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Wrestlemania Recall

As we continue on the Road to WrestleMania on April 7 we need to look back once again and remember WrestleMania's of the past. We have done this over the last few weeks remembering a number of different WrestleMania's but now we are getting close to the end meaning Mania 29. But that leaves time for two more Recalls. This time we are looking back five years ago to WrestleMania 24 some remember it as Ric Flair's final WWE Match other think of it as just another WrestleMania. Below are video highlights of the event and two matches from the show: WrestleMania 24 Highlights Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels (Career Threating Match) Undertaker vs Edge

~~ Enjoy!!!!!!!

This day in Wrestling History

This day 14 years ago the pendulum of the Monday Wars swung towards the side of the WWE because on this night the most controversial stable in Pro-Wrestling history was reformed. The night prior at WrestleMania 14 Shawn Michaels fought Steve Austin for the WWF Title which Austin won and it HBK left because of a severe back injury. The next night Triple H took over a leader and expanded the group to 5 members instead of 3. To open the show Hunter reveled that Shawn was hurt and wouldn't be returning anytime soon. So to start he introduced the newest member of DX one of his best friends the returning 123 Kid later known as X-Pac.

When Pac gets on the microphone he deeply rips into not only Hogan, & WCW but also Eric Bischoff which this was the first time anyone on a WWF show mention anything WCW. X-Pac said "Nash & Hall would've been there with him but Eric Bischoff was holding them hostage at the WCW." Later in the broadcast Billy Gunn & Road Dogg vs. Ter…

Various News

Word has it coming out of WWE that former WWE champion CM Punk is set to be taking some time off. Because Punk has been at odds with WWE creative over the last few months and also is burnt out which happens when someone has had to have the travel schedule that Punk has had over the last year or so. I know other top guys have to endure the same schedule but I think it's a combo of both not agreeing with Creative & the schedule that have caused the burn out. That is why WWE made sure to secure both Brock Lesnar & The Rock for appearances at Extreme Rules which is the ppv after Mania.

TNA has come a long way since 2011 but they have also left someone behide and that person is still with the company most people think. I am speaking off Jeff Jarrett who was last seen on TNA programming in late 2011. Then for most of if not all of 2012 Jarrett was in charge of Ring Ka King which was a project TNA did in India. Now with TNA doing One Night Specials in place of PPV's & th…

Scouting Report

Chuck Taylor

Good on the mic
Good in the ring

Chuck Taylor is probably one of the most entertaining Wrestlers on the Indy Scene today. He has amazing chemistry with The Colony in Chikara the spot with the Grenade is awesome and the fact they sell it so good is even better. Chuck like a lot of other indy stars have competed in numerous different companies from PWG, Evolve, Chikara, DG USA, CZW & others. Also throught his career Chuck has had a long standing feud with current fellow DG USA superstar Ricochet. From his girlish screams to some of his best matches to him stomping in the corner then stomping the air in the middle of the ring; I can honestly say in my 15 years of watching this sport I have never once seen a man like Chuck Taylor ever before. For that reason and many more I am a big fan of Chuck Taylor's.

Below is a Tribute to Chuckie T or maybe think of it as a video highlighting how good he is & a match: Chuck Taylor…

ESPN 1 - WWE 0

For those who may think by the title this is Vince's newest rival but nope ESPN as far I can tell ESPN analyst will remain out of the WWE for now at least. That is unless Coachman wants to comeback anytime soon (Not likely).

It's just ESPN has been doing Power Rankings for WWE based off what you see on their shows like who wins/loses, most crowd heat/support, etc. Well in the newest Power Ranking which The Shield tops by the way they mention the how silent the crowd was last for most of the show excluding some points. They said:
“For a company that prides itself on listening to its fans, I wonder how muchweightit gives to 3 hours and 20 minutes of near silence (except for the very loud ‘You can’t wrestle’ chant aimed at Fandango, even if he did deliver a sweet flying leg drop). I think the dead crowd speaks volumes about the upcoming WrestleMania card and the lazy booking that goes along with setting up a string of rematches people weren't really clamoring to see in the fir…

Wrestlemania Hype: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

At first I wasn't going to do a post about this but then I thought it only fitting to do a post like this for all 3 of the top matches for Mania. The feud that started last year when Brock "broke" Hunter's arm was started up again with angle to it when Brock tried to once again attack Hunter's Father-In Law Vince McMahon who just had hip surgery. Now Brock Lesnar vs Triple H- No Holds Bared with Hunter's career on the line let's take a look at the video: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar promo video Brock & Hunter brawl the night Hunter returns

How I Would Book It.......... WCW 1999-2000 part 4

November 15th Monday Nitro: Philadelphia, PA
Disco Inferno defeats AAA, Shannon Moore & Evan Karagis over Perry Saturn & Colt Hero (Karagis pins Hero), announcers hype Bret Hart’s return, La Parka pins Super Calo, Hugh Morrus def Wrath via DQ (The Wall interfered and attacks Hugh Morrus laying him out with a choke slam), Rick Steiner over Mike Rotunda, Shane Helms def Chavo Guerrero Jr (Eddie Guerrero ran down and took the Cruiserweight title), © Chris Benoit vs Scott Steiner (Draw) Television Title Match, Mike Sanders def Scott Putski, Jerry Flynn def Dean Roll, Public Enemy over Mike Enos & Kenny Kaos (Rock pins Kaos), Diamond Dallas Page w/ Dean Malenko defeats Ron Harris w/ Don Harris, Kaz Hayashi pins James Yun, Dean Malenko def © Shane Douglas (non-title), Psychosis defeats Juventud Guerrera, Bret Hart vs Jeff Jarrett (never starts because Lance Storm jumps the rail and attack Bret Hart from behind) leaving everyone asking what the hell
November 17th Thunder: Roanoke…

This Day in Wrestling History

I would like to wish The Deadman, The Phenom, The Demon of Death Valley, Big Evil, The Lord of Darkness, The Last Outlaw, The American Bad Ass, & other names a Happy 48th Birthday. If you didn't pick out who I was talking about by those nicknames then Rest in Peace!!!!!! Happy Birthday Undertaker..

(I will be doing this different from how I used to instead of going through his career I will list his career achievements and post his debut & best in my opinion of course for the second one)
Undertaker's Achievements: 20-0 at Wrestlemania3 time WWE Champion 4 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion6 time Tag Team Champion (with Austin, Rock, Big Show, & Kane)1 time Hardcore Champion2007 Royal Rumble Winner8 Time Slammy Award WinnerInvolved in the First Buried Alive Match, first Boiler Room Brawl, First Casket Match, First Hell in a Cell Undertaker's Greatest Match & Debut Match Below: Undertaker vs Bruiser Brody (Undertaker&…

Wrestlemania Recall

As come closer to Wrestlemania 29 it's only fitting that we continue looking back at Wrestlemania's from the past. We have looked at many different Wrestlemania's over the last month or so from Mania 28, to 17 to 18 to 20 just to name a few. Now we go back even further to 1997 as now we recall Wrestlemania 13.

Outside of one match that everyone remember from that event it a very forgetful show the match everyone remembers is Steve Austin vs Bret Hart in a No DQ with Ken Shamrock as the Ref. Other matches: Ahmed Johnson & Road Warriors vs Nation of Domination in a Street Fight, Rocky Maivia vs The Sultan for the IC title, The Undertaker vs Sid Vicious for the World Title. Below is the Full match Bret Hart vs Steve Austin (the match many say started Austin's accent to being a Main Eventer.  Sid Vicious vs The Undertaker for WWF Title Bret Hart vs Steve Austin Highlights…

WWE Finally Doing Somthing Right

Over the last couple of days I have heard a lot about speculated Creative changes that will happen in WWE. From, Vince firing people to change the direction because he hasn't been a fan of how the undercard has been used over the last few months. I also just saw today that Triple H will be changing the scripts from word for word scripts to more Bullet points. This would allow more freedom for the wrestlers to control what their characters say rather then having writers who have no idea what they are doing deciding that.

I have been preaching the need for WWE to give their talents more freedom, and in doing that it takes the pressure off of the Creative team because they don't have to worry about each and every promo now. This will also help numerous members of the roster who always had charisma but never got the chance to show it because either they weren't able to speak or what they were told to say didn't fit. WWE used to have the bullet point back in the 90's b…

Independent Matches

I have done one of these in a while just a post full of different matches I thought were good and wanted to share with you guys. Most of these are from independent wrestlers so enjoy.
Mike Quakenbush vs Green Ant
El Generico vs Samary Del Sol
Amazing Red  vs 123 Kid vs Fightmare vs Obariyon (loved seeing Waltman show his stuff in this one)
Johnny Gargano vs Akira Tozawa

~Enjoy (like the picture says Support Indy Wrestling to see great wrestling like this)

Wrestlemania Hype: CM Punk vs Undertaker

The match some thought would never happen at Wrestlemania but it is happening and the line has been drawn. Some people think Punk is going to win but some people think Undertaker will win others just want to see the Streak end. This is the type of build I like just a basic feud were a heel does something bad and then the match is when the face gets his retribution. Punk attacked Kane last Monday with the Urn then walked away with it which pissed off the Undertaker. If that wasn't enough earlier in the night Punk interrupted Taker's tribute to his long time Manager and best friend. This is the build to the match eply named Respect vs The Streak.

Enjoy- The Undertaker vs CM Punk hype video WM 29 The Undertaker vs CM Punk hype video WM 29

Now for a match from the last time they fought each other: CM Punk vs Undertaker from Hell in a Cell 2009

This day in Wrestling History

This day 11 years ago WWE held one of the more forgetful Wrestlemania's ever. It was Wrestlemania 18 from the Skydome in Toronto this is the Mania that Hogan fought Rock, Undertake fought Flair & Jericho vs HHH but outside of those matches nothing really special happened. It was build as Once in a Life time, Icon vs Legend, Rock vs Hogan. That match was all that was expected and more but it didn't end the show why Vince made it clear the WWF title had to be the Main Event. Even though the crowd was tired and I don't from the 5 different Hardcore champions I mean from how good Rock vs Hogan was the people still enjoyed Jericho vs Hunter. Now for your viewing pleasure Wrestlemania 18: Rock vs Hogan, Undertaker vs Flair, Triple H vs Chris Jericho The Rock vs Hulk Hogan Undertaker vs Ric Flair

I wasn't able to find Chris Jericho vs HHH from Wrestlemainia 18 so instead I am giving hig…

How I would book it........... WCW 1999-2000 Part 3

October 10th Monday Nitro: Tampa, FL

Juventud Guerrera pins Shane Helms, Shannon Moore & Evan Karagis defeat Johnny Stamboli & Big Vito via DQ, Fit Finlay pins Alex Wright, Elix Skipper over Lenny Lane, Chris Benoit over © Perry Saturn Television Title Match, Once again video comes up on screen and shows the date 10/24/99, Mike Enos & Kenny Kaos over Mike Rotunda & Rick Steiner (Enos pins Rick), Kaz Hayashi defeats Bobby Blaze, Diamond Dallas Page defeats Barry Windham, Hulk Hogan is out he says Booker, T has become a punk kid and needs to be taught respect and Hogan says he is just the man to teach it to him. Booker comes out and tells Hogan he is washed up but that he would be glad to take him to the wood shed anytime, anywhere just not tonight, Booker says he needs a week to prepare. Hogan vs Booker, T made for Next Week’s Nitro. Horace Hogan over Norman Smiley, The Wall decimates Brad & Scott Armstrong (Wall pins Scott), Dean Malenko pins Dave Taylor, © Goldber…

The New F'N Show

As of this writing former TNA World Champion & former X-Division champion Rob Van Dam's contract expired over this past weekend. Now, Rob is still negotiating a new deal with TNA but he is a free agent as of now. There has been very strong speculation from many internet sites that RVD might not return to TNA but may go back to WWE. Over the last year there has been a lot of speculation that Rob would leave TNA to go back to WWE for one more run in the company up north. This would be a big loss for TNA but a real big gain for WWE.

Rob has been a big name for years in this business and over the last few months TNA used Rob's name to help young guns in the company get noticed and over. That is something WWE is in desperate need of because of the lack of roster depth they are forced to make young guys face main event level guys before they are ready. But getting Rob would be a move in the right direction to getting more not only known talent but roster depth back. This decisio…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 9 years ago one of the more memorable events were held in the "World's Most Famous Arena" Madison Square Garden. I am of course talking about the 20th anniversary of Wrestlemania which was Wrestlemania 20. This is one of the better Wrestlemania's not just because of the quality of the matches but also the returns. The two guys who returned that night were The Rock & The Undertaker, Rock had been gone making movies and Undertaker was Buried Alive by Kane at Survivor Series 2003. Rock & Mick Foley fought Evolution in a 2 on 3 Handicap Match & Undertaker fought Kane. Undertaker & Evolution won with the numbers advantage they were to bear anyway. This would be Rock's last show until he cameback two years ago to host Wrestlemania 27.

The other matches saw two of the better matches I have seen take place like Eddie Gurrero vs Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels. I think they to treat the title and people jut don't w…

Wrestlemania Hype: John Cena vs The Rock 2

Last year it was called Once in a Lifetime this year it is twice in a decade. But this time the stakes are higher because whoever wins this match will become WWE Champion. Last year Cena said it was must win and he lost and in his words it kicked off the worst year of his career. This time he is saying it again but I don't think he will lose twice so Cena fans can be happy about that.

I will not be predicting whose going to win the match just yet because I don't do that until the day of the show so there is still time. Even though my mind is made up on who is going to win I will be expressing that opinion until April 7th. Now enjoy, a promo video made to hype Rock vs Cena feud & look at some nostalgia from last year.  The Rock vs John Cena Promo for Wrestlemania 29

A little nostalgia from the feud last year: John Cena Raps on The Rock (3/12/12)  The…

PPV Predictions

Lockdown Robbie E vs Robbie T this will be as good as it is expected to be which isn't expected to be that good because it's just a low-card feud. It is nice to see though that TNA actually cares about them enough to put them in a feud unlike the company in Stamford. I would think Rob Terry wins this one because he seems like the one with more upside for a win (c) Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim this will be the usual divas match nothing more even though it could. I don't think TNA would take the belt off of a new champion as both companies are trying to make their title mean something. With that being said Sky wins and retains the title Joey Ryan vs Joseph Park this will be more like a space filler as it is not an important match but not an unimportant match I think it will do it's job as both men are good in the ring. Honestly would like to see Ryan get the win here but if I had to guess I think Joseph gets the win. (c) Kenny King vs Zema Ion vs Christian York this could …

How I would book it......... WCW 1999-2000 Part 2

September 4th Saturday Night: Milwaukee, WA
The announcers put over the mystery man who has now taken out 3 former World Champions Sting, Hart, & Nash, they also speculate who it is. Johnny Stamboli & Big Vito beat 3 Count (Johnny pins Moore), Jim Duggan over Dean Roll, Norman Smiley pins Rick Cornell, Chuck Palumbo defeats Elix Skipper, Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko over Fit Finlay & Dave Taylor, Bam-Bam Bigelow def Bobby Blaze & Stevie Ray
September 6th Monday Nitro: Long Island, NY
Lex Luger, Scott Steiner, Bam-Bam Bigelow are all out there to call out the mystery man because they say they don’t like surprises. But they are answered by Goldberg & Booker, T who says they don’t care who they want because what Booker & Goldberg want is a 6 man tag match tonight. Luger points out there are 3 of them (the heels) but only two of them (the faces) he accepts. Goldberg says not to worry they already have someone in mind. Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Iaukea, Billy Kidman &…