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Wrestlers Step Up for a Great Cause Revisited

Though it seems to may be fizziling out a little bit I thought it would be cool to take a look again at some other Wrestlers who have stepped up and taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: 
Tommy Dreamer Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge: 

David Otunga Take the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch Maryse & Eve Torres accept the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch Shawn Michaels & Former TNA Knockout Rosita take the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch Eva Marie & Summer Rae accept the Ice Bucket Challenge:

All I have to add is guys remember even if you disagree with the idea of pouring ice water on your head as a way to raise awareness for a charity it seems like it's doing something. So though you may not agree w…

Wrestling Fans Use Their Voice as: I Ask The Crowd Part 2

What opinion do you have on the current WWE & TNA products and do you think it’s better or worse than it was a year ago?

Bryan: WWE’s product is much better than last year in my opinion. They have great feuds and have new young talent breaking through in great fashion, like Reigns, Wyatt, Ambrose etc. Also WWE has put on better matches than ever before, I mean look at how many Raw matches get this is awesome. TNA ehh I mean like the Dixie Carter and Bully Ray character. But last year they had all there great talent such as AJ, Sting, Daniels, etc. Honestly I think TNA is dead in the water pretty much because no matter if they put on good TV or not the fan base will never be able to rise that high via the disappointment many fans have seen over the years. Also I’d like to add that GFW will be one lucky company as they are able to get guys TNA had to let go like AJ and Daniels and now WWE are cutting costs so GFW is looking at some good established Free Agents.

Bsal: First thing first,…

Wrestlers Take on a Worthy Cause

As many of you people must know that over the last few months many people have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which entails a person pouring a bucket of Ice Water over their heads as a way to bring awareness to a worthy cause. Now I don't know a lot of details about this illness so I will not fill out any information about the disease because all I know about it is that Lou Gehrig lost his battle with ALS and ALS was the disease that ended Lou's career. But I am happy to see that people are doing good in bringing awareness to such a terrible disease. Below are videos of Pro-Wrestlers who took the Ice Bucket Challenge: 

Triple H Expresses His Views on the Ice Bucket Challenge 

Below is a link to The Miz accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge:
Ronda Rousey Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge
Below is a link to Dana White Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge:…