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Nerd Note

Many companies say have the person who is the youngest World Champion in the history of their company. Like WWE who is as far as I know the only one who actually says who it is without having us to do some research. The youngest WWE Champion in history is Brock Lesanr & the youngest World Heavyweight champion is Randy Orton. Orton won the title in 2004 & Brock won it in 2002, Randy was 24 and Brock was 25 when they each won their title belts. But in the history of Wrestling they weren't the youngest guys to hold a World Title was one of the Greatest of All Time Lou Thez. Thez won the National Wrestling Association World title back in 1939 from Everett Marshall he was the champion until June 23rd when lost the title to Bronko Nagurski. The National Wrestling Association was what the NWA was called before it was called the National Wrestling Alliance. Hope you learned something other then I know to much but that was wrestling before WWE if not then that's why I am here t…

UFC To WWE then back

The title is my way of referring to "The Beast" "The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar and the rumors & possibilities of his future. As of this writing I have heard that most likely after Brock's contract is up next year the WWE will offer him another. Weather for the same length and amount or not I would think it would be a similar deal with the appearance limit because Brock doesn't like traveling that much and would rather be spending time with his family. I would like to see Brock sign at least one extension to put all the dream matches to rest because there are a couple of other people for him to face. Like Punk, Ryback, have a rematch with Cena, Austin, Orton, etc. But that is if Brock even wants to come back again because it is likely he may not even sign another deal.
The other part of the title is there because of a video I watched with Dana White being interviewed by sounded like British people. Dana said "Sure I'd bring Brock back if he …

WWE: What did they do Now

The Stamford Advocate reports that while WWE has pulled racy videos offline (possibly due to Linda McMahon’s US Senate run), they plan to release the Attitude era DVD in November after the election. WWE Spokesman Brian Flinn said the DVD will be rated PG.

OK wait WWE pulls most if not all of the racy footage from the Attitude Era because of an Anti Linda video from her campaign opponent Chris Murphy. Now word has surfaced that they are going to be releasing a DVD about the Attitude Era in November after the election. Give me a break what if Linda wins and then what would stop people from saying of course she wins and they release something like this. Also how do you suppose they will make a DVD about the Attitude Era and rate it PG seriously. They have got to be kidding me I know things they did in the Attitude Era and there wasnt that much if anything PG happening in that time.
I have have said it before and will say it again until I am proven wrong that WWE is a bunch of Hypocrit…

How Old is to Old

A touchy subject that has reared its ugly head in our business has once again been brought into discussion in the wrestling world. But it isn't about the usual guys it's about this time Jerry Lawler who suffered a Heart Attack 2 weeks on RAW live in Montreal. Lawler is 62 years old and fought earlier in the card in a tag match; he also fought Friday & Saturday for a company in Aruba. From what I have heard from people this is something Lawler does a lot and the Heart Attack was just a freak accident and very unexpected. But like Dory Funk Jr answered in a Miami Herald article or really gave his take on this situation saying if you love what you do and can still do it why quit. I agree with that logic because people have always told me don't let your job chose you; you chose the job that you'd love getting up every morning to do. Lawler is like the imagine of that because he has been doing this since the early 70's which is now around 40 years and still does it…

Video Glimpse

Here is a look inside the turbulent world of Independent Wrestling back a few years but still having the same principle:

It's a good documentary and delivers indy wrestling in two different perspectives and if you still want more here is another documentary.

one more:

hope you all enjoy.

This day in Wrestling History

On this day in history 8 years ago we the fans of this great industry suffered an unfortunate loss of a one of the business better big men his Ray Traylor better known as Big Bubba or the Big Bossman. Bossman began his career in the NWA as the bodyguard of Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express who were feuding with Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA at the time. Bubba then went on to feud with Dusty before leaving the NWA to go to the UWF were he beat One Man Gang for the UWF World title. In 1988 Bossman made the jump to the WWF were at first he was pushed as a ruthless heel often time challenging Macho Man Randy Savage for the World title but always came up short. After that feud he hovered around the Mid Card in both singles and tag team competition teaming with Akeem. Nerd Note: Akeem is the same guy that Bubba beat prior to joining WWF for the UWF world title, it is One Man Gang. In the spring of 1990 Bossman turned face and feuded with the Million Dollar Corporation then with The Mou…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 15 years ago WWE had a special ppv which has been done ever since and not for a bad reason but it was for a reason it was One Night Only. It was a ppv that WWF had in September of 1997 live from London England. This was one of the very few times during this time that WWE had a ppv that wasn't headlined by the WWF World champion who was Bret Hart at that time. But then again it makes sense because they were in England which was the home of the current European Champion Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. He headlined the show against DX member Shawn Michaels who of course had Chyna & Hunter at ringside. But the one thing that doesn't make sense is why HBK would win if Vince has always been a big supporter of sending the fans home happy. Which a win by Bulldog would have sent the fans home really happy seeing their hometown guy win vs a top heel. Of in their mind a top heel because it's not like they would not cheer the hometown guy, because he is the idol for all the kids…

How I would book It Conclusion...... WCCW 1985-1986

In conclusion:
I think this would have helped the WCCW stay afloat for a few more years that is saying that all this worked out the way I pictured it and wrote it out. Answer one question you might be thinking yes I would leave the NWA but not till after I had Tully drop the gold. Also as they always say never have nothing new to do after a big show well I have new things I can do with Kerry holding the future World title & a feud between Mike & Buddy coming. Can’t also forget the assumed momentum that John Tatum has gotten from his feud with Tully made myself a new star as long I continue to play my cards right. In the end truth be told if only WCCW would done it kind of like I did, or even different just changed it up by that I mean don’t depend on the Von Erich boys to draw all the people, & don’t depend on The Boys vs the Birds to bring the crowd 3 or 4 years into the feud the fans need a break. Now I have one question if you have seen all the parts or even most of the…

Ryback: Flop or Future Star

As of this writing I have seen over the last few months that Vince is behind pushing Ryback to possible Main Event status. Weather he will get over being pushed or not Vince wants to do it and the push will start with a feud between Ryback and Miz over the IC title. At least Vince isn't going to force him down our throats like he has had done with so many other guys before this. The one problem I seen with this that if Vince plans to push Ryback up the card I think he has shown weakness to the wrong talent as he has shown weakness with people that most think of as jobbers. Because in some fans eyes they seen Ryback getting beat up by a guy in the low-card per say they may not be able to buy into the idea Ryback would be able to beat guys in the Main Event because of how they booked him. One other problem I could see hampering this is if they don't allow Ryback to lose even if a feud/match permits it by that I mean if the match needs him to lose to continue the feud then he sh…

How I would Book it Part 7........ WCCW 1985-1986

This is the last part show/match wise but it will not end here as I will be doing one more post about this either Tuesday or Wednesday viewing like the future and the Re-Book as a whole. Here we go:

May: 5 Shows Saturday: announced for next week is Mike Von Erich vs Eric Embry for the Brass Knuckles title. Steve Cox def Al Madril, Crusher Yurkov vs Terry Gordy (DDQ), Bruiser Brody def Rip Oliver, Rick Rude def Buddy Roberts, Blackjack Mulligan def Chris Von Erich, Brian Adias & Michael Hayes def Chris Adams & Kerry Von Erich (Adias pins Adams)
Monday: first half of the show Bill Mercer is interviewing people, who will be in action at Parade of Champions starting with John Tatum, Brian Adias, Chris Adams, Fantastics, Von Erich Boys, Blackjack Mulligan, Bruiser Brody, Kiniski’s & Borne’s, Freebirds, Kabuki, Embry, & Rude. Then we go to some matches: Blackjack Mulligan def Crusher Yurkov, Al Madril def Steve Cox, Rip Oliver def Terry Gordy (via DQ), Rick Rude def Michael Vo…

PPV Predictions

Night of Champions  Battle Royal to determine number one contender for U.S. title: this match will be nothing special as is just a pre-show match but it is difficult for me to predict because WWE hasn't told us who will be in it. So I will take a guess that I would like to see Zack Ryder win this match (c) Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana vs Winner of the Battle Royal this match should be decent because tonight is all about titles which means the title matches should be at least decent. I don't no matter who wins Cesaro will lose the belt because I think it's to soon for him to drop the title. (c) Layla vs Kaitlyn this will be the usual divas match, nothing that special it will probably be placed between to matches Vince cares about because it's obvisous he doesn't care about this match. Layla wins this because Kaitlyn isn't ready to win the title unless of course they add Eve then it's a different story (c) Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Kane & Daniel Brya…

WWE: One More Time

This is not a Rant I have done them far to often over the past few months and I give you guys my word this is not a rant. What it is me talking about the WWE and what I feel they are doing wrong or could do better.
First things first is WWE superstars not just people from the Main Roster but people from FCW as well. The WWE has a bright future with numerous talents that are in FCW/NXT & even some guys that are on the Main Roster. Some examples are people like: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kassius Ohono, Bo Dallas, Richie Steamboat, Big E Langston, etc. Then on the Main Roster they have young guns like, Cody Rhodes, Hawkins, Ryder, McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, Brodus Clay. Bret Hart even said it that WWE is wasting talent so it's not just some fans that believe that Bret does to. He said that WWE isn't using Kidd or Brodus Clay to their full potentials as he feels Kidd is one of the best in the ring in WWE and that Brodus is nothing more then a cartoon character.
I think it is th…

Change of Pace

Over the past couple of weeks I have only been doing things that apply to the masses but now like the title says with this one I will go back to trying to educate you on different things or maybe not.

Earlier in the week long time member of the National Wrestling Alliance left the NWA because not agreeing with change of Ownership. The company that left was a top NWA territory it's name was NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Now it's just called Championship Wrestling from Hollywood because they aren't with the NWA anymore so they can't have in their name. Now another member of the NWA has left their name is Pro Wrestling Revolution & have been with NWA for 4 years. Is this just the beging of the NWA losing some territories or is all the leaving done with and things will go back to normal in the NWA who knows.
Also with ROH having Death Before Dishonor this weekend I figured it would be nice to have some sort of video up promoting the tenth DBD on IPPV thi…

How I Would Book it Part 6..... WCCW 1985-1986

Monday: Nick Kiniski def Johnny Mantel, Brian Adias vs Matt Borne (Draw), Bruiser Brody def Crusher Yurkov via DQ, Blackjack Mulligan def One Man Gang, Terry Gordy def Lance, King Parsons def Rick Rude (off distraction from Mike Von Erich),Main Event: Buddy Roberts def Eric Embry.
Spot Show: Shaun & Steve Simpson def Tim Brooks & Dizzy Hogan, Matt Borne vs Nick Kiniski (Draw), Johnny Mantel def Magic Dragon, Chris Adams def Killer Khan, Terry Gordy def Kabuki, Kevin Von Erich def Buddy Roberts, Michael Hayes def Kerry Von Erich, Kevin & Chris Von Erich vs Fantastics Count-out
Saturday: Johnny Mantel def Mike Sharpe, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts vs Kevin & Chris Von Erich (Buddy pins Chris), Rick Rude def Mike Von Erich, Great Kabuki vs Kerry Von Erich (DRAW), NO-DQ Falls Count Anywhere match Chris Adams def Killer Khan (ends their feud)
Monday: Steve & Shaun Simpson def Dizzy Hogan & Tim Brooks, Crusher Yurkov def Bruiser Brody, Blackjack Mulligan vs One Man…

One Day Behide

I realize this maybe one day late but still the gesture is there and I figured one day later is better then two even if it happend on the 13th. I am of course speaking of Smackdown from 9/13/01 that my friends is the most passionate episode of the show I have ever seen. For those who don't know even back in the early part of the decade Smackdown was taped on Tuesday so yes that means it was suppose to be taped on September 11 2001 but it never happend because the WWE let everyone have off. Then they came back to work and had the Smackdown on the day it airs Thursday so they had it live in Dallas Texas. Throught the show WWE & Alliance superstars alike we sending their Well Wishes to New York & those who lost people on 9/11. On that night they should patriotism & a large amount of Nationalism for the US and express it in the small videos on the show.
Below is a link to the show:
11 years ago in my opinion the biggest & worst tragedy in US History happend and even …

Well Wishes

I saw many many Wrestlers posting well wishes on Twitter last night & many fans as well but here are some of the wrestlers I saw. By the way I was going to post it on the last post but I figured it would be to long. Here we go & below links to Cole, Ross, & Lawler's twitter feeds:

Bret Hart: “Please keep Jerry Lawler in your thoughts and prayers #PrayForLawler”

Mick Foley: “Tough to think about anything but The King..but Cena and Punk have put together an amazing segment under very difficult circumstances.”

Shawn Michaels: “I’ve just heard about Jerry Lawler!! Time for prayer everybody!! We’re here for you King, God Bless!!”

Jim Ross: “Never take 1 day of your life 4 granted. Said it many times, tomorrows aren’t guaranteed. Kings heart attack being treated. Lucky man so far”

Lilian Garcia: “Am so shocked to hear about Jerry Lawler having a heart attack on Raw. PLEASE everyone pray for him 2 have a speedy recovery.”

Natalya: “Praying for Jerry Lawler tonight. He’s a tru…

Jerry Lawler Update

For those who don't know last night during the 9/10/12 episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE Announcer & Occasional Wrestler Jerry Lawler had an apparent Heart Attack on the air. Many their live said they saw King hunch over & convulsing in his chair before he collasped to the floor from his chair. Seconds after he collaspes Medical personal run out to the ringside area to check on King and perform CPR then took him immediatley to the backstage area. Not soon after that they sent Jerry to a local hospital where he spent time in the ER, as at that point they still didn't know what happend. He collapes at ringside during a tag team match which saw Daniel Bryan & Kane vs Prime Time Players. I have seen a lot of information about this situation and as you may know I posted earlier today about this saying that I would have more in the AM well this is it. I will have links below to a lot of information about this situation and anymore information about this I will post today …

Exclusive: Jerry Lawler Update

All I will say now is everything seems fine all good news from those reporting it about King and I hope and pray it keeps coming. Like I said on Twitter Jerry is one of the most well respected & well liked men in the business today and what is a shame. I will have a little on this topic in the AM but I definitly be talking about it on this site tomorrow what ever more I find and my opinion on the situation and more.

Stay Tuned!

PPV Predictions

TNA No Surrender Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher (c) this will be a usual women's match from one of the big promotions especially with all the stories happening tonight they need to give time to what needs and take away from what doesn't need it.  I think Miss Tessmacher will beat her teacher Tara and retain the belt Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion (c) i am glad they decided to bring Dutt back to TNA and the X-Division because he is a very talented wrestler as is Zema. This match deserved to be featured on TV because it had a back story to it and something that could have made for a feud. Until we know for sure who is definitely back with TNA it would be wrong to guess against him so I will say Zema wins Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam nothing special here just a through on match to fill up time in my opinion, I still think it could be a good match but it doesn't need to be. I would like to see Magnus win this match because he could still be a top star in TNA, RVD has had his chance. Bound Fo…

How I would Book it Part 5........ WCCW 1985-1986

Territory Update: I know if you have read through all of these then you would notice I go weeks at time sometimes months without using some people. But what I am actually doing is keeping talent fresh like what I did with Gordy, Hayes, & Buddy I took them off TV and sent them to a different territory. As it not only keeps the guys fresh but it helps me make new stars & I could also send someone to San Francisco where they can work as heel or face whichever they aren’t by me so they can get more exposure & be a better competitor. That’s also what I did to Brian Adias as I sent him to Portland to work for Don Owens. In exchange I got Tony Borne (Matt Borne’s Dad), & I sent Al Perez to work for Bill Watts for a little while also & Bill sent me Terry Taylor back. I also let Kamala go to Watts & Reed go to Vince.
March: 14 shows
Saturday: Frank Dusek vs John Tatum for the TV title is made tonight & Mike Von Erich vs Eric Embry for the Brass Knuckles title is mad…

Various News

The news has surfaced earlier today that Devon has finally after weeks of speculation left TNA still holding TNA'S TV Title. With that it might mean that the short history of the TV/Legends/Global title might have come to a close. Once the news became official the speculation when Devon will arrive or weather he will go to WWE or not. The rumor also has it that Devon could end up in WWE but not as a wrestler but a Road Agent or Producer I think it may depend on if they have something or not.
Word is that soon which could be as soon as tomorrow's episode of Smackdown could Randy Orton's last show until November as he will begin fliming for 12 Rounds: Reloaded. Orton just returned a few weeks ago from his 60 day suspenion and will be going away again. When he comes back he will then be back in the World title picture from what I have heard.
Winter joins a group of 2 other former Knockout stars Velvet Sky & Angelina Love, Winter has not been seen on TV that often since …

How I would Book it Part 4...... WCCW 1985-1986

Wrestling Star Wars Show
Manny Fernandez def Chavo Guerrero Sr
Al Perez vs Johnny Mantel (Time Limit)
WCCW Tag Title Match
Terry Taylor & Scott Casey © def Jimmy Garvin & King Kong Bundy
Rip Oliver def “Wild” Bill Irwin
Texas Heavyweight title Grudge Match
Nick Kiniski def Brian Adias ©
Wahoo McDaniel def Baron Von Rasche
Chris Adams vs Gino Hernandez
(Brawl all over the Convention Center resulting in a Count-Out no before Adams whacks Gino w/ a chair)
WCCW Television Title Match
Tully Blanchard vs ©John Tatum (w/ Missy Hyatt)
No Contest Double Pin Fall One Ref said Tully the other said Tatum
Grudge Match: 8 Man Tag Match
Kerry, Kevin, Mike, & Chris def Rude, Kabuki, Lance & Embry (Pringle’s)
With help from returning Fantastics
They revel it was Rude, Embry, & Kabuki who took them out and they want their titles back, they call upon Mike Von Erich to help them get the belts back. After this show Kevin, Kerry, & Chris go away for a bit
February: 12 shows
Saturday show:Tully cha…

This Day in Wrestling History

There are only so many moments that helped change wrestling on them took place on this date 17 years ago. It 09/04/95 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MI it was the very first edition of WCW Monday Night Nitro. It changed wrestling which didn't now until 10 months later that it would because of how insignificant WCW had been till that point. But that show changed a lot of things and a lot of that can be credited to Bischoff & the fact that Lex Luger appeared on the show only 24 hours after appearing on a WWF PPV.
Nobody knew at that point that a War had begun but it did and it helped because Nitro ran unopposed that night due to RAW being pre-empted. But I think it many people's opinion what helped them get big, also ended up leading to their diminishes which was Ted Turner's Wallet. Because getting guys like Nash, Hall, Luger, Hogan, etc may helped them reach a deeper audience but it cost them in the long run. As they lost more money then they made because of …

Week News

As I mentioned earlier on this site Devon as it seems will be leaving TNA when his contract officially comes to an end. No he will not be taking the TV title with him because even the title doesn't mean something to the fans cause the lack of exposure for the title & the lack of competition in the matches. So last I heard report from which is a Dirtsheet, TNA is playing with the idea that when Devon leaves they will get rid of the TV title instead of making a tournament for it. That makes sense because the title has so little value it would really make that much sense to waste the time doing a tournament for a title most people don't care about. With that being said TNA would then go back to having only Tag Titles, X-Division, World & 2 women championships. We shall see what happens in the coming weeks I think they should send the title away because it means nothing either way so just get rid of it.
Also I would like to offer congratulations to Adam Cole…

WWE How I Really Feel

I want to be honest with you guys about something, real important to me and that’s the Wrestling Business. I am well aware I have been ranting and raving on and off for a few months now about all things that are wrong with WWE in my opinion. This is not going to be a rant it will be my true feelings about WWE. They think because they are still making money with what they doing that means they don’t have to change anything they are wrong. I am not going to say turn Cena Heel or bring back the Attitude Era because they won’t. What I am saying is bring back compelling TV and interesting storylines that fans can get emotionally invested into. Bring up new stars because most of the guys on top are stale and need a character change. There is NO mystique, their stars are over exposed, & to repeat they are stale also. But they don’t care because their top guys are making them money from Merchandise and that’s all they care about. The quality of the matches is as good as they should be &am…

How I would Book it Part 3.......... WCCW 1985-1986

First show of the New Year: Monday, I would have Tommy Rogers, Eric Embry, & Bobby Fulton out there and have them all arguing over who won the match for the team. Matches are made for later Kabuki will face Dingo Warrior. Adams & Hernandez continue to fall apart especially after a botched interference from Chris costs Gino the win vs Terry Taylor. At the end of the show I would go to the back and find Fulton & Rogers down and Fulton bleeding. Also I would have Jimmy Garvin vs Scott Casey, and Brian Adias & Bill Irwin vs Nick Kiniski & Black Bart. Bart pins Adias & Garvin beats Casey. Saturday: leading towards the big show at the end of January: Show starts with Embry saying that when he finds out, who did this to his partners they will pay dearly. Until then he needs to find new tag partners. Percy Pringle comes out with Great Kabuki & Rick Rude which leads to them becoming 6 man tag champs. Matches for this show Brian Adias vs Black Bart for Texas Heavywe…