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Former NWA World Champion Shares a Great Sean O' Haire Story

For those who may not have seen my last post or haven't heard the sad news about the passing of former WCW and WWE talent Sean O' Haire. Former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce shared story about his time with Sean O' Haire. Below is an excerpt from the story: 
"In 1999, I was in Atlanta, Georgia for my first tryout with WCW. What no one knew was that I went into it with a decimated left shoulder (I had partial reconstructive surgery the following year, which explains the big scar that I wear to this day). I really shouldn't have even been there with the injury. As part of my evaluation, I was tasked by Paul Orndorff and company with wrestling opposite Sean O'Haire in an amateur-style match. As we were set to begin, I secretly said to him, "Please watch my left shoulder, it's gone." With everyone watching, he didn't say a word. He simply looked me in the eye, and nodded a subtle "yes" in response."

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Wrestling World Loses Another With Untimely Passing of Sean O' Haire

Sadly this isn't the first time I said this here as it seems I have said this far to often for my liking because I never like writing about the passing of another wrestler. Unfortunately it seems most of the members of our favorite stars pass away very young as compared to some other sporting outlets. The news broke late last night that former MMA fighter and most notably former pro-wrestler Sean O' Haire had passed away. I like most members of the IWC was very saddened to hear the news and hoped that this new was false and Sean would come out and deny the rumors, sadly he did not and it was later confirmed he had passed. 
For those who maybe unaware of Sean's past in wrestling he was a trainee of the WCW Power Plant and up on television as a part of the group named the Natural Born Thrillers with many other Power Plant graduates. During his time in WCW from around late 1999-2001, Sean had success in WCW's Tag Team division with his partner Chuck Palumbo whom he won t…