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Much Deserved HOF Induction Expected on Raw Tonight

As of this writing there has been rumors going around the worldwide web that tonight on Raw the first Hall of Fame Inductee for the class of 2015 is expected to be announced. This induction would be long over due for a very deserving and respected legend of the business. The man is someone who will be the headliner of this year's......... "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

This induction goes along with the yearly mending of poor relationships the WWE has had with some of their legends over the years. A few years ago it was Bruno Sammartino finally not only coming back to the WWE after years of bad relationships with the company. Last year was the return of the legend The Ultimate Warrior, Warrior had a very poor relationship with the WWE and had been on poor terms with the company for the last 16-18 years. Sadly, Warrior passed away shortly after finally returning to the company. Unfortunately the much deserved induction of Randy will come after Randy has passed away, but at lea…

TNA The Future Looks Different

With tomorrow being TNA’s new beginning aka their debut on Destination America, I figured it’s only fair to put forth a large post out ling TNA going into the start of a new era. TNA beginning on Destination America tomorrow is the also the end of a 9 year run on Spike which could’ve ended better, but let’s move forward. To say that 2014 has been an easy year for TNA wrestling would be a drastic understatement as 2014 has probably been the hardest and most testing year that TNA has ever had to go through in their existence. From losing so many top talents like Daniels, Sting, Styles, Bully, D-Von, Kaz, and others to contract issues. Well Bully may likely comeback once everything is sorted out with the TV deal and once they get the important stuff out of the way, not saying Bully isn’t important it’s just if they are planning on re-launching the company they have a long road ahead. Also who could forget probably the most interesting few months TNA has had in years when people kept wond…