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A Raw Problem

After the 1000th Episode of RAW, WWE moved there flagship show from 2 hours every Monday Night to a 3 hour broadcast like WCW did in January 1998. What surprised WWE didn't do it first well that's Vince for you he doesn't like giving people credit for there idea because pretends the other companies don't exist. But that's beside the point of this post I am going to discuss the problems of a 3 hour broadcast every Monday. Now here are some real stats of RAW since the change:
The first hour of Monday’s show garnered 4,147,000 viewers, with hour two slightly dropping 4,126,000. The third hour, however, suffered its sharpest decline since the program was lengthened to three hours in July, dropping to 3,488,000 viewers. It marked as the fifteenth consecutive week and eighteenth week out of nineteen weeks where viewership dropped off during the third hour.
That's not even factoring in the low ratings the show has been getting which isn't due to the fact of bad writ…

Unfortunate loss

First I would like to apologize for the lack of posts this week school has overwhelmed me this week but next week we will get back to normal.

This afternoon I learned of very sad news and that was that former member of the Fabulous Freebirds & Founding Member of the Hollywood Blondes Buddy "Jack" Roberts passed away. Buddy made a name for himself in this business in tag team wrestling first teaming with Johnny Valentine. Buddy using his real first name of Dale he portrayed the brother of Johnny Valentine. But didn't get that much success until he began teaming with Jerry Brown under the name of the Hollywood Blondes. (Hollywood Blondes name would later be the tag team name of Steve Austin & Brian Pillman in WCW.) Buddy then reached the peak of success when he joined Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy as a part of the Fabulous Freebirds. The Freebirds biggest feud was with the Von Erich Brothers and said feud became the biggest feud in WCCW history and is even still…

This Day in Wrestling History

Where to now well let's take a trip back once again to WCW but this time let's go back only 17 years to November 1995. As the Monday Night Wars had just began earlier in the fall and WCW was looking for new way to differienate from WWF. So what WCW came up with was to make a simlar concept to an already established WWE idea I am talking of course the Royal Rumble. But instead of copying it WCW changed a few things like instead of one ring they 3 and instead of 30 superstars there was 60. The idea was put to the test on the evening of November 26 1995 and was a success not only because it became an annual ppv but also because over 12,000 people came out to see it. Now that may not seem like a lot but for WCW it was a good turn out because of where had been. The highlight of the show was not the largest Battle Royal to take place on PPV but also because Randy Savage won the vacant Worlds Title for the first time. It would the first of four runs with the World Title for Savage in…

Final Battle 2012: Jerry Lynn

With Ring of Honor's biggest ppv Final Battle right around the corner, I feel it more then right to talk about what will be happening at the show on December 16 in the weeks moving to the show. The first thing I want to speak of is the most emotional match on the show Jerry Lynn's last ROH match. Jerry has been one of those guys who has honed there craft in anyway possible over the years and has worked his ass off to make a name for himself and in my opinion he has. Lynn is one of the few men I can think off the top of my head to have stints in WCW, ECW, WWE, TNA, & ROH. Also he is one of the few to win gold basically everyone he has gone other then WCW because he wasn't there long enough to win gold. Jerry is a former 2 time World Champion in ECW and ROH; also winning the Lightheavyweight Title in WWE, and the TNA X-Division and Tag Belts while in TNA. Lynn has also had Classic matches in his career with the likes of Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, AJ Style…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today way back in 1983 a Huge event was born it took place in the Greensboro Coliseum on November 24 1983. I refer to the Wrestlemania of JCP/WCW the December extravaganza Starrcade 83. This was the first year this event which would become an annual show for the Crockett's would be held. The show was helded by Ric Flair challenging the Champion Harley Race for the World Title. Also a highlight from the show was Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine in a Dog Collar Chain Match which in that match, Piper's ear was so damaged in the match that he lost hearing in his ear. A few other major matches, Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard in a I Quit Match, Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair vs Sting, Bret Hart vs Goldberg, Vader vs Ric Flair, & many more great matches. Even though the history of Starrcade isn't as rich in many's mind as Wrestlemania but to be honest in the mind of all the WCW fans who valued it more then WWE and were lost when WCW went out. They would buy it in a heart…

This Day in Wrestling History

Today is a world famous day in the History of the WWE because of a ppv that happend 22 years ago today. It was Survivor Series 1990 from the Hartford Civc Center in Hartford, CT & two famous debuts took place at this event. One of the people became a legend in WWE and is widely regard as the best gimmick in Wrestling History. The other guy is mostly regarding as a disappointing debut and his gimmick never really caught on. I am talking about the Undertaker & Gobbledy Gooker both debut on this night in two different ways. First the Gooker hatched from an egg and proceed to square dance in the ring with Mene Gene. The Undertaker on the other hand was apart of the traditional Survivor Series elmination match as he was the mystery partner on the side of Ted Dibiase.
Small interesting tid bit of information Undertaker was in WCW just 4 months before debuting in the WWE. The from the time he signed the contract in October 1990 to present day Undertaker has remind a prominent face i…

A Thought Worth Noting

It has been brought to my attention over the past couple of weeks about a wrestler who helped himself stay in shape and healthy is now helping another get back on track in life. I am referring to a man name Page Falkenberg or Diamond Dallas Page who has became widely known for having his own Yoga. His yoga regime is done by wrestlers all over the wrestling world not just in WWE or TNA, heck I will even go as far to say even non active wrestler to do his Yoga. But now he is doing something that when I heard about it I thought holy crap DDP is a Great Man to do this. He is helping Jake Roberts change his life and get into shape for maybe one more run in wrestling. Jake is a recovering alcoholic but I think with the help from DDP, he can help Jake get his life back to normal.  Jake Roberts Video

Best of Luck to Jake Roberts and his comitment to get in shape and get back on the straight and narrow. Also if there were more peop…

Time for a Change

I don't know why but it seems like for me over the past couple of weeks or maybe more I haven't been taking the site serious. This could be for one of many reason from Hurricane Sandy shaking our very beings or the fact school has been a bitch and a half for me over the last few weeks and will get more stressing I guess you could say. All I can say about that is bear with me but things will change here over the next few days as I finally get back to business after around a week and a half. I have said it before and I will I started this to be well rounded and different and not like many other sites that are just focused on Main Stream wrestling. But I feel I have gotten away from that and I promise I will go back to that but still give you the main stream & mix the indy circuit in there with it. So it will be like a melting pot for wrestling. Also I hope I continue to offer you a unique view into the wrestling industry and will continue to that exactly.

Thanks for the con…

PPV Predictions

Survivor Series 3MB (Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater) vs Team CoBro even though this has been a feud for the last few weeks because this is the pre-show match for a WWE ppv I don't see it being anything special. 3MB wins here (c) Eve vs Kaitlyn  not much going on here but I do hope it's better then the Divas match that was on RAW between Layla & Kaitlyn cause that was bad. Eve retains the title because Kaitlyn has shown she's not ready (c) Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth this could and should be a good match because both these guys know what they are doing in the ring and know how to push themselves I guess you could both of them being Veterans. Cesaro retains the belt here Rumored Match: Primetime Player, Epico & Primo vs Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Rey Mysterio, & Sin Cara  (c) Big Show vs Sheamus this will be a brawl no if ands or buts about it but Show has been extremely dominate over the past couple of weeks which means something. That's why I pick S…

Moment in Time

This is when I post a Wrestling video from past that with stood the test of time and all/most wrestling have heard of or seen one of these moments. The first moment is probably one of the most famous moments in Wrestling history, it was Bash at the Beach 96 specifically July 7 1996 the formation of the NWO:

How I would book it ....... Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair Finale

Because of unforseen circustances this part had been delyed but now it's here so let's get to it right now.

10/15: WCW Saturday Night, Ric Flair vs Sting a rematch is set for later tonight & Hulk Hogan will call out the masked man. Sting pins Flair, Hogan calls out the masked man but nobody comes out but then someone attacks Hulk from behide leaving him lying with more questions to ask leading to Sunday.
10/16: WCW Main Event, the Announcers spend the show hyping possible injuries to Hogan after the attack last night. Also Flair is out and tells the fans that come this Sunday he will be walking out with the WCW World Title.
10/23: WCW Halloween Havoc, Sting pins Arn Anderson, & Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Title. Flair wins via DQ after the Masked Man interfered in the match both Flair & the Masked Man leave Hulk down to end the show.
10/29: WCW Saturday Night, Commissioner Nick Bockwinkle is in the ring and he states that at Clash of Champions on …

This Day in Wrestling History

7 Years ago today the wrestling world suffered an extreme loss of at that time current WWE superstar, I of course refer to Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. He was taken from us wrestling fans at a very young age, he is an unfortunate example of someone who tried to get clean but it came to late. Eddie first made a name for himself in Mexico as one of the most hated teams in Mexican Wrestling history with the Love Machine Art Barr they were called Los Gringos Locos. From there Eddie entered the US apart of ECW from then on he would dazzle the American Wrestling Fans. He left the ECW arena fans gasping for air after classics with the likes of Too Cold Scorpio & Dean Malenko. In 1996 he began a career in WCW which would last until 2000 when he, Benoit, Saturn, & Malenko headed north. But before we jump to WWE; let's visit his WCW career, while apart of WCW Eddie hovered mostly around the mid-card never really given the opportunity to move up the card. Even though many said people …

PPV Predictions

Turning Point  Joseph Park vs DOC this could be a good match but it doesn't need to be as it should just be a way for the fans to see what DOC is all about. As he has just arrived in TNA and needs to make a name for himself, therefore I see DOC winning this match. Joey Ryan vs (c) RVD like the match above this doesn't need to be anything special & since people haven't seen that much of Ryan this should just be another match to give the fans a taste of what Ryan has to offer. But I don't see Ryan winning tonight, RVD holds the title. Tara & Jesse vs ODB & Eric Young a comedy match more so then a match for a legitmate purpose therefore this will not go that long, I believe ODB & EY need the win here to get something back with this feud. (c) Samoa Joe vs Magnus this could be the top match of the night, as these guys have great chemistry with each other and have told a great story together. Because I love the push they are giving Joe since winning …

The Future is Dark or Is It

WWE has tunnel vision when it comes to pushing new talents to the top of the card because they think one is good enough but it's not. Because the more people you have at the top of the card it gives roster depth which is something WWE hasn't had but desperately has needed for years. But they have anything about it because they have tunnel vision and don't realize the more the better. The fact they are pushing Ryback is good, Barrett's push is good to, Ziggler's push is better also. But they are they could have had Cody, Swagger, Kofi, & Riley in the main event also but they put job them out. They are to dependent on guys like Cena, Punk, Orton, Sheamus, & Del Rio which isn't good because it makes them lack depth on the top half of the card. Ziggler is good because his character is developing while he still has the World title briefcase. Wade Barrett's push is getting back track now that he is fully healed from his injury so he and Dolph should be ne…

TNA Today

Once again, I take to my blog to share my thoughts with you guys on TNA Impact last night and even Turning Point on Sunday. Over the last couple of week I have been paying close attention to the lay-out of the show and the separation of match, also how much goes on during the show. They started the show out hot last night with a heated feud especially a great way to build up a match not needing a lot of hype but still needing some with the ppv on Sunday. Also I was very happy with the outcome of the Gut Check because I love Christian York's work in the ring and he deserves the chance. Also Hardy vs Aries is more intense then most feud that have been going for months but it hasn't been going on that long.

I have been a huge basher of TNA over the last 3 years or so but they have definitely change the way the fans view them over the last few months. They have focused more on developing their talent within the company rather then trying to bring in ex-WWE talents which is good. …

TNA Today

To get it out of the way first I don't have power yet so this may not be a usual thing just yet as I don't know when my power will be back totally and this is not my first priority. I love doing this but since it is hard getting on the Internet so until it's easier I will post when I can thank you and I hope you guys understand. By the way my house is fine but my thoughts and prayers are with those who did lose more then just their power, I hope we can return to normalcy sooner rather later.

Now to the post, I was paying very close attention to TNA Impact last night basically studying the matches & storyline. I have to say that TNA has really changed in the last year it's good to see the direction they are going in, they just have to keep matches realistic because they become a joke if they loss realism. But the Ace's & Eights, Gut Check, The Second Broadcast team have all given a different feel to TNA a better feel. Add to that Daniels & Kaz, Austin A…