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TNA Today

They this night is the next evolution in Pro Wrestling because TNA goes live tonight at a new time 8 pm instead of 9. Ok really only TNA thinks this is the next evolution in wrestling I bet very few people even care about it. This show tonight is a big show for them because it could be a good indication of where they will go from here and they will be hurt by all the talent that has left. I really cant speak on a poor job that TNA might have done hyping the move and the fact the show is live tonight because i havent seen impact.
What they should have done is hyped the show like they would a ppv and really drive home the fact they will not be on at 9 but starting at 8 instead. They should have put the show over as a huge deal because it is as this could be a turning point in the right direction for this company.
I just hope if this doesnt go right Dixie and the other executives admit it because they have a bad habit of lieing about bad things that happen in TNA. But to be made out as…

What Just Happend

Breaking News just surfaced that WWE superstar Randy Orton has been suspended for 60 days because of the talent wellness policy and this being his second violation of the policy. Orton's first violation was back in 07 when this policy began to take affect on people. I hope he is suspended for the full 60 days because now this is forcing WWE hand to make a new star or start building someone up to get over. The reason why I can’t see it happening is because they lack depth & major stars, also they have bad habits of not suspending the top stars even when they do fail. But I think the fact the story is up with the Stamford seal of approval I think Orton is gone for 60 days. It really sucks for WWE because, first Jericho get suspended for what he did in Brazil, now Orton Drug Policy violation. It’s a big deal because this was supposed to be a match at No Way Out Jericho vs Orton.
I do have proof of the favoritism and the reason I think Orton may not be out for the entire 60 days …

Week News

A current/former TNA performer because at this point I really dont know what he is, I am speaking of Matt Morgan. He finished up his dates with TNA a couple of weeks, by dates i mean the dates he is allowed from his contract. Since TNA used up all of his dates they wrote him off TV after doing that he technically became a free agent effective immediately. Rumors have been sweling of possible WWE return him would that be a good thing I dont know. Colt Cabana aka Scotty Goldman from WWE (w/ Marty Derosa) in Creative Has Nothing for You!

As news has it us fans are hearing that a former wrestler will be staring with Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schnieder, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, Taylor Lautner, and Nick Swardson. Also I have Shaq with most likely Adam Sandler this movie appears in theaters in July 2013 its called Grown Ups 2. Wait almost forgot the reason i posted this the movie will also be staring former WCW, ECW, …

WWE on Youtube

Here are two of the most recent episodes of two funny WWE original Youtube Series Are You Serious featuring Road Dogg & Josh Matthews. WWE Download hosted by Dolph Ziggler. Links are below: WWE Download episode 18 Are You Serious Episode 17

Brock is thinking about What

News broke late last night that Brock was thinking about going back to the UFC even though he was under contract still with the WWE. Lesnar who was in attendance at the UFC ppv last night had a meeting with Dana White in Vegas late last night which they discussed a possible return i assume. Brock retired from UFC after getting bet really bad by Alistair Overeem in December of last year on ppv, then returned to WWE on April 2. Now he has been gone since injuring HHH a couple of weeks ago but is still under contract with WWE. Brock has something similar to what Flair had when he first signed with TNA instead of a contract where he would appear whenever they needed him. He like Flair had an appearance limit on the amount of shows he can appear over the span of his contract. The only difference is I believe that was Ric contract, when in Brock's the limit is apart of it.
Dana White didn't dismiss the possibility of Brock still being under contract with WWE and fighting in UFC. Bu…

Zack Ryder Whats Happening


Z True Long Island Story Episode 68

The few editions of Z True Long Island Story have been lackluster because WWE has edit the show taking out some clips. Which i dont know if is true or not but it seems as though it maybe because it is on the WWE youtube channel.
But I hope WWE relizes they are really hurting what was a really good show on its own and WWE got jelous and figure he works for us so his show should be under our control. Understanable but still they should given him the room because his on air character is like the show it keeps going down & getting worse. I would be optismistic in saying that maybe the show will get better but i doubt it because they dont see in him what some fans do and thats money so the future is dim for Zack but is still in WWE for now.

Canadian Wrestling Visual 2

With May coming to an end i am going to do one more of these with focus more on just Canadian wrestling and not one guy specific. Lance Storm vs Jerry Lynn November to Remember 98 Roddy Piper vs Bret Hart Wrestlemania 8 Edge vs Christian No Mercy 2001 Ron Garvin vs Ric Flair 9/27/87 NWA title match

This day in Wrestling History

13 years ago today was like another day before it but not since it because the suffering for some more than other still have not been forgotten. 13 years ago today was the last time WWF Over the Edge was on ppv but that’s not the only thing people saw at the Kemper Arena that night. That was the night that people still speak of today in detail, & is something I am sure those in attendance will never forget. It was supposed to be the night Owen Hart won the IC title again but it turned into a night of tragedy. Owen who was then the Blue Blazer a superhero under a mask, he was going to propel down from the ceiling of the Kemper Arena. But then something went wrong and Owen fell 30-50 feet to the ring hitting his head on the turnbuckle. He was later pronounced dead by medical personal and we the ppv viewing audience found out later that he passed away. Owen was a great worker who loved what he did more than most. I have heard some many great stories told in interviews or discussion …

Week News

TNA has lost not only Ric Flair but now word is both Matt Morgan & Alex Shelley will be leaving TNA either already or in the near future to & most likely join WWE before the year ends as there is no such thing in TNA called a no-compete clause.
The Revolution is coming viral campaign isn’t for a debut but it’s for promotion of a new WWE video game coming out the week before the E3 video game convention in the first week of June.

Also it doesn’t look as though Jericho will be "leaving" per say as it turns out he will be available for every PPV except SummerSlam. This basically means he will not be there every week like before but will still be there when he can be so it will be like The Rock only he will be there a lot more.

TNA will be stricter with their TV rating when they go live over the summer basically in the same way WWE when they first went PG. The only difference is that TNA will not go PG but will go to PG-13 starting on their first live episode May 31st.

He's going going Gone

As of this afternoon Ric Flair is gone from TNA, done will not be back on TV anytime soon as the company let him gone. Even though they had good reason to let him go still they let go of the wrong legend they should have let Hulk leave. Because they say Nature Boy hasn’t made a difference in the ratings well that maybe true how much of a difference has Hulk really made or is just another classic case of politics in pro-wrestling. Hulk is liked by those in the office that’s how he got Brooke a job there and how he has kept his. Flair has a better mind for the business that’s how he was a semi successful booker in WCW way back. Also Spike said they can’t make Ric be on TV half nude in any way or in his gear because of his age; also he couldn’t bleed for the same reason. That is classic Ric how you could stop him from being classic Ric at 63 just because he is 63. Then you look at what WWE is doing still having Mae Young partake in an active role in her 80's and you wonder why WWE i…

PPV Predictions

Over The Limit
Kane vs Zack Ryder at least its something for Zack as they say this is the ending of the feud from earlier this year aka the feud they havent mentioned since it was actually a feud. Why lie just say the pre show match is Ryder vs Kane cause we dont have anything for them to be on the show so they are on the pre show. Kane will win because Ryder is being reduced to jobber status once again Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler vs (c) R-Truth & Kofi Kingston this could be a really good match if given the time to be so but it wont be because for some reason WWE doesnt see profitablity in their tag teams like they use to. Therefore I dont see Dolph & Swagger winning for one because Kofi & Truth just won the belts & the other I dont think Dolph & Jack arent a good team (c) Layla vs Beth Pheonix i dont really have much to say about this match other then the fact it will be like anyother divas match as it will be around 5 minutes then done. Layla wins becaus…

This Day In Wrestling History

These Day 66 years ago, one of the biggest, strongest, and toughest wrestlers was born. He was born in Grenoble, France on May 19, 1944 and his name is Andre Rene Roussimoff (a.k.a Andre The Giant) When Andre was a child he displayed symptoms of gigantism. Andre was 6'3" and weight 240 pounds by the age of twelve. Andre dropped out of school in 8th grade because he did not think it was necessary to get a high school education to be a farm laborer. He then worked on a farm, completed an apprenticeship in woodworking, and next worked in a factory that manufactured engines for hay balers. None of these brought him any satisfaction. When Andre was 18 he moved to Paris and was taught professional wrestling by a local promoter who thought there would be money in Andre's future. Soon, a Canadian promoter and wrestler named, Frank Valois met Andre in 1966, becoming his business manager and adviser. Andre began making a name for himself in Africa, New Zealand, England, and Germany…

Canadian Wrestling Visual

Instead of me talking about some of the best canadian born wrestlers i decided to just show some matches of those same guys. Here we go: Owen Hart vs Bret Hart Wrestlemania 10 Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho from NJPW Super J Cup 1995

Week News

Just reported on the dirtsheets WWE is moving to 3 hours on July 23 which is their 1000th episode of RAW ever. Also TNA announced that starting with the show May 31st is the new timeslot 8pm they will also be going live every thursday through the Summer. Two interesting announcements from the top 2 companies in the United States let us dive deeper into both of them.
First TNA, I applaud them for doing this because if they arent leaving the Impact Zone the only other thing they can do is go Live which is what they are doing Good Job. What they need to do now is make it work hype the show in 2 weeks as a big deal, book some big matches for the show. Because it could really help them make an Impact on their first show at the new time. But then again they very rarely do what makes most sense & by the way what do I know I am only a fan.

WWE adds another hour to their cable juggernaut Monday Night Raw WOW!!! Not only will July 23 be big because it is Raw's 1000th show but also bec…

Who is Writing this 3

Different information as i have covered more ground in the last part then i thought here is all i have left to say.
Bookers or the match makers are the guys who help decide who wins and loses the matches on shows, PPV’s, & live events. Working stiff, means you make it hard for your opponent to do things to you and you hit hard with your punches and chops. Face & heel are the terms to describe good guys & bad guys in a wrestling show. Going over in a match, usually means that an established star allows a lesser star to use his name to become a credible name. Getting over is when you start to get a crowd reaction from the fans. All of those off the top of my head, I am speaking honestly I never lie about the knowledge I have about this Sport. I say sport because I hate the fact that Vince has been calling it sports entertainment since the mid 80’s when he took over it always used to be just a sport. Like from the 40’s to the 70’s when the US was split into territories and wa…

WWE News

If you didnt hear on RAW because of how profitable and well recieved the pre-show match was before Extreme Rules. WWE will be having another this Sunday prior to Over the Limit and it will be Zack Ryder vs Kane.

The Brock Lesnar vs Triple H angle is being kept a secret from most memebers of WWE creative only very few people know the direction the feud is going to go. Also few know when HHH & Lesnar will actually fight

WWE has noted that changes will be coming to NXT over the next couple weeks, I have heard most definetly were & when they tape the show will change. I have also read that the name of the show may change from NXT to WWE Superstar Showdown.

TNA News

Late last week I believe Hulk Hogan developed a new idea that he wants the fans to film the TNA stars whenever & wherever the fans see them. That is a terrible idea I mean c'mon on it does take a brain surgeon to figure out that everyone deserves their privacy. Also who cares how light their schedules are they still deserve privacy to spend time with their families. This will not give the guys major/main stream attention because the people the fans are video taping arent major/main stream stars. It would be different if it was main stream stars but they arent and they can thank the fine people at TNA for that because they do so well at making new stars yah right. They are as good at making as ROH was prepared for the IPPV over the weekend. (sorry i had to)
Some may say oh its just another mark pissing, moaning, and complaning about how much he hates Hulk Hogan, TNA, etc & if anyone else came up with the idea it would be gold. Thats not true I am done complaning about TNA …

PPV Predictions

TNA Sacrifice
(c) Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher this will be a usual knockouts match good enough that people dont say why is this on the show. They have tried to make it seem like Brooke would have a chance vs Gail but i think they have to try harder to make her a formitable opponent therefore Gail wins tonight (c) Devon vs Robbie E vs Robbie T a good low-card match but nothing more because of how much the fans hate Robbie E & T i dont think this match should get that much time. Also in the same case Devon will most likley win his match to keep the gold Daniels & Kazarian vs (c) Samoa Joe & Magnus good match because Joe has chemistry with those two guys and its a fresh team going for the gold. Joe & Magnus should win because even though i think daniels & kaz are a good team i dont think they should be tag champions Austin Aries vs Bully Ray this will be a good match & will be given time to be so because it is one of the big feuds in TNA. As many in TNA hav…

Weekend News

This weekend is a packed weekend when it comes to wrestling as 3 promotions have shows this weekend. Evolve, CZW, ROH & I am sure others are to. for all the ROH info on the cards for this weekend for all the info on the CZW cards this weekend or for all the info on the two evolve cards this weekend

tommorrow fans will be able to see a very anticpated match up as Davey Richards defends the ROH world title vs Kevin Steen. He promised to hold ROH hostage if he wins the gold. ROH has never done it where they allow someone to go for the belt and win at the peak of their popularity done right this could help ROH. In my opinion Steen should win because he is an ass kicker & his popularity is high now and will go higher with the gold so it would only help ROH.

Evolve: We will see the return of Finlay as the challenge was answered and accept that Jon Davis laid down at Evolve 10 to face Finlay and this weekend it wil…

Canadian Wrestling

With this being May & the months that 13 years ago one of the best wrestlers never to win a world title was taken from us. I am going to look back from today till the end of the month at some of the best Canadian Wrestlers since Owen's debut in 1986 till now. These are people like Steve Corino, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian, Kevin Steen, Roddy Piper, & many more. Today I guess its fitting that we start with the Best in the World at everything he does, Y2J, the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, the Highlight of the Night, the Living Legend, King of the World, he is.... Chris Jericho
record holder for the most times Intercontinental Champion
first Undisputed Champion
grand slam champion (WWE)
6 time WCW Cruserwieght champion
Memeber of the band Fozzy
contestant on Dancing With the Stars

Some of his great moments one match and one promo from Chris Jericho's Great Career:
Probably one of the funniest promos in WCW from Chris Jericho when he …

Who's Writting this Part 2

Once again I don’t know or claim to know everything about the business but I am game to learn more then I already know as I have decide my job of choice is in that business. I will settle for nothing less cause as Dusty Rhodes said “Get a dream hold on to it and shoot for the stars” yes a senior in high school just quoted Dusty Rhodes I know. Now let’s get funky monkey as I take you on a trip through time to show how much I know about the sport I love. I can every Royal Rumble winner in order from 88 till now; same with the King of the Ring except I don’t think I can do it in order I can name all of them though. 
Can name the first 5 WCW world champions in order, can tell you the first WWE triple crown winner, longest reigning WWE champion in history, same with the tag titles for both WWE, WCW, ECW, ROH, TNA, & other titles as well. I don’t only know title histories and match winners, I have also seen some of the best moments in wrestling history like: Hogan slamming Andre, Douglas…

He is Back

Isnt it obvisous what i would be doing the post on today with the return of Paul Heyman last night on RAW how could I not talk about it. Simple really it is great to see Paul, I was shocked when he came out to the ring never thought I would see him back. For those who dont know Paul was the manager of Brock when he first debuted in March 2002 until Survivor Series of that same year which is in November. Also Heyman was Brock's manager/business partner when Lesnar was in UFC as if you look I am sure you would be able to see Paulie somewhere near the ring. Some dirtsheets are reporting that Paul is only here until Summerslam with Brock I guess to be a mouthpiece in the feud between Brock & HHH.
With Brock "quitting" they to have some there who can answer for Brock or no what is in Lesnar's best interest & thats where Paul comes in. So when HHH says that he will get Brock back in the WWE so he can kick his ass or something to that affect they can have someone a…

This day in Wrestling History

Today one of the greatest in ring competitors never to win a world title would have been 47 years old and he is a member of one of the greatest wrestling families the Hart's I am talking about Owen. The great former IC, Tag Team champion, former King of the Ring winner, many others God Bless you Owen Hart.
Once of the most underrated wrestlers ever in WWE constantly putting on great matches vs former & future World Champions like Austin, Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, & many others. I feel he should have been world champion instead of being made a fool by dawing his Blazer mask again. As he was Blue Blazer prior in his career and cam back to it in 1999. Starting in Stampede Wrestling like his brothers in wasnt long before Owen was in WWF teaming with the likes of Koko B Ware. A couple of years before joining WWF Hart went to Japan were he won the Jr Heavyweight title. Prior to rejoing WWF he spent a little time in WCW.  After teaming with Koko for around a year, he was on…

WWE on Youtube

Rework & Rewrite

Road to Invasion
7/12:**No Stone Cold as he is nowhere to be found here tonight people wonder why & can’t understandwhat happen but still the show must go on with invasion in a couple of weeks. The show begins with the return of Shane & Booker, t but they aren’t in the ring they are on the titontron talking to the fans about the misunderstanding that happened a couple of weeks ago. And that Monday they will straighten everything out.From there Angle is seen talking to Edge & Christian saying how much of an embarrassment it was losing to Storm on RAW in the Main Event. Edge says that he has to face Stasiak tonight & asks Kurt to accompany him to ringside because Christian is busy with Kanyon. So Kurt goes out and manages Edge for the match but ends up getting chased off by Storm who showed up on the stage. This distraction caused Edge to get distracted and lost his match to Stasiak. After that Kanyon & Stasiak vs. Edge & Christian at Invasion, also made Storm vs.…

Who is writing this

I have been watching this sport for around 15 years at this point and have seen over 800 different wrestlers compete. Over 15000 hours of wrestling, I haven’t missed an episode of Monday Night Raw since December 2005 when it was on X-MAS. I have watched every episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling from September 2009 to October 2011. I have seen countless documentaries on the history of wrestling so I know it began on the Carney Circuit or apart of the Carnival then evolved into a sport that was promoted like boxing. At one point it was real way back in the days of the hookers like George Hackenschmidt, Frank Gotch, Ed Strangler Lewis, Orville Brown & some many others. Because those guys where amateur wrestlers so the fans saw like 1 hour amateur wrestling matches. I know the story of how Ed Lewis became the Strangler but I won’t bore you guys with that story. I can name off the top of my head the first world champions of practically every company excluding some indie companies. Inste…


I really dont know what to call this so i am just going to call it Unknown because i really dont know what to call this post. Here we go, for almost the last year I have prided myself on blogging about the truth & not only posting my opinion but also posting how I feel from both sides of the spectrum per say. I was going to save this for the 1 year anniversary but I have something that I am going to do for that. I feel that if this site is ever going to expand to anything more than just this I feel you guys the fans should know who I am and why I can write like this about this sport. So I figure I will start with a part 1 & work toward maybe a 3 part blog series on this. I don’t like doing this not because I don’t people to know who I really am but me showing this amount of knowledge I feel could be annoying for some people that’s why I never feel the need to flaunt my knowledge. Also kind of figure people would wonder if I have a life other then wrestling or not & sometim…

Week News

Even though I could probably do an entire post on some of this stuff i would rather get it all in on one then post more then one here it is:

Anarquia's roster profile was removed from the TNA site earlier that usually means that the Wrestler has been relieved of his duties by the company. No offense to Matt Barrela but he never really fit in on TNA and i think he should maybe go back to OVW or try his hand in a different company.

Abraham Washington is now offically apart of the RAW roster and by the looks of it the first WWE stable in over two years almost is on the verge of being formed. The name of the group is Abraham Washington Enterprise lead by Abe. The members arent known at this point but will be in the coming weeks.

Brock Lesnar wroter out of the storyline for now as he only has 35-40 to apperance limit on his contract so they need to find different ways to keep him on and off the show and this is a way. Also plans changed originally they were rumored to be building to…