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Wrestlemania Rewind

"With Wrestlemania around 8 days away and time winding down to do more posts about remembering some of the greatest matches in the 30 years of Wrestlemania is coming to a close once again. With that being the case I think it's only fitting that one the last posts I do about Wrestlemania prior to Wrestlemania 30 has got to be about one of the most important matches in Wrestlemania history and not only Wrestlemania history but Wrestling history. I am talking about the match that Main Evented Wrestlemania 3 in 1987 live from the Pontiac Silverdome when Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan or when the Irresistible Force met the Immovable Object. Now the attendance of that show maybe highly debated as some don't believe the announced attendance of 93,179 was the legitimate attendance for that event. But with all that aside their is no doubting the importance of the match and how it changed the business. In many ways Hogan vs Andre was the End of an Era because up......"


PPV Predictions

Lockdown 2014
(**Every Match Is inside of a Steel Cage**)

Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs Great Muta, Tigre Uno, & Sanada

To my knowledge their isn't enough history for this match to be important or taken for more then just being a match to introduce the Japanese guys to TNA fans. If the Japanese guys are staying then I see them winning but if not TNA heel team wins. Because I do believe two of the 3 guys on the Japanese team actually have TNA contracts I would say Muta's team wins.

Samuel Shaw vs Mr. Anderson

It seem as though they have reinvested into Sam Shaw and that is a new project they are working on as a company. But I just think making him beat Anderson, a guy who just got out of the companies biggest feud with Bully Ray and was the winner of the feud it might be to much to soon for Shaw. With that being said I think Anderson wins tonight.

Gunner vs James Storm

Both of these guys are brawlers and can take a good beating in any match, like we saw in the Storm…

Wrestling World Lost Another

It was brought to my attention last night that the Wrestling world lost another legend on March 3rd, former AWA wrestler Billy Robinson passed away at the age of 77 years old. Though Billy may have been more known to some as an International Wrestler as he was from England but because of his exposure with the AWA he became just as known in the United States. Billy was trained at.....

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