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Scouting Report

Alberto Del Rio
getting better on the mic
great ground game
In My Opinion Best Feuds: Angle, Konnan, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Cena or Orton
From San Luis Potosi Mexico he was born into royalty being born into one the most known Wrestling families in Mexico named the Rodriguez Family. Nephew of WWE Legend Mil Mascaras, & Mexican Star Sicodelico, he is also the son of known luchadore Dos Caras. Which was one of his names when he first came to WWE as Dos Caras Jr a tribute to his dad. He is also the first member of his family to a heel in Mexico.
Debuting in the WWE just last year August to be specific against Rey Mysterio he showed he was not a guy to be taken lightly as he beat rey with a cross armbreaker. Less than a year later he is in the Royal Rumble and wins it elminating Santino showing that he has a bright future ahead of him in this company. I think its only a matter of time till Del Rio wins the world title and relizes his destiny but you already knew that.

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 3 years ago was wrestling history. It was when Cm Punk won his first world title, he beat Edge for it cashing in his first of two Money in the Bank cases. He saw the opportunity after Edge got assaulted by Batista so when down and won the title. He then defend the title later on in the night against JBL and retain with help from JBL's rival at that time John Cena & Cryme Tyme. He held the title until unforgiven of that year when forfeited it after being punted by Orton.
Also today 8 years ago one of the more talented WWE divas debuted as Gail Kim made her debut on an episode of RAW, in a Battle royal. For the women's title which she won that night becoming the first diva to win the title in their debut. Also she became the first diva to win both the WWE & TNA Womens titles.

This Day in Wrestling History

This day in 26 years ago was Cody Rhodes day of birth. But more important in the world of wrestling is that today is also the day that Ted DiBiase had his first match in the WWE, at Night of Champions 2008 when he and cody beat Hardcore Holly for the tag team titles. Both of these two guys are the future of the WWE and have what it takes to be future world champions and make a lot of money in this sport.

WWE work or real

Yesterday on RAW CM Punk cut probably the most talk about promo in WWE for a very long time. if you missed follow the link    I agree 100% with everything punk said and that would amazing if he goes back to ROH i am actually thinking about ordering the WWE ppv even though i know what will happend just to see what punk may do that night. As nobody in WWE history has ever left the company with the World title before and i dont see it happening now as Vince has played by a certain book for long that it wouldnt make sense to change now. But back to the big new Punk's promo weather it was real or scripted well not to pop the bubble and or the hopes and dreams of any of you but it was what they call in the buisness a worked shoot. Which means it was a shoot or a rant but it was also scripted for him to say it. By the way weather it was real or not i agree with what he said because Hogan, Rock, & Cena are all ass kissers thats why they were…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 13 years ago this is going to be a shock WWE held another ppv and it was the King Of the Ring which Ken Shamrock won, but that wasnt the biggest thing on the show. Because the show was headlinded by a double main event with Undertaker vs Mandkind Hell in a Cell & Steve Austin vs Kane first blood for the world title. Kane won the world title after interference from undertaker with a steel chair and he went on to keep the belt for only 1 day losing the next day on RAW to Austin. The show stealer was the Third Hell in a cell in history between Mandkind & Undertaker and i am telling you if you have never seen this match then you need to watch it cause in my opinion not only on of the best in their feud but one of the better HIAC's ever. It was also unique being the only HIAC ever where both guys started on top of the cage, and though the match did start the bell did not ring till they got in side the cell which didnt happend until Mick fell 15ft twice. The first time …

Post PPV Thoughts

As many saw last night in the post Once Steen Always Steen, Kevin Steen returned to ROH in a big way assulting both Michael Elgin, and Steve Corino. Prior to assulting Corino he shares his ture feeling about Ring Of Honor saying f*** ROH then being assulted from the arena.
With the predictions i made for the ppv i was wrong more then right as Steen did show up, Lethal beat Bennett ending the prodigy's unbeaten streak, & both of the House truth matches as i though elgin would lose and daniels win but it didnt pan out that way. As Daniels lost the TV belt to El Generico and Michael Elgin beats Corino and desemates Jimmy Jacobs after the almost putting him through the mat with a powerbomb. Also they had a match i didnt even know of between Tomasso Ciampa (w/ The Embassy) vs Colt Cabana, which tomasso won in a good match. The ppv was filled with moments and a matches never to be forgotten for a long time like what we saw in the Street Fight between Rhino & Homicide but, the s…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 7 years ago WWE held the first Great American Bash ppv since they bought the name of WCW as this once was a WCW ppv. This was home to the first and only concrete Crypt Match between the Dudley Boys, and Undertaker where to win taker had to do the right thing either saving paul bearer from a "concrete grave" or join Haymen's group. If he didnt join haymen, haymen would bury bearer in concrete which is what happend in the end but not from Paul but by the Undertaker sending bearer out of the WWE again. Also that night was the Bull Rope Match between Eddie Guerrero vs JBL for the WWE Title which JBL won thanks to a reverse decision by the GM Kurt Angle. This started the longest wwe title regin in the last 10 years for JBL and made him a household name. Another interesting note is at the ppv a man named Mordecai made his ppv debut and though he never won a title he wasnt fired until 2010 but thats before he re-debuted this time as Kevin Thorn.

Once Steen Always Steen

Kevin Steen appeared on ippv this afternoon at the ROH Best in the World show which this was the first time since he was fired back in december. Kevin hopped the rail after the Elgin vs Corino match to help steve & jimmy, who were being attacked by elgin this lead to kevin hopping the rail and, attacking elgin after he had enough superkicking him and sending him on his way. Almost immedietly after elgin leaves out comes ROH officals to take steen out of the arena but steve got on the mic and started the chant let him talk. Which they did and kevin thanked a few people like Carey (ROH President), James Cornette, & the new owners at Sinclair as well as the fans. But then out of the blue he says what i have to say wont take long f*** ROH then proceeded to attacked steve then be escorted from the arena. Cornette said after he promises on his mothers grave thats the last steen will be in or at an ROH event the crowd booed. Escorting steen out and saying he will never be at another …

This day in Wrestling History

This day 19 years ago is a very mournful day for those invovled in pro wrestling because they lost a lenegend, a hall of famer the original Nature Boy, the first WWE champion Buddy Rogers. Buddy was the first wrestler to jump from the NWA with Vincent J McMahon to be apart of the WWWF which had there first show in 1963 and used it to crown a world champion which was buddy who vince and, toots mondt felt was black balled in the NWA as buddy is a former NWA world champion but did have as long a regin as vince and toots felt he have had. So they held a "tournament" in Brazil for the world title and Buddy won. But yet again not holding on to the belt for that long because within that year Buddy suffered a mild heart attack which had an impact on his stamina in the ring and 18 days after winning the title he dropped it to another legend Bruno Samartino in 48 seconds. (Nerd Note: Lengend has it that Toots had to force buddy into the match so he could drop the title.) After the los…

PPV Predictions

This is a new page if gets a good response i will do it more than just this once. As tomorrow is probably the biggest ppv for the small company out of Bristol PA as they show who maybe BEST IN THE WORLD with these matches.

DVD extra: Generation Me vs Adam Cole & Kyle O Riley
i think Cole and o Riley give gen me a run for their money but come up short in the end and get put over by gen me post match and i predict a lot of anti TNA chants for this match.
Homicide vs Rhino w/ The Embassy Street Fight
I see this match as being late in the card because of the fact that its a street fight i don't see rhino winning only because as far as i know he is just there for the night so homicide wins but the embassy get after post match.
Special Challenge 1
"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett vs Jay Lethel
i think this is one of his more tougher opponents since he debuted but i see the prodigy staying unbeaten. I do hope though this means that jay will be coming back ROH more often an…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 75 years ago in Atlanta Georgia was the first Steel Cage match. The match was between Jack Bloomfield & Count Petro Rossi and jack won the match not like anybody actually knows that though. The match was called a Chicken Wire Match, the next one wasnt until 1942 in Canada when John Katan defeated Ignacio Martinez in the fiirst one north of the border. At that point the cage was only 6 feet high. The first WWE Steel Cage took place in 1975 with Lou Albano vs Bruno Samartino and Bruno won the match. Then you also have the famous Jimmy Snuka vs Don Muraco in 1983 at Madison Square Garden, when Snuka dove off the cage onto to Muraco (nerd note: this help make foley's decision that when he becomes a pro he would do somthing like that as he was in the auidence to see that match.) The first TNA steel cage was between Triple X & Americas Most Wanted it saw AMW do their tag move off the top of the cage and win the match. Last highlight was when WWE did Raw Roulette and had…

History of TNA part 4

This is hopefully the last part of this blog as that really isnt much else to say for this well lets get started. Going into 2009 nothing really big expect the final World X Cup ever was this year and Mick Foley became the second person to hold both the WWE & TNA World heavywieght titles. At this point the Main Event Mafia was still running rampant around TNA, i apologize as also this was the last King of the Mountain Match with winner beging Kurt Angle (you can get the full story in this day in wrestling history of the 21st.) Also a few former stars came back like Shane Douglas for a short time and also Raven who came back to do somthing with Abyss. TNA also parted ways with a few people during this year Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer), Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt & Sheki Abdul Bashir.
Near the end of 2009 rumors started to run amuck in TNA that Hulk Hogan signed a contract with TNA and would becoming with someone on Janurary 4 from when the rumors…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 10 years ago WWE held the annual King of the Ring Tournament which was won by edge. But also had the infamous Street Fight between Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon. (Infamous b/c it is or was featured in the Don't try this at home ad which aired before all DVD/VHS.) Also on that night it had a 3 way for the World  Title between Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho leading into the match people thought because of their roots winning the title would lead Benoit or Jericho to jump to the WCW. Though they didn't win or jump ship something else did happened and it was the 5 time 5 time 5 time WCW champion who had an impact in the match making his debut by bookending Austin through one of the announcers tables.
Which this wasnt the first attack as WCW had be at large in the WWE for months as the WCW/ECW went out of buisness months before and WWE got both companies and did this for more money. With the first person being Mike Awsome who attacked Hardcore champion Rhino …

This day in Wrestling History

This day 15 years ago it was the 1996 King of the Ring which at that point winning this tournament actually meant something. As this years ppv had everything from a highly anticipated title match between Shawn Michaels vs British Bulldog for the world title. Also on the show was a tag team title match between the Smoking Guns (Billy & Bart Gunn) vs The Godwin's. But nothing top what happened during the coronation ceremony it was this statement and it forever became edged into WWE history from the winner. You sit there and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere! Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16 Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!" If you cant tell it was Stone Cold's coronation promo and this promo officially started the change in the attitude with the WWE. Thanks impart to the infamous curtain in MSG Stone Cold was able to become the superstar he is at that time when he started becoming a top guy. Because o…

Scouting Report

CM Punk
great on mic
awesome on the mat
great in the ring
Best feuds he could have: orton, cena, miz, bryan, austin, hbk
One of the best in the WWE an one of the many that have been all over the world from Mexico to travels in Japan to Canada, to every state in the united states putting on show stealer everywhere he has been with the likes of Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Chris Hero, Raven, & Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman). Some of these people aren't not known to all but the people that aren't known are on the Indy circuit where punk made a name for himself first. But in the summer of 2005 he signed on with the WWE still competing as the ROH world champion see the connection. In August of that year he lost the title to former WWE superstar James Gibson aka Jamie Knoble.
Though a former world champion punk is actually one of the more underrated people on the WWE roster, as he is not featured as high as he should be. Because WWE doesn't believe he can lead a brand hence w…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 13 years ago a kid by the name of Adam Copeland debuted in WWE, but not as his real name but a name he kept for his entire career which is EDGE. He won his debut by count out after doing a botched heilo over the top rope onto his opponent. After that debut he went to feud with Gangrel before joining him to form a tag team that would change the face of the WWE tag team division because, that lead to him teaming with his "brother" Christian. After gangrel's tutelage they went to have some of the best tag team matches in WWE, history with the Hardys & then the Dudleys. Their first show stealing match was vs the Hardys at No Mercy 99 in the first ever Tag Team Ladder Match for the managerial services of Terri Runnels. Over the next year with the help of the Hardy's and the dudleys and the unique thinking of Mick Foley they put the tag team division on the map with TLC 1, TLC 2, & the Triangle Ladder match. In his illustrious career edge his won practical…

This day In Wrestling History

This day 2 years ago though not that eventful it was at the time because of what it meant. This day was Slammiversary 09 and was the last King of the Mountain match a long standing tradition in TNA. At the ppv it also the first X-division King Of the Mountain Match which helped that division stay unique. But the highlight was the World Title KOTM match which saw Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett & AJ Styles in it. Near the end we see Angle climbing the ladder trying to get the power back for the mafia and he was almost there until Joe comes up the ladder and we think yes angle isnt going to win but were we proven wrong when joe is about to hang the belt angle runs up the ladder as it now seems there is going to be a fight on the ladder as joe looks like he is going to hit angle he ends up handing him the title thereby joining the Main Event Mafia and turing on the frontline.
This day 2 years ago

Scouting Report

Alex Riley
getting better in the ring
very good on the mic
best feuds: Miz, Robert Roode, Daniel Bryan, Mason Ryan
One of the more greener rookies in the WWE greener meaning less experieneced but is learing very quickly and becoming one the best wrestler in the ring in the WWE. Starting in the WWE in 2007 alex has done more than most people in a very short time as it only took him about 3 years to get the call up. Which it usually takes anywhere from 3-5 years for somone to get the call. Winning the FCW World title also showed that the WWE saw somthing in him at they did as while in FCW next to Barrett he was probably the best talker down there which helped him get promoted so fast. Also how good he fit with Miz helped as it gave a reason for him to stay up with the main roster
Also an interesting fact about A-Ry is that though he got drafted to smackdown during this years supplemental draft he only appeared on the show once before sliding back to the raw brand to have his feud wi…

WWE PPV's Predictable or Not

With WWE's ppv Capitol Punishment being last night i figured it would be a good time to do this post. In my opinion the WWE ppv's have got very predictable with most matches like last night I dont know about you guys, but i thought a victory from Cena,Orton, Punk, & Ziggler; were obvious and i will tell you why. First, Cena he was versing truth to me it doesnt take a brian surgen to see that though truth is getting very heavily still he needs a little more for that big of a win. Also last time I checked even when Cena won the belt for the first time he kept for longer than 2 defenses like it has been. Next, is Orton who most people probably thought his match could either way but, I knew he was going win because they just turned christian heel and they are not going to give him the big win this early in his change. Punk's match was also obvisious good but, still obvisous because of the fact that his contact is expiring so winning would keep him happy and may make him a …

This day in Wrestling History

Today 9 years ago the second of the WCW replacement came in as Total Non-Stop Action with there founders the Jarretts had their first show. (Nerd Note: Ring Of Honor was the first company to come in after the ending of WCW as they came in Feburary of that year.) As it was important for TNA to get off on the right foot and it didnt as prior to the show going on the air during the dark match one of the ropes broke as a heavy man whos name eludes me ran into the ropes and the rope broke. This forced them to shuffle the script and quick to get the ring fixed before the show starts so then the entire ring crew runs down and works quick to get the ring fixed just in the knick of time. As if you look close at the opening to the ppv you can see the Harris Brothers going up the side ramp showing how close they were to show time. Harris Bros were not on the ring crew they just came out to help. They did suffle some things around doing non-wrestling segment first then, getting into the ring with…

Is the Heat deserved

As many have come to know i blog the truth no lies here everything i have written is from prior knowledge i just don't report my sources with it. Well before the news gets old i want to give my thoughts on it, it being the Zack Ryder story that surfaced earlier this week from when WWE was on Long Island for RAW. As most know the LI is Zack's hometown and he was not booked or seen on RAW he was on superstars and may have gotten the biggest pop in superstars history. Even before the show all you heard was we want Ryder when superstars was about to start we want Ryder heck during raw we want Ryder and not once did Ryder appear like i said. The story is that Vince doesn't like the Internet but also doesn't like the fact that Zack is making jokes about the fact that WWE never uses him which he should not be mad at Zack because of something that he & his team don't do Zack is telling the truth and in the process is getting over on his own and with the corporate machi…

This Day in Wrestling History

this day last year every indy wrestling fan & indy wrestler were stunned by the news they found out as today Michael Verdi aka Trent Acid passed away because of a drug overdose he was 29. A former tag team champion everywhere he went with partner and friend Johnny Kashmere. He is also the longest reigning CZW Junior Heavyweight champion at 399 days in 2002 and he also helped train a few of czw wrestlers of today being a trainer at the CZW training acadamey also with kashmere they wrestled in Japan, ROH, & TNA enriching fans and promoters as well as tag team division he maybe gone but never forgotten also today it is what would have been Brusier Brody's 65 but he stabbed to death at a wrestling show in 1988 by something Gonzalez i think well they are both missed and now remembered

Histroy of TNA Part 3

As we move on towards the end of 2007 things are still going great for TNA they get there most watched ppv when Angle vs Joe but somthing still isnt clicking. They are still were they once were what has to happend for them to break through sign a big name no done that, marque matches no had them, interesting storylines not really, maybe there is somthing their um maybe the booker who was it oh yah i think Dutch Mantel and Vince Russo to guys with zero experience of booking anything successfull so why put them in charge because the person in charge has know idea what she/he is doing there or they would have noticed his past track record and not put him in charge. Continue to push the X-division & Samoa Joe cause why mess with a good thing but they didnt someone in charge did cause this one founder was takin off the road by the president for doing things i'd rather not discuss in this article or on this site for that matter. So now its up to the president what happends so she st…

Politics A game or a Career Killer

Politics not the stuff that insights arguments all over America yes there is a different form of politics other than the one that is goverment invovled and it takes place backstage in wrestling companies throught the US. Running rampted really only in WWE nowadays as many guys have been a victim of the political game but not just in the WWE in WCW as well and it kills careers. Just because someone is not like by a top guy doesnt mean he cant get pushed it showed be based off the reaction you get on TV and how you do in the ring not on who you know backstage. As this way of thinking has caused many very talented people to not make the money they should like Maven, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Sprit Squad, Nexus, Sheamus, Jeff Jarett, & many others a majority in the WWE but still exsisted in WCW. Vince & his high ranking not executives but his top stars have been deciding who makes it and how far they go for a very long time since around the time he became a superpower in the wres…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today is both a joyful day and a sad for many reasons first the happy news. Today both Brad Armstrong and Scott Norton celebrate there birthdays. Flash Norton as some call him turns 53 today he as far as i know is done with his wrestling career though better known in Japan as he is a muti-time title holder in Japan but also never held a title on USA soil the only thing he is remebered for in the US is being a member of the NWO. Brad Armstorng known to most as his real name but known to some as a member of the famous Armstrong family with brother of Steve, former WWE/TNA Superstar Brian Armstrong (Road Dogg/BG James), & Currrent WWE Ref Scott. But today Brad turns 50 years old and he is also the of WWE Hall of Famer Bullet Bob Armstrong. Few highlights in his career winning titles in WCW, SMW (Nerd Note: Smokey Mountain Wrestling Owned by James Cornette until 1995), USWA, & UWF also many other places throught the states.
Today is also a sad day cause this day 4 years ago Wrestl…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 18 years ago Hulk Hogan fought at his last WWE PPV King of Ring 93 when he dropped the title to Yokozuna. 4 months prior hogan won the belt at Wreslemania 9 from yoko after yoko beat breat by cheating with the help of fuji. But at the KOTR it didnt play out the same as a "japanese camera man" blew a fire ball in hogans face which lead to yoko doing the legdrop on hulk and getting the win. (Nerd note: the camera guy was actually Harvey Whipelman).
After that show hogan baiscally left WWE and people though he was done but then 2 days off a year later Hulk does the unthinkable and signs with the WCW. Which on a technicallity was the first shot fired in the War between both companies. (Nerd Note: he came June 11th 1994 was the contract signing). Without hulk jumping ship there be NO NWO & therefore baiscally no Monday Night Wars. So thank you Hulk Hogan for making that decision actually could saved WCW if it didnt happend but thank you anyway
Also this day 2 years…

Scouting Report

Bryan Danielson
great in ring skills
Has his moments on the mic
Best Feuds: Desmond Wolfe, Ted Dibiase, Tyler Black, CM Punk, Low Ki
Bryan was one of the only graduates of the Shawn Michael's Training Academy with many other guys who most of their names escape me at the moment except Lance Cade & Paul London. After leaving the school he was signed by WWE but didn't not make it to the main roster before he got released from his developmental deal with many other people. (Nerd Notice: it was roster cuts of 2001-2002 with a majority of the inherited WCW talent going as well he was one of the few to be fired never to wrestle in WCW.) After his release from WWE a few tours in Japan & Europe being tutored  by William Regal he returns to the US to headline a company's first show & in the process becoming a founding father of ROH. Since then 2002 he is a former 4 time World Champion, (ROH,  FIP, PWG, WXW ) Former GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion Pro Wrestling NOAH, …

This day in Wrestling History

Today WWE Veteran Mark Henry turns 40 years old. He has been with the WWE for 15 years and is a former Intercontinental champion, multi time European champion, & a former ECW World champion while in wwe but has never won a world title in the company.
Also today is former multi time world champion Jerry Lynn's 48th birthday. Lynn has wrestled all over the world having stints in all 3 of the big companies in the 90's finding most of his success in ECW where he captivated audiences during his entire time in ECW feuding with Justin Credible in probably one of the best feuds of credibles career & also the feud he is remembered for most in ECW is his feud with RVD over the TV belt and who was the Whole F'N Show. Still in his mid 40's he becomes the ROH world champion for a few feuding with the likes of Nigel McGunniess (Desmond Wolf), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), & Austin Aries. Which showed even at that point in his career he could still go.

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 6 years ago was a landmark night in the buisness as for the first time since its closing their was a tribute show to ECW Hardcore Homecoming. In the arena they put on the map many years before those same guys the likes of Kronus, Sabu, Sandman, Francise Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, and many other ECW alumni came. This night was headlined by an ECW original match the no rope Barbed Wire match combined with the match ECW made famous the 3 way dance invovling the guys who competed in the the first one Douglas, Funk & Sabu. unfortunally due to contractual obligations with the WWE many of the top stars from the original ECW did not or could not come like Heyman, Dreamer, Van Dam, Raven (he actually was with TNA) but i guess still.
I think even after all these years the ghost of thoe unforgetable moments, matches, & characters that have walked that arena are still there to this day i thats best part as one of the memories i remeber is when Raven & his nest crusified the …

TNA History Part 2

By the way something I neglected to say in part 1 was that it was in 2002 that panda energy became the major financial group for TNA & Dixie Carter being President. At the start of 2006 TNA had brought back Sting the same way they brought him back in March using the date and a little video for when he is returning which was at final resolution of that year to team with Christian vs Jarrett & Monty Brown. For those wondering i don't know who the Booker is at this point i just know former Booker's consist of Jeff & Jerry Jarrett, Jeremy Borash, Vince Russo (also the current one as well), & Abyss where all the Booker throughout the history of TNA. Also late this year one of their best feuds in TNA began and most hyped debuts this was of Kurt Angle though a former WWE talent he is still drawing power the feud was against up n comer Samoa Joe and his unbeaten streak. 
I just want to clarify this that this is not a bashing of TNA as you can tell from the paragraph ab…

This day in Wrestling History

10 years ago today CZW got a tv deal from local cable outlet and on this day they had there first TV taping called Take One which was main evented by 4 czw long stays Justice Pain, Ric Blade, Lobo, & Nick Gage. The highlight of the match was near the end when both blade & gage attempted jumps from the 20ft balcony on to lobo & pain but it end up being more harm to them then their opponents. As blade jumped through pain through the table but suffered a broken leg in the process. Then Nick was to attempt the same thing through tables on to lobo but slipped from the balcony and fell to the floor below. Gage was able to continue but blade was stretched out.

Also today is the former WWE developmental wrestler & former CZW World champ Robert Anthony's birthday as he turns 29 years old. Also today is the 57th birthday of former NWA World Champion & UFC Hall of Famer Dan "The Beast" Severn. Finally also having a birthday today is former NWA Booker and Senior…

This day in Wrestling History

1 year ago today a group debuted in the WWE like nobody before them or since them the group was called the NEXUS with the members consisting of Darren Young, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Daniel Bryan, & Skip Sheffield. On this night these 8 showed up near the end of Raw viewer's choice and destroyed the ring and everything and all surrounding it including Cena, Punk, King, Justin Roberts, Mark Yeaton (Time Keeper), and others. they also did somthing that famously got daniel bryan fired for it he strangle roberts with his tie which apparently violates a company policy put in place after Chris Benoit so he was fired and to this day the Nexus has ran through the WWE.
Also today marks what would have been Grand Wizard's  90th birthday, today also is the that the man formely known as earthquake passed away from cance & finally today is Mick Foley's birthday he is 46 and thats it Have a nice day you all thank you for coming

This Day In Wrestling History

Today Drew McIntyre turns 26 years old. He has been with WWE since 2007 first debuting with the company as the protegee of Dave Taylor. But got demoted in November 07 back to OVW to hone his skill but then after 2 years he got promoted again to WWE as the chosen one as said by Vince McMahon on the Smackdown brand. Remained undefeated until feb 2010 losing to Kane but remained the IC champion for 5 months losing it to Kofi Kingston. He has defenitly improved from his original debut to and he continues to get better and better being 26 he has a long career ahead of him. Today is also ODB's Birthday as she turns 33 years old. TNA has been her home for a majority of her wrestling career being a former multi time Knockouts champion and also being one of the founding women of the division she held them gain the noteriety it once had. She had her original debut in TNA March 1st 2003 but it wasnt a full time thing and didnt come back till Janurary of 04. They say she debuted Janurary of 2…

History of TNA part 1

TNA one of the many promotions to come in after WCW folded in March of 2001 but they did come in until a year later. On a fishing trip in 2001; Bob Ryder, Jeff, & Jerry Jarrett talked about starting a wrestling company Jeff was the only one who took it seriously and after the trip he started to try and put it together with the help of his father and friends in the business. June of 2002 there first show or PPV were they had the NWA World Title on the line (they were under the NWA banner until 2007) in a Battle royal because then champion Dan Severn could not make the show so he was striped of the belt.

And new champion Ken Shamrock was crowned. As an extension of the NWA, TNA quickly established themselves as the alternative to the WWE then the only superpower in the United States with stars like Aj Styles, Christopher Daniels, Chris Harris, James Storm, Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, & etc. It was basically anyone that WWE felt didn't fit the mold they had made for thei…

This Day In Wrestling History

Today is another happy day i would like to send birthday wishes to ECW Alumni & former BWO memeber Simon Dean aka Hollywood Nova aka Mike Bucci who is turning 39 years old today. Mike failed to win a singles title in WWE or ECW but did win some belts on the independent scence winning 7 world titles in various independent companies as well winning 7 tag team title belts in various indy promotions. He is also a winner of the Russ Hass Tag Team Tournament with Charlie Hass
All in all i think he is most remebered for his ECW tenure because of the BWO with him Steveie Richards, Blue Meanie & others also after the BWO broke up he started competiting as Nova where he devloped the nickname as the most imitated man in sports entertainment by Joey Styles cause everytime he came up with a new move someone else would copy it. He was also the lead writer down in OVW until 06 when he left the company cause of the politics.

This Day In Wrestling History

Today is actually a very good day for some professional wrestlers as it is the first ECW Triple Crown winner & part owner of NYWC Mikey Whipwreck who is turing 38 years old and independent wrestler Ty Hagan (aka Tyler Veritas) turing 24 years old, also brother of wwe road agent Dean Malenko. Joe Malenko also has a birthday today as he turns 56 and finally the other birthday today is Robert Marella aka Gorrila Monsoon Also today was the first show for TNA on the Fox Sports Network

Interview with AAW COO Kevin Harvey

Where do you see AAW in the next 12 months??
Kevin:  I believe AAW will continue to grow. We've only run two shows outside our normal home base in Berwyn. Both shows have been successful. I would love to see us continue this success and continue to have bigger and better events and more on iPPV as well.
Larger events and iPPV are key ingredients in our plans to reach a larger fan base. We have been called "professional wrestling's best kept secret" by fans at out events. We intend to get the secret out
In 12 months, we'll still be the same company doing what we do best, just on a slightly larger scale. With iPPV just starting to roll and our pending exposure in The Smashing Pumpkins' Owata" music video, our exposure to the world is only improving
How did you get into the business???
Kevin: I got into wrestling with a combination of dumb luck and persistence.
How long have you been a fan?? Kevin: I've been a fan of wrestling since I was about 8 year…

Scouting Report

This is all about me giving my opinion about a certain superstar or stars depending upon what i feel like doing
Davey Richards
Great on the microphone
Beast in the ring
Best feuds in my opinion: Eddie Edwards, Rodderick Strong, Tyler Black, Aj Styles
Davey is one of the best wrestlers in the world no he does not wresle for WWE he wrestles for Ring OF Honor Wrestling a company that since 2002 has been based out of Bristol Pennsylvania. A very skilled BJJ, Muay Thai, & Kembo which are all mixed martial arts trained by known by some but to others infamous Tony Kozina. In his career Davey is a former world champion but in the less known smaller PWG based out of Los Angeles California but where he is based now and has been based a few years ROH he has been in the HUNT but has never won the world title
From, Othello Washington richards lived with his grandparents during his early wrestling career; his grandfather was a very big supporter of his until he died the night davey won hi…

This Day In Wrestling History

June 2nd 2003
This is what the story read one of the greats, a very classiy man passes away today he was 85 and he is a former prowrestler & manager named Freddrick Blassie. He also one of the few wrestlers actually to have served in the military which he did for 42 months during WW2 where he gained the honor of being Petty Officer Second Class. He is also known for coming up with his catchphrase Listen Up Pencil Neck Geek which he used to describe fellow carny performer "The Geek"
During his wrestling career he acculated awards/championships everywhere he went from all the territories He won 12 Tag Team Titles, A 29 time World & Junior Heavyweight champion. Also some other achievements are the Stanley Weston Award from PWI, indction into the WWE, Wrestling Observer, & Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame also some other distinctions that if you want to find out search him on google to find more
Fred Blassie left behide a very nice and respected legecy in the hearts and…

Punked or being Punked

The talk of the wrestling world is what will CM Punk do is he going to stay with WWE after his contract is up or is he going to leave and join some place else or just leave wrestling all together. As of now the Straightedge Superstar will be leaving WWE a triple crown winner, 3 time world heavyweight champion, 1 time IC champion, & 3 time slammy award winner. Right now punk is running with the Nexus but if he leaves what will happend to the nexus members and the ratings on raw as the best heel in the company right would be gone. But what if he stays now thats no fun as nothing changes & i am not here to spread rumors but odds are punk is leaving dont believe me ask punk were he stands as of now
Punk also has had great matches with many superstars some with Mysterio, Hardy, Undertaker, & others will punk be remembered in WWE yes he will as more than a man but a Savior a Straightedge Savior to be exact and that means he is better than you even if WWE doesnt let him show it

WWE Misusing Talent

For, many years it has been seen that WWE has misused very talent superstars which postitions the people to either not make the money they could in this sport or just quit this sport which isnt right. This unfortunatly has been seen more now then ever with misusing of talent.

During, the last 15 years people such as Maven, Kenny Dykstra, Curt Hawkins, Tyson Kidd, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Mike Sanders, Bryan Danielson, Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Chris Candido, & others who didnt make near the money they could in WWE becuase they were or are misused and therefore not being seen at there full potential i admitt Bryan Danielson & tyson kidd's direction are getting better but still not where they should be. Obvisously this is not including everyone but if you think of someone and you want to catch me send me on Twitter which i will be posting soon

Finally this site is all My Opinion nothing to do with me saying actual things and if you dont like my opinion d…