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WWE: Punk leaves

For those who may not have heard but the huge news today in the World of Wrestling is that former WWE Champion and self professed "Best in the World" has quit WWE. That's right with only months left on his contract CM Punk "took his ball and went home." This is said to be why Punk wasn't on Monday Night Raw this past Monday Night. Well the reason why Punk walked out on WWE is simple really he is sick of part-timers being given everything including Wrestlemania. Punk doesn't like that part-timers seemingly get treated better then the full-time guys. I for one agree with him because the Full-Time guys are here every week, yet they are made to look like jokes most of them. Punk had the testicular fortitude to stand up for himself and all the other guys and I respect him for that and I hope others follow suit.

Now for those asking if this is real or not I am telling you it's very real and apparently Punk's walking out has been a long time coming. P…

Random Wrestling Video of the Day

This post series is designed to bring videos from various social media sites I may come across to light by sharing them with all of you. The video I have today is of an up and coming wrestling company named TCW or Traditional Championship Wrestling. They are a good company very aware of the fans and I think deserve to be recognized. Also I wanted to say that Wrestling Legend Bobby Eaton works for them and last I heard he wasn't in good shape, so I hope Bobby is doing better, and can get back to doing what he loves which is being apart of the wrestling business.
Below I posted there most recent show:

How I would book it Part 6..... Rebirth of Extreme (ECW 2006)

Tuesday October 10th ECW on SC-FI:
Highlights of William Regal’s promo from Last week, Justin Credible def. Special E, Rene Dupree walks out and says “William Regal, over the last few weeks all we have heard out of you is complaints about how nobody has respect for you and your accomplishments. Well Regal it’s not about your past it’s about you stepping aside for the future figuring out that your time is up and you need to step aside. It might not seem like it but I respect you Regal I do but I don’t fear you and even though I don’t want to end your career I will if it means taking your spot.” (c) Great Khali & Daivari def. The Heartthrobs (Khali pins Romeo) Post Match: Daivari grabs a mic and says “We haven’t gotten the respect we deserve as champions and that is because they are mad we are champions. Who are they you ask, they are each and every one of you ignorant & disrespectful Americans fans. Great Khali & I are the best Tag Team in ECW and to prove we challenge and …

Superstar Recall

Over the course of wrestling history interesting and unique characters have graced our television screens. But in my opinion not many were as unique as The Zombie, which had not been attempted prior and that surprises me sort of. In June 2006 WWE decided to bring back ECW as another brand with RAW and Smackdown. On one of the first shows we saw a very unique character debut against The Sandman his name was The Zombie. Sandman went on to crush The Zombie after totally destroying him with his Cane. But we still the infamous debut of the short lived Zombie. Below is what would The Zombie's only appearence in WWE:

Daniel Bryan a Star....... Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!!

Over the course of the last few months we have seen the ascension of as far as I am concerned the future of the WWE and his name is Daniel Bryan. If anyones stock in WWE has jolted up since the summer it is Bryan. I look this as a fan as someone getting what they finally deserve to get and someone whose worked very hard to get to where he is right now. I have been a fan of Daniel Bryan since his days on the Independent circuit and happy to say I have followed him for as long as I have because now I am able to see him reach the pinnacle. Now that I think about it even with all of his success he really hasn't gotten the chance to run with the ball and be the guy in WWE. I hope in 2014 WWE gives Daniel the ball and tells him to run with it because if anyone deserves the opportunity to be champion for a long time it's him.

As many fans may remember last year the craze was Fandangoing which was one of the many things center stage in the post Wrestlemania crowd last year. But this y…

Wrestling Promo in the NFL

If your a fan of the NFL then you probably saw the playoff game last night between the Seattle Seahawks & the San Francisco 49er's. As everyone knows the Seahawks won advancing to the Super Bowl. But that's not the only people are talking about, as some people are also talking about the "Wrestling Promo" that Seahawks CB Richard Sherman cut with Ariane Andrews after the game. I have to say I am not a fan of the NFL nor do I claim to know anything about football but the "trash talking" done by Sherman post game was some of best talking I have heard in a while.

I know some wrestler namely heels who should watch that promo and use that to improve their mic work overall. It also should people something if twitter was blowing up last night and numerous people had the same response and that was and I quote "The only thing missing from that promo was @PaulHeyman." What I think a fair response to that would be even though knowing Paul's talents wo…

Unfortunate Circumstances

The saddest part of being a fan of this profession is having to say goodbye to our favorite legends and sometimes our favorite superstars. Over the course of the last 15 years that I have watched this sport I have seen great athletes, and tough competitors. It may surprise you but one of the toughest people I have ever seen compete in that ring is "The Great" Mae Young.

The moment that sticks out for and there were a lot of great moments that Mae had in the WWE including: giving berth to a hand, stripping at Royal Rumble 2000, Calling Team LayCool Sluts at Raw Old School, also who can forgot her cameo in the Anger Management videos with Team Hell No, & Many other great memories. One in particular sticks out for me and that is when Mae Young was power bombed through a table for the second time by the Dudleys this time off the stage. That moment showed me just tough Mae was that she at 80 years young would take a power bomb off the stage through a table. That to me showed …

How I Would Book it Part 5..... Rebirth of Extreme (ECW 2006)

Tuesday September 12th ECW on SC-FI:
ECW TV Title Tournament: Balls Mahoney def. Paul Burchill, Video Hyping Elijah Burke, William Regal walks and says “I have been wrestling since I was age 15 and I have traveled everywhere in the United States, Canada, & Europe. I have really given my life to this sport and yet I still don’t get the respect I deserve because in this business there is an un-written code to respect those who came before you. Over the last few weeks I have been disrespected by Rene Dupree even though he believes he belongs in this business that doesn’t mean he is entitled to special rights, just because his dad was in the business, this just shows why WWE’s future looks bleak if they depend on people like Rene Dupree.” ECW TV Title Tournament: 6 Man Battle Royal: Won By Kid Kash, Video hyping up Hardcore Holly, CM Punk ECW Original Open Challenge: CM Punk def. Axl Rotten (Post Match: Mr. X & Ray Gordy run in and attack Axl they lay him out in the middle of the …

Flashback Report

For the first time I am actually going to do one of these post based on a non male wrestler like I have done everyone of these prior. But I feel like for once it fits to do this on a non-wrestler because of the current news surrounding this person. For those who haven't been on the internet in the 48 hours you have heard about the current condition of WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young. As of right now Mae is still alive but she isn't in good shape and at this point is still living off life support. But instead of being grim let's take this opportunity and flashback to Mae's career before WWE (Yes she had one.)
Now there really isn't much known about Mae's career prior to the WWE but below is some interesting facts about Mae's career:
Mae was wrestling in Memphis, TN on December, 7 1941 which was the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed.Mae was an amateur wrestler on her boys High School Wrestling Team (If that doesn't show how tough she's always been I don'…

AJ Styles Update: Is TNA still in his future

As of this writing some people within TNA Wrestling believe that TNA could have AJ Styles comeback for the Lockdown PPV in April to face Magnus. The only problem is that he isn't under contract with TNA anymore and they haven't be able to reach an agreement thus far. Also another thing that could stop a comeback is his dates on the Independents because it's not like if he resigns he will just throw them aside and not show up to them. I think TNA made a mistake by allowing AJ to leave, Yes after the botch at ROH's event over the weekend you might think other wise, but that was just one mistake. AJ Styles is still a solid wrestler in the ring and a decent hand on the mic.

I also think he was the backbone of the TNA roster, and will be missed sort of like a Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko or Saturn was missed in WCW when they went to WWE. Now that might be a strange comparison but let me explain, when in WCW and then WWE the team later called the Radicalz was the backbone of th…

Mae Young Update

With Old School RAW coming right around the corner I thought right now would be a better time then any to give you guys an update on a legend who will not be at the show tonight. Unfortunately at last word it doesn't seem as though Mae Young's current health status will allow her to be at tonight's show. At last word Mae had been invited to the show tonight but because of health issues will most likely not be attending. After a couple of days of rumors of what is going on it turns out that Mae is in rough shape apparently one of her Kidneys is in the process of shutting down, and she's breathing with the assistance of an oxygen machine. She is back at home now after being in the hospital recently; but she is being constantly monitored and isn't in good shape these days. One of Mae's former students said that "Once I heard of my former trainers decreasing health I had to go see her to let her know what she means to mean and a lot of other people in the busi…

Hype Central 1

Today in the first weekend of the new year and that also means it's the first weekend of wrestling in the new year. It's the time when companies attempt to start the new year out on the right foot and maybe even start the new year better then the prior year ended. Well right now I want to take this chance to mention two big events happening this weekend, both of which are taking place tomorrow. First it is a big show and one you may have heard about in the two of my more recent interviews, it is the One Year Anniversary show for On-Point Wrestling which will be taking place in Sewell, NJ tomorrow night. The other show is not big because it's their first show of the new year but it's big because a former start returns home. I am talking about the show Ring of Honor is running tomorrow live from Nashville as former TNA Star AJ Styles returns.

Both shows are big in their own right because it's actually really big for On-Point having their one year anniversary and AJ …