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TNA: Jokers Wild

With the next TNA One Night Only event coming up this weekend and with the fact that it's all about tag team wrestling. I felt it only fitting to take this time to look back at some of the best tag team matches in TNA history.

Let's take a look at some great matches featured below: AMW vs Chris Daniels & AJ Styles AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs Kaz & Chris Daniels Beer Money vs Abyss & Matt Morgan vs Team 3-D vs LAX in a Monster's Ball Match (Part 1/4)


Tune in May 3rd for the next TNA One Night Only Special it's Joker's Wild Tag Team Tournament!!!!

This day in Wrestling History

This day 8 years ago the wrestling world lost a very underrated talent who never needed a gimmick to get over because he was a great in the ring. But unfortunately never got to show on mainstream TV like he should have been able to. I am talking about "No Gimmicks Needed" Chris Candido whose untimely passing at only age 33 sent sadness and regret through business. Because he was so young and he never really got a great chance to show how good he could be or was. The biggest push Chris ever got was in ECW which for those who don't was the company that let everyone be themselves, and have fun. In my book Chris could have been a great champion in either WCW or WWE, but was never given the opportunity either because of backstage politics or management didn't care about talent. Towards the end of his career Chris managed the tag team The Naturals in TNA until he passed away.

Below are some of the achievements Chris was able to get during his career:

1 time NWA World Cha…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 14 years ago one of the staples of the WWE's current product was born. I am talking about The show that many believe came from the Rock's saying of Layeth the Smackdown on your candy ass. I am talking about Friday Night Smackdown. The first Smackdown was headlined by a blockbuster Tag Team match of The Rock & Steve Austin vs The Undertaker & Triple H. Austin & The Rock won the match getting the better of the Corporate Ministry on that night. The other matches on the card were:

Blue Blazer def. Val Venis
The Big Show def. Test
D'Lo Brown def. Droz via DQ
Kane & X-Pac pin Road Dogg & Billy Gunn
Ken Shamrock def. Bradshaw
Mankind def. Big Bossman

The creation of Smackdown in many respects was WWE's answers to WCW Thunder which was created earlier that year. But since 1999 Smackdown has become a staple for the WWE as a whole because most fans nowadays can't imagine WWE without Smackdown. Since 2005 Smackdown has been on Friday nights and s…

WWE after a Wolf & Playboy

Last night I posted about WWE having their sights set on both Sami Callihan & Mike Bennett to join WWE soon well words has it two others could be joining them. The title gives a hint to who it is as they are both current members of the ROH roster. They are One half of the American wolves Davey Richards & "Panama City Playboy" Adam Cole, which is how I got the title. There is stronger talk that Adam would joining WWE over Davey but the rumor is out their for Davey as well. For those who may not know it was earlier this week that this surfaced on the internet:

"At last Friday’s St. Louis Anarchy Wrestling event, former ROH champion Davey Richards teased that he could be going to WWE when he said that he is “headed to Connecticut” to prove he’s the “real best in the world.”

Outside of this tease there has only been a rumor that Richards would be leaving but like I said yesterday about Bennett his ROH contract held him up, but like Bennett, Davey's contract wi…

WWE on the Hunt again

A few months ago I was ripping into WWE for taking stars from the Indy circuit namely El Generico and now they are at it again. This time WWE has their eyes on two known Indy stars in Sami Callahan & ROH's Mike Bennett. WWE has actually had their "heart" set on Callahan & Bennett especially for a while now and it finally looks as though something will be happening.

As of this writing it seems like of the two Sami is the closet to signing with WWE as just has to pass the Medical test and then they get into contract talks. Sami has become a top name on the Independent circuit in practically every company he has worked and has come a long way. Like most people on the scene I have followed a good portion of Sami's career and even I am afraid of how WWE will use I am very happy Sami may get the opportunity to make the big bucks. I am more disappointed that the Independent scene is losing another Great Worker like Sami. This hurts the Indy circuit because it takes…

How I would book it.......... WCW 1999-2000 Finale

Over the last couple of months I have shown how I would have booked WCW if I was in charge starting in the late summer of 1999. A couple of days ago you read the final part to the re-book of sorts which ended at Uncensored 2000. During this time I looked at the results of the shows and ppv’s, I compared what I did to what they did and it was totally different. That’s the reason why I did this because in my opinion; so much more could have been done with the roster they had during this time but it wasn’t done because they didn’t think about the possibilities. Like the New Blood a year early, Booker, T as a heel, releasing the old faces and getting new faces, etc. They could have done so much but they didn’t and for that reason this was possible. So thank you WCW I guess in a way because if they didn’t make mistakes I would be able to do this.

Also like you may have noticed I stopped at Uncensored 2000 even though not every feud is done and not every old guy is gone. I stopped at Uncens…

This Day in Wrestling History

Like in the past I will be doing this one the same way; so first I want to say even though I hate his character I respect John Cena the man for what he does for the troops, & Make A Wish Foundation to say Happy Birthday. SuperCena turns 36 years old today and because of his age and the rigorous work schedule Cena has had for years you wonder how much longer he can go.

Below are career Achievements that John has had:

11 Times WWE Champion
2 Time WWE World Champion
3 Times WWE United States Champion
2 Times World Tag Team Champion
2 Time WWE Tag Team Champion
Mr. Money In the Bank 2012
Royal Rumble winner 2008 & 2013

Next two matches from John Cena's career: John Cena vs Kurt Angle (6/27/02) John Cena vs Shawn Michaels

Feel free to help me by answering this survey, it is for a school project that I did on WWE:

~~ Thanks & Enjoy

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 7 years ago Ring of Honor Wrestling celebrated their 100th event in their history. The show was headlined by a 6 man tag which featured Team CZW vs Team ROH; the teams included Adam Pearce, Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer for Team ROH & Chris Hero, Super Dragon & Necro Butcher for Team CZW. They were fighting because since December of 05 Chris Hero had been provoking ROH Talent and since the start of the year both Butcher & Hero have been invading ROH.

This was some of the best booking of an invasion angle since the NWO. These guys got over quickly which was the most important thing & they took out the right people. Also it had the ire that you didn't know if Joe was going to join team ROH until after Team CZW attacked Cornette, Pearce & Whitmer. It also helped both companies very much showing not only that two existing companies can work together but it made the Indy's look less like amateur hour and more credible in my opinion. This feud lasted all of 200…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 14 years ago the Wrestling Business suffered the loss of a legend who was planning a comeback after a career ending injury ended his career in his prime. "Ravishing" Rick Rude was one of the best talkers in this business and also was thought to have one of the best physiques in wrestling history.
Rude was a well traveled wrestler by the time he got to the WWF in 1987 as Rude had already been in Memphis, Dallas, Florida, Carolina's, Canada, & Georgia. Also many say because of Rude pulling some string he got his old Manager Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer a job in WWE.
By July 1987 the WWF had finally taken notice and Rude went to New York and became the newest addition of the Heenan Family. It was long after he debut Rude began his most famous feud with Jake Roberts, the feud began when Rude came out with airbrushed picture of Roberts wife on his tights. From their Rude feuded with Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper until leaving WWE in 1991. Highlights from h…

How I Would Book it.......... WCW Fall 1999 - Spring 2000 Part 7

February 23rd Thunder: Worcester, MA

Highlights of the ending of Nitro, Mike Sanders pins Shannon Moore, update on President Russell we find out that an intern President will be named on Nitro, © Kronik beats Vito & Reno (Adams pins Reno), Main Event announced: Goldberg vs Sting, Kaz Hayashi over Lizmark Jr, Buff Bagwell over Fit Finlay, Ric Flair makes his way to the ring he looks frustrated, he says since SuperBrawl I have been trying to figure out why my son is still mad at me or even a way to ease the tension in the family. I think I have found a way to do that David I challenge you to a match one on one at Uncensored. Lance Storm comes out and starts making fun of Flair telling him he should go get his air tank and go back to the home. Also telling him to get out of the ring and let a real athlete show him how it’s done by “Canada’s Greatest Athlete” to be specific. You really want to show me Storm why come down the ring and fight me like a man from Ric Flair to Storm. Storm t…

Interview with Kenny "Star Maker" Bolin

First I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Bolin for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me. I hope you enjoy the interview I know I like always enjoyed conducting it. Once again thank you Mr. Bolin and I hope you all enjoy it. Here is the interview

1. What is your view on how managers are seen in this era?
They have been rendered useless for the most part. Other than Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman. Ya just don't see the classic managers any more.

2. Do you believe that most wrestling companies have lost touch with the importance of a manager?
That ties in what I just said. YES...they have lost touch.
3. Why did you get into the business?
It was what I had truly loved and knew I would do since I was 11 years old. Jerry Lawler inspired me to be in this business.
4. Growing up was there a specific person that you modeled your managing style off of when you got into the business. Also same question for announcing? ---- I felt I was more like a Jerr…

This day in Wrestling History

Today 23 years ago the Wrestling business was hit with the untimely lose of the patriarch of the Guerrero family Gory Guerrero. Gory better known as the father of Hector, Mando, Chavo SR, & probably most famous Eddie Guerrero, he is also the Grandfather of Chavo Guerrero.

With the fact that what I can write about Gory is quite limited I am going turn this into not only a post to remember Gory but also the next edition of Wrestling Families.

Gory is famously known for innovating the Gory Special, Camel Clutch, Gory Bomb, a reverse STO, and many other moves as well. Gory is very famous for not only the bloody matches he had in Mexico but also the popularity of El Santo & his team. Later in his life Gory when living in El Paso opened his home for aspiring wrestlers to come and train and he also trained his sons. As of 2005 the old ring was still at the family house in El Paso.

Gory is also known for his 4 sons like I mentioned earlier Eddie, Mando, Hector, & Chavo SR. Man…

Matches Matches and More Matches

This is something I haven't done for a while because the new has just kept flowing and I have had other things to post but not today so let's do it. For those who don't know what this is well it's simple I find matches on YouTube that I think should be shared and post them here for your viewing pleasure.
Pac (Adam Neville) & Masato Yoshino vs Naruki Doi & Ricochet AR Fox vs Rich Swann (Ultimate Gate 2012) Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan (Good Match) Uhaa Nation vs Pinkie Sanchez

How I Would Book it........... WCW Fall 1999- Spring 2000 Part 6

January 22nd Saturday Night: Philadelphia, PA
Mike Enos & Kenny Kaos over Chris Harris & Norman Smiley (Enos pins Harris), The Wall pins Van Hammer, Ciclope def Silver King, David Flair over Devon Storm, Billy Kidman def Perry Saturn, Harris Brothers beat Stevie Ray & Buff Bagwell (Don pins Ray), backstage: Stevie Ray & Buff go to President Russell saying they want David Flair on Nitro when they leave the President’s office they are almost happy. Vampiro over Frankie Lancaster
January 24th Monday Nitro: Philadelphia, PA

Tribute to Bobby Duncum Jr, Chavo Guerrero & Juventud Guerrera pins Reno & Vito (Guerrero pins Vito {Upset}), Dustin Rhodes is out, and challenges Goldberg to a match tonight saying he had nothing to do with whatever problem Goldberg has with The New Blood so Goldberg attacked him for no reason and he wants make Goldberg pay.Brian Adams & Bryan Clark over Dave Taylor & Fit Finlay (Adams pins Finlay), Booker, T walks out and says he started …

New Fan Craze and You'll Never Guess

Since last Monday first the wrestling world and now World wide fans are buzzing about the new craze. Nope it's not the Harlem Shake that's old news as you saw yesterday I posted a video of cheerleaders "Fandangoing." The craze of dancing to Fandango's theme & humming his song has taken off. Below are different videos about this insane craze:

Below also is theme that started it all Fandango's theme is the first video: (Reached #11 on the I-Tunes charts)

Scouting Report

Fandango (Johnny Curtis)

good on the mic
average in the ring

Johnny has been with the WWE since 2006 when he was signed to a developmental deal and started working in DSW. After WWE separated from Deep-South Wrestling, Johnny was moved to Florida Championship Wrestling which was WWE's new training academy in June 2008. He was a two-time FCW Tag Team Champion with Derrick Bateman & Tyler Reks. In 2010 Curtis got called for NXT but it wasn't long before Curtis was back down in FCW because he had no feud or anything to do. Then after NXT 5 he went back down and stayed with NXT which was the new FCW and by late 2011 Fandango was born. At first Fandango wouldn't compete if anyone from Matt Striker to Justin Roberts, to Tensai, to Khali, to Kofi to Jericho to many others didn't say his name right.
Which is Fan-Dan-Go!!!!! His first match didn't happen until Wrestlemania because of Fandango's opponents not being able to pronounce his name right. The next night the …

NXT and the Next WWE Star

As of this writing word has it that in the very near future 3 current NXT stars will be getting called up to the Main Roster. The three guys getting the call-up are Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero), Adam Neville (Pac), & Bray Wyatt (Husky Harris). Word has it backstage is that all three of these guys are believed to be Main Roster ready and will arrive on WWE in the near future. Right now let's take a further look at each future WWE star:

Kassius Ohno- the former independent wrestler has been doing this for almost 15 years now and is finally getting the break he deserves. The name Kassius Ohno comes from his background in Japanese wrestling and the fact that his signature move is the Roaring Elbow a move that was innovated in Japan. Ohno also while on the Indy circuit was partners with current United States Champion Antonio Cesaro they were collectively known as the Kings of Wrestling. I hope Chris is given the same chance to win over the fans or make the fans hate him that every ot…

How I Would Book It........ WCW Fall 1999 - Spring 2000 (Update)

With this How I would Book it almost over and with the fact that a lot has gone on in the 8 months that I have booked thus far, I am going to use this post to catch you all up with what is going on backstage. I don't mean like the Creative Team or Tuner Management but I mean the Wrestlers & Non-Wrestlers who left and when and debuted and when.

Before I go into this I want to thank everyone who has made this How I would Book it the one of the more successful How I would Book it's I have done thus far. Seeing each Part get as much views as it does makes me feel really good and makes me think you guys and girls respect what I put on here. For that I thank you and that is why I felt the need to take the time to catch you guys up.

Wrestlers I let go:

Alex Wright- Nothing for him and I felt that it was time for both sides to move on with fact he has been in the company for so long. LA Parka- The company had way to many Cruiserweights and even though I am a fan of La Parka's…

Flashback Report

Scott Hall

Good on the Mic
Good in the ring

Many people have said it but still not many people believe it when those people say that Scott Hall is not only a great wrestling mind but a really good wrestler. I mean look at his work from his great matches with Shawn Michaels, to having good matches with everyone from Nash to Jarrett to Kid to Savage to Sting to The Steiner, and so many others. Scott was one of the best in the ring during the 90's and also was a huge part in changing the business. How did Scott change the business you may ask well one simple promo on one Nitro back in May 1996 started it all. I am of course talking about the formation of the NWO which was the angle that changed the business. Last thing is I am very happy that Scott is getting the help he needs and it seems to working. I have so much respect not only for DDP & Jake for helping Scott but also Scott for getting the help he needs.

Below are some videos that show different things from Scott's …

Wrestlemania it didn't seem like

Since the start of WrestleMania season back in January many fans have said it doesn't feel like WrestleMania season to them because it just seemed like a regular RAW with some guests. Outside of that one show when Punk vs Cena that's the only I honestly felt it was WrestleMania Season because I know WWE never has good matches on RAW outside of WrestleMania season. But well before I get into it let's look at some comments:
The first three comments are from Fans who sent how they felt into the Site
"The crowd was calling for it why not give the crowd what they want, I mean we all paid money for the show listen to the crowd. I feel WWE has not been listening to the crowd and that's bad."

"There is nothing on the ticket saying limited view or anything . I went to guest services and a WWE representative couldn't do anything about it . There were a lot of people complaining too."

"The matches to me felt rushed, the whole PPV felt li…

PPV Predictions

WrestleMania 29 Pre-Show Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs The Miz
even though this match is for the Intercontinental title it will not be anything special because of the fact that it is a pre-show match. If with the fact it is WrestleMania still the pre-show match isn't suppose to be anything special. I think the Miz walks away with the gold tonight because Barrett holding the title just isn't working
Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) (c) vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston w/ AJ Set aside the likelihood that Team Hell No will most likely be breaking apart soon but think about the fact does Dolph really want the Tag Team titles knowing he has a shot for the World Title just waiting for him. For that reason I think Kane & Daniel Bryan win and keep the belts Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter
I think the most interesting part of this match is weather Ricardo Rodriguez will be at ringside for this match outside of that this match isn't to interesting and…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today I would like to wish a man I respect very much for what he has been able to do with Jake Roberts & Scott Hall turning both guys lives around. Which is something all wrestling fans have been hoping would happen for years. But today is for him so Happy 57th Birthday to the King of Badda Bing Badda Boom Badda BANG!!!!! Diamond Dallas Page.

Most people know that Page started wrestling at an older age the most people due but it proved that not to be a factor because of his work ethic and the passion he had for the business. Also some may not know that one of the people who helped train Dallas Page was Jake Roberts. Nobody would have thought a man who at the time was 41 would be or even could be the hottest thing in the business. From the time Dallas hit the Diamond Cutter on Hall that night on Nitro everyone knew he would be World Champion. I can honestly say there are very few people in this business that I respect more then Diamond Dallas not only because he defined the odds, …

Moment in Time 7

With the success the last Moment in Time had because of what the post was about I figured it'd be smart to stay with Indy talk & even stay in ROH. This edition of MIT is special because this Moment began one of the greatest feuds in the history of ROH. Let's get the setting it's December 2009 location Manhattan Center, in Manhattan, NY match Young Bucks vs SteenRico. Yes it is the match & the moment you might have just thought so let's go to the video:

First the Match: Young Buck vs Kevin Steen & El Generico

Next the Moment Steen turns on Generico: (the full segment)


How I Would Book it.......... WCW 1999-2000 Part 5

December 20th Monday Nitro: State College, PA

Highlights of Starrcade, © Shane Helms def Super Calo in a Cruiserweight title Match, The New Blood are out and each say something about they said they’d beat the “Legends” and they did. Then Jeff introduces the reason they stayed one step ahead of the “Legends” David Flair. David clues the people in on how he did it, how duped his dad and the other feeble minded supposed legends into thinking he got fired. It was sad to actually see his dad pretend that he cares for the first time in David’s life but what made it all worth it was seeing his dad’s face when he jumped the rail last night and his dad saying What the Hell are you doing here!!!!! To think it was me that made my dad lose the biggest match of his career makes me happy. Storm takes the mic and finishes it by saying the New Blood is finally being taken serious and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Chris Benoit over Adam Pearce (non-title), Vampiro pins Mike Rotunda, Chuck Pa…