Gettin heat in Here

Over the past probably year i have heard backstage talk from TNA and now that i have this site i will i can express my opinion. I know it is late but i cant wait till tommorrow and since i havent posted alot over the past couple of days so this is to make up for it. I found out today that their was a heated argument between Russo & Hogan over the ending to the main event at Hardcore Justice which i think they went with Russo's idea. But they made uo on the next set of TV tapings, but that is only half the reason i wrote this the other half is Bishoff attracting heat up the wazu (cool word) from the wrestlers backstage they think he is ignorant, and snobbish said one dirtsheet. Because Bishoff wanted to retape the X-Division gaulet cause he didnt like it so now a lot of stars dont like it their as with this happening both things the morale has gone even lower. I have said this for a while Russo needs to go, so does Bishoff, & Hogan. They are occupying money that could be held by talent that deserves it not those past their primes backstage & in the ring. I mean you can keep flair around cause he knows his in ring days are done as oppose to Hogan who is supposedly getting back in shape for something i wonder what hmm. TNA could be a Great company but they need to stop focusing on the past and look towards the future especially having Angle who has the gift that he can make anyone look good in the ring. But still nothing TNA & Dixie Carter need to move away from the past storylines & the stars of the past to make room for the stars of the future like Styles, Kaz, Roode, Eckos, & heck even storm. As the majority stock holder Dixie needs to be surrounding herself with people that know how to run a wrestling company and get people over the right way. Also the company should have their eye on the indy scence other than ROH cause there are great stars & future main eventers like Lucky Cannon, Chance Beckett (hart dugeon grad), Cassidy James, & Luke Gallows. You may have to sign someone who knows the buisness like an ex-promoter or a retired wrestler to help them reach their full peaks but i am sure they could if pushed. But TNA wont do it so why bother cause they say they listen to us yet mostly every big signing over the last year are has beens so i guess they need to clean out their ears cause they aint hearing us at all


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