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WWE: Year End the Good & Bad

With another year coming to a close I think it is time for us to take a look back at some of the good & the bad from WWE in the year 2012. Like I did yesterday for TNA I will be doing the same thing right now: Hope You all Enjoy

WWE The Good:

Building up the Tag Team Division
Longer title runs
The Shield
Cena not winning a World title
CM Punk holding the title for a year
Team Hell No
Undertaker vs Triple H
Brock Lesnar returning
Rock vs John Cena
Miz turning Good

WWE the Bad:

The Divas division
Linda running for senate
AJ/Cena/Vickie story
Ryback being the new Goldberg
Brodus Clay as the Funkasaurus
3 Hour's of Raw
Lack of interesting story-lines
blatantly copying TNA
firing A.W for supporting Linda

With this being my last post of the 2012, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you guys a Happy New Year and would like to thank all of you for the support and hope you guys keep it up in 2013. Thank You!!

TNA: Year end Good & Bad

Today & Tomorrow I will be taking a look at some of the Good things & the bad things that we have seen over the last 12 months from both WWE & TNA. I will start with TNA; over the last 12 months TNA has done a lot right but also has done things wrong let's start with what they have done right.

TNA the Good:
Austin Aries winning the World Title
Bobby Roode vs James Storm
Keeping Bubby Ray & Devon
Putting Christopher Daniels & Kaz together as a team
Getting Dixie Carter off TV
AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs Daniels & Kazarian

TNA the Bad:

Claire Lynch & AJ Styles storyline
Them Dragging out the Aces & Eights Story
Brooke Hogan & Garrett Bischoff in TNA
King Mo in TNA
Hulk Hogan & Sting being big part of Aces & Eights Storyline
Joseph Parks
Abyss being gone
Knockouts Tag Team Titles

I want to hear what you think, if you agree or disagree let you voice be heard to what you think that good and the bad moments this year have for TNA …

Mark on WWE

Since going down officially with a hamstring injury Mark Henry has stated on more then one occasion that if he can't comeback at 100% he will not come back and will retire from Wrestling. If that happens Mark would retire and leave a Mark on the WWE as he has had a great career. I can guarantee you that if you ask anyone in the business when Mark Henry debuted if they thought he would have been a Hall of Famer in WWE they would have said probably not. Mark officially debuted for WWE in 1996 but didn't really find a solid spot in WWE until 1998 when joined the Nation of Domination. While apart of the stable he formed a team with D'Lo Brown, they would stay together until late 1999 when Henry turned on Brown. The next night Jeff Jarrett who faced D'Lo the night before on PPV in a Double Title match, gave Henry the European title for the help. From that point forward Mark would play an important role in the WWE during the Attitude Era and as well in recent years. In my op…

Superstar Recall 1

This is another new blog series I am starting where we look back at stars from the past. As a way to test the impact they had on the fans. He we go to start probably the most infamous debut in Wrestling History, This will shock the world it is none other then the Shockmaster:

The Shockmaster was suppose to make a big impact in WCW but because of the carlessness of some members of WCW management his debut was a flop. Fred Outman, who was Tugboat in the WWF, was going to be a top guy in WCW but because of his flop debut he became nothing more then a comedy act and a jobber. Do you remember him?

How I would Book it Part 1......... WCW 1990

With a dismal ending to the decade of the 80's, I am looking to give WCW the kick in the pants it needs to start the 90's. Here we go starting on January 4th 1990 with WCW Power Hour & by way since I am not totally aware of all the feuds going on right now I will most likely not be following history with this so bear with. Even though that is I am suppose to be doing because the stuff they did was part of the problem. Here we go: 
Friday January 4: Tommy Rich def Ranger Ross, Doom def Dynamic Dudes (Doom 1 pins Ace), Cactus Jack pins Dragon-Master, Lex Luger over Dan Spivey, Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes defeat Fatu & Samu via DQ, Norman the Lunatic pins Jack Victory, (c) Steiner Brother & Sting defeat (c) Ric Flair, Sid Vicious, & Arn Anderson (Rick pins Sid) 
Saturday January 5th: Gary Hart is out with Great Muta & they challenge Ric Flair to a match later tonight. Flair is out and accepts. Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton w/ Jim Cornette def Michael Hayes …

History in the Making

I almost forgot other the fact that Christmas is tomorrow why today is a special day; it is because WWE Champion CM Punk celebrates his 400 day as champion today. Punk has the longest title reign in the last 25 years and it will keeping going. The last person to hold the title for this long was Randy Savage in 1988, he kept the gold for 371 days. The last person to hold for over 400 days was Hulk Hogan in 1984 the run which stared Hulkamania. Punk has held the title this long and will just lose it a Royal Rumble to The Rock, he gained all this momentum just to lose it to a non-active wrestler. It's TNA actually giving thought to the idea of Hulk Hogan winning their World Title next year. Those are two thoughts that should enter bookers heads. That's the truth, for the reason that both Rock and Hogan are past their primes and shouldn't hold a companies World Title anymore. Especially Hogan I mean after 8 back surgeries he should be nowhere near a wrestling ring as a wrestle…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today, 30 years ago current WWE Superstar and next to Ahmed Johnson probably the most injury prone person in WWE history I am talking about Sin Cara. As I reported earlier this week Sin Cara has been dealing with an knee injury and will be taking time off to heal his injury. But I found yesterday Sin Cara will indeed be having knee surgery. Last year during Survivor Series tag match Sin Cara botched an outside dive and injured his knee that injury kept him out for half of 2012. I can only think that the knee he is having surgery on is the same knee he hurt last year.

But Sin Cara, has not been all bad in WWE other then the Botching, Injuries, & Drug Policy Suspension, he has captivated WWE fans with moves we have not seen in a long time. I do have to admit that Sin Cara has got better in the ring since returning from his injury. But it's like Konnan even said that WWE wrestling especially is very different then how they wrestle in Mexico. Because Sin Cara didn't even go t…

How I Would Book It Background..... WCW 1990

After a brief hiatus the How I would Book it series has returned with an interesting topic in my book. I will attempt to rebook WCW/NWA 1990. So instead of seeing Ole Anderson, Jim Herd, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, etc I will take control of WCW to try an right the ship. After big business in the early and mid 80's things started to crumble in Mid Atlantic Wrestling which was headed by the Crocketts. But then in November 1988, The Crocketts were forced to sell Mid Atlantic to Ted Turner because they went bankrupt. WCW remained within the ranks of the NWA until September 1993 when they when a disagreement over who would carry the NWA title forced both sides to split. But back to 1990, WCW was back in the drivers seat but had to make up ground on WWE after 2 dismal years. Now because of the fact that Jim Herd isn't here, that Ole, Dusty, or Flair aren't booking I believe that I can keep WCW going in the right direction.

So, Join me as we once again travel back in time 22 years…

Various News

In the early afternoon on Wednesday the news surfaced that THQ, who have been the makers of the WWE video games for over a decade have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This doesn't mean that THQ is bankrupt or being sold they just haven't been making as much as they'd hoped and now they are restructuring. It was said that THQ may have gotten a financial investment from a firm but other then not much is known. As far I have heard there is no word if THQ is going to sell some of the franchises/games they produce as cost cutting measures.

As of this writing it seems that the likelihood of Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara winning the tag titles has changed due to unforeseen circumstances from both men. First Sin Cara, he was taken out on Smackdown by The Sheild because he needs time off to nurse an injured knee. His injured has been troubling him for weeks but Mysterio on the other hand isn't injured. The reason Rey has been on & off TV over the past few weeks i…

Video Glimpse

With it seeming like the future of WWE could becoming to the Main Roster sooner then we thought it maybe a good time right now to look at some of the names that I think could be the future of the WWE. Now take a look at some great talents from WWE developmental who I think could be making waves in 2013: NXT's Luke Harper (Brodie Lee) vs Greg Iron Bo Dallas vs Jinder Mahal Kassius Ohno vs Jake Carter (Carter is Vader's son) Memo Montenegro vs Big E Langston (he just debuted last night on RAW)

The Future is coming!!!

PPV Predictions

Final Battle: Doomsday Jay Lethal vs Rhino
this will be a brawl as Rhino is a rough worker & it seems like they are trying push Lethal's new attitude. With his push I think it would make sense for Jay to win this match
(c) Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy
I am excited about the fact that I will see Matt Hardy live for the first time it's just surprising to me that it will be in ROH and not well WWE. I think ROH should give Cole a long reign as champion because he is the future and even though he has had a decent run already he deserve a long reign. With that I see Adam coming out on top
RD Evans vs Prince Nana
for one I think ROH will have a short match on PPV and even though I have seen Nana in the ring I have never seen Evans. I don't even know if he has ever fought before will that being said I can't go to far in depth into this match. Also I think unless they are planning to get rid of Nana, he'll win the match.
Jerry Lynn vs Mike Bennett w/ Maria & Bob Evan…

PPV Predictions

TLC 2012

Pre-Show: #1 Contender for Divas Title Battle Royal
Alicia Fox, Layla, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Cameron, Naiomi, Rosa Mendes, & Aksana (since this is a pre-show match it will not be anything special and add it to the fact that it's a divas match it probably won't be that long. But I think Kaitlyn will probably win to finally face Eve one on one
(c) Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
this will be a good match because these two have good chemistry together and will not disappoint at TLC. But because it seems as though they are pushing Wade even though Kofi just won the belt recently I think Wade will win
Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs Rhodes Scholars
if given enough time this could be a good match as well especially adding the table in it. But because of Dirtsheet knowledge I think Rey & Sin Cara win
(c) Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth
this match will continue to add prestige back to the US title which is something that Cesaro has done for his entire reign and will …

WWE: Mid Card Revisited

Over the summer a very hot topic surfaced on the Internet wrestling sites that the Mid-Card wrestlers and some Divas are frustrated with their current standing in WWE. It started in early August with current WWE star JTG venting his feeling about WWE over Twitter. It was the talk of the "Dirtsheets" for weeks from that point but nothing happened because nobody wanted to lose their job. Well I take that back Tyler Reks did leave he didn't get fired he asked for his release from WWE to spend time with his kid. Other then that even though it was a good chunk of the roster that was pissed nobody really told management what they felt should be changed. Until now those same Men/Woman that didn't do anything the first will not pass the chance this time. As it surfaced earlier today and some yesterday with the talent saying if nothing by after Wrestlemania 29 then they will think about asking for their release.
Now I will not be saying anyone's name in this post because…

WWE: Once Again

I have heard many people saying they don't like that Punk isn't forced to vacate the title because he will not be able to defend the belt for an extend period of time. But why would you end the longest reign for any WWE Champion in the Modern Era by not giving the win to an Active Wrestler. Whoops did I just show another Double Standard in WWE that they aren't vacating the belt from Punk because a non Active Wrestler named Dwayne was promised the belt at the Rumble. Even though yes Dwayne was a great star during his time but he is pasted his prime a cameo here or match their fine but, a title run No Way. Because of the fact that Punk has held the title for 389 days to even push it further the fact that Punk will have held the title for 400 days a week for now should tell you something. Any promoter would tell you if someone has held your World Title for this long the thing most would do is build someone up to beat them for the title especially if the champ is a heel. But …

Moment in Time 2

I have done this before and now it is time for another Moment in Time. Remember the first one was the NWO formed. The point of this is to look back at The Moments in Wrestling history that made you say this is why I love this sport. Next moment is one that many will never ever forget it happen June 23 1996 and is called by many as the beginning of the Attitude Era. The moment I am talking about is King of the Ring 1996 the promo that gave birth to the catchphrase Austin 3:16 said I just Whip your Ass. That surely a moment that Wrestling fans especailly those that saw what happend next will never forget: The Promo is below

Final Battle Hype

With Final Battle this Sunday I figured it would be fitting for me to post the offical hype video.
Remember Final Battle is This Sunday Live from the Manhattan Center the same day as WWE TLC which is Live in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn so that should be interesting.
Also because of WWE TLC, Final Battle's time changed:

Door's Open at: 12:30
Event Starts at: 2:30

PPV Predictions

Final Resolution (c) Tara vs Mickie James this should be at least an average because these two girls know each other very well and would be able to have a good match. Because they are kind of pushing Tara & Jesse, I think Tara retains the belt here Aces & Eights vs Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, & Garrett Bischoff this will be an all out brawl and why would you not expect it after all that's gone down. First thought I'd think the TNA team would win but I think I smell a swerve coming someone from TNA is jumping ship (c) Rob Van Dam vs Kenny King this will be a good match if given enough time which I think they should give it time so the fans can get a taste of what King brings to the table. I would love to see King win the title but I have a feeling RVD retains tonight (c) Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan this is one of the matches I don't know what to expect from it as I have not seen Ryan enough in the ring to have a s…

This Day in Wrestling History

Happy Birthday 44th birthday to the so called "Vioce of the WWE" Michael Cole. Michael has been working with the WWE since 1997 when he started as a Backstage Interviewer & then became the third broadcaster on RAW with JR & Kevin Kelly. It wasn't until Cole became the head announcer on Smackdown that he would find his true calling per-say. Cole was the lead announcer on Smackdown from 1999-2008 which was when he got drafted to RAW. In 2010 for the first in his career Cole became a heel announcer on RAW. Also he feuded with the like of Daniel Bryan, Jerry Lawler, Kaval, & Jim Ross. But then in September 2012, on an episode of RAW Jerry Lawler suffered a legitimate Heart Attack on the air and Cole showed great Awareness & Professionalism. Since then he has slowly but surely turned to the side of being a face or even a tweener now. A tweener means he isn't a face or a heel.

Post Note: This maybe old news but as of Thursday Night, AAW, ACW, & STlanar…

National Pro Wrestling Day

Instead of going with a post on Main Stream wrestling today I am going with a Indy approach because I will be talking about Indy Wrestling. I just saw something on a wrestling site that talked about National Pro Wrestling Day which is the 2nd of February. This basically event where about 15-20 different promotions get together for events similar to WrestleReunion. But this is just a day to celebrate the great sport we all love so much I have information below:
Here are the latest details on National Pro Wrestling Day. The show takes place February 2nd and will take place in Philly’s Derby Ink Gardens. This will be a free admission event. The event will feature talent and matches from CHIKARA, Ring of Honor, EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling, CWF Mid Atlantic, Kaiju Big Battel, Resistance Pro, Wrestling is Fun, IWC, WSU, Wrestling is Heart, CTWE, NYWC, QWEST, Fighting Spirit Wrestling, SOR Class Wars, Wrestling is Awesome and AIW.
The plan is to have an afternoon card at 1 PM, followed …

The Truth:

I was going to post on something else but that was until I saw this post then I thought well there really isn't enough to the post that I was going to do so let's wait to find out more. But then I found this picture on my Facebook news feed.

That picture is the truth, I am well aware the fact that WWE calls us the WWE Universe is just to stroke the ego of Vince McMahon to how big his fan base is. But truthfully we aren't a Universe we are just very loyal fans that's it Vince. 

Back-Up Plan

Anyone who wants more information on the post I just did can visit I have the link below you would want to visit for more information about this news.

Not to start anything but I agree with what Kenny & Tyler have said and I know the reason they have not only waited so long to speak up is because well for they may not have had reason to. The other they didn't want to do it in the WWE and risk being fired. So they do it now when they know WWE won't hire them back and they don't care.

-Enjoy the post and any more news on this I will be sure to post.

Double Standarded: WWE Still

I have said it before and will continue say that WWE has a Double Standard for the top tier talent compared to the Mid & Low Card guys. We saw last year when Bourne got suspended but they weren't suspending Truth because he was in the Main Event. We saw it at the beginning of the year with the reason behind Alex Riley's push stopping suddenly. Also who could forget over summer when the big stuff was happening when the Mid-card was fed up with the Double Standard but did nothing. Now former WWE star Gabe Tuft is taking to twitter and enlightening us and another showing of a Double Standard in WWE. Before I start I have made my opinion known on many occasions about this person so this should be shock to anyone. Also, I will say this now Gabe isn't bitter he has no reason to be he left WWE on his own accord and now he is telling the truth. Anyone who is to delusional to see that, well that's fine but well ignorance is sometimes too hard to change. Here we go:

I have …

Making an Impact

Over the last couple of days I have heard interesting news in my opinion from TNA that they will be cutting back the ppv's. So instead of 12 a year they will have 10 as of right now because they so far have gotten rid of 2. The two ppv's TNA has chosen to get of are the Febuary & September pay-paper-views. Which is Against All Odds and No Surrender both events have become longstanding pieces of the TNA puzzle. The interesting part this is if they are indeed getting rid AAO & No Surrender then they will have breaks between January-March & then August-October; because they wouldn't have ppv in the middle. Also this would change the BFG Series which usually ends at No Surrender but if they get rid of it that means the Semi-Finals & Finals would be held on Impact. In turn it would help the ratings of the show because you would have the tournament matches on the show. Now let's look back at some great memories from each PPV.

No Surrender: Over the past few …

A Raw Problem

After the 1000th Episode of RAW, WWE moved there flagship show from 2 hours every Monday Night to a 3 hour broadcast like WCW did in January 1998. What surprised WWE didn't do it first well that's Vince for you he doesn't like giving people credit for there idea because pretends the other companies don't exist. But that's beside the point of this post I am going to discuss the problems of a 3 hour broadcast every Monday. Now here are some real stats of RAW since the change:
The first hour of Monday’s show garnered 4,147,000 viewers, with hour two slightly dropping 4,126,000. The third hour, however, suffered its sharpest decline since the program was lengthened to three hours in July, dropping to 3,488,000 viewers. It marked as the fifteenth consecutive week and eighteenth week out of nineteen weeks where viewership dropped off during the third hour.
That's not even factoring in the low ratings the show has been getting which isn't due to the fact of bad writ…

Unfortunate loss

First I would like to apologize for the lack of posts this week school has overwhelmed me this week but next week we will get back to normal.

This afternoon I learned of very sad news and that was that former member of the Fabulous Freebirds & Founding Member of the Hollywood Blondes Buddy "Jack" Roberts passed away. Buddy made a name for himself in this business in tag team wrestling first teaming with Johnny Valentine. Buddy using his real first name of Dale he portrayed the brother of Johnny Valentine. But didn't get that much success until he began teaming with Jerry Brown under the name of the Hollywood Blondes. (Hollywood Blondes name would later be the tag team name of Steve Austin & Brian Pillman in WCW.) Buddy then reached the peak of success when he joined Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy as a part of the Fabulous Freebirds. The Freebirds biggest feud was with the Von Erich Brothers and said feud became the biggest feud in WCCW history and is even still…

This Day in Wrestling History

Where to now well let's take a trip back once again to WCW but this time let's go back only 17 years to November 1995. As the Monday Night Wars had just began earlier in the fall and WCW was looking for new way to differienate from WWF. So what WCW came up with was to make a simlar concept to an already established WWE idea I am talking of course the Royal Rumble. But instead of copying it WCW changed a few things like instead of one ring they 3 and instead of 30 superstars there was 60. The idea was put to the test on the evening of November 26 1995 and was a success not only because it became an annual ppv but also because over 12,000 people came out to see it. Now that may not seem like a lot but for WCW it was a good turn out because of where had been. The highlight of the show was not the largest Battle Royal to take place on PPV but also because Randy Savage won the vacant Worlds Title for the first time. It would the first of four runs with the World Title for Savage in…

Final Battle 2012: Jerry Lynn

With Ring of Honor's biggest ppv Final Battle right around the corner, I feel it more then right to talk about what will be happening at the show on December 16 in the weeks moving to the show. The first thing I want to speak of is the most emotional match on the show Jerry Lynn's last ROH match. Jerry has been one of those guys who has honed there craft in anyway possible over the years and has worked his ass off to make a name for himself and in my opinion he has. Lynn is one of the few men I can think off the top of my head to have stints in WCW, ECW, WWE, TNA, & ROH. Also he is one of the few to win gold basically everyone he has gone other then WCW because he wasn't there long enough to win gold. Jerry is a former 2 time World Champion in ECW and ROH; also winning the Lightheavyweight Title in WWE, and the TNA X-Division and Tag Belts while in TNA. Lynn has also had Classic matches in his career with the likes of Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, AJ Style…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today way back in 1983 a Huge event was born it took place in the Greensboro Coliseum on November 24 1983. I refer to the Wrestlemania of JCP/WCW the December extravaganza Starrcade 83. This was the first year this event which would become an annual show for the Crockett's would be held. The show was helded by Ric Flair challenging the Champion Harley Race for the World Title. Also a highlight from the show was Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine in a Dog Collar Chain Match which in that match, Piper's ear was so damaged in the match that he lost hearing in his ear. A few other major matches, Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard in a I Quit Match, Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair vs Sting, Bret Hart vs Goldberg, Vader vs Ric Flair, & many more great matches. Even though the history of Starrcade isn't as rich in many's mind as Wrestlemania but to be honest in the mind of all the WCW fans who valued it more then WWE and were lost when WCW went out. They would buy it in a heart…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today is a world famous day in the History of the WWE because of a ppv that happend 22 years ago today. It was Survivor Series 1990 from the Hartford Civc Center in Hartford, CT & two famous debuts took place at this event. One of the people became a legend in WWE and is widely regard as the best gimmick in Wrestling History. The other guy is mostly regarding as a disappointing debut and his gimmick never really caught on. I am talking about the Undertaker & Gobbledy Gooker both debut on this night in two different ways. First the Gooker hatched from an egg and proceed to square dance in the ring with Mene Gene. The Undertaker on the other hand was apart of the traditional Survivor Series elmination match as he was the mystery partner on the side of Ted Dibiase.
Small interesting tid bit of information Undertaker was in WCW just 4 months before debuting in the WWE. The from the time he signed the contract in October 1990 to present day Undertaker has remind a prominent face i…

A Thought Worth Noting

It has been brought to my attention over the past couple of weeks about a wrestler who helped himself stay in shape and healthy is now helping another get back on track in life. I am referring to a man name Page Falkenberg or Diamond Dallas Page who has became widely known for having his own Yoga. His yoga regime is done by wrestlers all over the wrestling world not just in WWE or TNA, heck I will even go as far to say even non active wrestler to do his Yoga. But now he is doing something that when I heard about it I thought holy crap DDP is a Great Man to do this. He is helping Jake Roberts change his life and get into shape for maybe one more run in wrestling. Jake is a recovering alcoholic but I think with the help from DDP, he can help Jake get his life back to normal.  Jake Roberts Video

Best of Luck to Jake Roberts and his comitment to get in shape and get back on the straight and narrow. Also if there were more peop…

Time for a Change

I don't know why but it seems like for me over the past couple of weeks or maybe more I haven't been taking the site serious. This could be for one of many reason from Hurricane Sandy shaking our very beings or the fact school has been a bitch and a half for me over the last few weeks and will get more stressing I guess you could say. All I can say about that is bear with me but things will change here over the next few days as I finally get back to business after around a week and a half. I have said it before and I will I started this to be well rounded and different and not like many other sites that are just focused on Main Stream wrestling. But I feel I have gotten away from that and I promise I will go back to that but still give you the main stream & mix the indy circuit in there with it. So it will be like a melting pot for wrestling. Also I hope I continue to offer you a unique view into the wrestling industry and will continue to that exactly.

Thanks for the con…

PPV Predictions

Survivor Series 3MB (Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater) vs Team CoBro even though this has been a feud for the last few weeks because this is the pre-show match for a WWE ppv I don't see it being anything special. 3MB wins here (c) Eve vs Kaitlyn  not much going on here but I do hope it's better then the Divas match that was on RAW between Layla & Kaitlyn cause that was bad. Eve retains the title because Kaitlyn has shown she's not ready (c) Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth this could and should be a good match because both these guys know what they are doing in the ring and know how to push themselves I guess you could both of them being Veterans. Cesaro retains the belt here Rumored Match: Primetime Player, Epico & Primo vs Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Rey Mysterio, & Sin Cara  (c) Big Show vs Sheamus this will be a brawl no if ands or buts about it but Show has been extremely dominate over the past couple of weeks which means something. That's why I pick S…

Moment in Time

This is when I post a Wrestling video from past that with stood the test of time and all/most wrestling have heard of or seen one of these moments. The first moment is probably one of the most famous moments in Wrestling history, it was Bash at the Beach 96 specifically July 7 1996 the formation of the NWO:

How I would book it ....... Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair Finale

Because of unforseen circustances this part had been delyed but now it's here so let's get to it right now.

10/15: WCW Saturday Night, Ric Flair vs Sting a rematch is set for later tonight & Hulk Hogan will call out the masked man. Sting pins Flair, Hogan calls out the masked man but nobody comes out but then someone attacks Hulk from behide leaving him lying with more questions to ask leading to Sunday.
10/16: WCW Main Event, the Announcers spend the show hyping possible injuries to Hogan after the attack last night. Also Flair is out and tells the fans that come this Sunday he will be walking out with the WCW World Title.
10/23: WCW Halloween Havoc, Sting pins Arn Anderson, & Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Title. Flair wins via DQ after the Masked Man interfered in the match both Flair & the Masked Man leave Hulk down to end the show.
10/29: WCW Saturday Night, Commissioner Nick Bockwinkle is in the ring and he states that at Clash of Champions on …

This Day in Wrestling History

7 Years ago today the wrestling world suffered an extreme loss of at that time current WWE superstar, I of course refer to Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. He was taken from us wrestling fans at a very young age, he is an unfortunate example of someone who tried to get clean but it came to late. Eddie first made a name for himself in Mexico as one of the most hated teams in Mexican Wrestling history with the Love Machine Art Barr they were called Los Gringos Locos. From there Eddie entered the US apart of ECW from then on he would dazzle the American Wrestling Fans. He left the ECW arena fans gasping for air after classics with the likes of Too Cold Scorpio & Dean Malenko. In 1996 he began a career in WCW which would last until 2000 when he, Benoit, Saturn, & Malenko headed north. But before we jump to WWE; let's visit his WCW career, while apart of WCW Eddie hovered mostly around the mid-card never really given the opportunity to move up the card. Even though many said people …

PPV Predictions

Turning Point  Joseph Park vs DOC this could be a good match but it doesn't need to be as it should just be a way for the fans to see what DOC is all about. As he has just arrived in TNA and needs to make a name for himself, therefore I see DOC winning this match. Joey Ryan vs (c) RVD like the match above this doesn't need to be anything special & since people haven't seen that much of Ryan this should just be another match to give the fans a taste of what Ryan has to offer. But I don't see Ryan winning tonight, RVD holds the title. Tara & Jesse vs ODB & Eric Young a comedy match more so then a match for a legitmate purpose therefore this will not go that long, I believe ODB & EY need the win here to get something back with this feud. (c) Samoa Joe vs Magnus this could be the top match of the night, as these guys have great chemistry with each other and have told a great story together. Because I love the push they are giving Joe since winning …

The Future is Dark or Is It

WWE has tunnel vision when it comes to pushing new talents to the top of the card because they think one is good enough but it's not. Because the more people you have at the top of the card it gives roster depth which is something WWE hasn't had but desperately has needed for years. But they have anything about it because they have tunnel vision and don't realize the more the better. The fact they are pushing Ryback is good, Barrett's push is good to, Ziggler's push is better also. But they are they could have had Cody, Swagger, Kofi, & Riley in the main event also but they put job them out. They are to dependent on guys like Cena, Punk, Orton, Sheamus, & Del Rio which isn't good because it makes them lack depth on the top half of the card. Ziggler is good because his character is developing while he still has the World title briefcase. Wade Barrett's push is getting back track now that he is fully healed from his injury so he and Dolph should be ne…

TNA Today

Once again, I take to my blog to share my thoughts with you guys on TNA Impact last night and even Turning Point on Sunday. Over the last couple of week I have been paying close attention to the lay-out of the show and the separation of match, also how much goes on during the show. They started the show out hot last night with a heated feud especially a great way to build up a match not needing a lot of hype but still needing some with the ppv on Sunday. Also I was very happy with the outcome of the Gut Check because I love Christian York's work in the ring and he deserves the chance. Also Hardy vs Aries is more intense then most feud that have been going for months but it hasn't been going on that long.

I have been a huge basher of TNA over the last 3 years or so but they have definitely change the way the fans view them over the last few months. They have focused more on developing their talent within the company rather then trying to bring in ex-WWE talents which is good. …

TNA Today

To get it out of the way first I don't have power yet so this may not be a usual thing just yet as I don't know when my power will be back totally and this is not my first priority. I love doing this but since it is hard getting on the Internet so until it's easier I will post when I can thank you and I hope you guys understand. By the way my house is fine but my thoughts and prayers are with those who did lose more then just their power, I hope we can return to normalcy sooner rather later.

Now to the post, I was paying very close attention to TNA Impact last night basically studying the matches & storyline. I have to say that TNA has really changed in the last year it's good to see the direction they are going in, they just have to keep matches realistic because they become a joke if they loss realism. But the Ace's & Eights, Gut Check, The Second Broadcast team have all given a different feel to TNA a better feel. Add to that Daniels & Kaz, Austin A…

PPV Predictions

Hell in a Cell First of all look for these two matches to be added to the show Prime Time Players vs Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara, also Justin Gabriel vs Antonio Cesaro for the United States title. As they have been hyping them over the last few weeks but never formely announced the matches.
Eve Torres © vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla
usual divas match here, I think the end of this story is coming because their isn't much else they can do with it unless they make either Layla or Kaitlyn win but I don't think it happens tonight so Eve wins
Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio
this has all the makings of a good match and it most likely will be as it has been built up as a big feud on Smackdown Kofi Kingston © vs. The Miz
first thought that pops into my head is Kofi winning because he just beat Miz for the gold but then again they could make Miz win but then again I don't think so. Long story short I say Kofi wins because he deserves to keep the belt
Team Hell No © vs. Rhodes Scholars
Rhodes Sch…

Seven Levels of Hate: It's Over

Last night in Melbourne Australia aka October 27 it was as Australia is one day ahead of us so they had Stage 7 last night. With that it's time for me to tell you unfortunately Adam Pearce lost and I say it's unfortunate because with that loss Adam is keeping his word and is leaving the NWA. I apologize first for not mentioning it prior but when Adam challenged Colt to the Seven Levels of Hate he put his NWA career on the line. With that in my opinion the best NWA Wrestler in recent memory and a superstar that helped give NWA a face over the last 5 years is leaving. I am sure the NWA will offer him some sort of parting gift but from myself and the fans, Mr. Pearce thank you for busting your butt every night and giving us fans another reason to watch NWA. Over the last two years I have paid more attention to the NWA then I had in the last 10 years and that's because of Colt & Adam. Watching promos from Adam makes me think of Harley Race just by the tone his voice usuall…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 4 years ago saw the end of an era even though it wasn't known at the time but it is known as the last time Cyber Sunday went on ppv. Over a 4 year period this ppv took a unique idea and built a ppv around the idea that the fans chose the stips for every match. For it's four year history Cyber Sunday was always around the same time which was the end of October or early November. The one problem I have heard from numerous people about this ppv is that nobody knew any match so they didn't want to pay for matches they didn't know the stips for. Basically it was unique for a time but it lost it's uniqueness and end up being replaced by Bragging Rights in 2009. The big stories going into this ppv first from RAW were between Jericho vs Batista & Santino vs Past IC Champions; if you don't remember the Santino story he was trying to beat the Honky Tonk Man's record reign as IC champ. The other between Jericho & Batista was over the World title and t…

Flair is Back or is He

Over the past few months the speculation has been running rampant around the IWC but I am not here to feed into the speculation I will however say facts right now. Flair left TNA in Late April or early May and almost immediately the rumors began that people were saying Flair would be back in WWE by mid-Summer. But that wasn't the case as TNA decide to sue WWE because they thought WWE got confidential contract information on numerous superstars by a former TNA employee. So Flair's return is delayed for now and at this point at the end of October he has still not returned. The reason for his delayed return is because of the TNA lawsuit but now rumors are moving a lot faster then the last few months. As I right this post many source in WWE say Flair could be back in WWE by as early as this Monday because they are live in Charlotte, NC which is Flair's hometown. Also he had an appearance for a local promotion in Charlotte but has canceled which brings us to think it might be t…

Much Deserved

5 years ago after TNA left the NWA they had a tournament to crown a new NWA World Champion the tournament was called Reclaiming the Glory. The winner of the tournament was "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce this was the first time Adam won a major title. Now almost 6 years later Adam has 5 reigns as NWA World Champion in his fifth now. On the other side it's Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana, he like Pearce began his tenure with the NWA apart of the company NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Colt is like Adam a former NWA Champion being a 2 time champion both times winning the title from Adam.
highlights of Stages 1-3 of this match Stage Four Highlights Stage Five Highlights Stage Six Highlights

Stage Seven highlights will come after this Saturday October 27 when Colt Cabana…

How I Would Book it Part 3.... Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair

8/21: WCW Main Event, the match worth noting is Vader & Flair vs Steamboat & Hogan. This match is a first time ever which is what the feud is surrounding the first ever meeting with Flair & Hogan. Steamboat & Hogan win via DQ, Post Match: A face-off between Flair & Steamboat also Vader & Hogan. Sting vs Paul Orndorff (Sting wins but is attacked Post Match by Orndorff)
8/27: WCW Saturday Night, simple tonight they hype Hogan vs Vader & Flair vs Steamboat for tomorrow's Clash of Champions.
8/28: WCW Clash of Champions, (the only matches that have to do with the feud are Flair vs Steamboat for the title & Vader vs Hogan #1 contender match) Sting def Paul Orndorff via DQ, Hulk Hogan over Vader, Ric Flair defeats Ricky Steamboat to retain World Title.
9/3: WCW Saturday Night, Hogan starts by saying finally after months of you running Flair at Fall Brawl, I will be taking your title away from you. Ric is out and he tells Hulk that Ric is the man around…

NWA: Colt Cabana vs Adam Pearce

NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Seven Levels of Hate: Stage 7 Steel Cage Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana challenges "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce October 27, 2012 Melbourne Australia For a company that many thought would never reclaim it's legacy, for a company that many thought that after splitting from TNA would never return to the limelight. Well in my opinion they were wrong because the feud that has been going on in the NWA for most of 2012 over the NWA Title challenges that logic. Now it isn't at the level it used to be it's not even on the level of some Indy companies but it's still alive and kicking and deserves to be acknowledged. The feud between Colt Cabana & Adam Pearce has changed that, they are two of the best in the business and they have showed it. So far six different matches all over the USA, up and down each coast if know or have heard about it you have to acknowledge the feud and be happy about the passion these two men are showing…