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Differences Between Writing for Blogs & Writing for a Site (Part 1)

Well my friends this is the first time that I am actually behind my keyboard writing original content for this blog in a while. But I feel like this is what you guys deserve so I found a way to give it to you guys and make you all happy.

As you can tell from the title above this will be more then just a one time thing as this is just part 1 of the series. That's right for the first time in almost three years I will actually be doing a small post series here on the blog. The reason is simple I am doing it just as a thank you to you guys and gals for the continued support of this blog even after the consistent posts stopped coming out. Which like I mentioned in an earlier post I am extremely grateful and appreciative for. Now with that out of the way it's time to move onto the meat of this post and the start of this series.

In all honesty as I always try to be I don't really know how many of you know why the posts stopped coming and why I walked away from blogger. Well it…

Break My Back & You Made Me Humble

Though the title may not fit the post I thought that if I was going to do a post then why not make the title something that could catch your eye rather then the same old thing. I will tell you guys something that in the very near future I will be putting a post on this site and not something that has already been posted by me somewhere else I will actually post original content.

The reason being is because I feel you guys and gals deserve it because almost after 5 years all of you still come around and read this blog. Even though I have really been gone from this blog for almost two years the support hasn't stopped. The sporadic posts haven't stopped you guys and gals from visiting this blog. I can't put into words what that means to me, I mean the only way I might be able to is the above title. You broke my back and made me humble & I am forever grateful. 

For reasons that will remain a secret right now I don't want to ramble to much, but what I will do is say tha…

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