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How I Would Book it: WCW 1998 Part 9

Before we get to the normal information I just wanted to apologize for just suddenly disappearing and not continuing to post this series like I had been in months prior. With that being I said I will try to get back to posting the series at least every now and again to at least not have the series finish without an ending. 
After a little bit of a delay and some getting side tracked due technical difficulties, but at this point everything is getting back to normal slowly but surely. Right now we move forward with the year and focus on what is up coming which is the third PPV of the year and we also try to get on the straight and narrow of figure out how to gain fans every week and help fix WCW for the future to survive. On to the Notes from this Weeks Nitro:

- What's Next for the Future of Kevin Nash in WCW after Scott Hall's Firing at SuperBrawl

- Find out who will be challenging for the WCW World Tag Team Championships Next!

- Who is Next for Goldberg's streak

- The tension…