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Good & Bad of Triple H's Regime

For those unaware I do have a site called which is where I post everyday and haven't posted daily on this site in almost three years since the beginning of Wrestling Express. However, at the start of this year I invested in a new site called and this would be used as a way for me to archive articles and sections from Wrestling Express to a different site. Thinking about things though I don't think that the archive site will be around forever, but I'm pretty sure that this site will be so that's why I am going to be posting some old articles here as a way to conserve them from disappearing. 

Since the start of the site I have always tried to figure out the best possible ways to make this site very unique and something that sticks out from other wrestling sites. I feel a big part of that is the addition of monthly posts, but like everything else even successful things need a shot in the arm and something fresh to breath new l…