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Years Have Past and Things Have Changed Part 2

This title is honest it's real and it's the truth five years ago I started this blog and it's fair to say that over the course of the last five years there have been some periods of inactivity. That is expected in my opinion, but my question to you is when someone has a sort of successful "real" site why would he keep coming back to a blog. Loyalty, Gratitude, Respect... all of those words are reasons why I keep coming back, because even though I left the views kept coming and even though I was getting paid something was still missing.

Though I was making money at doing this I felt like I was missing something that I didn't like writing anymore or maybe that I didn't like wrestling anymore. Well I ended up realizing that I didn't like the people who I was working for and so I quit. It was then that I thought I was done writing and that I would sit up late at night like I am doing right now typing on a keyboard for no real reason. Then after about a m…

Years Have Past and Things Have Changed Part 1

For the last five years almost I have been placing posts on this site and it didn't matter if I was getting to put them elsewhere I still almost always found my way back here. I firmly believe that it was all, because of you.... the reader that I always ended up coming back. Things have changed for me over the last few years as I have matured as a person and my priorities have changed. Also I take writing a big more seriously another thing that some people may look at as a downside. (Writing for a Blog vs Writing for a Site

"I am sure you guys would like to know about me well I am not as old as many may think cause of the vast knowledge of wrestling I have. But i am only a high school student is striving for a future in the business that he has loved for so long. I am not a one side fan like most and no offense is meant it is just like most fans are either just a plain fan or a super fan i can be both and sometimes one more than the other. I have not missed an episode of Mon…

How I Would Book it: WCW 1998 Part 1

The journey begins at Starrcade 1997 where old feuds come to a close and new seeds planted as the new year gets ready to begin. Are you willing to take a trip through history with me as I rebook the past once again. Below is the card I
ran for Starrcade 1997:

Starrcade 1997:
Pre-Show: 15 Man Battle Royal to Determine the Number 1 Contender for the WCW TV Title
WCW Cruiserweight Title Match: (c) Eddy Guerrero vs Dean Malenko
Grudge Match: Raven vs Ray Traylor
Steve McMichael vs Goldberg
Booker, T vs Davey Boy Smith
WCW Television Title Match: Chris Benoit vs (c) Perry Saturn
WCW United States Title Match: (c) Curt Hennig w/ Rick Rude vs Diamond Dallas Page
WCW Tag Team Title Match: (c) The Steiner Brothers w/ Ted DiBiase vs Face of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart
WCW World Title Match: (c) Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Sting

Apologizes in advance for the quality of the video!!