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How I Would Book it: WCW 1998 Part 7

As we draw closer to SuperBrawl the matches that will take place on the event become more clear and tensions continue to rise between the stars of WCW. I have made the decision that I may not be running this edition of the series as long as first expected, but I will be making an official decision on how long the series will continue within the next week or so. Until then this installment of the series will continue as per usual. Now enjoy some notes from this weeks edition of Nitro:

- Ric Flair has reached his boiling point and is now trying to intimidate management

- Who will become the #1 Contenders for the WCW Tag Team Titles at SuperBrawl

- Who will be next to stand up from the NWO against Hulk Hogan and Bischoff

- Old rivals collide once again in the Main Event for the first time in over a year

- Goldberg's Streak Continues against one half of prominent team

How I Would Book it: WCW 1998 Part 6

As we now being to SuperBrawl in February some things are continuing to grow and other feuds are starting a new and may reach a boiling point soon. Keeping this week short and to the point let's waste no time and get right to the bullet points from this weeks episode of Monday Nitro:

- Tensions continue to rise between Bret Hart & Randy Savage

- Questions are still left unanswered when it comes to the future of Scott Hall in WCW

- Who challenges The Steiner's for the Tag Team Titles Harlem Heat or Faces of Fear. One team will lay down a challenge tonight.

- Diamond Dallas Page & Raven's feud takes another step forward

- Ric Flair gets some help fighting the mystery attacks from a friend