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This day in Wrestling History

Today we would like to wish future Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts a Happy Birthday as he turns 58 today. Jake was at one point one of the most talked about and highly touted wrestlers during his time. During his prime Roberts like many other guys was apart of many different territories all over North America. Jake however had somewhat of an advantage because he was a 2nd Generation star his daddy Grizzly Smith who was a popular wrestler in the late 50's & 60's. During his prime Jake was apart of many territories including: Mid-South, WCCW, WCWA, Stampede, Mid-Atlantic, Georgia Championship Wrestling, and many others.

It wasn't really until he was brought in by Vince McMahon in 1986 to be apart of the WWF. Jake was known on the Territory scale but now Vince would get him known Nationally. While in the WWE he feuded with some of the greats of the era from Savage to Steamboat to Andre to Rude to Undertaker. Then he left for WCW only to stay for around a…

WWE Nothing Will Change

I know I usually don't do a post this late but I saw a headline on a dirt sheet and couldn't help my self because I know I would usually go off on a certain company right now but I am not. This past Monday's edition of RAW was the lowest rated RAW of the year coming in at a 2.8. After finding out a rating like that I would save it for tomorrow and go off on WWE but I couldn't wait because I want to say it wont change a thing. WWE will just brush it off because it's just one week or they will blame someone on the roster and not push them anymore. What they should realize is maybe putting Del Rio vs Big E on 4 times in a week isn't the best idea and if you want to do it then do it on house shows.

WWE will not change so I think everyone needs to learn to being taking the good with the bad and bad with the ugly. This week's show was definitely the bad I didn't see all of it but I saw some of it the matches seemed to quick it was like I was having flash bac…

Various News

Noted last week by many dirt sheets former WWE superstar Mike Mondo came to a recent ROH Clinc in no condition to participate. Many believe Mike came back to soon from his leg injury and isn't fully recovered. Therefore Mike has been pulled from all future ROH events until he is fully recovered and ready to return full time with the company.

It has been confirmed over the last few days by a few wrestling news sites that top Indy wrestler Sami Callahan has indeed been signed by WWE. It was also reported that Samaray Del Sol was signed but not confirmed because of the site that was reporting and the fact they said he was signed for 1 million dollars. But, Sami has been signed and will start with WWE in early July with Shaun Ricker who they also signed a few weeks ago. Many believe Sami's last Indy show will be House of Hardcore 2 which will be held on June 22nd.

Below is a video featuring NWA President Bruce Tharpe hyping current NWA World Champion Rob Conway's return to Ja…

How I Would Book it Part 2......... TNA 2010

Thursday February 25th Impact:

Highlights of the end of Impact last week, Amazing Red def. Jay Lethal (Post Match: Doug Williams & Rob Terry come out to cash in Terry’s X-Division Title shot but Williams forces Terry to give him the shot. Terry agrees) Doug Williams w/ Rob Terry def. (c) Amazing Red to win the X-Division Title, (Post Match: Doug Williams celebrates & Terry is pissed off), Matt Morgan comes out he starts by saying well Rob Terry showed that he isn’t a monster but he is Williams bitch & Hernandez showed that all you have do is find a partner and you can get a title shot so that’s what I want only I don’t need a partner, and I don’t want one. I want a title shot right now. Rhino runs down and accepts the challenge but before the match starts Jarrett comes out and says he will not have an impromptu match on his show Morgan you beat Rhino you’ll get a title shot next week. Matt Morgan def. (c) Rhino (Non-Title), Kurt Angle vs Abyss is announced as the Main Even…

Funny Don't Make Money!!!!!!

That is the name of the youtube account by ex WWE superstars Trent Barretta, Briley Peirce, & Percy Watson, & Derrick Bateman. These guys along with 4 others were let go by WWE last week from their developmental contracts. Trent wasn't let go with these guys they released Trent back in January. All of these guys have talent but it just wasn't what WWE was looking for right now or maybe it wasn't the complete package. All I have to say now is are you ready to see Funny really doesn't Make Money!!!!!! You be the Judge.

Their first two videos are below: Are You Thirsty Poker Night


A Sad Moment in Time

First I want to say I am not trying to make anyone cry by doing this is meant make people remember the good things about Owen. This is not meant to make people dwell on the sad things.
I should have did this yesterday but I didn't because I just thought of it this afternoon. 14 years ago yesterday the Wrestling suffered the untimely and extremely unfortunate loss of the very talented Owen Hart. Owen was playing the Blue Blazer back then and was going to be lowered from the ceiling the night of the Over the Edge to get the superhero effect for his match with Godfather. But many say the quick release harness well released and Owen fell.
For those who were in the Kemper Arena on that night they probably still remember it very well. It was very unfortunate what happened but it lead to one of the most touching things the wrestling world had seen to that point and it was the next night. Instead of having a normal show on May 24 they used that show to tribute the life and career of Ow…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 3 years ago all the members of the WWE universe saw what we become a WWE legends last match in WWE. I am speaking of Over The Limit 2010 and "The Animal" Batista's last match against John Cena. Batista in many respects was becoming the top heel in WWE and was just starting to get over as a heel. It wasn't the match it was the direction WWE was going TV-rating wise as in the switch to PG that made Batista want to leave. But I guess it could have also been he didn't want to be a heel just yet as some may forget for the first 4 years of his career Dave was a heel.

In 2002 WWE saw it's future debut the shape of three men and it was in the span of 3 month it happened as well. First it was Randy Orton who debuted on April 25th 2002 against Hardcore Holly and would later become Dave's stable mate in Evolution. Then in May it was Batista who debuted as Deacon Batista the body guard for Rev. Devon. Last but not least it was in June that future face of WW…

How I would Book it......... TNA 2010 Part 1

Monday January 4th Impact: Orlando, FL

Announcers, Welcome us to the biggest Impact Ever, Six-Man Elimination X-Division Match: Suicide def. Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, Homicide, Max Buck, & Jeremy Buck to win number 1 Contendership to Amazing Red’s title, Daniels pins Desmond Wolfe, Robert Roode & James Storm over Motor City Machine Guns (Storm pins Shelley), Dixie Carter comes down and says she hopes the fans are enjoying themselves thus far because she has two special announcements to make right now. First I will be here next week to name the new Authority Figure of TNA Wrestling. Also I am proud to announce the signing of the hottest free agent in pro-wrestling Jeff Hardy. Jeff comes out with Shannon Moore they both thank Dixie, and Jeff yells “Creatures it feels so good to be back in the Impact Zone. Even after being gone for as long as I have nothing has changed here except some of the people. Well first things first AJ I the pecking order in this company but I want y…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 2 years ago it was one of the most sad days in modern wrestling because one of the most respected wrestlers of all time. Randy Poffo or that's the name he started under the name he is better known as is Macho Man Randy Savage. This man became one of the most well liked and well respected wrestlers of all time by most people. Randy began his career in 1973 as a part time wrestler in Georgia like a lot of others in this era he only wrestled in the offseason as he played baseball also. Randy didn't start getting noticed until he moved to CWA or the Memphis territory and it was long before he began to feud with Jerry Lawler.
Randy then became a big star after being brought into the WWF by Vince Jr in 1985 and it wasn't long before he won gold as he won the IC title in early 1986. Then after nearly 10 years in the WWE he left for WCW in 1994 which most people still don't know why he left. Randy then stayed with WCW until 2000. Randy's last appearance in the b…

PPV Predictions

Extreme Rules  Pre-Show: The Miz vs Cody Rhodes With the fact their was almost zero build to this match and also the fact it is the pre-show match there is no need to make this match anything special. Knowing that the Miz just returned and he is still within his feud with Wade Barrett, I see Miz winning tonight. WWE Tag Team Title Match: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs (c) Team Hell No Since The Shield has debuted they have 2 rivals since the onset one is Ryback & the other is Team Hell No. I think tonight in a way might be the blow off or ending of the feud but then again WWE usually doesn't make the bad guys win the feud. Even with that being the case I still say that Rollins & Reigns leave with the Tag Titles tonight. Randy Orton vs Big Show: Extreme Rules Match I think these two are one of the only two top guys in WWE never to feud with one another or if they did I don't remember it. Randy I feel needs the win more then Show because Show can get the moment…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today 11 years ago the Wrestling world lost another legend of the business his name is the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. Bulldog spent most of his career with the WWE but also like many people during the attitude era jumped back and forth a few times during those years. Davey Boy's last run in WCW started in 1997 after he left WWE following the Montreal Screw job. During his last run in WCW is when Davey started having problems with painkillers after injuring his back during a tag team match with Jim Neidhart against the Dancing Fools; Bulldog got back dropped on a trap door which was going to be used for The Warrior entrance later in the show. Though Bulldog never won a World Title he still had great moments in his career: Including facing Owen in Germany to determine the first European Champion, & facing Bret in Wembley Stadium in the Main Event of Summerslam 1992.

Below are achievements from Bulldogs career:

2 times WWE European Champion (first champion)
2 times WWE T…

Spring Cleaning Begins Today

Since WWE's annual Spring Cleaning began a few years ago it always started with people being let go from the Developmental System and then cuts at the Main Roster. Well today it started as 4 talents have been let go from their developmental contracts. Sakamoto, Aubrey Marie, Briley Pierce, & Derrick Bateman were the 4 talents let go from their contracts. With this being the case I think it's only matter of time before people could start getting let go from the main roster. Also it could have been that WWE is just starting make room down their as it is reported that, 20 to 22 people could be joining WWE developmental facility in the next month or so as they move to the new Performance Center.

Also just reported by three more names have been reported has being let go by WWE from their developmental contracts. Percy Watson, Brandon Traven, & Anna Bogomazova aka Anya have been added to the names that have already been let go by WWE. This makes 7 thus far tod…

How I would Book it Background........ TNA 2010

Many people remember this year as the year some fans thought the business would change because on January 4th 2010 TNA Impact was on Monday going head to head with RAW. Fans thought what if TNA moved to Monday's and went head to head with WWE we'd finally have the Monday Night Wars again. Well that didn't happen now TNA did move to Mondays but it didn't work out for them and ended up moving back to Thursdays a few weeks later. But I thought that from January 4th to December 30 the whole year could have been better and could have been used as building block for TNA. Not what was and that was a step back for the company as whole from The reforming of The Band to The Nasty Boys to Immortal to Abyss being a little bitch. Now come back with me as we change the history of TNA let's go back to that historic night in 2010 and find out what would have happened if TNA would have went a different direction.

Below are something's I'd change about the product:

I would g…

This day in Wrestling History

Well I am reaching this one but I also believe that fans don't know of the past in this business at that's just wrong. Especially guys that out of every single old school booker I have heard talk of this man they all speak very highly of him. I am sad that I never got to see him live today back in 1996 this business lost a very special worker named Hoyt Richard Murdoch. Better known to some fans as Dick Murdoch; many people have said Dickie was one of the best worker in the business during the territory days and it's a wonder how he never won the World title. He did win other titles which are listed below:

List of some of Dick Murdoch's achievements:

2 times Florida Tag Team Champion
1 time Southern Heavyweight Champion
1 time NWA United States Tag Team Champion
3 times Mid-South Tag Team Champion
1 time WWF Tag Team Champion
1 time WWC World Champion

Now below are two matches from Dick's Career Dick Murdoch vs Dic…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to the Long Island Iced Z Zack Ryder who turns 28 years old today. Zack began his career training at the NYWC training school in Deer Park, NY where he was trained by former ECW triple crown winner Mikey Whipwreck. Zack was signed to a developmental deal in February 2006 and started down in DSW which was a WWE training academy at the time. Zack would then debut a little more then a year later with his good friend Curt Hawkins as the Brett & Brian Major. It wasn't until they joined forces with Edge did they become Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder.

After being drafted to ECW, Zack became the WOO WOO WOO Kid!!!! and with some slight changes since then Zack has been the same character. I do have to say a Mid-Card match ending has been that loud since or for a very long time before that when Zack won the US title.
Below are some achievements Zack has got in his career:

one time WWE Tag Team Champion

one time WWE United States Champion


Wrestling Families

With the fact that today is Mother's Day, I thought only one post one be fitting and that would be one about Family. Specifically one in which the mom wrestled also, and to my knowledge that only happened in one family...... The DiBiase Family. The family's legacy in the business began with Mike & Helen DiBiase who were the parents of "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. Sadly during a match on July 2nd 1969, "Iron" Mike DiBiase suffered a fatal Heart Attack, and was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital. (Harley Race realizing he was suffering a heart attack attempted CPR and then road with Mike in the ambulance).

Now over the last 38 years the DiBiase name has become one of the most recognizable family names in wrestling history. From, Ted DiBiase in the 70's, 80's & 90's to his sons in the modern era. DiBiase name is by far one of the more famous wrestling family names. Even though Ted Sr. never won a World Title he was one of the…

Matches Matches & More Matches

This is nothing more then just a random assortment of matches from whoever pops into my head that has ever been a wrestler. It could be from WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, Indy's, etc. anything I can think of. Below is a couple of matches that I found that I want to share with all of you: William Regal vs Chris Benoit (2006) Tajiri vs Super Crazy (Japanese Death Match) Low Ki vs AJ Styles (Best 2 out of 3 match) TNA Brian Pillman vs Jushin Liger

This Day in Wrestling History

Today I would like to wish current WWE announcer and part-time wrestler William Regal a Happy 45th Birthday. This year will also mark 30 years in the business for Regal. Regal began his career in the US in 1992 with WCW and first began as a baby face but it didn't last long as he turned heel. After he turned his named changed from Steven Regal to Lord Steven Regal and was managed by Sir William aka Bill Dundee. William is most known for his tenure with the WWE which has lasted for over 10 years as Regal re-debuted for WWE in 2000 after first debuting in 1998.

Below are achievements Regal has won during his career:

2 times WWE Intercontinental Champion
4 time WWE Tag Team Champion
4 time WCW Television Champion
4 time WWE European Champion
5 times WWE Hardcore Champion
2008 King of the Ring winner

Below are a few of the talents Regal has had a hand in training:

CM Punk Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)Brian Kendrick Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno)Samoa Joe…

Superstar Recall 6

In this series we have looked back at many different stars from numerous different Wrestling companies but now we are back in the WWE for this one. You may remember him as such characters as Kim Chee, Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz, MVP, Doink the Clown, most famous however..... Brooklyn Brawler. Steve Lombardi debuted in WWE 1983 and is still employed with the company today as he works backstage as an agent. Steve still wrestles and makes occasional appearances for WWE as Brooklyn Brawler one being as recent as last year. So even though the Brawler didn't win many he is still remembered by most fans for what he did do and that find ways other then that to make us remember him.

Relive some great thing the Brooklyn Brawler did below: Brawler's most recent match from TLC 2012
(Miz, Brooklyn Brawler, & Alberto Del Rio vs 3MB) Brawler's Return 2012…

This day in Wrestling History

Today I would like to wish a Happy 29th Birthday to Mr. Wrestling and the former ROH World Champion Kevin Steen. He has wrestled in numerous different companies including: ROH, PWG, Evolve, CZW, 1PW, WXW, RPW & others. He has wrestled in several different parts of the world including Germany, England, Canada, & United States. But Kevin's stock has really jumped over the last few year many attribute it to his feud with Generico which showed a different side of Kevin. Last year he formed a group called S.C.U.M with Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs. However, earlier this year he was kicked out of the group and now seems to be going back to the side of good on the ROH roster.

Below are some achievements from Kevin's career:

1 time ROH World Champion
1 time ROH Tag Team Champion
3 times PWG World Champion
3 times PWG Tag Team Champion
1 time 2CW World Champion
1 time CZW Iron Man Champion

Below is one of the top moments from Kevin's career:…

WWE vs TNA Competition or Not

Yesterday I came across an article on where the author gave his take on well the current state of competition in pro-wrestling. Which it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that well TNA is nowhere near competing with WWE not because of the air product but it's the fan base. WWE has been around for longer which gives them to bigger fan base that is common knowledge. But TNA closing in on the plateau set by WCW and I don't mean ratings I mean that TNA is nearing 13 years. That is the amount of time that WCW stayed in business before being sold to the WWE. I think that even though TNA has had their problems over the last 11 years it would still damage the business very much if they were bought by WWE. I think it would really hurt the business if TNA went out of business even though I have disliked how TNA operated, on and off for the last 11 years and I have even hoped that they went out of business. I honestly never thought of it looking at what's best for the…

Scouting Report

Pac (Adrian Neville)

Decent on the mic
Good in the ring

"The Man Gravity forgot" now known as Adrian Neville in WWE's developmental territory NXT, Pac is known for the crazy moves that he pulls off during his matches leaving the fans to say Oh My God. To say Pac hasn't performed almost everywhere is an understatement, because he almost has; he has wrestled in Italy, England, Japan, Germany, Canada, & Ireland. Also he has wrestled for ROH, PWG, TNA, WWE, DGUSA, One Pro Wrestling, and many other Independent companies. Now he is apart of the WWE developmental territory called NXT where he won the Tag titles with Oliver Grey. Also now called Adrian Neville, Pac is at the top of the list for developmental guys to be called up; so you expect to see Pac pretty soon on either Smackdown or Raw. I for one can't wait to see him in a WWE ring to see how WWE uses him and if they are smart enough to take advantage of his talents. P…

Moment in Time 8

For this moment it is a special moment but the things that followed it were disrespectful and idiotic on the part of WCW. On the August 27th edition of Nitro there was a segment involving the Horsemen and Mene Gene. The reason this is a big deal, because tonight was the night that The Enforcer, Double A Arn Anderson announced his retirement from Pro-Wrestling, and offered Curt Hennig his spot in the Horsemen. However this post is just about this moment and has nothing to do with the disrespectful, idiotic, and shameful thing WCW allowed to happen next week on Nitro. This about one of the greatest moments in WCW history, involving three of the greatest workers in Wrestling history. Take a look and relive the great moment from August 1997:  (Arn Anderson Retirement speech)

This Day in Wrestling History

Today we would like to wish a Happy Birthday to The Rock who turns 41 today. The Rock started his wrestling career in WWE at age 24 he debuted at Survivor Series 1996 in Madison Square Garden. The rest as they say is history, because in 2 years time Rock became WWE Champion at Survivor Series. Very few people knew that after 8 years in the business The Rock moved on to Hollywood but would continue to make sporadic appearance for WWE on off until his part time return in 2011. From Rock would go on to feud with John Cena for the better part of two years.

Below are a list of achievements The Rock has mounted during his career:

8 times WWE Champion

2 times WCW Champion

2 times WWE Intercontinental Champion

5 times WWE Tag Team Champion

Royal Rumble 2000 winner

Below are two great matches from The Rock's career: (one being his debut) Rock's debut match The Rock vs Steve Austin (WM 19)

~~ En…

Flashback Report

Kevin Nash

Good on the mic
Decent in the ring

Kevin began his career in WCW first as "Steel" who was one half of the tag team called the Master Blasters. However that team didn't last and they separated within a year then Kevin was repackaged as Oz based off the book the Wizard of Oz. Much like Steel, the Oz character was short lived. He was repackage again this time as Vinnie Vegas and like the story goes that's the character Shawn Michaels saw Nash doing and thought he would be good in the WWF as Shawn's bodyguard. Low and behold Kevin got out of his WCW deal, and jumped to the WWE and finally got something that stuck his name was Diesel.

Within less then a year Nash won every title there was to win in WWE from the Tag Team Titles to the Intercontinental to the WWF title as well. Which is one of the reason that contribute to him jumping back to WCW in 1996 I also think it was the more money for less work. Kevin jumping ship allowed one of the bes…