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Bourne Again Hopefully

After almost a year out of WWE because of Suspension & injury Evan Bourne at last word should be returning to WWE in a few weeks. Evan last year won the Tag Titles with Kofi Kingston which was his first title reign in the WWE where he has been since being signed in 2007. Unfortunately Evan & Kofi's title run was cut short after being suspended for 30 days after breaking company's wellness policy. Then I believe a week after Bourne came back he got suspended again and people began to think Evan will not be coming back from this suspension and will get fired. But he it never came however unfortunately for Bourne he severely injured his leg while suspended and that is what still keeps him out right now. But like Wade Barrett, Evan Bourne will be coming back soon and will give WWE some much needed depth & a fresh face to play with.
I also think it may benefit WWE to have Evan think about coming back as a heel to give them a new heel to play with as well because as the…

The Gates Closed

Over the past few months at this point WWE has been trying to bring in new talent for the developmental territory and probably the Main Roster, they have done a good job to. But the bad thing is they took two stars from one of the top independent promotions in the US Dragon Gate USA. The two talent they took were Brodie Lee now called Luke Harper in FCW and Pac who has yet to be assigned to a place either FCW, NXT, or right to the Main Roster. Now some maybe thinking this post is bashing WWE for not making their own stars and stealing them from Dragon Gate but it's not because Pac & Lee are both very talented. But in my opinion Pac is the more talented of the two because of the crazy stuff he can do in the ring. Also Brodie is very quick for someone his size and if I remember can fly if necessary. The only other thing I can think of to say is now hopefully we can see Mysterio vs Pac or Pac vs Bourne & we will be able to see Pac in a Money in the Bank ladder match. Then I g…

How I would Book it........ Money in The Bank

From what I saw with the views for this how i would book it, I noticed by the fact it only got 2 people to view that not many people are interested in How I would book the build to & the Money in the Bank PPV. So what I will do instead is just show how I would have booked the Money in the Bank pay-paper view including who I would put in the matches, I would have made win, how long the matches would have gone, etc. Here We Go:
Pre Show Match:
Ryback def Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks
I would have the match go 5 minutes where the fans would see Hawkins & Reks get some offence on Ryback but still come up short
First Match: Smackdown Money in the Bank
Christian vs Dolph Ziggler vs Tyson Kidd vs Justin Gabriel vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara vs Jack Swagger  (22:45)
Christian & Sin Cara def Cody Rhodes & David Otunga to qulify, Dolph Ziggler def Alex Riley to qulify, Swagger def Brodus Clay (distraction from Big Show helped him win), Rhodes def Christian, Sandow …

Week News

On Impact last night we saw that the 87%'ers were represented again but this time it was the leader of the 87% movement Joey Ryan. As he punched out Gut Check Judge Al Snow during the the Gut Check match last night which enraged Snow to the point where he said Ryan has his attention. Right now the only thing I know about this is that it's suppose to be happening but Ryan isnt employeed by TNA. So in my opinion it's only a matter of time before someone poses the question Who Wants A Mustache Ride?

Randy Orton's 60 day suspension will come to an end on Sunday which means he will be able to appear on Raw the next night. Orton was suspended back in May for violating the Wellness policy for the second time. One more time Randy has to be fired as the rules of the Policy say 3 strikes your out.

The big Summer Angle that the has been talking about for a few weeks did in fact begin this past Monday as the angle is Punk's Heel Turn. I think this was along time coming becaus…

Background: How I would book it...... Build Up to Money in The Bank 2012

Money in the Bank this year wasnt that bad of a PPV other then some matches and the lack of build for the show I dont think it was that bad. But in my eyes the build to it could have been better so thats what I am going to do. I am going to show how I would have booked the build up to the Money in The Bank ppv from this year. When I would start the build to the ppv, when I would begin hyping the the matches & what matches would be on the show. I will be doing it all here to show I how I would have booked it and what I would have done with the PPV. Below is the real card and an asterisk is mark next to what I would change. Double asterisk I would change the match like this ** but a single asterisk I would just change a particpant. How I would book it portion of this will come in a day or two.

Pre-ShowKofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Hunico and CamachoTag team match**1Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) defeated Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Christian, Santino Marella, Tensai (with …

Highlights from RAW 1000 the biggest news coming out of RAW 1000 last night is what looks to be a heel turn from the World Champion CM Punk after he attacked The Rock take a look DX Reunites One last Legends match for Heat Slater never guess who he fought Undertaker Returns

1000th RAW Tonight

Over the last month WWE has been promoting the 1000th episode of their flagship show Monday Night Raw on July 23. Which is tonight and over the same amount of time I have been looking back at some of my favorite moments from the last 999 episodes of RAW. Tonight will be the biggest RAW ever with over 30 legends from the past appearing on the show. Which includes: DX, Undertaker, Hart, Rock, Simmons, Piper, Vince & Steph, Austin, Trish & Lita, Duggan, Slaughter, etc. Add that to the possibilites of Bearer, Edge, & Green Day performing on the show RAW 1000 has all the makings of the one of the best RAW's ever. Also how could i forget that Jim Ross, Mick Foley, Sid, Vader, & others will also be on the show.
If I had to wager a guess it would that tonight their will be some form of a Legends Battle Royal with many of the legends from the past like they did at the 900th episode a few years ago. Also they have made a new logo for RAW which will debut on the show tonight…

Classic Raw Moments

This is probably going to be my last Classic Raw Moment because the 1000th RAW is this Monday night on USA. It will be the biggest RAW ever and as well it should be with Rock, DX, Undertaker, Hart, Piper, Austin, etc. Thank you joining me as we look back at some of my favorite moments from RAW's past 999 episodes. Here's probably the most shocking moment or one of the most shocking moments the day is 4-11-11. I believe the first RAW after Mania and Edge had a special announcement it was that he retired take a look at the tearful goodbye.

TNA Ace in the Hole

The storyline that is keeping everyone guessing in TNA is the one invovling last time I checked around 12 guys who call themselves Ace's and Eights. Last night on Impact they attacked Angle, Shaw, Roode, & Aries which is making them get heat and making the story get bigger. Also they attacked Sting & Hogan which i think may lead to Hogan & Sting vs A two man varaition of the stable at BFG. Which would hurt the stable more then help it because they would most likely have Hogan & Sting which shouldnt they should have the full time wrestlers be the ones who send the stable back. Because if this storyline that has so much intrigue is an anti climactic & doesnt live up to expectations then it will hurt TNA very badly.
For that reason TNA has to really try hard to the story from failing like many big stories before it, as if it does not telling if they will be able to get the fans interested in the product again. I maybe making a bigger deal out of this story then i…

TNA Rebuilding

Backstage officals at TNA has said that they hope the improving the quality of the product will bring some fans back. It should bring them sure it will take a while to develop the fans trust again because of all the bad & the poor quality of shows over the last 2 years. To me it seems that TNA has really found it and I don't think they will be losing it as he it seems as though they have finally learned Old still doesnt work. Also that just because it worked once with those people doesnt mean it will work again with the same guys 10 to 15 years later. This is the time that TNA needs the fans more then ever because of what is happening with Direct TV & Viacom. Which is hurting TNA because their product is finally getting good and half their usual auidence cant watch because Direct TV blacked out any all Viacom stations while they settle the contract dispute of sorts.
I am even planning to watch TNA which is a big deal because I haven't seen an episode of TNA in almost …

WWE What Could Happen

I apologize for not being able to find the original post on but I did read that a new thing set forward by Triple H is that champions will hold the belts longer they used to. Which is good right in my opinion how they are doing isn't good because its to big of a change. What I mean is basically WWE goes from not keeping the titles on people for long enough to keeping it on people for to long. People are turning on Punk not because they are tired of him but it's because WWE kept him a champion to long. For those who know you might be like well TNA did it with Bobby Roode as he was their champion for over 200 days and that's true, but TNA can get away with because more people are fans of WWE & watch it every week then TNA. Therefore TNA has a smaller market to appeal so they don't need to do title changes every other they can make them special. WWE is different if they want to bring back the principal of people holding titles for a long time do it slow …

How I would book it..... Drew McIntyre's Push Part 2

Next Smackdown, McIntyre will fight Kofi for the IC title in his rematch and Edge fights Jack Swagger. On the show Kofi beats decisively to end the feud between the two but in Main Event Drew costs Edge his match Swagger. Which would have given Edge his chance at Jack's world title at Money in the Bank.
Next Week, Drew declares his intention to enter the Money in the Bank and win to become the next World Champion. Teddy is out and tells Drew he has to qualify for the match, he just can't put himself in it so tonight McIntyre will face Kofi Kingston in a Money in the Bank qualifier. Also Edge is put in a MITB qualifier vs Cody Rhodes. Both Edge & McIntyre win their qualifiers to get into Money in the Bank. 9 Days before Money in the Bank, Christian becomes the final member of the Money in the Bank Ladder match next Sunday. The Main Event that night is 6 Man Tag Match, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, & Drew McIntyre vs Edge, Hardy, & Mysterio (#1 contender for Swagger&…

Classic Raw Moments

Another Classic Raw moment as we move toward the 1000th episode of RAW. This was a landmark moment because it was never done before. It is when DX invade WCW at the Nofolk Scope outside the arena with a tank and if you dont believe me just watch. By the way this is also one of my favorite RAW Moments. Next week is the 1000th episode of RAW and RAW moves to 3 hours weekly. Here is the moment:

PPV Predictions

Money In the Bank
Pre-Show airs at 7:30 on I would assume the WWE Youtube channel which is WWEFANATION
(c) Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Hunico & Camacho average match as it is just on the pre-show and i dont see a title change happening for that reason so i see Kofi & Trtuh keeping the gold.
Smackdown Money In the Bank Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Santino vs Christian vs Cody Rhodes vs Tyson Kidd vs Tensai vs Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara
i think this match will average but not as good as last years because of Tensai's disadvantage & Sandow's lack of experience. Also never know what Cara will do or Kidd in there first MITB like Tensai & Sandow. But I think Ziggler, Kidd, or Rhodes have a chance to win the match if i had to guess  i'd say Cody Rhodes is my pick to win Money in the Bank
there will be Filler matches somewhere in the card probably squash for Ryback and maybe a squash for Clay as well never know
(c) Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
this could be a good ma…

Week News

News broke yesterday that more TNA knockouts maybe on their way out of the company, in the headline written by WZR the site didnt say who but they did say Two knockouts maybe leaving soon. This is what was written on Twitter by the followed user The official Twitter feed of female independent women’s wrestling promotion Women Superstars Uncensored wrote Thursday afternoon, “Hearing rumors two knockouts asked for their releases today….” So now we have to wait and see who could be leaving.
This broke late thursday night that someone else has gotten future endevored by WWE and it's diva Kharma. Which is a move i dont understand as this was a diva especailly since they are getting Sara Del Ray now, both Divas could have added Legitamacy back to the WWE divas division. Also WWE could have had good feud between Kharma, & Beth, as well as Nattie. But so much for that as Kharma is gone so very unfortunate.
Bad news for fans of the "American Wolf" Davey Richards as he is …

How I would book it.... Drew McIntyre's Push Part 1

I would begin his push in 2010 which is a month into his title reign and his feud with John Morrison was still going on over the IC title. I would end that feud before the Rumble like they did having the NO DQ match with Drew winning. Then I would make Drew come the Smackdown after the Rumble and say even though he didn't win the Rumble he is still IC champion. Out comes Finlay who says we can change that & challenges Drew to a match for the title. McIntyre declines as he says Finlay isn't in his league and has done nothing to deserve a shot at him if he wants it he has to earn it. This leads to a brief feud between these two over the belt as they move towards Elimination Chamber. The match is made official 9 days before the show a Belfast Brawl for the IC title Finlay vs. McIntyre. McIntyre wins after hitting Finlay with a Future Shock DDT on the floor to retain the title. Next day on RAW the US champion Miz is put in 4 way for his title by the GM and he wins. Not to be …

Background: How I would book it....

Pushes: these are given to people that management believes have potential to be higher up in the card then they are. In this edition of How I would book it I revisit a past push from the WWE of a superstar who could have reached new heights but instead nothing came of it until. Join me as I go back in time and show How I would book a push for the "Chosen One" Drew McIntyre.
When Drew re-debuted in late 2009, he was a handpicked future star by Vince McMahon a promise not to disappoint as Drew went unbeaten in WWE until early next year. While on that streak he captured the IC title and held it for 161 days & then in May of 2010 lost the belt to Kofi. After losing the title he feuded with Matt Hardy & then formed a short lived team with Cody Rhodes and they won the Tag titles, after they held the belts for 35 days only before losing them to Cena & Otunga at Night of Champions. It wasn’t long after that Drew began not to be seen often or ever for that matter and now…

Wrestling Debuts

As I have done with many others it is time to take a look back once again at another wrestler who nobody thought would have as much of an impact as he did on the sport or become as known as he has. I am talking about a guy who gave his body, mind, & soul for this Sport so much so that he can’t look at computer screens for a long time anymore because of his concussions. I speak of Michael Jack Foley better known as Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love, or even just Mick Foley. Catcus Jack's debut in WCW

WWE Rant

On Sunday probably the ppv with the high expectations because of how good last years ppv was happens I am talking about Money in the Bank. Last Night WWE had RAW or aka the last one before MITB this Sunday and the show was real bad. By the way their is no way they should have gotten a 3.2 rating I mean I have seen TNA shows better then the RAW last night. Maybe one match was over 5 minutes tops. Also they only hyped really one story through the entire show and that was the WWE title match or the love triangle between AJ, Punk, & Bryan which should in my opinion be second to the World title. How does it sound that a Diva is more over then your mid-card champions and the Money in Bank match as a whole. I mean who in their right mind thought a 9 person Money in the Bank would work especially when you have a 4 person Money in the Bank for the other one. In my opinion shouldn't it be the other way around maybe because the way they make it seem is that there is more competition for …

Various News

So Much is going on and has gone on over the last few days in Wrestling I thought it would be nice if I spent some time and caught you guys up on everything.

TNA first of all has been geeting a lot better over the last few months I mean Destination X was their Second good ppv in a row. Also both ppv had good build up for even better matches & they surprised me very much having Aries win the main event. Great Job TNA!! keep it up & congrats to Austin Aries on winning the belt.
Also starting this week TNA will have a 3 hour timeslot every thursday night on Spike starting at 7et with a recap show then going right into Impact. Baiscally it's a show that recaps Last weeks show and or PPV so the fans are caught up with what's going on.
Now to WWE, they have given Brodie Lee, PAC, & Sara Del Ray all developmental contracts or they have signed them all of the indy scence. I am both disappointed and happy about these signings because Del Ray will help the divas become more …

PPV Predictions

Destination X
Dakota Darsow vs. Rubix vs. Lars Only vs. Mason Andrews Last Chance 4 Way
this will be an interesting match because all these guys are new to TNA and most i really dont know what to expect from them as it pertains to this match. But I'll wager a guess on the match going with Rubix aka Jigsaw coming out on top
X-Division Tournament: out of the guys in the tournament in my opinion there is a chance that any of them could win the tournament and get the belt. But then again lets do a process of elimination of who really wont win. Zema Ion, Kash, Williams; I say Kash and Doug wont because of the lack of TV time they have had. Also Zema has gotten more then to many shots vs Aries and lost so he shouldnt win it. I think King, Dutt, Kash, & Ion to win the tournament and advance to the Ultimate X Match for the title
* Douglas Williams
* Kid Kash
* Zema Ion
* Flip Cassanova
* Kenny King
* Rashad Cameron
* Sonjay Dutt
* Winner from Last Chance Four Way
Ultimate X for X-Division…

How I would book it... Finale

Punk posts on Twitter that the WWE offices are calling him telling him to go back on the late night shows & Good Morning America and say he lied that John Cena is champion. He then adds that he said "That if they want him to say Cena is champion then all he has to do is face him at Survivor Series." When they say you’re making a mistake Punk, he just says "you made the mistake not signing me back." That Monday on RAW Rock answers Cena's plea to team with him at Survivor Series to even the sides against Miz & Truth. This is 2 weeks before Survivor Series and Rock is there live to answer John. Near the end of the show they talk about WrestleMania & Rock seems like he will agree to team with Cena then he says I have heard on Twitter and other Media sites there is someone else who wants to face you at Survivor Series so my answer is no because i want you to face Punk. Cena says "he can't because he isn't a WWE employee anymore and needs to…

King's Choice

Yesterday ROH Tag Team champion Kenny King was on TNA Impact as apart of the X-division tournament. Now at most thought Kenny has contract with ROH and were curious how he was able to appear on TV. But his contract that he signed last year expired 11 days ago and has to sign an offical contract with ROH again. As far as I know they had an agreement that Kenny would appear for ROH, & wrestle just for ROH thats big because apart of the agreement was that he wasnt able to wrestle anywhere else. He did as I said even after ROH management said he couldnt compete because of their agreement. Because of the decision Kenny made his future in ROH is in doubt because he violated their agreement which is a big no-no in any company. ROH has all the right to be pissed at Kenny for violating their agreement but how does that make sense that he was able to negotiate with but not wrestle for another company. Also talk is things may have also been changed with the future of Kenny's ANX partner …

Wrestling Debuts

Another debut of a talent that nobody thought would accomplish the amount he has in his career because he has become one of the greatest ever. His gimmick is probably the most successful gimmick in the history of WWE. And his streak at Wrestlemania is umatched by anyone 20-0 at the ppv I am speaking of Big Evil, American Badass, Demon of Death Valley, Future Hall of Famer, & The Deadman he is The Undertaker: Here is debut in a company that many have no idea he was apart of I am speaking of WCCW as his first match was against the Late Brusier Brody.

How I would book it...1 p2

Now Punk takes to the web where posts a video on the Internet of him standing in front of Titan Towers (WWE Headquarters) he talks about how WWE built an empire and now Vince is afraid someone pointing himself will topple that empire. Punk issues a challenge to John Cena unification match for Survivor Series. He adds that they put MITB on the map with the match they had now he wants to do it for a ppv that has lost its way. On RAW Cena doesn't speak of it instead he talks about the fact that Kevin Nash should up last week. He says also since everyone is wondering why Nash is here Cena will call him out later tonight and let him speak. Punk isn't there in the crowd tonight as WWE told the arena not to sell him tickets as he has caused trouble at the last couple events. Del Rio is interviewed and asked why he still has the MITB case he says "because it is his destiny to win the title and wants to wait for the right time. With like 15 minutes left in the show Cena comes down…

Classic Raw Moment...

This next moment is the highest rated segment in Raw history to set the stage it was 9/27/99 and to Quote Mick Foley "Rock This Is Your Life"

Its a tad long but its a great segment and worth evey second but a long one full

How I Would Book It 1

I know that I just did reintroduced it yesterday but I just want to start right away. Like said I will always include background well hear it is. I decide to take you back to last year June 27 2011 which was a Monday and then night that Punk did the worked shoot which set the world on fire. But after winning the world title at Money in the Bank, Punk left WWE then cameback 2 weeks later. An angle that could have been very profitable for WWE turns out to be some what of a flop. Here is how I would have booked it starting from Money in the Bank. Monday Night Raw the night after Money in the Bank, I would have Vince announce a tournament next week to determine the New WWE Champion. Also on the show I would Vince change his mind with firing Cena instead I would have Vince tell Cena to go home for a couple and rest up. Over the next week Punk is putting up different videos on the internet saying that no matter who the champion is he is still the WWE Champ. Then next Monday, Punk is on a la…