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Happy New Year!!!!!!!

This maybe redundant because I just said last week but I don't care because that's how appreciative of you guys & gals I am. What I mean is even though on Christmas last week Thanked all of you for the support of the site. 2 years ago when I started this I didn't think it would have still been here closing in on 3 years later. Also I never thought that so many of you would read and enjoy my posts & my opinion on the wrestling business and I thank you all for that.

I know a month or so ago, I said "I was leaving for my new site" but things didn't work out with the person that took over the site so I took it back. As a way for me to show my graditude for all the views I have gotten over the last 2 & half years, but then I thought not many videos can express the appreciation I have for all of you who have viewed this site and respected my opinion enough to read the posts. But it's worth a shot so as a Thank You for another great year here is a v…

How I Would Book it Part 4...... ECW 2006

August 20th SummerSlam: ECW Originals vs CM Punk
Announcers would hype up the big matches for tonight, Great Khali & Daivari def. Danny Doring & Roadkill to win the Tag Team Titles (Post Match: Basham Brothers attack Doring & Roadkill, they both hit their finishers on Danny Doring), Shelton Benjamin vs Brian Kendrick ends in a Time Limit Draw, Promo from the ECW Originals about the disrespect they have been shown by Punk, Elimination Tag Team Match: ECW Originals def. Team Punk (CM Punk, Mr. X, Ray Gordy, & Rob Conway) Dreamer pins Conway)

Tuesday August22nd ECW on SC-FI:
Highlights of the PPV, Brian Kendrick & Paul London def. Shelton Benjamin & Ryan O’ Riley (Shelton attacks O’ Riley Post Match until Kendrick & London comeback to the ring to make the save), Basham Brothers are being interviewed and explain their actions from Sunday, Danny says “We should be ECW World Tag Team Champions because we are the best Tag Team in the ECW. Doug continues to say we …

Seasons Grettings

Now I am aware that I may not be posting here as much as I used to but I still am posting here when I can. When I began this site I didn't expect within to 2 and half years this may people would have viewed it I am very appreciative of you guys. I know Christmas is tomorrow but in case I can't get on here tomorrow I wanted to thank everyone who has viewed this site over this past year, you don't know how much seeing those numbers mean to me. I thank you all for the continued support and being respectful of my posts over the last year I appreciate it very much.

I just wanted to say to all of you guys Happy Holidays & Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!!

Also please let your voice be heard cast your vote on the poll and decide if one of the more popular series on this blog changes or stays the same in 2014!!!!!!

~~~THANK & Enjoy!!!!

Interview with Independent Wrestler Xavier Cross

Welcome to another interview, today I spoke with Independent wrestling up and comer Xavier Cross. Xavier has been wrestling since 2009 but more recently has found a home in the young company On Point Wrestling, they just debuted last January. Now that I gave a little background let's not waste anymore time and let's get to the interview:

For the readers who may not know who you are why not give a little background of who you are & how you got into the Wrestling business?

XC: I am Xavier Cross. I started out in wrestling back in 2009. I went to high school with Matt Tremont and he is one of my best friends. The summer of 09 we went on a road trip and on the way back we decided that we really wanted to pursue wrestling. So when we got back we hit up a few friends of ours and started our training at Doc Diamonds Devastation University. I learned a lot when I was there and was trained mostly by Ron Starr.

When you were growing up were you a wrestling fan or no and if not where …

Retro Shows: Monday Night Raw

With the success of other blog series in the past I figured this would be a good idea to do another one. In this blog series I will look back at past television from other wrestling companies that I can find. I thought with the fact that so many past editions of wrestling television shows are on YouTube so I thought why not use them.
The first edition of this series will see me taking us back to May 24 1999, aka RAW is Owen. A little background into the show:
For those unaware this show is a tribute show to the late Owen Hart who passed away tragically the night before.This show is by far one of the most genuinely emotional Monday Night Raw's of all time.Truthfully the matches aren't anything special but it's the overall emotion everyone who is fighting on the show has and the small tributes they give to Owen.In 15 years of being a wrestling fan I have heard a lot about a lot of good things and bad things about a lot of people. All I have found out about Owen is he was a o…

TNA: The Sale of TNA (The Final Update)

Over the course of the of the few months the Internet Wrestling community has been a buzz with the rumors of The Carter Family possibly selling TNA to an outside party. But since the start of December the rumors have cooled down and almost halted totally.

At last word the rumor had the reason was the stake the outside party would take. The Carter Family didn't want to sell full ownership they just want another investor or a person to take part of their majority share rather then full ownership. But the outside party only wants full ownership instead of just minority share. I firmly believe this will hold up the sale to the pi int that it will not happen. I think this is bad because it is obvious in my mind that things aren't working under them because they have been in the same position for the last 7 years. I mean I think they may have also encountered setbacks along the way but still. I think it's time for The Carter's to give up and allow some with a new direction a…

How I Would Book it Part 3..... Rebirth of Extreme (ECW 2006)

Tuesday July 25th ECW on SC-FI:
Rene Dupree def. Tim Arson (Post Match: Dupree gets on the mic and says “It’s not that I hate William Regal, It’s not that I don’t respect him, It’s that I am sick and tired of the old school stars stopping me from taking my spot. Regal needs to hang on the boots and step aside for me to finally take my spot and become the star I am and have been destined to be.)  Hardcore Holly def. Kevin Thorn, Stevie Richards def. Kasey James, Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Local Talents, Tommy Dreamer comes out and says “Last week I challenged CM Punk and it went unanswered and it turned out he wasn’t here. I am sick of being ducked, I am sick of being treated like crap by you Punk, your time is coming when you will not be able to avoid me much longer Punk; I am going to kick your ass when I finally get you in the ring.” The lights go out in the arena, when they turn back on Mr. X, CM Punk, & Ray Gordy are all in the ring standing over Dreamer. Punk grabs a m…

Superstar Recall

I once again return with another edition of the Superstar Recall. For those who are first time viewers and have never seen this before this is when I look back in time to remember Wrestlers from the past. Today I look back at one of the more infamous characters in WWE history a man who became a familiar face in the WWE and still shows up every so often, when he tries to get passengers for a certain train: Everybody come abroad the HOOOO Train!!!!!!!!

Papa Shango in Action

Godfather Returns

Moment in Time 15

Back in the early 1990's it was a very dull time in the WWE with nothing really big going on except Hogan's time in the company winding down. But I think one of the best moments of that time happened at Wrestlemania 7 when Macho Man Randy Savage reunited with Miss Elizabeth. This by far is one of the most touching and heartfelt moments I have ever seen in the 15 years I have been watching wrestling. Feel free to watch the video below:

How I Would Book It Part 2....... Rebirth of Extreme (ECW 2006)

Tuesday July 4th ECW on Sc-FI: Philadelphia, PA

I would push this for a about a week or two that ECW is coming home to the city that helped start a revolution. The Announcers recap the tag team tournament and because of issues that were out of the control of ECW Management they were forced to allow one team a bye and Daivari & Khali got that right.  Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Basham Brothers (Doring pins Doug) Khali & Daivari are watching the match, Elijah Burke def. local talent, Tim Arson vignette, Sandman def. Zombie, William Regal def. Rene Dupree, Tommy Dreamer comes out and he says “he accepts the challenge Punk laid down for better competition last week and is calling Punk out.” Punk walks out and he saysYou misunderstood me Tommy, I did ask for better competition but I didn’t say when I wanted to fight. I will not be fighting in this wasteland of a city, full of parasites & delusional alcoholics; I unlike you and your old “ECW Originals” am above degrading…

PPV Predicitions

Tables Ladders & Chairs

Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango

This match will be nothing special as it doesn't need to be because it's the Pre-Show match. But it will be and should be a good match because of who is in it. I think they both need a win but since we see Dolph on TV more get him the win.

(c) AJ Lee vs Natalya

This will be the usual divas match only difference is that it means more then it used to which is great. I really do like the feud between AJ's group and the Total Diva Cast. I mean it is confusing sometimes but it's awesome seeing WWE invest the time in the divas to try and make them mean something. Even though it's getting to the point of when will AJ lose as she is running out of opponents I think they will continue to milk her run as champion. Therefore AJ wins tonight.

4 Way Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Titles (c) Rhodes Brothers vs Real Americans vs Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs Rybaxel

This match should be an indication of where …

Indy Wrestling Video of the Day

This is a new concept I want to try as away to diversify the content on this site and include more things from the Independents. So ever so often I will be choosing a new video to post from an indy company. This video is Kevin's Weekend Escapades: featuring Kevin Steen and his trips to AIW & AAW over this past weekend. Also in this video you see highlights of the main event from AIW most recent show called Hell on Earth 9 which was a brutal 8 person tag team match. Just watch I don't want ruin what you'll see. Enjoy and if this get's good views, I will do this more:

Kevin's Weekend Escapades- 12/4/13

Contract Update: AJ Styles

Soon after winning the TNA World Title AJ Styles "left" TNA citing the fact he had no contract as the reason he didn't have to stay and he took the TNA World Title with him. Within that time period many things have happened first AJ has defended the title in other countries like Mexico & Japan, TNA did a tournament to determine the new champion after AJ left, also depend on how long AJ is gone he could actually become a free agent.

As of this writing I have found out that AJ Styles has still not been signed to an extension by TNA Wrestling. It has been said money is one of the things holding up the signing of the contract but things could get somewhat interesting negotiations drag until AJ's current deal is done. A while ago AJ signed a short term extension with TNA and that contract is set to expire January 1 2014, so if they haven't come terms on a new contract yet then AJ will really be a free agent.

Going Above and Beyond for the Fans

For those who may not know there was a wrestling convention over the weekend called Wrestlecade. I believe the convention was held in Winston Salem, NC and by all accounts from people who were there it was a great experience. But looking through the events from this past weekend I found one story that was well Just Incredible. Over the past couple months I have been posting interviews from WGD Weekly, well here something different from those guys. A story of how far a person is willing to go on the Road to Redemption and to get back on the good side of the fans. This will most likely be part one of a two part story so please bear with me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did: Going Above and Beyond for the fans…now that’s Justin Credible Often times on all wrestling sites across the internet and through all means of social media, it is reported on, regardless of circumstances involved ever being considered, when a performer “let’s down” the fans and has to cancel or does not show f…

WGD Weekly with Steve & The Scum interview Jake Roberts

Another week gone that means another interview with a wrestler from the glory days of wrestling from my friends at WGD Weekly. Though it was short and I would have love to hear more about Jake Robert's wrestling career I am able to understand he is a busy man and we should be happy we got an interview at all. I am joking, these guys cover a lot of things a very short time which makes for a solid interview. They cover things like:
Jake's views on his father Grizzly SmithJake discuss some what the battle he faced with his personal demons and where some of those problems may be rootedJake speaks on booking in the GCW territory and how Jake came up with most thingsJake also covers his feuds with all the greats from Undertaker, Steamboat, Savage, Rude, & more
~~ Enjoy the interview with future WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts ~~

How I Would Book it Background...... Relaunch of ECW

I am aware this post series has taken a big break since my last series when I showed How I would have booked the Bryan vs Orton feud. Now first I know numerous people have tried to recapture the success of the original ECW but it is hard and almost impossible to recapture that. Because of the time and the people involved and the stars were aligned for them to succeed and begin a revolution. Back in 2006 WWE decide to try and recreate the Revolution when they announced they decided they were bringing ECW back as a show. Boy was that a mistake because it started out good and different but then after a while ECW became a glorified training facility for future Smackdown & Raw Superstars.

Join me as I enter the old wrestling time machine to travel back in time to the year 2006 to try and stop WWE from killing the ECW name. I will have a balance of new and old, more then just one title, and little involvement with RAW & Smackdown brands. Hop on and let the ride back in time begin E…

Survivor Series Recall

With Survivor Series being tomorrow I thought it'd be only fitting to do this one more time and look back at a Survivor Series from the past. Tonight we will be looking back at one of the biggest Survivor Series ever and even though people may have hated how the storyline went the importance of the show still showed. I speak of Survivor Series 2001 the night the business changed forever because it marked the end of ECW & WCW after "Team WWF" Won the match to "stay in business." Even though the Invasion Storyline was poorly booked and not given a proper amount of time still there is no taking away the achievements it brought namely Invasion PPV. The Invasion PPV holds record for most buyrates of a non-Wrestlemania PPV. Survivor Series 2001 changed the WWE and wrestling forever because it marked the start of a competition free wrestling industry. If you wish to relive this monumental event feel free to watch it below: ~~~ENJOY~~~

An Update on the Possible Sale of TNA

As of this writing one party is currently out of the running for purchasing TNA, now this undisclosed party was never the leader but was one of the rumored buyers that surfaced online. A different party however that met with TNA executives a few weeks ago has been the key party still interested is still in play. The main company is still in the mix and are talking positively about making the deal but it doesn't disclose a specific time period within which they want to close the deal. The new details that surfaced are that the undisclosed party wants full ownership of TNA as oppose to buying a percentage of the company.

The thing I believe that maybe holding things up is that it seems like the Carter Family may want to retain majority ownership of the company. But like I mentioned above the possible buyers want full ownership of the company not a percentage.

Also an interesting note, if the sale takes Jeff Jarrett is expected to gain even more power within the company since "h…

Creepiest Characters in Wrestling

This dude is one scary looking guy and totally fits the description of being one of wrestling's creepiest characters. Damien Demento was said to be created to mock Phil Theis who was Damien Demento in WWE because Vince thought Phil was crazy so the character fit. Though Damien Main Evented the first Raw ever against The Undertaker the gimmick never really caught on with the fans and Damien's stay was short lived in WWE. But that didn't not stop him from becoming one of the strangest, craziest, character in wrestling history. Below is footage of Demento's stay in the Sports Entertainment Organization:
Damien Demento vs Bob Backlund:
Top Ten moves of Damien Demento:

The Future is Coming: WWE Developmental

This post series will be highlighting the different talents that are showing there stuff down in the WWE performance center. Many of which the fans of WWE aren't aware before they debut with the main roster. I going to try and help bring some knowledge to this are willing to watch the matches I provide featuring current WWE developmental performers. Tonight we will start with "The Man that Gravity forgot and everyone will remember" former NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville. Adrian has made quite an impact in NXT with his unique style and that makes him a very different and unique member of the WWE. Just watch as Adrian Neville who was once known as Pac dazzles the fans with what he can do in the ring: (I tried finding both Pac & Neville footage but footage of Neville is hard to come by)

Pac & Yoshino vs Richochet & Naruki Doi 
Tribute to Pac/Adrian Neville

Random Wrestling Video of the Day: Bret Hart's Career Ends

In this segment here on Evolution of Wrestling I will be choosing just a random wrestling video from Youtube to post here on the site. If you have any suggestions about the next video comment below.

Bret "Hitman" Hart otherwise known as the Best there is best there was and the best there ever will be, had his career ending concussion that ultimately ruined his life. In 1999 Goldberg faced off against the Hitman at Starrcade. In the match Goldberg hit Bret Hart with a thrust kick that gave a concussion, which was the first of many. Hart suffered up to three extra concussions within matches over the time of that day along with the days immediately following Starrcade, having not been aware of the extent of his injuries. Because of all this consussions Bret got post-concussion-syndrome which forced him to retire from wrestling.

Regal Gets Praised

In an article on WWE.Com Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Antonio Cesaro, among others praised Regal for such things as Passion for the business, Helping  along young talent, Regals ability to adapt to the times, among other things. Also Jim Ross praised William Regal for his commentary on NXT saying that Regal is one of the most underrated guys behind the announce booth.

All this praising comes after Regal was the special referee in a Dark Main Event match between John Cena & Alberto Del Rio in which Cena won. Post-Match Regal praised Cena's wrestling ability before Regal attacked Cena. Cena then fought back and hit Regal with a Attitude Adjustment.

How I Would Book Part 5....... Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

December 2nd Monday Night Raw: 2 weeks before TLC
Highlights of Vince McMahon’s return to RAW from last week, announcers push the tension between Triple H & Big Show. Triple H comes out and he says “Since my father-in law isn’t here I have full power and Big Show if you show up here tonight I will have you arrested and put in jail like you showed be. Show I hate to tell you but I am not a wrestler anymore so I will not be fighting you at TLC so if you want to try and sue me go ahead you big dumb idiot. Announcers show us a tout sent out by the Rhodes Brothers about what Triple H wanted them to do for them to get their job back, also Michael Cole shares details of the interview he conducted with The Rhodes Brothers on why they walk out. We find out the Rhodes Brother were told to get their back they had to screw Daniel Bryan which is why they walked out. Rhodes Brothers def. (c) The Shield to win the Tag Team Titles, Orton vs Bryan contract signing announced for next week.

December …

Random Video of the Day: Christian's Leaves, Debut, and Comeback

In this segment here on Evolution of Wrestling I will be choosing just a random wrestling video from Youtube to post here on the site. If you have any suggestions about the next video comment below.
In 2005 Christian left WWE for TNA and became one of the top stars in TNA History, be a multi time NWA TNA Champion. Then in 2008 Christian left TNA and joined back up with the WWE and since then he has won Three World Titles and the Intercontinental Title.

Raw Teases Wyatt Family V.S Shield

To End off Raw yesterday it was a 2 on 3 Handicap Match where the Shield faced CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. During the Match the Wyatt's Family picture flash happens and Luke Harper and Erik Rowan are in the ring. But before the Wyatt's could get there hands on Punk and Bryan, the Shield stepped in there way and the Wyatt's and Shield argued over who got to beat Bryan and Punk. But before lone the talking stopped and the Wyatt Family and the Shield were brawling. This went on until Bray Wyatt got his Family and the Shield to team up to beat on Punk and Bryan . But Before any damage could be done the Uso's and Rhodes Dynasty run down for the save and a 6-on-6 brawl end Raw.
What could this mean, might we see a six man tag match between the Wyatt's and Shield or maybe a Twelve man tag match with the Shield and Wyatt's teaming against Punk, Bryan, the Usos, and Rhodes Dynasty.

Total Divas Viewship Comes Out, and Mid-Season Premiere Rundown

Last Night's Mid-Season Premiere of Total Divas was watched by 1.3 Million people on the E! network.
The show showed Nikki getting annoyed and frustrated at Eva Marie for trying to take Nikki's spot, Natalya struggles to get over her accident in a match against Trinity (Naomi) and contemplates not going on at SummerSlam, and Arianne tries to cope with her anger issues after embarrassing Vinny as well as flipping out on a guy in a car for going to slow.
In the end Natalya had a good match with Brie, and it was found that Nikki's boyfriend John Cena would need surgery for a triceps tear and would be injured for six months.

Superstar Recall: Red Rooster

This man like many others had made a name for himself in other promotions, & was highly touted in the business. But WWE didn't care about Terry's past they wanted to make him what ever they wanted. So they did and Terry Taylor debuts in WWF as Red Rooster. A complete joke of a character and a waste of a possible top heel. Due to Terry's talent he did end up getting the gimmick over which a credit to his talent as a performer.
Mr. Perfect V.S. Red Rooster 1989 Tito Santana V.S> Red Rooster 1989

Random Wrestling Video of the Day: Chikara Big Swing

In this new segment here on Evolution of Wrestling I will be choosing just a random wrestling video from Youtube to post here on the site. If you have any suggestions about the next video comment below.
As you all probably know Antonio Cesaro is becoming more known in WWE for his long big swings. But none of his big swing were as long as the on he did in Chiakara long ago.

Coproate Kane is Best for Business

Last week on Raw Big Show took on the Shield and Randy Orton in a handicap Match, and just when it looked like Show would take care of Orton Kane's music hits here comes a 7 foot tall man in a suit and tie. Yes Kane cam to the ring with a suit and tie on. That distraction proved to be all the Shield and Orton needed to get the advantage. Once Kane got to ringside he proceeded to throw chairs to the Shield to use on Show.
Now in an interview with Michael Cole on Triple H stated that Kane's role in the Authority was the Director of Operations. This change in Kane is great as for 16 yrs he's always been the monster Kane but now we have a change in Kane that can lead him to new heights in WWE if the angle is done right.

How I Would Book it Part 4........ Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

November 18th Monday Night Raw
We start the show with Daniel Bryan having an announcement regarding his Survivor Series Tag Team partners. Daniel says “I have thought long and hard about who to pick, I thought who hates Randy Orton, The Shield & Triple H just as much as I do. Well I think I found my team mates (Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, & R-Truth walk to the ring and are Daniel’s partners.) Randy my team will win at Survivor Series and I will pick the stipulation for our match at TLC when I finally take the title away from you.”
Announcers continue to speculate what Triple H told the Rhodes family they had to do last week and if it has anything to do with the Elimination Tag Match at Survivor Series. Randy walks out and says “Daniel you have shown one thing since SummerSlam that’s you don’t know when to quit. You don’t know when you should say I have had enough and say to me you’re the better man, which must mean you like getting your ass kicked because that’s what I …

Vince McMahon to Return Soon!

Vince McMahon's return to WWE TV has been talked about a lot in the last few months. As it was said he may return the night after Summerslam, Night Of Champions, and Hell in a Cell but all for none as we haven't seen Vince return.
But it's been reported that Vince McMahons return to TV to most likely feud with Triple H over power of WWE will happen most likely in January. The Plan was to always have him comeback in January to prepare for WrestleMania, but since the ratings had been slumping in the summer the rumors of Vince coming back sooner began, but after Cena's return boosted the ratings up the WWE can keep with there plans to make Vince comeback either on January 6th or January 27th which is the night after Royal Rumble.

How I would book it Part 3....... Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

October 21st Monday Night Raw: Can the McMahon’s intimidate the Big Show
(Made public the week prior that Daniel Bryan and Nikki are engaged) Triple H & Stephanie are in the ring and Triple H says “Welcome everyone to the show that we own and me and my wife will not tolerate disrespect. Stephanie is holding a briefcase which Triple H tells her to open and hand him what inside, she does and it’s a piece of paper. Hunter precedes he states “Big Show I have your contract right here I hold your career in my hands and you will do what we tell you to do or you will not have a contract anymore. Because, there are two things we won’t tolerate disrespect & insubordination, tonight Big Show you will see whose boss.” Contract Signing is made for later, The Shield def. Kofi Kingston & Prime Time Players (Ambrose pins Kofi), Brad Maddox is out for the contract signing for the Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton match at Hell in a Cell: Both men are out the tension is there but both men sign the…