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Breaking News: TNA New Signing

Rumors have been flying over the internet who could be the guy behind the August 1st videos from TNA. It has been reported and confirmed that the man is not Dave Batista; the rumors were proven false by Now I am not going to push the rumors of who WZR is saying it could be or even might be but I am going to look at who would be good acquisitions for TNA in this time. Here we go:

John Morrison: I think he is the best and in many ways most likely guy to go to TNA because the rumors have been there since he left WWE. Johnny I think would finally realize his full potential as long as TNA knows what they are doing to help him do that. Even though Vince was right not to push Johnny I just think TNA will finally give him a shot to shine.

American Wolves: With it being the case that Eddie & Davey's contracts are up on the exact date this is hyping it might be fair to say they are possible. Eddie & Davey are by far two of the best wrestlers in the world & on th…

Ex-WWE Talent Speaks his Mind

Once again things haven to slowed down yet which is why I am posting now instead of during the day. Harry Smith, the son of the WWE & wrestling legend "Davey Boy Smith" British Bulldog and former WWE Tag Team Champion. Since his release from WWE Smith has found a home in Japan apart of a successful tag team with also former WWE talent Lance Archer. These guys are champions in both the NWA & IWGP and are showing they are better then some may have thought. Below is an interview of DH Smith shooting on the WWE:

Match of the Day

Sorry for the lack of posting I have been busy the last few days. Well let's start slow I am going to post when I can because things are still not back to normal.

Let's take a look at the match of the day

At Backlash 2004: Cactus Jack vs Randy Orton

Try it a new way let's see how it goes

How I Would Book It Part 1........ WWF 1995

Monday April 3rd: Monday Night Raw

Hakushi def. James Allen, Jacob & Eli Blu def.Allied Powers via DQ, The Mighty Kwang def. Barry Horowitz, Undertaker vs Tatanka announced for later, The Roadie def. 123 Kid, Jimmy Del Ray & Tom Pritchard over The Smoking Guns (Tom pins Bart), Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman def. MVP, Bertha Faye def. Alundra Blayze, Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer def. Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase, Bret Hart & Diesel def. Shawn Michaels & Sid (Bret pins Sid) Saturday April 8th Superstars: Boston, MA
King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase def. Duke Droese, Techno Team 2000 def. Alex Mason & Matt Hardy (Troy pins Mason), Mighty Kwang def. Bob Holly, Adam Bomb w/ Harvey Whippleman def. Doink The Clown, Razor Ramon & 123 Kid def. Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie (Ramon pins Roadie)
Monday April 10th Monday Night Raw: Manhattan, NY

Hakushi def. Rad Radford, Allied Powers def. Jacob & Eli Blu (Lex pins Jacob), Bob Backlund def. Sam Wilson, Billy Gunn def. Tom Pritchard, Sh…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today I would like to move away from what I usually do that being mainstream wrestling and show appreciation for a talented young Indy wrestler by the name of Prince Devitt. Prince Devitt is from Ireland but is extremely well known in Japan were he most often competes. Many call Devitt one of the best wrestlers in the world because of his talent and natural ability. Because of him very sparingly appearing in the US, I know very little about Devitt which is why I can only say what I know. Also this match with him featured below: Prince Devitt vs Low Ki (c) Gedo vs Prince Devitt

~~ Enjoy

How I Would Book it Background......... WWF 1995

Welcome once again to the most successful Blog Series I have done here by far it is time for another edition of How I would book it. For those of you who have no idea what How I would book it is, well I'll tell you it is a blog series in which I go back in time to a specific era and show how I would have booked it. It is usually an era in Wrestling history that wasn't a good time for specific company like WCCW in the Mid 80's or WCW outside of 96-98 or in this case WWF the mid 90's.

At one point the World Wrestling Federation now known as the WWE was a struggling organization strangely enough it wasn't to long ago that it was the case. To be specific in 1995 WWF has it's worst year of business ever from not booking Diesel as strong World Champion to booking both Bret Hart & Undertaker in feuds with Mid-card talent for the entire year. This year is one of the reasons the WWF almost went of business during this time period. Now it's my turn to step back …

Match of the Day

I just found this match on Facebook and I thought I never have posted anything about Japan wrestling well here is a great indication of Japanese Wrestling. Some US Wrestling may know Okada from TNA as he was apart of TNA for a short time a few years ago. Since going back to Japan he has made himself a big star in NJPW.

Enjoy this has been touted as a Match of the Year Candidate: Prince Devitt vs Okada (Full Match)

WWE vs TNA: Closer then we think

Now I have been one of the people who thought TNA was nowhere near competing with WWE in anyway. But that's the thing they still aren't but indirectly they are competing. They aren't competing the way WCW did but they are forcing WWE to make the shows a little better. Then again I don't think it's just TNA it's more USA network forcing WWE to get better ratings. But let's look now what TNA is doing right over the last few months and what TNA is doing wrong the last few months like we did yesterday looking at WWE the same way.

TNA Going Right:

Shows are a lot less convoluted & are easier to followWorld Title means more then it didKnockouts are importantRebranding the X-Division Bringing up new faces like Sabin, Magnus, Manic, & othersMaking themselves different again by cutting down the ppv'sBest Heel in Mainstream WrestlingNot Depend on EX-WWE Stars anymoreImpact on the RoadGot rid of titles that meant nothing TNA What is Still going Wrong:


TNA vs WWE: Closer then We think

Now I have been one of the people who thought TNA was nowhere near competing with WWE in anyway. But that's the thing they still aren't but indirectly they are like they aren't competing the way WCW did but they are forcing WWE to make the shows a little better. Then again I don't think it's just TNA it's more USA network forcing WWE to get better ratings. But let's look now what WWE is doing right over the last few months and what WWE is doing wrong the last few months then tomorrow well go with TNA.

WWE Going Right:
Having longer matches on TV & PPV to make talent betterGetting the young guns more air timePushing Daniel Bryan & Dolph ZigglerCM Punk vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman (Gold) Finally Pushing Damien Sandow & Cody RhodesDivas Division WWE Developmental Giving the Indy Talent a chance
WWE Still Getting Wrong:
Counting on the Part-TimersNot using Chris Jericho to his potential The Mid-Card titles still don't mean as much as they sho…

How I would book it Finale......... TNA 2010

Matches of the Day

With the fact today is the 25 year anniversary of the untimely passing of Frank Goodish aka Bruiser Brody. Due to this fact I feel it is the best thing to do and the right time to do it if we take a look back at the Greatest Brawlers in the history of Wrestling: Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen vs The Funks Abdullah Butcher vs Bruiser Brody Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack Terry Gordy vs Killer Khan

ROH Moving Forward

After Best in the World new broke that Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe were both injured in their matches and due to that fact the ROH World Title has been vacate. At first I thought no luck for ROH losing two top talents. But I also think that if ROH makes this tournament right they have many new stars. This tournament could be big for them as it could be what some of their stars needed to move forward and break through.

The tournament thus far:

Michael Elgin
BJ Whitmer
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
Jay Lethal
Kevin Steen
Adam Cole
Karl Anderson
Matt Taven
Sonjay Dutt
Tomasso Ciampa
Roderick Strong
Silas Young vs Adam Page (Winner enters the Tournament
Fans Vote the 15th man into the match,

1 more to go who do you guys think it is. Also would do you guys think win the tournament, I hope to see another first time champion in that match, but also see the ascension of new stars in this tournament. Last guy will be announced tomorrow

PPV Predictions

Money in the Bank  WWE Tag Team Championships (Pre-Show) The Shield (c’s) vs. The Usos
even though The Shield is in this match because its the pre-show it doesn't need to be anything special for that reason. But I think because The Shield is in it I think it will be better then most other pre-show matches. If I was WWE I would give the titles The Uso's because they are getting hot and strike early because nobody would expecting it. But I don't think they will use that train of thought so I am going with The Shield winning.

WWE Divas Championship Match AJ Lee (c) vs. Kaitlyn
this will be the usual divas match nothing more. They have done a great job making the divas seem more important then they have in a long time but they still have a while before people stop expecting the same old matches.

“Money in the Bank” All-Stars Ladder Match
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. RVD vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian vs. Sheamus vs. ???? (Kane Scratched)
This will be a good match as it always i…

How I Would Book it Part 10....... TNA 2010

Thursday December 2nd Impact:

Chris Sabin def. Samoa Joe (Non-Title), Magnus def. Rob Van Dam, Brian Kendrick & Scorpio Sky def. Havoc & Marty (Sky pins Marty), Velvet Sky def. Madison Rayne w/ Mystery women whose name find out is Winter, Gunner def. Eric Young, Kazarian w/ Abyss def. Brother Devon w/ Brother Ray, Mickie James video airs, Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles is announced for Final Resolution, Hernandez def. Desmond Wolfe, Bobby Roode vs Rob Terry is announced as Main Event, Backstage: Jeff Jarrett and Mr. Anderson bump into each other and Jeff tells Anderson he can try and push his buttons all he wants but what he doesn’t get is Jeff can mess with him a different way. By giving him special opponent tonight right now. Bobby Lashley def. Mr. Anderson via Count-Out, James Storm def. Kurt Angle, (c) Rosita def. Sarita to retain the Knockouts title, (c) Rob Terry def. Bobby Roode (Post Match: Roode tries to attack Rob Terry but he stops him and knocks him out with a big right h…

Interesting Finds: A Match from the Past

This is not a new series but only a post I'll when I find something interesting enough to share with you guys & girls. Well today I found a video of the Undertaker & Scott Hall teaming together in Japan which is something I didn't even know existed. This match happened March 1990 so this was a couple months before Undertaker left WCW for the WWE later that year. Well now enjoy the match featured below:
Punisher Dice Morgan (Undertaker) & Scott Hall vs Masa Saito & Shinya Hashimoto

~~ Also please vote on the poll I am looking for feedback on the How I would book it outside of the views please and thank you the most recent edition of How I would book it TNA 2010 (Thank you all so much for the support)

Money in Bank Recall

With Money in the Bank on Sunday I figured it's fitting to do one more of these Money in Bank recalls so let's go. Last time we looked at probably the most hyped match on any PPV in the last 10 years CM Punk vs John Cena from MITB 2011. Now we will look at a passed Money in the Bank match or two:

Enjoy and remember Money in the Bank is this Sunday Live ON PPV: Money in the Bank 2005 (The first MITB Match) Money in the Bank 2012 full show Money in the Bank 2011 (Smackdown MITB Match)

Matches Matches & More Matches

I haven't done this in a while so why not do it again: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan 6/17 Matt Morgan vs Kenny King vs Magnus vs Rob Terry Brutus Magnus vs Matt Morgan (Ring Ka King) Sabu vs John Cena (2006)

~Enjoy **Don't forget to vote***

How I would book it Part 9....... TNA 2010

Thursday November 4th Impact:

Brian Kendrick def. Kiyoshi, Highlights of Anderson attacking Jeff Jarrett, Magnus def. Kevin McManus, Kazarian def. Brother Devon, Bobby Lashley def. Rhino (Post Match: Lashley says he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt at BFG that he is the strongest man in TNA. However TNA World Champion Rob Terry disagrees just as Rob enters the ring Lashley backs out the other side. Announcers make note of Lashley being scared of Big Rob. Daniels def. Eric Young, Madison Rayne w/ Mystery Women def. Velvet Sky (Post Match: Madison goes to hit Velvet with a chair but Angelina runs in to make the save), Jeff Jarrett is being interviewed he says “Anderson you’re lucky I am not firing your ass because if you didn’t I am retired. But if you wanted to use me as a way to make an impact good you do it. Now wrestle active wrestlers not me. Jay Lethal def. (c) Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea, Robert Roode def. Shane Burns (Post Match: Roode grabs a mic and starts bashing Storm (whose no…

Superstar Recall 8

Even though it might have been fitting to do last week because of the unfortunate event that happened but I decided it would better doing this instead. Over the course of the blog series we have looked a many infamous superstars from Shockmaster to Saba Simba. Now we move to another infamous gimmick and that is the clown not many know at one point WWE had a clown on their roster. He was an evil clown named Doink, instead of being fun he would play mean tricks on people & when he hurt them. Even though he didn't stay in WWE that long people still remember him for his antics & skill. Below is Doink's debut in the WWE: Doink Debuts Doink vs Kamala

Updated BFG Standings

The BFG series is a tournament to determine the #1 contender to the World Title which is unique to TNA. This tournament runs from mid June to sometime before BFG especially now that TNA got rid of No Surrender were the finals were usually held. Below is the most up to standings of the series thus far:

I really hope Magnus wins the tournament because I always thought he had tons of potential he just need the chance to show his talent. I think Magnus's win could be similar to Bobby Roode who broke out after winning the BFG Series. But we don't know who will win we have to wait and see:

Standings (Win-Loss records reflect singles matches only) Magnus: (3-0) 24 Points
Samoa Joe: (2-0-1dr) 19 Points
Jeff Hardy: (3-0) 17 Points
A.J. Styles: (1-0-1dr) 12 Points
Ken Anderson: (1-1) 7 Points
Austin Aries: (1-1) 7 Points
Daniels: (1-0) 7 Points
Hernandez: (1-2) 7 Points
Bobby Roode: (0-2) 0 Points
Kazarian: (0-3) 0 Points
Jay Bradley: (0-2) 0 Points
Joseph Park: (0-2) -10 Points

for an…

Moment in Time 10

I have been doing this blog series for a while now and there is one moment I have forgotten about which is strange because most people view as it the turning point of the Monday Night Wars. Not Austin 3.16 promo but Survivor Series 1997: Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels in Montreal. The match that is known as the Montreal Screw job. Bret was World Champion and he was leaving because his contract was to much for the WWF at the time to pay so Vince told him go to WCW. One problem Bret didn't want to lose the belt in Montreal he wanted to vacate the title, and he especially didn't want to loss the title to Shawn. Shawn & Bret had real life hatred for each other Vince didn't want another incident like what happened when his Women's title was thrown in the garbage to happen; so Vince had to get the title off Bret and he did the only thing that was left to do: Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels SS 97…

How I Would Book it Part 8........... TNA 2010

Thursday September 16th Impact: 3 days before No Surrender

X-Division Battle Royal to determine #1 Contender: Alex Shelley def. Jay Lethal, Shima Ion, Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick, (Alex eliminates Shima last), Chris Sabin over The Ripper, Rosita def. Lacey Von Erich (Post Match: Madison Rayne attacks Rosita laying her out in the middle of the ring. But then Sarita & Taylor Wilde run in to make the save), Angle Open Challenge: Kurt Angle def. James Storm, Bobby Lashley & Mr. Anderson def. Jim Anderson & Rick Ross (Lashley pins Rick), Rob Van Dam def. Matt Bentley, Magnus def. Jeff Hardy (Post Match: Daniels walks out, he grabs a mic and tells Jeff & the fans that this will be a familiar site because on Sunday Jeff you will be on your back again), ODB def. Velvet Sky, (6 man tag match Beautiful People vs Sarita, Rosita, & Taylor Wilde), Daniels w/ Bobby Lashley over Hernandez (Lashley walked out during the match stood in the corner of Daniels), Abyss vs AJ Styles (Draw)…

Celebrity Wrestling TV

For those who may not have been able to catch it or didn't have a clue about it, Ric Flair & Roddy Piper were on TV last night. Piper & Flair were a part of Celebrity Wife Swap were Flair's girlfriend & Piper's Wife switched families for a week. Viewers go insight into the lives of both Ric & Roddy and how their families live. I really enjoyed the show it should how close Ric & Roddy are nowadays and also should the lives they lead outside of wrestling. Below I have a link to the show that aired last night if you want to watch it click the link and I hope you enjoy: