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How I Would Book it: WCW Part 3

I told you I would try to post this a little more often then I did last month. This doesn't mean things have changed, but maybe think of this as a start:

The second Nitro of 1998 as we move further into the new year things continue to grow and change from how they really were and become How I Would Book it. As we look at another week of action from WCW we tensions continuing to grow:

- For the first time since Starrcade Eric Bischoff goes face to face with Kevin Nash

- Ric Flair returns from his injuries after being assaulted at Starrcade

- The Feud continue between the Faces of Fear & The Steiner Brothers

- Diamond Dallas Page makes his first appearance since winning the United States Championship

- The #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship is crowned

How I Would Book it Part 2: WCW 1998

After a short hiatus we are back again with Part 2 of this installment of the How I Would Book it series. I will try and get better with posting so I don't only do it once a month.  Due to a change in plans this is installment of the How I Would Book it series will be different then first expected, but will still keep going for as long as first announced. Now onto the good stuff:

- With the appearance of The Hitman at Starrcade it has the top talents in WCW ready to defend their position against the "intruder" from up north.

- Things are still being sorted out after tensions reach the breaking point at Starrcade between NWO members Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan.

- After a private conversation between Scott Hall & Eric Bischoff that leaves us wondering what is going on

- Also on Nitro you will see the new United States Champion DDP in action as well as the New Television champion Chris Benoit & Roddy Piper in action.

Survey Says....

First of all this has nothing to do with current host of the game show Family Feud Steve Harvey or any other past host of the show. The only thing that this post has to do with is helping me better understand you. As it doesn’t matter to me if your a viewer or a reader either way your opinion matters to me and matter big time. Because without you I don’t have this or YouTube, so what you guy and gals think is a big deal to me.

For that reason I made a survey the first of what will be two surveys and both are solely focused on me hearing from you on what you want to see. This ride isn’t fun alone as I need you all to help me get to where I am going so that means we are on this ride together. In my mind every person has their own opinion and own perspective on what is good and what isn’t and that’s why I need you, because you are the people that make this site run and have meaning. I want to be able to say the same thing about YouTube that you are the reason why YouTube is a thing for m…