Who's Next or What's Next

THE NEWS STARTED SPEREADING LAST NIGHT like wild fire. Then a video surfaced from an autograph session that former world champion will be coming back to the ring before the end of 2011. His name is GOLDBERG GOLDBERG!!!!!!!! yes after 8 yrs out of the ring "Da Man" finnally wants to return. But were would he return to he said that if he was given the opinion to fight anyone he could he would say Steve Austin. But I dont see the WWE getting him for a sum of unless its for a Mania match & i dont see Austin competing again because of his neck. Also i think risks out way the rewards cause it would be able to be the match it could cause the fact Austin can only take a limited amount of bumps. So i dont see him in the WWE maybe TNA oh no excuse me i "mean" Impact Wrestling. Goldberg could be a good fit their to as he could help some of the younger guys get over while still having matches with Angle, Sting, Flair, Hogan, & anyother Vet TNA wants to bring in to waste another roster spot. Not that Angle is wasting a spot cause he is not i just he hope he doesnt stay in past his prime like the other 3 guys have. So it looks like the internet community has a new hot topic were will goldberg go, who will he fight, will he come back to the buisness full time. Two things will need to happend for that Goldberg would need to want to come back & time that is the only thing that will tell us what the future holds for Bill.


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