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Update on Team 3D

Earlier this week I mentioned that TNA is cutting it close with the renegoitating of the former 22 time Tag champions but now I have an update on the situation. At last word it doesn't look to promising that either Dudley Boy will resign with TNA because of how long they waited. From the news I read it seems like Devon will be leaving first, from what he posted on a Social Media site thanking the fans and TNA for making the last 7 years fun. Bully Ray however is one of the particpants in the BFG Series and has from what I understand agreed to stay till October which put it around BFG. So if this true then I would expect Devon to be losing the TV title to someone in the near future. Also I dont see Bully winning BFG Series because he is leaving. Now that I think about it Bully would probably be staying till the Aces & Eights Angle ends whenever it might end because he is a big part of it. But I assume they would probably end the mystery at Bound for Glory since it's your bi…

How I Would Book It...........WCCW Part 2 1985-1986

At the beginning of this I really am not that organized because I really didn't know how to do it so I just wrote down everything I would put in one show. As we continue you'll notice I am a lot more organized with the shows & anything else.
Next Week is centered on both Kiniski vs Adias feud and Parsons North American Title as his title caught the attention of Rude. Kiniski cuts a promo saying “That Adias should just give him the Texas Title because even though he isn’t from Texas he knows,it would be better that a Canadian holds the belt instead of a dirty, rotten, Texan.” What proof he has is that his name is Kiniski which means he is the best just ask his dad Gene Kiniski. Rude challenges Parsons for the gold and he beats Iceman even with Kevin trying to stop him from wining but Embry stopped Kevin. Now Rude is the North American Heavyweight champion. Also on that show is Chris Adams & Gino def Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton. Kabuki def Terry Taylor 3 weeks before…

This day in Wrestling History

I am aware it has been a while since I have last done a post with the title but here we go with the first This day in Wrestling History in a while.
This day 24 years ago the WWE had a PPV only they didn't know then that the PPV would become a staple of their company for the next 24 years. I am talking about the Biggest Party of the Summer, Summerslam today the first Summerslam was held 24 years ago. The Card featured a multitude of future WWE Hall of Famers and also was the night that Honky Tonk Man's record setting reign came to an end. To that point Honky held the title for 454 days which is a record that still stands to this day in WWE. Honky went into the show thinking he was going to face Brutis Beefcake but he didn't and instead he fought Ultimate Warrior. Warrior won in 31 seconds thereby ending not only Honky Tonk's record setting reign but the only time Honky Tonk would hold the title in his career. The Main event of the show was the Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan &…

How I would Book it..........WCCW 1985-1986

Starting in 1985 after that years Cotton Bowl with this show:

Based off what has happened and what hasn’t I would stay away from the Freebirds vs. Von Erich’s feud for at least a year instead I would go in a different direction. Like having:
Saturnday: Rick Rude debut and take out Kevin Von Erich, I would have Embry, Rogers, & Fulton beat The Freebirds in a loser leave Texas Match. That same night I would also have Kerry, Chris, & Lance Von Erich win the 6 man tag titles in a tournament.
Next week Embry, & The Fantastic’s are talking about how they ran the Birds out of Texas and they should be happy they beat the birds and are still World Class but they aren’t. Embry continues and says it’s happened to us all we do something good but then the Von Erich’s do something better and we are sick of it. We will beat the Von Erich’s for their title and prove they aren’t as good as they say they are or as good as all you people think they are. Later in the show Kerry & Lance are …

Cutting it Close

As of the writting it seems like TNA is waiting to last minute to sign Bully Ray & Devon to new contracts with the company. This is strange in my book because of the fact that Ray has been a top heel for the company since he & Devon spilt up. Also Devon has been an asset to TNA since the break up of the team in the mid card singles division. I believe at this point Team 3D's contracts expire early September which is next and as far as I know people from TNA dont have a No-Compete claus in their contacts. Which if thats true that means WWE could sign them a few weeks after their contracts expire. Basically I am trying to say that if they loss these guys it will hurt TNA very much because of how much of an asset these guys have been to the company.

I am keep you guys up to date on this as the expiration date draws closer.

Background: How I would Book it...... WCCW 85-86

I am aware this is a bit of a stretch as to how many people may want to read about this but I was interested in it and decide to do it. Also some of you may be shocked by a few of the superstars who were in WCCW at one point.
In 1986, WCCW hit it's toughest year to date as that is the year which Ken Mantell who was their booker at the time took talent and went to the UWF. Also it was the year they lost Gino Hernandez & severed ties with NWA. They did remain active after this but they never really recovered from all these loses. So now join me as I go back in time to a year before this death sentence year starting in the fall of 1985 and I will book all the way to October the next year finishing at the Cotton Bowl. Relive the glory age of wrestling, when territories were still around and the business was protected & hopefully learn about an era that few know a lot about. Find out how I use the NWA to my advantage, see I work in conjunction with the other territories to my …

TNA Update

Below are the updated standings for the BFG series and the matches that remain in the series all below:

Here are the updated Bound for Glory standings…
* James Storm – 66 points
* Samoa Joe – 61 points
* Rob Van Dam – 55 points
* A.J. Styles – 50 points
* Bully Ray – 48 points
* Kurt Angle – 48 points
* Mr. Anderson – 47 points
* Jeff Hardy – 42 points
* Daniels – 33 points
* Magnus – 28 points
* Robbie E. – 12 points
* The Pope – 7 points (OUT OF SERIES DUE TO INJURY)

– Here are the wrestlers that have Bound For Glory Series matches left….

* Rob Van Dam (2) – vs. Bully Ray, James Storm
* Jeff Hardy (2) – vs. Angle, Samoa Joe
* Samoa Joe (2) – vs. Hardy, Styles
* A.J. Styles (1) – vs. Samoa Joe
* Kurt Angle (1) – vs. Jeff Hardy
* Bully Ray (1) – vs. RVD
* James Storm (1) – vs. RVD

Rivalry Build: CM Punk vs John Cena

Even though I don't agree with WWE that Cena deserves the WWE title shot again as he doesn't need to hold the title once a year every year because there are other people in the company. Also it doesn't help that Punk and Cena just had a feud with one another last year. Only thing is this one is different last year was about Punk proving he was the Best in the World but now it's about Respect. As Punk doesn't believe Cena respect's him and I agree I don't think Cena does. Now at this point I really have no idea where the feud is going because I thought Punk was going to give Cena the shot on Monday but he didn't. Now I think a match between Lawler & Punk could be around the corner because of Punk attacking Lawler on RAW. But like I said I don't know I mean I have heard that John could face Punk at Night of Champions but anything can happen in the WWE. Last thing is that even though I dont agree that these guys should be feuding again so soon at l…

Another one Gone

A few months ago I posted that Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins were gone from WWE which turned out to be just an angle. But as of this writting it is No Angle, the news surfaced earlier today that Tyler Reks had quit WWE. Tyler who had been with the company since 2007 was in the mixed of his second term with the Main Roster first being back in 2008 before he was sent back down. Over year or so Reks had being teaming with fellow underated talent in Curt Hawkins that had very little to no success as a team and were used mostly as jobbers. A note here that Tyler was one of the many superstars said to be disatisfied with their Pay, TV Time, & Travel and was threating to speak out against WWE. This in no way should be taken in the form that Reks is the first of many to get punished from the uproar because I don't know and I will not Speculate a thing.
I thought Tyler was a very underated talent that WWE could have gotten a lot more out of but chose the ladder instead. Which is very …

Scouting Report

Brock Lesnar

Great in ring skill
Horrible Mic skill

Brock signed with WWE in 2000 the same year that he won the NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. After college he signed the contract with WWE and went to OVW to begin training originally Brock was in a Tag Team known as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew with Shelton Benjamin. The team was a successful team in OVW winning the tag titles 3 times and had a big role in OVW until they broke up which happened when Brock got called up and Shelton didn't. Prior to the call up Brock had been wrestling dark matches throughout 2001 & 2002. But then it all changed the night after Wrestlemania 18 because on March 18 2002 Brock Lesnar debuted on RAW during a Hardcore title match. His debut shocked the WWE because of who he had with him it was recently "fired" Announcer Paul Hayman. Brock's first match was on Backlash live on PPV he fought Jeff Hardy and squashed him winning by KO & did the same thing to Matt the next nig…

PPV Predictions


Santino Marella vs Antonio Cesaro (United States title Match) this match isnt going to be anything that special because it's the pre-show match and it doesn't need to be that special other than a title match. And if what was said earlier this week about this match then I will go with Cesaro also because Cesaro would make a better champion then Santino Kane vs Daniel Bryan this will be a decent match but like the first it doesn't need to be anything special because it doesn't have a lot of a build and isn't the blowoff to a feud so it doesn't need to occupy a lot of time. I think Bryan wins here because he needs the win more in my book (c) Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs The Prime Time Players this could be a good match because Kofi & Truth are good enough were they can make it look better then it is and if they are serious about revamping the Tag Division then they should start by allowing them time to make their match all it can be especially …


I apologize but I can't think of enough compelling stories to do a How I would Book it on Raven's WCW Career so I will not be doing it. I will also be taking down the Background information on the subject to not confuse anyone to think I am doing it when I unfotuately picked to tough of a subject to do. It's just that the gimmick Raven had could go well with some people in WCW that were top guys like Sting, Luger, Flair, & Page but I would have to build him up to face them. Then again there's also people like Kanyon, Saturn, Kidman, Other Flock memebers that he can feud with and doesn't have to be built up to face them.
But because I can't I guess figure a way to get Raven from Mid-Card to Main Event I am not able to do the post. Because I mean to do it just to do it is defeating the purpose of this blog series I do it because I feel good about what I write but with this subject I can't think of enough to do. So I unfortuately have to say I will not be…

Summerslam Hype: HHH vs Brock Lesnar

I think this has been a very well hyped match, I will even go as far to say it has been one of the best hyped matches in quite a while. But I think it could have been done a little better in the way that it would have had to seemed so rushed like it was. I think I feel that way because it took a little time for the feud to really take off and get from point A to point B. The reason for that though is because of Brock's deal having an apperance limit which is why they brought in Paulie. I feel this is the right place to say that I think this feud has been good because it's really been based on Anticpation which is always a good characistic to base a feud around.
I am just saying it's a different type of feud for WWE because they usually don't take the kind of time they have taken with this feud to establish the story. I am just saying it took a little to long for some fans watching the feud develop it took a little long to get from Point A to Point B. By the way with Su…

Matches Matches & More Matches

Here are some matches from the newest signed WWE talent Pac, Brodie Lee, & Tom La Ruffa. Hope you guys enjoy them. Pac's match Tom La Ruffa's match Brodie Lee's Match

Keep with the talk

Yesterday I brought the new WWE game for the first time and I figured it's something different so why not keep talking about it. So here go I found this interview with game designer Cory Ledesma where he answers question regarding WWE 13. The video is featured below:

Important note:
Things intensify within the WWE between Management and the Mid-Card because as of now WWE has not addressed all the problems but from I have heard gave them compensation for the tour but nothing else. They are baiscally go ahead do what you want we dont care. So said talent have decide to go to CT Newspaper to expose how bad things have become in WWE. More to come on this when I find new info.
Also How I would Book it returns later this week after a breif hiatus from me being caught up with other things.

That Makes Two

Over the last 24 hours another two superstars were confirmed for WWE 13 which comes out in October of this year. Since this game is based in the Attitude Era we as fans can expect a lot of talents from the past. The two talents that were confirmed for the game are Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman both men were not in WWE for a long time but did play an important role in said era. Shamrock was with WWE from 97-99 while with the company he won the tag titles with Bossman & the IC title, he also won the 1998 King of the Ring. Also "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman he was with WWE from 1997-2002 while with WWE he won the Hardcore title 6 times & that is really is only accomplishment in WWE.
While apart of WWE both Shamrock & Blackman had a feud with one another through the summer of 99 which lead to a match between the two at Summerslam 99 in a Lions Den Match. Though these guys may not be remembered by fans today Blackman & Shamrock were a integral part of the At…

PPV Predictions

Hardcore Justice

Kid Kash & Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
this will be a good match because they have a really good mix of veterans and young guns in the match but I dont Chavo losing his debut so I see Chavo winning
KNOCKOUTS TITLE MATCH:Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher
this will be the usual womens match not to long not to short and I see Tessmacher winning
X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH:Kenny King vs. Zema Ion
this will be nothing to special because of the lack of hype so it doesnt need to be anything specail other then an X-Division match
Mr. Anderson vs Rob Van Dam vs The Pope vs Magnus
this will be good match, because TNA usually has good gimmick matches which will be good for the fans and the ppv I see Magnus winning because in my book he is the most deserving one. BFG SERIES MATCH – WORTH 20 POINTS:
AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe this will be good match, because TNA usual…

What's Next!!!!!!

Earlier today I posted and said that later today I will be going off again on WWE for the reasons that surfaced last night from AW's firing. First I am well aware that I never or try to never curse on this site but if I do in this post I apologize in advanced for any foul language I may use. Let's get to it now: As far I am concerned this firing is a crop of sh** because what A.W said isn't half as bad as some of the stuff that WWE has done. For instance, a couple of weeks ago when Vince Mocked JR  by pretending that he had Bell’s Palsy like Jim Ross legitimately does by attempting to make his face look like he has paralysis in a part of his famous what a joke. Let's keep going how bout even Sheamus stealing Del Rio's car on RAW, oh yah that looks good for the kids sure it does. How about when HHH pretend to have sexual relations with a dead body I mean c'mon no matter if that was PG or not it should not be seen on Live TV. Last one, isn't it a coincidence…

Very Aware of the time

I know i never have done a post this late since I began this site last year but I have to build the hype with the firing of Brian Jossie (aka A.W) things are about to get interesting. I will be going on another rant on WWE tomorrow for what just surfaced on the Internet within the last hour. A little taste to what will come later today, I have said WWE had a Double Standard towards some people in the company since I began the site. Things could get very interesting over the next couple of weeks if more talents step up. Which apparently WWE is very scared of & is trying to prevent it anyway they can. Hopefully, JTG's rant starts a snowball effect of other mid-card talents stepping up and speak out about WWE because all things that have surfacing have gotta true because of who they come from. I believe it because it has came from Wrestlers and the more that speak out they all back the first guy which was JTG. I am aware that it's only been JTG & Brian speaking out but I …

Update: BFG Standings

Here are the Updated standings of the BFG Series:

* James Storm – 66 points
* Samoa Joe – 54 points
* Kurt Angle – 48 points
* Mr. Anderson – 40 points
* Jeff Hardy – 35 points
* Rob Van Dam – 35 points
* Daniels – 33 points
* Bully Ray – 28 points
* Magnus – 21 points
* A.J. Styles – 16 points
* The Pope – 7 points
* Robbie E. – 5 points

I think from how it looks now either Joe or Storm will win the series as they both have been in the top of the standings for the entire series. I also think TNA should have been using they as a way to bring new faces into the World title picture like Magnus. Because, he has the talent to be in the title picture, but just needs to the push. Also I think they could have picked someone better then Robbie E to be apart of this series because what has he done to even be apart of the series.

To Stay or not to Stay

Over the last couple of weeks both Bubba Ray & Devon have been renegotiating their TNA contract which expires in about 3 weeks. Over the last few months both Ray & Devon have been helping TNA in different ways backstage. Also it has been mostly Ray doing the contract negotiating for the former team. But it has pissed Bully Ray off to no end that they waited till now to try and renegotiate their contracts instead of doing it sooner. Since breaking up as a team both Devon & Bubba have had exceptionally well in singles competition as Bully is a top heel in the company & Devon is TV champ. Which makes sense why Ray & Devon are both upset about how the renegotiating process as they have both been an important part of TNA over the last couple of weeks.
Also something that made news today was that Bully Ray was asking the fans if he should stay or not stay in TNA. Well I have my own opinion on this and that's Bubba should only leave TNA if WWE would keep him as singl…

Week News

Over the last couple of days news has suffered that 60% of the WWE roster is frustrated in some way with the Sport Entertainment organization. I have heard many reasons why weather it's pay, tv time, or merchandise sales. Like with what I mention yesterday they dont fairly distribute the money earned from merchandise sales.
Also not many may know this but WWE Hall of Famer Edge is not under contract with WWE anymore not even a legends contract with the company. Edge's contract expired earlier this year and has not been renewed. The Rated R Superstar has been under contract with WWE since mid 1997 it has been 15 years since Edge wasn't a WWE star.
More current TNA stars could be on their way out and I am speaking of Bully Ray (Brother Ray) & Devon. They have been with TNA since 2005 and since then have also taken up roles backstage as an agent or working with young guys. Either way they both have helped TNA very much over the last few years. Their contracts dont't…

Calling WWE Calling WWE

Last night WWE Superstar JTG went on a rant on Twitter about his discontent with World Wrestling Entertainment. I will not mention any part of his rant on Twitter last as to not attract any attention to JTG. Well once I found out I went off on the WWE as JTG is right and needs to be supported by his co-workers & fans because without us there will be no change. Well now here is my opinion on this situation, first I want to say from what Shad said on Twitter last night that I agree 100% with him as I said above. Anymore information on this situation i will post it here or you can visit
Here are my thoughts on what JTG said:

I am talking about people like Hawkins, Baretta, Hennig, Kidd, Riley, JTG, Reks they have talent but WWE doesn't let them show off their talent because they have their guys and don't believe in them for some reason or another
I hope more guys step up because it needs to come cause I don't know about you but I am sick of people with ta…

Summerslam Recall 2

Another great match from a Summerslam of the past this match has two guys still wrestling and involved in WWE today. But then again both just returned to WWE within the last year or so they are Brock Lesnar & The Rock.  Brock Lesnar vs The Rock Summerslam 2002

WWE: Tag Team Divison (Yes they have one)

I have just saw news that WWE plans to attempt to rebuild/bolster the tag team division by calling a team up from FCW. Coming from high ranking company officials that they are serious about revamping the tag team division. I would love to see them call up a team from FCW/NXT but that in my opinion will not do anything because they need to change how they book the tag division. Because just looking at how they book the Prime Time Players, & Boom Truth; by the fact that they think one team from FCW will change how the fans view the tag division is crazy. Because of the fact that the tag champions, & Prime time Players have been booked more often in Singles matches then in Tag matches, and won more in Singles then tag team is how to make a team look strong. If anything the people they pull up from FCW will be more so seen as fresh faces more then a division bolster.
Let's also take a look at the teams that are up in the WWE main roster other then of course Prime time Players…

How I Would Book it........ Ken Shamrock's Push

In the year 1998 things really picked up for Ken from the great matches he had with The Rock to the underrated matches he had with Owen Hart. Also one can't forget the 3 man feud he, Rock, & Mankind had. Right now I am going to take you back to the fall of 1998 to show you all How I would have taken Ken's push a step further.
We begin the night after the Breakdown PPV, at the PPV Shamrock was in a Triple Threat Cage match vs Rock & Mankind. The next day I would have Ken take a stab at a heel promo like a simple one maybe just like "Mankind if think the chair shot you got with last night did anything to me you were right it pissed me off & it doesn't help that I am stuck in a smelly, second rate city like Detroit." Later on the show like in real life Shamrock, Rock, & Mankind vs Undertaker & Kane and like in real life Rock def Undertaker. But prior to the match Rock, Shamrock, & Mankind all fought each other until Kane & Taker made the…

WWE Rant..... Yes Another

I am aware I did a WWE rant pretty recently and if they don't improve or if Raw on Monday drag as much as last weeks did I will do another. All these rants are because to quote a certain #Heel, I am so damn sick of being so damn sick which is how I feel when I watch WWE Raw every week. So here we go I got more that I am pissed about so let's stop the stalling and let's get to it.
WWE has stated on many occasions that they aren't a wrestling company yet they market CM Punk as the Best Wrestler in the World. Which last time I checked means Punk is a wrestler not a Sports Entertainer. The fans don't want to hear oh WWE is getting this former Hollywood writers are coming to write for a WRESTLING company not a Sports Entertainment company. No I understand wrestling is entertainment but it's Wrestling to not just sport entertainment. Because the people they bring in off the Indy circuit aren't Sports Entertainers they are Pro-Wrestlers.
All I have heard is that…

Background: How I would book it..... Ken Shamrock's Push

Way back if my match is correct 13 years ago during the Attitude Era, everyone on the WWE roster was getting a reaction good or bad, big or small everyone was getting one. One of those people were former UFC World Champion, The World's Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock. I've seen is matches from 1998 and have heard the reaction he got as both a Face & a Heel. I believe they had all the intention of pushing him far but because of his lack of charisma it tailed off and he just stayed in the mid-card. I think there was a way for Ken to get into the Main Event level while covering his lack of Mic Skills. Because all through 1998 Ken was getting a reaction whether boos or cheers he got a reaction a good one at that. Because of that he found his way into the Corporate Team in late 98 early 99 lead by the company's top heel Vince McMahon. See How I Would Have Booked a Main Event Push for Ken Shamrock in year 1998. Also you will be able to join me in a Journey back to wrestling&…

Summerslam Recall

With the biggest party of the Summer around the corner I will spend the next few weeks looking back at some of my favorite moments and matches from this PPV. I also like this ppv because it is usally when THQ revels more or a majority of the stuff & the people that are in this year game. Let's start with two really good matches from Summerslam's past I speak of of course Rock vs Triple H in a Ladder Match & The Undertaker vs Edge in a Hell in a Cell. The Rock vs HHH Ladder Match Summerslam 98 Part 1 Part 2 Undertaker vs Edge Summerslam 2008 Hell in a Cell

More to come as we move closer to the biggest party of the Summer...