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Reasoning Behind Updates in the Let's Play Lacking

It was less then a month ago that I placed a post on this site saying that things would be moving back to normal and that I have figured out a way to get some new content. I said that with changes made in the let's play series it is prompting me to allow you the viewer to predict what is going to happen before it does. This would be a competition of sorts with the winner getting to pick from a list of prizes previously mentioned. (Click Here to view)

However, for one reason or another it has been a few weeks and another post hasn't come. Though I don't think many of you are that upset about it I will say that ultimately that is the reason why I chose to stop. I know I sound kind of petty considering my reasoning for not posting is totally reliant on this idea not so much that nobody was doing it and more so, because I realized after the fact that it was too soon to do something like this. I was growing before the series was ready to grow or even I was making too many chang…

Let's Play ROH: TV Show Predictions

We have returned!!! After around two years consistent new post have returned to this blog. Now this doesn't mean I have discontinued the site. I just developed an idea where finally both sites can benefit. Now for those who have been long time readers of the blog then you probably recognize the name How I Would Book it. Well I ended that series in favor of entitling it just simply Let's Play ______ then the companies name. Even since I started this series back in 2011-2012 I have made changes to it normally to the title, but still.

Over the last few weeks I have really been trying to think of a way to up the fan interaction for the series and I think I stumbled upon a great idea. I would post a preview to each show a few days earlier to allow for some predictions from you and then I would track by giving point when you guess correct. Then you have the leader board with those who have mounted the most points and post PPV I will reward the top two winners with a prize. This bein…