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This day in Westling History

Today I would like to wish a happy birthday to one of the hardest workers in the buisness he is turning 42 today his name is David Cash better known to wrestling fans as Kid Kash. Debuting with the ECW in 1996 as David Tyler Jericho Morton against Stevie Richards he, came up on the short end but made an impact in the mind of Paulie as it may have taken 2 years but he was brought back as Kid Kash. During his time away from ECW he wrestled a dark match for the WWE vs Scotty 2 Hotty in the match he broke both his ankles on a botched hurricanrana. Returning to ECW in late 99 as Kid Kash which was like a Kid Rock gimmick due his resemblance to him. He didnt not win a championship however until 2000 he only kept it for a little more than a week before losing the TV belt back to Rhino. After ECW he took a year or so off an then went to TNA were he won both the X-Division & Tag Team Titles he partner was Dallas better known as Lance Hoyt or Vance Archer. Left TNA in 2005 and went right to…

Scouting Report

Dolph Ziggler
Great on the mic
good in ring

*Best Feuds: Orton, Daniels, Chris Hero, Jericho, Miz, & Kaz
Dolph Ziggler a very good amature wrestler holding the record for the most wins in the history of Kent State University. He signed with the WWE in 2005 to a developmental deal were he went to OVW their training school and stayed for a full year almost before getting promoted full time. He was originally promoted as *Kerwin White's* caddy or lacky which only lasted for maybe 2 months then he got demoted again.
Repackaged as a Male Cheerleader he came back in mid 2006 with Ken, Johnny, Mitch, & Mikey completitng the Sprit Sqaud which they push into a feud with DX and by then end he was back down to OVW in about a year. While down he moved to FCW the new training camp after the WWE cut ties with OVW just having one training camp. After around 2 years in training Nick finally returns to WWE reapckaged again this time as Dolph Ziggler which he went on to win become a ver…

This day in Wrestling History

today i would like to wish a Happy 48th Birthday to former WCW, NWA, WWE, NJPW, ECW, & current TNA superstar the Big bad Booty daddy Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Scott started in some small market territories slowly working his way to Atlanta and the Mid Atlantic or JCP (Jim Crockett promotions) were he teamed with his real life brother Rick. Before leaving Scott was being groomed as a singles star after beating and going to a time limit draw with Ric Flair but left after contract negotiations fell through. Him and Rick stayed until 1992 when they decided to go elsewhere aka WWF for a little over two years and winning 3 tag team titles while they were their. I didn't say anything about his title regins in the NWA cause he goes back later in his career. Brief stop in ECW from the late summer of 95 to the mid-fall of that year then signing back with WCW. After returning to the WCW he & Rick remained until it closing in 2001 during his stay he was apart of the final world ti…

1 or 500 you tell me

At the end of June this somthing called the evaluation period ended it started in May of last year and it was done by the Wrestling Magazine called PWI or Pro Wrestling Illustrated. This magazine ranks the top 500 wrestlers in the business today everyone from people in the big 3, (ROH, WWE, TNA) the Indy circuit, japan, Mexico, etc. Ranking them by how good they did during the evaluation period #1 this year is a WWE superstar, can you guess... guess nope its not who you think i am sure some of you think John Cena or Randy Orton but know it Most Must See WWE Champion The Miz. Just look back and find the evaluation period and think about how good miz did during it Money In the Bank winner and WWE Champ for 5-6 months. Why I did this is to tell Miz got rank 1 by the PWI but also to look at how bad Miz is now he hasn't won in 4 weeks and hasn't beaten A-RY who is as green in the ring as he was (but is getting better) and when Miz debuted he wasn't fighting people at the main e…

This day in Wresting History

This day is a big day for any real wrestling fan not the crap from the company in Stamford I'd putting out. With the third company in the US ROH crowned their first world champion in a 4 way 60 min ironman match. Which had Low Ki vs Chris Daniels vs Doug Williams vs Spanky and Low Ki won the match and the belt. The match stole the show and also you saw the debut of ROH longstay Jay Briscoe who is still with the company today. He lost to Nuzio in the 4th mathnof the night. Also that night saw another ROH longstay Prince Nana who lost a tag match to joey mathews & Christian York.
This day 9 years ago

This day in Westling History

This day 8 years ago another Pro wrestling company joined the fray of promotions thought the United States. This company founded by pro-wrestler Super Dragon, Disco Machine, Excalibur, Joey Ryan, Scott Lost, & Top Gun Talwar. 5 out of the 6 owners fought on the fist show the 5 being Super Dragon, Disco, Ryan, Lost, & Excalibur. Excalibur fought first beating Chris Bosh, & Super Dragon was next he fought M-Dogg 20 in one of the highlights of the night. Disco Machine however was the first owner not to win as he and Mr Excitment lost to Apollo Khan & Hook Bomberry. Then Ryan, Lost & Funky Billy Kim lost to Adam Pearce,  Al Katrazz & Hardcore Kid. This show was Main Evented by 2 future TNA superstars Aj Styles vs Frankie Kazrian which was won by Aj Styles. PWG is one of the top promotions in California being based in LA and not having that many other companies to compete with it wasn't that tough for them to make an impact in the wrestling world in a short time…

Kings of the Wrestling world

Word has it that the KOW (Kings of Wrestling) Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero are all but gone from the independent circut and are signed by WWE. These two have been on the circut for their entire careers trying to get their and they finally have. But also i think WWE likes ROH's roster as this is the 4th person they signed off their roster in the last year adding to the mix Daniel Bryan, Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) & in 2005 they signed CM Punk away from ROH. The once second longest reiging tag team champion in ROH history & both men former PWG world champions as they are megastars with the PWG as well in a majority of the indy companies in the US. Such a great tag team going to a company that has really jobbed out their division in recent years at the expense of the top guys. Which doesnt boud well for the kings as they can out wrestle anyone on the roster but well also shall see what the future hold cause they may not even be a team because i dont remeber the last ti…

Bryan or Lie in

Last sunday at money in the bank Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) won the money in the bank case which gives him a shot at any title in the next year. This past friday on Smackdown bryan said that he is cashing it at next year wrestlemania against whoever the smackdown champion is. I may sound like a nerd here but though i would point it out both Bryan and CM Punk are former ROH World Champions and won their first WWE world title in their 3rd years. Punk winning the ECW and now bryan could win the world title or could be the first to cash it in and lose.
But now to the reason i did this i dont think WWE gets enough credit as they are starting to figure out how good bryan is. Are taking advantage of it as he can make people he works with look good, equal, or he can carry them. Which is a skill he picked up from the training he got from Regal and HBK how i know this is a source said that at WWE live events bryan carry's a certain rookie during their matches. For those who dont know w…

Scouting Report

Rey Mysterio
Good in ring
Average on mic
My opinion: Aj styles, Kaz, Bourne, abyss
San Dieago native a proformer from Mexico started at the age of 16 as Rey mysterio Jr in mezzo and kept the name until mid WCW. Starting in ECW in 1995 then getting signed by the WcW in 96 were he won the cruserweight title a record 8 times. In WCW he feuded with Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan, NWO, and others.
He is also one of the only people to hold the cruserweight tag team champion at the end of WCW with Kidman. After WCW he didn't go to WWE and decided to let his contractwith time Warner run out instead of goining to wwe. He joined the WWE in 2003 an imediately made an impact in the cruserweight division. Were he won the title 3 times and the tag titles twice and the world title twice. He became a top star in quicker than in WCW which is what they should have done. Show stealing matches with Eddie, Show, Orton & Angle. He is one of the most well rounded talents in wrestling and has been…

This day in Wrestling history

Today is a big day as the wwe had the invasion ppv today. This ppv was the most buyer non wrestlemania ppv as it was something never done before as it had 3 companies on one show ecw, WCW vs Wwe. The show lead off with edge and Christian vs Mike Awesome & Lance Storm which was one of the better matches on the show. Second to the hardcore title match between Jeff Hardy vs RVD which is a must see for any hardcore division fan with a sick spot having Jeff get kicked off the stage. Finally the show ended with the 5 man tag match with both companies Kane,undertaker,rock,Austin, & angle vs dudleys, booker t, ddp, & rhino. Which saw Austin have a successful heel turn costing wwe the match. It could have been a little better match wise but their is no taking away the fact that they were the highest bought ppv of any non wrestlemania show so if he was smart he should have ended it at mania or a second invasion cause of how good this one was why not do another.
Till next time and t…

Sin or Sign

As more information starts to come out on the dirt sheets about the suspension of Sin Cara for violation of the wellness policy. Now being suspended for 30 days information is coming out that sin cara failed a drug test prior to this one so that not helping his case with upper management. Hoping he doesn't get fired before we can see Cara vs Mysterio because that would one crazy quick match as both guys can fly. Unfortunatly though cara may have cost himself his job or his push in the WWE cause of the two screw ups which is a shame as he could have been good. I am not saying he will get fired just like that as he is one of the more hyped people in recent years so in would not make sense. Also the only time i have seen wwe pull the push out from under someone for substance abuse is, Jeff Hardy as he denied rehab and they let him go which lead to only shaky pushes instead of full blown ones. I dont see it happening to Sin Cara but just knowing its happend before and if he consistant…

This day in Westling History

Today is a day of remembrance for a former wrestler as today would have been the 82nd birthday of Bob Orton .SR. The father of WWE Hall of Famer Cowboy Bob "Ace" Orton & the grandpa of WWE Superstar of Randy Orton. Wrestling in stampede wrestling his nickname was the "Big O" some may get reference others may not if not then you don't watch ZTLIS which that ain't cool bro. As a wrestler Bob never won the big belt but did win regional title all over the US being a former 14 world champion various NWA territories. Also being a former 10 time tag team champion again in various NWA territories with a different partner each time except in Florida. He is also credited for having the third largest family of pro wrestlers in the US having 5 to his name behind the Von Erichs & The Dibaise's. Also i may be contradicted for that but i said US Born not worldwide even though would still be in the top 5. Unfourtunatly while living in Las vegas 5 years ago he p…

History or Angle

Last Night on Monday Night Raw HHH told Vince that as of last night he is relieved of his duties as owner of WWE. As HHH will be taking over as Owner of the WWE and all its operations "for now". Honestly I think this is just a way for them to write Vince off permanently from TV and bring all the rumors of HHH wrestling again to rest. I thought until a source on a website said that an Ex WWE star said this was real from talking to Hunter earlier in the day. If that is the case then i need to thank Vince for all he has done for the business that i love, the good & the bad Vince is still one of the greatest promoters ever in this sport. I remember when Vince went from just an announcer to the tyrannical boss everyone knows him to be which was the night of the Montreal screwjob and the night after when he said "Bret screwed Bret". Then I remember him fighting Austin at St Valentines Day Massacre in 99 in a Cage.
Also forming the corporate team with Rock, Bossman, S…

This day in Westling History

Today we wish a happy birthday to a legend in this business his name Randy Rose. He is turning 56 today and if you don't know who he is well he is an original member of the Midnight Express. It was him, Dennis Condrey, & Norvell Austin as the original 3 until Austin left leaving condrey & rose inned of a partner or a manager. Which is what they found in the AWA and he was Paul Haymen in the AWA they were 1 time tag champions before leaving the company. They then spent 9 months in regional companies before showing up in the NWA to feud with the New Midnight Express & Cornette. They with them for a few months until Condrey left the company and Shortly their after Jack Victory replaced Condrey but the fans had lost all interest. Then a few months later both Rose & Paul left the company. Didnt return staying in regional companies for the remainder of his career. Retiring in 1992 after 15 years in the business showing up for occasional appearences in the indy companies …

Post PPV Thoughts

Last Night WWE had the second annual Money in the Bank ppv which for once it was better than the first one. And I can actually i was surprised by the outcomes of a lot of the matches at the ppv like a MITB & the main event were the two. As i again guessed and this is the best i have done for any of them guessing all of them right cept  the matches said before. The first match Smackdown MITB which saw Daniel Bryan winning and getting the right to face the smackdown world champion anytime within the next year. Honestlly i am a huge bryan fan but WWE didnt give us any idea he might as at one point he was jobbing to sheamus on raw. Now getting a shoot at the World Title which i am very very surprised about but also happy at the same time finally he gets to prove he is the BEST IN THE WORLD.
Before I get into the main event and how surprised i was with the ending of the match i want to go back to the almost ending when vince came out. He was going to Screw Punk and Cena didnt let it h…

This day in Wrestling History

Today everyone on this site would like to wish a happy birthday to Leif Cassidy i mean "Mr Tough Enough" Al Snow. As today is Al Snow's 48th birthday still wrestling after all he has done to himself says something. He started working on the indy scence in the early 90's but getting his big break in ECW in the mid 90's as leif before going to the WWE to work. His first term in WWE was very uneventful as he was a talent enhancer or a jobber to the already established. Then he left for ECW were he changed his name and his looking adopting the character that would take him for the rest of his career this is when Head originated. And before leaving he recieved a shot at the ECW title against Shane Douglas but lost and went back to the WWE. Now his character took a life of its own in ECW with Styrofoam head littering the crowd he took his popularity to WWE were he started winning titles. He became a 6 time Hardcore champion, 1 time tag champion with Mandkind, & 1 E…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day the wrestling world changed as the biggest star of the 80's made his debut in the enemy aka WCW. His name Hulk Hogan his first night he fought Flair for the world title and won the match in his debut at Bash at the Beach. Stunning Steve vs Ricky Steamboat in a great match for the US title (Nerd Note: this was Steve's last year in WCW). Also on the card Pretty Wonderful (Paul Roma & Paul Orndoroff) vs Tag Champions Catus Jack & Kevin Sullivan. Were Pretty Wonderful won the titles for the first time. Back to the main event as it was a huge deal cause hogan was the first person to jump ship to the WCW won the world title in his debut defeating a top rival Ric Flair who was world champion and had Women & Liz at ringside with him and Hulk had Shaq & Jimmy Hart so the ring was full of people. This also marked a turing point for WCW as it started an era that didnt end until the company did it was the Hulk Hogan era which helped cause the death of the company …

PPV Predictions

first time doing it for a WWE ppv lets see how it does starting with the first money in the bank which has:
*Not the real match order just how i remeber them
Smackdown Money in the bank- Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus vs Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater vs Wade Barrett
My gut tells me either Sheamus or Cody as they are the only two guys that they are really pushing in the match cept sin cara. So i will go with sheamus cause it is obvisous that they are not ready to give cody the strap yet cause of how he is booked. I also think that either Sin Cara or Gabriel will have their moment (see end for more)
Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella Divas Title
usual divas match as it will go however long the usual ppv divas match goes and i see kelly winning cause it seems like they are making her the top diva in the wwe and making the bellas the new jobbers as kelly has won her last 10 matches vs the bellas so it would be considered a fluke for her to lose the belt now after be…

This day in Wrestling History

Today is the anniversary of the passing for one of the best tag team wrestlers a memeber of the Freebirds. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy who was 50 yrs old at the time of his death in 2001 passing cause of a blood clot. Terry an original member of the Fabulous Freebirds with Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts first in southern promotion but then made their biggest impact in the WCCW. Were they became one of the biggest heels in the buisness after the leader Hayes slamed the cage door on the head on Kerry Von Erich (a crowd hero) during a world title match. From that point for the next 2-3 years the von-erich's vs the birds was the biggest feud in wrestling. Until 83 when David died thats when WCCW started to downturn. Leaving WCCW in 1986 having stints in the UWF & JCP before going to the WCW or NWA as it was at the time full time. Were he teamed with "Dr Death" Steve Williams and was the last NWA tag ing the champion in the WCW beating steiner brothers. Then went t…

Scouting Report

Justin Credible

Great on the mic
good in the ring

My Opinion: Lance Storm, HHH, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Aj Styles

from a small town in conneticut Justin started wrestling in the WWF first as a jobber named Pj Walker. After a few years he became Aldo Montoya the portugese man of war which he was a step up from a jobber.While apart of the WWE he didnt win a title and after being sent down to Memphis (WWF training facility) to get better in the ring.
Stuggling to pay the bills he asked for his release instead they sent him to ECW where he became, Not Just the Greatest, Not Just The best but, Justin Credible. In ECW he captured the tag titles with partner Lance Strom 3 times before storm left. He also became ECW world champion 2 times and was the face of the company for a bit. After the turn of the century WWE decides to bring him back in and joins the X-Factor then after the X-Factor falls out of exsitence. Last a months in TNA then nowhere. Still wrestling today but never made the money…

This day in Wrestling History

This day way back in the original ECW their was a show called Heatwave which later became a ppv for them but this was before it did as it was 1995. Though it was not the main event this card is not remembered for the match between Dreamer's team vs Raven's team, or the world title match, or The Gangstas vs Public Enemy in a cage. But what this is remember for is this is the show that Taz broke his neck at. It is big because this is the injury that played into Taz retiring in his prime. The match was Eddie Guerrero & Tazmaniac vs Dean Malenko & Too Cold Scorpio the spot that caused, it was scorpio & malenko went for a spike piledriver and screwed it up as taz i think landed wrong or something and didn't fight again in the match. (Eddie wrestled the remainder of the match alone) Also attributing to Taz retiring early is the fact that he came back so soon before his neck was fully healed it never did as it bug him for his entire career.
Not like it really matter …

Open Your Eyes and Close Your Mouths

doing the new poll i relized it and i have not posted a link video blog so here is the first of good matches you the reader should watch: just the first match between Kidman vs Mysterio vs Guerrera as i think the show gets worse as it goes on The SECRET IS OUT for AAW just watch and listen one of the better matches for the IC title in recent memory

This day in Wrestling History

Today I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to the former 23 time tag team champion with D-Von yup Bubba Dudley or Bully Ray now is 38 years old. The former 8 time ECW tag champion with D-Von, were in ECW he was actually feuding with D-von before they became a team. After 8 regins they move to the WWE from 1999-2005 they become 8 time tag champions, and also compete in the first 3 TLC matches and the first Triangle Ladder match. Then they move on to TNA were they have one regin as NWA tag champions and 2 regins as the TNA tag champions. Also having won the tag belts in both japanese promotion one each. Now they are broken up Bubba can focus on a singles career in immortal trying to accomplish somthing as a singles wrestler. Though some may have a difference in opinion in my opinion the Dudleys may not be the best but are defently one of the best Tag Teams in Wrestling History. (1 time hustle tag team champion)
Happy Birthday Bubba Oh my brother testify!!!!!

Interview With AXL ROTTEN

Why did you invovled in wrestling?
Axl- I loved wrestling since I was a kid. I knew when I was like 5 or 6 it's all I wanted to do.
Why did you close your promotion?
Axl- Which one? I've helped start and run at least 10 promotions over the years.
Meant why did you close the UIW
Axl- Oh, backer stopped backing us! too bad we could have made a dent in the market. I wish I had that shot now. It would be huge!
When ECW was in its final years did you see the closing coming?
Axl- Well, the writing was on the wall but there was so much lying going on that the wrestlers really didn't know who or what to believe. But, you paycheck bouncing every week is a good sign that things arent good!
Who is your favorite guy/s to work with from your career?
Axl-I loved wrestling Chris Candido, Shane Douglas, Tracey Smothers, Raven and my matches with Ian rewrote the book on hardcore
What was wrestling in the taipei death match in 1995 like? was it real glass Axl- Really? you ar a…

This day in Wrestling History

Happy Birthday to you Sean Waltman aka 123-Kid, X-Pac, Pac, Syxx, Syxx pac what ever you want to be called its still the same person. Today is his 38th birthday starting in the buisness when he was 17 still going now says somthing about the improvement he has made since debuting. *First debuting on the independent scence before debuting for the WWE against Razor Ramon* (Scott Hall.) Getting the name 123-Kid after pinning Razor in his 3rd match in the WWE his first 2 were against *Rad Raford* & second Mr Hughes. Skip ahead to the end of his WWF run for now he was a 2 time tag team champion (W/ Marty Janetty & Bob Holly.) Now then leaving WWE he went to WCW to join Hall & Nash for large contract he could get for doing nothing. After just about 3 years in the NWO to be more specific he won the Cruserweight Title once a thats it. Other a feud with a feud with the Horseman his run the ATL company was uneventful. 1998 He's back in the WWF with the DX replacing Shawn Michaels…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day we would like to wish a happy birthday to former WCW/WWE star Shane Helms aka The Hurricane. Today is the 37th birthday for the former cruserwieght champion & tag team champion. Helms was one of the few that actually particpatted in OMEGA (nerd note: the Hardy Boys old promotion) that didnt get signed by WWE him and Shannon Moore are the two. While growing up he was and still is very close to Matt & Jeff as well as Shannon they all worked together in OMEGA till the Hardys closed the company. Instead of getting signed by WWE, they worked hard went to WCW forming a Tag Team called, 3 count which they were a boy band thought of by Jimmy Hart (Evan Karagis, Shannon Moore, & Shane Helms.) After they broke up helms found his ture callingin the cruserwieght division having the distiction of being the last cruserwieght champion under the WCW banner. Coming to the WWE he dawnded a new character The Hurricane still in the cruserwieght division and won the title a few times …

Scouting Report

Robert Anothny
great on mic
good in the ring
My Opinion Feuds: Randy Rush, Eddie Edwards, Bourne, Daniels, Gabriel
Robert Anthony formly known as Egotistico Fantastico and, was a WWE developmental superstar before getting his future endeverded by WWE 2 years ago. Also a former CZW World Champion last year ending Jon Moxley's 2 regin as champion. Which was the longest regin in the last two years since Drake Younger. But Robert kept the title for good sum of time but not long enough losing it to Devon Moore this past March.
While Employeed by WWE he defeated future WWE stars like Heath Miller, (Heath Slater) Sheamus, Johnny Curtis. But then getting fired going back to the circut competiting for ROH, IWA, CZW, & other promotions as well. Most known for CZW as he is a triple crown winner in that company winning the CZW Ironman Title, World title, & Junior Heaywieght title.

Post ppv Thoughts

Yesterday was the TNA ppv Destination X and though i didnt order it i hear it was one of TNA's better ppv's in a while. With great matches being the contract match, Lynn vs RVD, & Aj vs Daniels really boost the morale of a once despressed division. With my predictions i did better than the first time as i got more right including the RvD match, the contract match, Williams Challenge thats it. TNA also surprised us with the return of Shark Boy who teamed with Eric Young in a fluke win vs Gen Me. All in all the ppv was pretty good and in my book one that worth getting on dvd as the last couple of matches made the ppv. It was not better than the ROH ppv from last month but it was close as they both had MOTY candidates on the card also both had surprises. Which a good surprise can make good ppv's great. Hopefully after the match they had last night Low Ki, Zima Ion, Jack Evans, & Jerry Lynn signed by TNA cause not only would it be a breath of freash air from who they u…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 12 years ago a match that has only been done once happened at a WCW ppv that match was the Junkyard Match which showed Hardcore was not dead in the WCW. As it was Hak's idea to do the match aka, The Sandman who during his short stint in WCW made quite an impact. The match was actually contested in a Junkyard down in Florida but the night was not headlined by that it was main evented by something more special. The Main Event was Sting & Kevin Nash (Nash was defending the world title) vs Macho Man Randy Savage & Sid Viscous. The person who gets the pin fall wins the belt and Randy won pinning Nash why is it big this would be his last title run in Pro Wrestling. Also highlighted by the Music video of "I Hate Rap" by the West Texas Rednecks (Curt Hennig, Bobby Duncum Jr, Barry Windum, Kendall Windum)
The ppv wasn't some matches didn't have to be their and others should went longer but that was in the past and at that point they booking what they tho…

PPV Predictions

It was ok the first time i did it now i will try with a more known company TNA as their ppv is tonight Destination X. Matches Are:
Samoa Joe vs Kaz
the opening match showed get a lot of time to make up for the lack of hype this match has gotten but i doubt it will. I see Joe winning but kaz coming close as it seems like they are trying to build joe back up.
Brian Kendrick vs Abyss for X-Division title
i see this being a bad match because TNA did nothing to make it seem like kendrick has any chance of beating abyss
Douglass Williams vs An X Division Star
i see doug winning as it will probably be someone that has been on impact in the last few weeks
Xima Ion vs Austin Aries vs Jack Evans vs Low Ki 4-way Contract Match
Honestly i would like to see Jack Evans win this but, i doubt he will i see either Low Ki or Aries winning why because they both deserve it but both cant get it. I see this being a great match and aries coming out on top the 450 to Xima.
Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam

This day in Wrestling History

This day last year the independent circut came together as one to do a tribute to a fallin brother named Michael Verdi or Trent Acid with Acid Fest. Friends, Family, & Friends packed the ECW arena in south philly for this event. Headlinded by Trent's best friend Johnny Kashmere vs current CZW world champion Devon Moore and they stole the show. As well also seeing a lot of familar faces return to the arena for the first time in a long time like Robbie Mireno, Sonjay Dutt, ECW original Tony Devito & many others. My favorite memory of Trent is when he fought a young Sami Callihan, it was a great match especially since it was the first time i saw an acid match. It was topped off by Sami bring a sissor lift into the match and proceed to jump of it through a table on Trent Acid. Very Surprising as i have never seen anyone use any sort of lift in a match let alone that sort of lift. The show did so well that they are doing Acidfest 2 sometime this year i dont know when but that s…

TNA: Stay or Go

Over the last few weeks a lot of the X-divison stars of the past have come back leading into their ppv Destinaiton X. The likes of Austin  Aries, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Jack Evans, Matt Bentley, Jimmy Rave, Kid Kash and many more. Also some newcomers showed up to like Independent wrestling sensations Shima Xion, Tony Nese, & Jesse Sorensen. As well as 2nd generation superstar Dakota Darsow. Leading into the ppv you have seen the X-Division stars take the main stage on Impact like AJ, Daniels, RVD, Amazing Red, Shelly, Williams, Kendrick, & Robbie E. Ultimate X match returns with Shelly vs Robbie E vs Amazing Red vs Shannon Moore. Also you got the return of Styles vs Daniels and a hidden match Joe vs Kaz. Finally the should be show stealer Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam the match that was suppose to happen last August but didnt now it will. All this has the making to be a good ppv if TNA figures that it should be and then also relizes that the X-Division is what they have to spotlight …

This day in Wrestling History

Today is the anniversary of a failed angle by the WWE that angle invovled there newly won companies ECW & WCW it was called the INVASION. The only timed it had success was the ppv as the ppv recieved the highest buys for any non-wrestlemainia ppv in WWE history. Though WCW was already there prior to this day the offical angle started this day when ECW joined the Invasion. This was originally suppose to help showcase all the talents invovled but when Vince saw how bad the Booker, T vs Buff Bagwell match was on the June somthing edition of RAW (watch it its pretty bad). He got cold feet when it came to making the invasion as good as it could be. This was also probably the first ppv that the entire card got build other than Mania people where really looking forward to this ppv, and they didnt disappoint having good matches all throught the night. Leading off with a good match between Edge and Chistian vs Lance Storm & Mike Awsome. My Favorite match of the night was the hardcore m…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 51 years ago a future wrestler is born named Marc Mero future tv & intercontinental champion in the respected companies. First marc was apart of the WCW under the name of Johnny B Badd were he won the Television title on 3 separate occasions. Stating in WCW in 1991 in a little Richard gimmick but again leaving in 1996 for not wanting to do a suggested angle by creative so he left. By mid 96 he left to the WWF with a new gimmick being himself with his wife sable as his valet. Winning the IC belt on one occasions after a tournament but than losing it a few months later to HHH never to win it again. After he got injured and then came back as the Marvelous one and stayed for at least a year Than went back to WcW and after WCW went the XWF in florida with his wife. But then off to TNA for a year then retired.

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 97 years ago the WWE was born not really but the owner was as Vincent James McMahon was born the father of Vincent K. The first wrestling thing Vince did was found the WWWF with Toots Mondt in April 1963 braking away from the NWA. During his life he kept the territory idea big as his was the eastern part mostly MSG selling out with champions Bob Backlaund & Bruno Samartino more times then any wrestler before or since. Also not many know this but Vince is also famous for firing  Hulk Hogan from the WWWF for having a part in Rocky 2. The final accomplishment was being inducted into the WWE hall of fame class of 1994 after his death. As he passed away in 1984 after a long battel with cancer knowing he was going to die he gave the company to his son VKM and Vince Jr changed the buisness forever. '
He will be missed and never forgotten without him their would be no WWE today so thank you Vince SR I think.

Drew or Dew

Today former Us champion Drew McIntyre was let go by WWE today which is their loss I will tell you why. Because of how they make him come in with the chosen one gimmick making us think that he was going to be big. Also after debuting he got the big push treatment going undeafeated for the first many months of being their also winning the IC title. But after a few months the push dropped off he feel off got lost in the shuffle on Smackdown but was still used as a future guy. The next year he was given a very lengthy feud with Matt Hardy which was Matts last feud with WWE. It lead into a feud with both Matt hardy &, Christian forming a team with Cody Rhodes and, it also lead to drew winning his last title in WWE as about 6 months later he moved over to RAW and appeared in one match on raw. Mostly on superstars to the dismay of some legends but I guess his in ring skill took him as far as he could because his promo skills never were very good so you knew he wouldnt go that far.(nerd …

This day in Wrestling history

Today is the birthday of former world champion and WWE superstar Barry Windum. He had show stealing matches with Ric Flair, feuds with Arn Anderson & Paul Roma, & and late in his career teaming with Bradshaw in WWE in the late 90's. Former NWA champion and a future HOF defenitly as he was a big part for a long time in WCW early days.(nerd note: at the end of his career he did a tribute to his dad as the new blackjacks with Bradshaw. After WWE he went to wcw and joined the west texas rednecks. With curt hennig, Kendall Windum, Bobby Duncum JR and him forming the most imfanous tag team in wrestling look them up and see why

Zack Pack Big News on Back

Last Night news broke from the WWE tour in Australia it said Zack was announced as the Internet Champion. Now this is not a rumor as all the dirtsheets confirmed it now this hopefully mean zack is going to get pushed because he deserves it the most on the roster. Having him defend the title maybe his push and a way for WWE to make the marks happy but more so show the fans they care. If this was just a one time thing then even if this is his dream to be in WWE sometimes you have to forget your dreams and get out before they trademark everything you got. I honestly still think he should have left with Chavo as if they don't star using him right then why should he not. But Zack Pack i hope WWE gives him what he deserves a push just remember Ryder or Riot WWWYKI

This Day in Wrestling history

This day 39 years ago in Moscow Russia Current WWE superstar Vladimir Kozlov is born. Vlad is a former tag team champion in the time he has been in the WWE. That's the only belt he has accumulated. Kozlov when he first debuted was unbeaten till he started vs HHH and going on the title picture.

This day in Wrestling history

This day 54 years ago another member of one of the more famous wrestling families he was namEd Bret and was the son of Stu & Helen. Yes today the hitman turns 54 years old. Bret the WWE hall of Famer & A 7 time world champion. Bret was a marque guy in the WWE from 1992 to 1997 when he won the KOTR then became the IC champ and then beating Ric Flair for the world title. He went on to have 5 reigns as a world champ before leaving in 97 for WCW. After the Survivor Series and being apart of the infamous Montrel Screwjob and hating Vince. What he didn't count on is not having a match until Sold Out in Jan of next year he did go on to win 2 world titles in WCW before retiring after Starcade of 00. Because of a botched superkick by Goldberg giving him a severe concussion ending his active career and giving him one of the better careers of anyone from this era this day 54 years ago

This day in Wrestling HIstory

This day 16 years ago a match happend for both the first and the last time as Ian Rotten vs Axl Rottan in a Taipei Death Match. If you don't know what, this is I will explain it both the guys dip their hands then dip their hands in glass. This match quickly became the reason why I became interested in ECW as it was something that was never done before. Ian & Axl bloddied each other all throughout that summer with barbedwire bat match & other brutal matches after they lost disband match vs the Pitbulls. Which Axl won after one of the more brutal matches that have ever seen.(Nerd Note: Future manager Bill Alfonso was the ref for some of this match before leaving the arena.) This match has only happened one other time both these guys in a rematch at one of the ECW reunion shows but this match is very brutal don't believe me go on YouTube and watch it go ahead