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How I Would Book it Part 8: WCW 1998

The year continues and we are now only one week away from the second big event of 1998. Our next PPV of the year SuperBrawl is right around the corner and will change everything. Some feuds will reach a boiling point and others will just be beginning on the ground floor for the long track. Right now it is still up in the air as to how long this edition of the series will go as I did mention in the last part that I decided to change the length of this edition of the series. However, at this point nothing is set in stone just yet and will likely make a decision by the end of this week. But until then let's get to some notes on this episode of Nitro:

- Tensions between the members of the NWO continues to escalate specifically between members battling for leadership.

- Lex Luger challenges the WCW Roster who will accept the challenge

- WCW World Championship Match Contract Signing Title Vs Career

- A planned attack by the NWO on a former World Champion to show the strength they still have