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Everything Evolves Part 2

This post wasn't suppose to happen at this point, but it was suppose to happen eventually the reason for the change is because I found another reason to write this post. Recently I have seen a lot of negativity on social media which in this day and age shouldn't be a surprise for me anymore, but when I see it among my followers and in some cases people who have supported me and that pains me to see.

Over the last year or two I have tried to be very open and honest with the personal battles I have gone through and how I have changed since January of last year. But the only problem is what worked for me may not work for everyone. As I have seemingly found solace in writing which is what I really do when I am feeling down and sometimes I just write for hours on end. That writing "quality" is the reason that at this point and time I still have over 10-12 unpublished articles that I wrote earlier in the year still hiding somewhere in my archives. The reason they had laid …

The Post Part 1

The aspect of principle isn't very present in today society meaning principles and moral don't care the same weight nowadays as they used to and that is a problem. Because people don't care about anyone but themselves and that has changed the world into a very scary place. The principle of this post is that somethings aren't meant to just be cared about for a month and should always be cared about and taken extremely seriously. 

It’s Showtime folks”  this phrase has rang out from one man so many times over the years and now it is being used for a different purpose as we are about to get real. “If I could be serious for a second” being professional sucks, the idea of staying with a certain “box” just because I am on a website is bogus, and believing everything you read on the internet makes you delusional. Everything you read on the internet……. Hmmm that is an interesting concept. By the way if you have problem with this post having nothing to do with wrestling then we…