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How I Would Book it Part 5: WCW 1998

As the road continues we move to the final week of January and things continue to grow and change as we progress with the year. As I mentioned previously things started off slow with the WWE installment before things started clicking for me as the installment came to a close. Now I hope for the same thing with this edition of the series as it would make things extremely more worth it. Below are some high points of the show:

- Tensions continue to mount between Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash

- Announcer's Give us an Update on Ric Flair's condition following Sold Out

- The Steiner's defend their newly won Tag Team Titles against Harlem Heat

- Bret Hart issues an Open Challenge to anyone on the WCW Roster and tells Macho Man to pay close attention

- Old Wounds are reopened as a once Prominent feud Main Event's Nitro for the First Time Since 1997

For the two Parts:
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