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WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum: The Ultimate Tribute to The Ultimate Warrior

After the tragic events of last Tuesday the folks over at WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum chose to honor The Ultimate Warrior by having a tribute show where various wrestlers shared their memories of the Warrior. Some of those names that shared candid moments & some road stories were; Ken Shamrock, Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon, Sam Houston, Baby Doll, Buff Bagwell, Jimmy Valiant, Bobby Fulton, & many others. So if you have some time it's a really great interview and gives just a small glimpse of the impact that The Ultimate Warrior had on so many of his fellow wrestlers in the pro-wrestling industry.  

RIP Jim "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig: Gone But Never Forgotten!!

The Ultimate Disrespect

Now I know that certain people may think that it is time just to leave alone and let it go away but with the fact that a petition (Follow the Link) is out now it won’t be going away for a little while at least so I would feel wrong not doing a post about it. First of all to avoid anyone getting pissed at me I will not mention the journalists name and I use that term very loosely as one certain journalist showed vivid disrespect for the truth and showed that she didn't care about the fact all she wanted was to get her point across and her opinion. To disparage any thought of what I am talking about I am referring to that disrespectful interview that took place last night that involved Diamond Dallas Page. I will not mention the name of the women who was interviewing DDP because I will not give her the free advertising space on my site. Also I just want to say if you have a problem with anything I am going to say don't continue reading because well you don't have to read it …

WWE: Bad Booking of Brock Lesnar before Wrestlemania

As many people have noticed over the last few weeks leading into Wrestlemania this Sunday the strongest thing about Brock Lesnar has been Paul Heyman. That is because the creative team decided not to have Undertaker be touched for the entire build-up to Mania but it was scrapped last week when Brock attacked Taker and gave him an F-5. After the attack the backstage feeling is that Brock came off as a coward because it seemed like a sneak attack rather than a normal attack. Many think Brock should've been booked better over the last few weeks to seem like more of threat to the streak then he has been booked to seem like.

I have heard many people say that Brock has been booked real bad the last few weeks going into Wrestlemania which is disappointing because WWE creative should know that Undertaker isn't going to be hear forever and that his Mania matches are winding down so they should make them be as best they can other wise people will stop caring. Unless that is the plan that…