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Today we would like to wish a happy 51st Birthday to WWE Road Agent, former Triple Crown Champion in WCW & WWF Light heavyweight: Dean Malenko. Starting in early 1980's as a ref for the WWE but that wasn't his true calling as both his brother & father were already wrestlers. His true calling came in 1988 when he started wrestling in Japan with his brother Joe until Joe's retirement. His first major exposure in the states in his wrestling career wasn't until 1994 when he became the extreme shooter for the upstart ECW. Stayed in ECW for a year while only their for a short time he became a former 3 time TV champion fought in the match that Taz broke his neck in & torn the house down with Eddie in their last match. Moving down to Atlanta with the WCW were he, stayed from 1995-2000 winning the cruserwieght championship 4 times, Tag titles on 2 occasions and the US once making him a triple crown winner. This part of his career is when he officially became the ICEMAN & adopted the nickname "The Man of 1000 holds. He also feuded with Jericho in Chris's last big feud before leaving WCW. Following in foot steps of his friend he, Benoit (World Champion at the time), Perry Saturn, & Eddie Guerrero left WCW an went to the WWE. He wrestled in the WWE for a year holding the light weight title during most of his stint before retiring from the ring and working backstage. He has appeared a few times for the WWE to both promote storylines, & say goodbye to friends.
Happy Birthday today to the "ICEMAN" Dean Malenko


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