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In or Out

Over the last 24 hours Brock Lesnar has been all over the dirt sheets, talked about by all the fans of wrestling & he was trending on twitter. The reason why all this talk with Brock is happening is because he retired from UFC lat night after he main Event so if you saw th mstch you witnessed history seing the main event. After the match he grab the mic and in a tearful goodby brock thanked Dana White, the fans, & the UFC as a whole and that yesterday would be the last time you see him in the octagon. Now all the members of the Internet Wrestling community are wondering if this will lead to a WWE return in 2012. I actually hope this does mean he wil be back next year with WWE on a short term deal to see how he is then go from their but also I would bring him in to fight taker at mania once then see were we are at then. But also Dana White said that even though Brock retired he can't join restoring yet cause he is still under a UFC contract. He therebye cannot join WWE unle…

Year end Awards

With the year coming to an end I am going to be doing Year end awards from now until Jan 31 so at that point I will total the votes and publish it on the first day of Feburary. Since I don't think people will be nonminate people I will pick people from appropriate promotions throughout the world. The awards that I will be giving out are all the same awards that the Pro Wrestling Illustraded give out every year. And some others will be original awards that I thought of myself also worse comes to worse I will push back the original date. Some of the awards will be Wrestler, Tag team, Match, Stable, Manager, & Promtion of the year. This is the special time of year cause all of the other wrestling sites are doing it so I figure even though I may technically not be a real site I am still a wrestling one. All the polls will be up for at least a few days allowing appeal time for voting and knowing when voting ends for all the awards which I will try to end it by Feburary 1 but I don&…

Great Matches Not Enough

I am well aware of the lack of posts I have been doing but i will try and change as it has been partly my fault that I haven't been posting. But now I am starting with this over the past couple of weeks I have seen numerous great matches from the major companies and i would like to talk about them. First Edwards vs Richards 3 which in my opinion may have had it's moments when their was doubt about reality but still it was a great match. I also think against popular belief I am happy Davey won because title changes are happening a little to often in new York it is good a change didn't happen. Another great match was Ryder vs Ziggler it kicked off the ppv with a bang. These guys are two of the top young performers in WWE today and should be getting props for their match instead of getting blamed for the bad ratings. These two have been the hottest thing on RAW for months now cause it is something new a feud over a mid card title is something we haven't seen in years from…

Shawn Michaels Heartbreak & Triumph

Though the book is from a couple of years ago it is still a great read for any fan of Shawn Michaels career in and out of the ring. During the story he starts out talking about growing up with his dad in the military and the teasing, and fighting in school from having the last name of hickenbottom. The first time he talks about wrestling is when he is in middle school and prior to a move he says he was watching the local company and got hooked. Then we jump to his first meeting with Jose Lothario and the training that followed after the training is complete he makes mention to the impact Jose has had on him. Then he moves towards his first landmark the first time he gets in the ring in mid-south and how the guys in the locker room treated him. He also says on mmore then one occasion about how protected the business was then as to how unprotected it is now. After his time in UWF was up he moved on to CSW where he would meet his first friend in the business and future partner Marty Jann…

Going Going Hurt

Just reported by Wzronline former WWE champion Randy Orton is injured they didn't disclose the injury at this point but the word going around is Orton could miss up to 6 months of action. This is a blessing as it is time for WWE to get faith in new faces cause Orton & Cena will not be here forever. Its about time they start getting new faces in the world title picture to stay not just for a specific time period. A couple of people who deserve this chance are Swagger, Bryan, Ziggler, Christian, Barrett, & others who aren't getting the chance they deserve. Now they just have to make sure they get completely behinde Orton's replacement from either shoe it shouldn't matter cause this could either go great or be a flop and I hope that it works cause then maybe they will give cena time off if they can get someone built up big enough. I doubt they will cause there is a reason why he is on smackdown and cena isn't just saying. Which that is good to have cause for t…

PPV Predictions

Final Battle

Tomasso Cimapa vs Tj Perkins
This is Rave's return to ROH and everyone will be happy to see him back and i think he will be tough test for tomasso this time to stay unbeaten in ROH but nothing against perkins but I think the dominant male will continue to domniant in ROH
Michael Elgin vs Tj Perkins
This will be a good match as every time Elgin goes out it seems he gets better and better in the ring that is why with the roll he has been on I am going with him in this match
Roderick Strong vs ???
No way to know who it might be or how good the match will be until the match I will wager a guess and say that Nigel will make his return tonight to the ring in which case Nigel will win Tag team Gauntlet
This will be a great match and I see future shock going after the winner of the briscoes vs world's greatest
Steve Corino vs Kevin Steen (Jimmy Jacobs) Special Ref
This will be a fight if steen wins he is back in Ring of Honor I am very much looking forward to it …

PPV Predictions

(c)Cody Rhodes vs Booker, T  this will be a good match cause its suppose to be the match that puts cody over the top in that case and the fact that i know Booker isnt coming back full time to wrestling i am going to go with Rhodes winning the match tonight Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton another good match and possibly the ending of the feud as well so since it doesnt invovled orton getting pinned i am going with Barrett getting the win over orton tonight (c)Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder this has been a great feud and it has elevated both guys to higher staus then they once had which i love seeing cause both these guys are much better then they were first thought to be. I am a bro and i would love to see Zack get the belt tonight but i dont think he will i just have this funny feeling that they will be having another match at the Rumble and Zack will win then Kevin Nash vs Triple H out of all the matches tonight i think this has all the makings of being the worst match on the card because …

Test your knowledge

trivia of the most important things that happend in this business and other things that dont have to do with the business stables, rosters, themes, toys, games, etc all right here at

Interview with Greek God Demtrius Papadon

Me: After your career is over do you plan on opening a school
Papadon-probably not, but you never know. It all depends how it ends and how I am financially

Do you hope to get to the WWE during your in-ring career or is beinging on the indy scence just good enough (aside from the $)
Papadon-of course I want to go the WWE.  That should be every wrestlers dream when they step in the ring & this business. 

How did you get into the business
Papadon-I went to the LIWF school in Brooklyn NY which was ran by Bobby Lombardi.  Now I train at the NYWC Academy in Deer Park NY. I was trained by Homicide and Mikey Whipwreck.

Why did you get into the business
Papadon-because I was a fan and didn't want to be 60 years old and say should of could of would of

 how does it fell to be working for your home state company
Papadon- It feels great to work for NYWC. The NYWC, & ECWA are two of the very best companies in wrestling today

Rebuilt or Just the Same

4 years ago the NWA was back to national tv and being rebuilt by TNA but then in June of 2007 TNA & NWA spilt and the NWA titles began to fall in prestige and awareness. Over the last couple of years people like Colt Cabana, Adam Pearce, Jimmy Rave, Bull Buchanon, Dark City Fight Club, & Rasche Brown & Keith Walker. They one thing in common they are all trying to preserve the relevance of the NWA by defending their titles in great matches & as often as needed. Now I dont think the NWA will ever be where it once was leading the charge over pro wrestling. But do you think they are going in the right direction with Pearce leading the charge or should they have someone new lead them into the next generation. Well fans you have one last opportunity for this to happen because RPW (Rampage Pro-Wrestling) are having a show where Adam Pearce is defending the NWA title in a 60 minute 2 out of 3 falls match vs young star Kyle Matthews. Also at another indy show before the year is…

This day in Wrestling History

Today is a day that is remembered in the minds of all the CZW fans because this day 3 years ago was the 10 anniversary of there biggest ppv CAGE OF DEATH. The show featured many people that are still apart of CZW today but are different roles now. Some of the guys are: Ryan Mcrbride, Egotistico Fantastico, Sabian, Adam Cole, Ruckus, Tyler Veritas, Alex Colon, Joe Gacy, Younger, Gulack, Moore, & others. This was a big show because this was the last time then owner of the company John Zandig participated at this show. Its a big deal because he was their for the first one and he won at his last one and he is yet to compete at another Cage of Death to this day. The match that Zandig won was a 6 way Cage of Death & like i said it was special cause it became he is last one. The match also included Brain Damage, Devon Moore, Danny Havoc, Sami Callihan, & Drake Younger. This was also the last time Brain Damage would compete at COD for 2 years coming back in 2010 in the main event …

Post PPV Thoughts

Last night TNA had their last ppv of the year and it was as bad as the last couple some matches we better then others & some were worse. Out of the 8 matches I got 2 matches wrong the first one was Daniels vs RVD & the other was Angle vs Storm. Out of all the matches I just want to discuss 3 first one is the X-Division title match Kash vs Aries it was real good match because they gave it the time it deserved. No matter who is in the match in order to get the full effect of just how good some the stars are you got to give them the time to show it. Great Job TNA with this action its a start now they just need to keep it going in the right direction. Next was Angle vs Storm this match next to the main event was the longest match & that one thing that TNA knows how to do and thats when they find a guy who has it they push him right not like WWE. Pushing him right means giving him credible wins against the top guys on the roster which is exactlly what Storm got last night. I ap…

Scouting Report

Shane Hollister

good on mic
great in ring

Best Possible Feuds: Bourne, Bryan, Richards, Styles, Yoshino

Hollister still young in his career only 24 years old from Davenport, Iowa. He had a long standing rivalry with fellow hometowner Tyler Black now known as Seth Rollins. For the most part Shane competes for AAW which all of it shows in Chicago as it isnt that big of a company. Shane is a former AAW Tag Team Champion with Bryce Benjamin & a former Heritage Champion which is like their TV title. But is the title that when most people win it the World title is on their horizon. That didnt happen for Hollister he lost it to Mason Beck then a losing streak cost him any opportunity to expand that far.
To my knowledge Shane was never a heel until 11/26/11 when he attacked Gregory Iron the handicapped hero. While Iron was on his way to the ring Hollister brian bustered him on the floor offically turning heel. I think this is good for Hollister it given him an opportunity to grow and be…

PPV Predictions

Final Resolution
Christopher Daniels vs Rob Van Dam this has been a very interesting feud cause its two veterans feuding with each other for the first time. That makes the matches new & fresh but the feud will be ending soon cause their is only so much they can do together. Even though i guessed it wrong last i am still going with Daniels again tonight (c) Austin Aries vs Kid Kash this has all the makings of a good match it just has to get the time to be a good one if it doesnt then it will be just like all the other matches. Even though i can see Kid Kash winning the match I dont think he will because i think it's to soon to take the belt off of Austin so I am going with Aries to win (c) Robbie E vs Eric Young this will be nothing more then just an average match even though both EY & Rob have more in ring skill then TNA management make them out to have. Even though it doesnt really make a difference who wins I am going with Robbie E as the victor (c) Gail Kim vs Mickie Ja…

TNA Wrestling: Impact is Near

I know all the blogs I have written about TNA for the most part bash the company and bring to light what i think is wrong with the company. Which their are alot of things wrong with the company and much to the dismay of baiscally every TNA writer including Dixie Carter & Hulk Hogan we fans dont know what we are talking about. Well if thats true then why does TNA have Facebook, & Twitters to give News away of the newest Ex-WWE employee that they signed instead of focusing on the talent they have their already and in OVW. Look I dont want to sound like a broken record but still TNA has problems within the company Jericho has said it, heck Jerry Jarrett made mention to them, & others. Because, everyone knows that if TNA gets good then the Wrestling business will get popular again maybe not like the 90's but they may be able to give WWE a run for their money. How they can start this is at Final Resoultion make Roode vs Styles one of the best matches in the last number of y…

Lilian's back (Simple Right)

Yesterday dirtsheets and all wrestling sites were buzzing after the Return of ex Ring Announcer of RAW Lilian Garcia is taking over the full time duties of being the Smackdown Ring Announcer. Lilian will be replacing long time Smackdown ring announcer Tony Chimel who's ring announcing career is up in the air at this point. Debuting in 99 as the RAW ring announcer and being thrust into the storyline with Jarrett who at that point was putting the figure 4 on women when he lost matches. The next big thing that happend in the career of Lilian was singing at Wrestlemania 2000 but the first time she sang at a WWE show was feburary 14. She later sang The Star Spangale Banner on the first Smackdown after 9-11 & the Star Spangale Banner is the song she sang the first two times also. Then 2002 was a big year for her because not only did her first album come out and get on the Top 100 chart at number 69 but, she also started another feud this time with Howard Finkel who left her to beate…

Jobbing or Just waiting

this past Thursday on Superstars Kofi Kingston lost to Primo in a match and believe people are digging to far into it. From Kofi's entrance everyone knows he still one half of the unified Tag Team Champions with Evan Bourne who has been out on a Wellness Policy Violation. From I have heard by the way Bourne did not take any pills or stuff like that he did Synthetic Marijuana which isn't the same thing as real marijuana. But as of December 1 Evan suspension is over and he can comeback to wrestling which is why i think Kofi jobbed to Primo because he didn't need the win being one half of the tag champion with his returning partner. A lot of fans on Facebook have been bashing the WWE for doing that but I just think that since they knew Bourne was coming back soon they didn't need to make Kofi get over in singles competition. People are saying and nobody is wondering about the fact that WWE chooses to enforce rules and when not to enforce them if my my memory serves me cor…