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The late 80's with a new owner and a new lead booker most would think WCW would finally turn their dismal finacial output around. That was the case for the most part their new booker Ric Flair who was also the world champion was at the helm. I know thats sounds like a bad idea but it wasnt as Nature Boy brought in Ricky Steamboat & Terry Funk to feud with him over the belt which helped the money situation improve for the WCW. The new owner Ted Turner helped boost the production output on the superstation cause he had the money this helped them spotlight stars like the Horseman, Scott Steiner, Sid Vicious, Sting, Brian Pillman & Lex Luger. Around now is when problems began in the booking seat with Flair the stars began to turn on him saying he doing thing for himself, or personal advancement like not dropping the title to Luger cause he promised it to Sting. Because of that Flair was removed as booker and Ole Anderson was put in instead the thing about ole was that he would push the older stars that stayed loyal to him instead of the new guys which would hurt WCW in the future. First things first Janurary 1991 the WCW breaks away from the NWA making their own titles and becoming their own company. Around now also a man named Jim Herd became president of WCW another thing that would help kill this company; as jim was known as someone that did not have a clue on how to run a wrestling company. The proof was that he actually had a plan to change Ric Flair's gimmick including shaving his head and making him a gladiator. So before he could flair jumped ship to the WWF and stayed until he got word that herd was gone and wasnt coming back as he knew his gimmick would be safe. Though they werent doing the gimmicky, showy WWE type gimmicks anymore the company was still in bad shape what happends next make things even worse. As after Jim Herd got fired they brought in Cowboy Bill Watts who used own the UWF back in the 1970's early 80's before merging with NWA. Watts problem was he was still in the 1970's early 80's because as booker he banned highflying moves as they resulted in DQ if they happend which hampered Pillman & The Steiners from doing their trademarks. Watts also was a strong supporter of Nepotism or the favoring of relatives which indee happend him pushing his son Erik to the moon, & not many know this but he is also the person who stopped a young man's push by the name of Scotty Flamingo. This actual help the man because without he would not have became a 3 time world champion and have one of the best feuds in ECW history i am talking about Scott Levey aka RAVEN!!!!!!! Now Bill Watts gets fired so they need another head booker so they look within and find Eric Bischoff, but at the expense of promoting him they lose a man who would become one of the most well known announcers in wrestling Jim Ross. As JR left the WCW because he didnt want to have to answer to a guy who once answered to him so he went to the WWF. Will Bischoff have better luck then the bookers who came before him, will they find a replacement for JR, Whats new in the superstars department all this an more on the next part of the


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