at this point, but it was suppose to happen eventually the reason for the change is because I found another reason to write this post. Recently I have seen a lot of negativity on social media which in this day and age shouldn't be a surprise for me anymore, but when I see it among my followers and in some cases people who have supported me and that pains me to see.

Over the last year or two I have tried to be very open and honest with the personal battles I have gone through and how I have changed since January of last year. But the only problem is what worked for me may not work for everyone. As I have seemingly found solace in writing which is what I really do when I am feeling down and sometimes I just write for hours on end. That writing "quality" is the reason that at this point and time I still have over 10-12 unpublished articles that I wrote earlier in the year still hiding somewhere in my archives. The reason they had laid …

The Post Part 1

The aspect of principle isn't very present in today society meaning principles and moral don't care the same weight nowadays as they used to and that is a problem. Because people don't care about anyone but themselves and that has changed the world into a very scary place. The principle of this post is that somethings aren't meant to just be cared about for a month and should always be cared about and taken extremely seriously. 

It’s Showtime folks”  this phrase has rang out from one man so many times over the years and now it is being used for a different purpose as we are about to get real. “If I could be serious for a second” being professional sucks, the idea of staying with a certain “box” just because I am on a website is bogus, and believing everything you read on the internet makes you delusional. Everything you read on the internet……. Hmmm that is an interesting concept. By the way if you have problem with this post having nothing to do with wrestling then we…

How I Would Book it Part 5: WCW 1998

As the road continues we move to the final week of January and things continue to grow and change as we progress with the year. As I mentioned previously things started off slow with the WWE installment before things started clicking for me as the installment came to a close. Now I hope for the same thing with this edition of the series as it would make things extremely more worth it. Below are some high points of the show:

- Tensions continue to mount between Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash

- Announcer's Give us an Update on Ric Flair's condition following Sold Out

- The Steiner's defend their newly won Tag Team Titles against Harlem Heat

- Bret Hart issues an Open Challenge to anyone on the WCW Roster and tells Macho Man to pay close attention

- Old Wounds are reopened as a once Prominent feud Main Event's Nitro for the First Time Since 1997

For the two Parts:
Click Here for Sold Out
Click Here for Nitro Before Sold Out

How I Would Book it WCW 1998: Sold Out

We have arrived at our first PPV of the new year and our first stop on what promises to be a bumpy year long ride for the WCW. It took a little while for things to get under way with the WWE How I Would and the same can be said for this one as well. Keep in mind I have a lot more time with this installment of the series then I did with the WWE so more of a chance to make things work before I squash them. To put a halt on my rambling let's instead get to the card:

                                                               WCW/NWO Sold Out:

                                                 Harlem Heat vs Jim Neidhart & Davey Boy Smith

                                       WCW United States Championship Open Challenge Match:
                                                         (c) Diamond Dallas Page vs ???

                                                          Ray Traylor vs Steve McMichael

                                                    WCW World Tag Team Championship …

Everything Evolves Part 1

Been thinking about this for a while and honestly in the 6 years I have been writing this is by far the hardest post I have ever chosen to do. Recently this blog celebrated it's 5 year anniversary and I think back to June 2011 when this blog started and I look at how things have changed in that time and it's pretty surreal to me. Now I know over the past year or so I have pretty much preached how grateful I am for all you guys and gals that still pay attention to this blog. You have no idea what that means to me or how much that helps me to know that people care about what write even after so long.

Over the last few months I have done a lot thinking and not all of it was good thoughts or positive in anyway. But there were some good thoughts and as the New Day would say the "Power of Positivity" prevailed. As that is exactly what happened in this case too the truth is why I am elaborating is because you don't lie to the audience or this case the readers and I hope…

So Far Back Sunday: WWE Future is.....

I have done this series before on another site, but this time around it has a different concept. Because when I did it on the old site it had to with just remembering the moment and plus the old post had to come from somewhere for the series on the other site. Now this time around it's different, because I'll be going back in time every Sunday to old blog posts I have done over the last 4 years on this site. Also I won't be making any grammar corrections on the posts or changing anything in it, because that is also the point of this series to be able to back and see how far I've come in the last 4 years as far as writing and editing. So now that you know what this series is about let's get to the flashback: 
I did this yesterday with TNA now today is WWE,  this was harder to do then the TNA one because i didnt really know who i would want to see get signed by WWE. But below is the chart just like yesterday but this time its WWE talent.

Should be In WWE

Out/demoted o…

How I Would Book it WCW 1998: Part 5

As the road continues we move to the final week of January and things continue to grow and change as we progress with the year. As I mentioned previously things started off slow with the WWE installment before things started clicking for me as the installment came to a close. Now I hope for the same thing with this edition of the series as it would make things extremely more worth it. Below are some high points of the show:

- Tensions continue to mount between Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash

- Announcer's Give us an Update on Ric Flair's condition following Sold Out

- The Steiner's defend their newly won Tag Team Titles against Harlem Heat

- Bret Hart issues an Open Challenge to anyone on the WCW Roster and tells Macho Man to pay close attention

- Old Wounds are reopened as a once Prominent feud Main Event's Nitro for the First Time Since 1997

How I Would Book it Part 4: WCW 1998

This my friends is the go home show for WCW Nitro before we hit the first PPV of 1998. Our first PPV is Sold Out and though it might be a weak show it is the first PPV and things will get better as the year goes on. Things are still coming together and intentions are becoming clear as 1998 is still just beginning. For this edition of Nitro below are some high points:

- Bret Hart & Randy Savage come face to face for the first time since Starrcade

- The mystery continues as another close friend of Ric Flair's is taken out

- Where is Hollywood Hogan and when will he be back

- Is the NWO breaking up or just having growing pains

- What is Eric Bischoff talking about when he confronts The Outsiders in the middle of the ring

Note: WCW Sold Out will be the next video!!!

ECW Legends Tribute A Fallen Brother

The hardest thing about being a wrestling fan is having to say goodbye to so many of your favorite wrestlers at such a young age. Though there are some fans out there who may not have respect for the legacy that ECW has left behind that doesn't change the fact that you should respect each and every individual who stepped foot in that ring for the company and the risks they took being in that ring. I will be honest the fact is that Balls wasn't the best worker, but he was a great character and could absolutely get the crowd into the match and on their feet and that is what a pro-wrestler is suppose to be able to do.

In this video I found I think Tommy says it best that "If we were a family then Balls would be the crazy uncle." There is no doubt in my mind that though I never met Balls he was a very special man and loved by everyone he came into contact with and you can see that in this video. Balls may have had his issues, but we all do and that doesn't change who…

How I Would Book it: WCW Part 3

I told you I would try to post this a little more often then I did last month. This doesn't mean things have changed, but maybe think of this as a start:

The second Nitro of 1998 as we move further into the new year things continue to grow and change from how they really were and become How I Would Book it. As we look at another week of action from WCW we tensions continuing to grow:

- For the first time since Starrcade Eric Bischoff goes face to face with Kevin Nash

- Ric Flair returns from his injuries after being assaulted at Starrcade

- The Feud continue between the Faces of Fear & The Steiner Brothers

- Diamond Dallas Page makes his first appearance since winning the United States Championship

- The #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship is crowned

How I Would Book it Part 2: WCW 1998

After a short hiatus we are back again with Part 2 of this installment of the How I Would Book it series. I will try and get better with posting so I don't only do it once a month.  Due to a change in plans this is installment of the How I Would Book it series will be different then first expected, but will still keep going for as long as first announced. Now onto the good stuff:

- With the appearance of The Hitman at Starrcade it has the top talents in WCW ready to defend their position against the "intruder" from up north.

- Things are still being sorted out after tensions reach the breaking point at Starrcade between NWO members Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan.

- After a private conversation between Scott Hall & Eric Bischoff that leaves us wondering what is going on

- Also on Nitro you will see the new United States Champion DDP in action as well as the New Television champion Chris Benoit & Roddy Piper in action.

Survey Says....

First of all this has nothing to do with current host of the game show Family Feud Steve Harvey or any other past host of the show. The only thing that this post has to do with is helping me better understand you. As it doesn’t matter to me if your a viewer or a reader either way your opinion matters to me and matter big time. Because without you I don’t have this or YouTube, so what you guy and gals think is a big deal to me.

For that reason I made a survey the first of what will be two surveys and both are solely focused on me hearing from you on what you want to see. This ride isn’t fun alone as I need you all to help me get to where I am going so that means we are on this ride together. In my mind every person has their own opinion and own perspective on what is good and what isn’t and that’s why I need you, because you are the people that make this site run and have meaning. I want to be able to say the same thing about YouTube that you are the reason why YouTube is a thing for m…

Years Have Past and Things Have Changed Part 2

This title is honest it's real and it's the truth five years ago I started this blog and it's fair to say that over the course of the last five years there have been some periods of inactivity. That is expected in my opinion, but my question to you is when someone has a sort of successful "real" site why would he keep coming back to a blog. Loyalty, Gratitude, Respect... all of those words are reasons why I keep coming back, because even though I left the views kept coming and even though I was getting paid something was still missing.

Though I was making money at doing this I felt like I was missing something that I didn't like writing anymore or maybe that I didn't like wrestling anymore. Well I ended up realizing that I didn't like the people who I was working for and so I quit. It was then that I thought I was done writing and that I would sit up late at night like I am doing right now typing on a keyboard for no real reason. Then after about a m…

Years Have Past and Things Have Changed Part 1

For the last five years almost I have been placing posts on this site and it didn't matter if I was getting to put them elsewhere I still almost always found my way back here. I firmly believe that it was all, because of you.... the reader that I always ended up coming back. Things have changed for me over the last few years as I have matured as a person and my priorities have changed. Also I take writing a big more seriously another thing that some people may look at as a downside. (Writing for a Blog vs Writing for a Site

"I am sure you guys would like to know about me well I am not as old as many may think cause of the vast knowledge of wrestling I have. But i am only a high school student is striving for a future in the business that he has loved for so long. I am not a one side fan like most and no offense is meant it is just like most fans are either just a plain fan or a super fan i can be both and sometimes one more than the other. I have not missed an episode of Mon…

How I Would Book it: WCW 1998 Part 1

The journey begins at Starrcade 1997 where old feuds come to a close and new seeds planted as the new year gets ready to begin. Are you willing to take a trip through history with me as I rebook the past once again. Below is the card I
ran for Starrcade 1997:

Starrcade 1997:
Pre-Show: 15 Man Battle Royal to Determine the Number 1 Contender for the WCW TV Title
WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: (c) Eddy Guerrero vs Dean Malenko
Grudge Match: Raven vs Ray Traylor
Steve McMichael vs Goldberg
Booker, T vs Davey Boy Smith
WCW Television Title Match: Chris Benoit vs (c) Perry Saturn
WCW United States Title Match: (c) Curt Hennig w/ Rick Rude vs Diamond Dallas Page
WCW Tag Team Title Match: (c) The Steiner Brothers w/ Ted DiBiase vs Face of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart
WCW World Title Match: (c) Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Sting

Apologizes in advance for the quality of the video!!

A Snag Before the Start

I will admit that for the longest time of the things I had been talking up was the relaunch of the site and though it has in a way negatively effected our stats that really doesn't matter. The reason it doesn't matter is, because we cause always get back on track in terms of numbers and stats. But the thing that can't be replaced is your support. For the last year you all have shown my site more support then I have ever thought possible and I know in the past I have said that I try not to be a numbers guy, but it really is hard not to be when I look at some of these numbers.

When I kicked the new site off almost a year ago I'd be lying if I told you I thought that I would have done half of the things that I have done this year, and that I would have reached the point that I have. Seeing 100,000 views in less than a year was probably the most surreal thing I have ever seen and it is all thanks to you. The site you are currently on isn't a the new site as it is just …

New Year and Change Has Arrived

This might be a little delayed, but still the reasoning is present. No matter what I posted on this blog it pretty much well received and I ignore it and ignore it and ignore always coming back being grateful and saying this would change. Well now I am going to say it one last time: Thank You for the continued support of this blog I will be forever grateful to each and every one of you that have viewed this blog over the years. To repay you all for the loyalty and respect you have shown to me I will try when I can to appear on this blog and write for you guys and gals when I can.

This is my New Year's Resolution for this Blog: 
- Exclusive Content for the Blog 
- To bet the amount of post's I did last year by March
- Reach our old numbers at least once this year 

Have a Belated Happy New Year!!! 

I'm going to say I'm back, but Let's Wait and See where this goes!!!

How I Would Book it: WCW 1998

Things have changed and we are to the point now where every once and a while I will try and post up on here. It doesn't matter if it's this series or another I will try to post every now and again on this blog. This is in fact my New Year's Resolution and I hope your happy, because I am doing this for you.

Like anything else the How I Would Book it series needed to change for me to be able to sustain doing the series after all of these years. The fact is that I started this series back in 2011 or 2012 and up until last year it hadn't changed at all. That was until now as instead of reading through a jumble amount of writing I moved the series on video and now you get to watch it in video form using Total Extreme Wrestling 2013.


If you don't like the Quality I apologize!!