How I Would Book it WCW 1998: Sold Out

We have arrived at our first PPV of the new year and our first stop on what promises to be a bumpy year long ride for the WCW. It took a little while for things to get under way with the WWE How I Would and the same can be said for this one as well. Keep in mind I have a lot more time with this installment of the series then I did with the WWE so more of a chance to make things work before I squash them. To put a halt on my rambling let's instead get to the card:

                                                               WCW/NWO Sold Out:

                                                 Harlem Heat vs Jim Neidhart & Davey Boy Smith

                                       WCW United States Championship Open Challenge Match:
                                                         (c) Diamond Dallas Page vs ???

                                                          Ray Traylor vs Steve McMichael

                                                    WCW World Tag Team Championship Match:
                               (c) Faces of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart vs The Steiner Brothers w/ Ted DiBiase

                                                             Ric Flair vs Buff Bagwell

                                              WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match:
                                                    (c) Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr. 

                                           WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match:
                                                            (c) Sting vs Kevin Nash  

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