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Flashback Report

Terry Funk

Good in ring
Good on Mic

Terry didn't start getting noticed until he joined the NWA with his brother Dory in 1968 and Terry first big success came in 1975 when he won the NWA World Title from Jack Briscoe. During this era Terry became a big star in many North American territories from New York to Memphis to Amarillo to Florida to many others. One of Terry's greatest rivals during the 1980's was Jerry the king Lawler who he fought in bloody feud during his time in Memphis. Also worth noting Terry never won another NWA World title. But he did have one of the best I-Quit matches ever while a part of WCW against Ric Flair. (Flair vs Funk I-Quit)

Terry has been everywhere a wrestler could go from North America to Japan it's fair to say Terry has done it all. Even being a Hall of Famer in which he was inducted into the Cauliflower Alley Club Hall of Fame in 2005 and the Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004. Who could also…

Money in the Bank Moments

With the Money in the Bank ppv drawing closer I feel it is fitting to look at some of the great moments this match and PPV have given to us fans. From the first Money in the Bank to CM Punk at Money in the Bank 2011 to many unexpected people winning the case as well. Well without further adieu let's take a look back to the Money in Bank ppv from 2011 when CM Punk fought John Cena in one of the most anticipated WWE matches in years: Sit back watch and enjoy this trip down memory lane- CM Punk vs John Cena MITB 2011 Punk vs Cena MITB 2011 promo

Sad News

The bad thing about this job is reporting sad news like this I found out today a true legend of the pro-wrestling business. I found out that today the original Doink the Clown aka Matt Bourne real name Matt Osborne passed away today. Before I continue I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the Osborne family. Matt was a second generation wrestling as his father Tony Borne who wrestled during the territory era all over the US. Before getting his big break in the WWE Matt like most wrestlers he traveled through many territories like WCCW, Mid-South, Portland Wrestling, & the early days of WCW. But in mid 1992 Matt started his longest and very successful run as Doink the Clown.

Below are a list of Matt's achievements he mounted during his career:

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship (1 time) WCW United States Tag Team Championship (1 time)  WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship (1 time) Mid-South Tag Team Championship (1 time)Championship Wrestling International A…

How I Would Book it Part 7......... TNA 2010

Thursday September 16th Impact: 3 days before No Surrender
X-Division Battle Royal to determine #1 Contender: Alex Shelley def. Jay Lethal, Shima Ion, Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick, (Alex eliminates Shima last), Chris Sabin over The Ripper, Rosita def. Lacey Von Erich (Post Match: Madison Rayne attacks Rosita laying her out in the middle of the ring. But then Sarita & Taylor Wilde run in to make the save), Angle Open Challenge: Kurt Angle def. James Storm, Bobby Lashley & Mr. Anderson def. Jim Anderson & Rick Ross (Lashley pins Rick), Rob Van Dam def. Matt Bentley, Magnus def. Jeff Hardy (Post Match: Daniels walks out, he grabs a mic and tells Jeff & the fans that this will be a familiar site because on Sunday Jeff you will be on your back again), ODB def. Velvet Sky, (6 man tag match Beautiful People vs Sarita, Rosita, & Taylor Wilde), Daniels w/ Bobby Lashley over Hernandez (Lashley walked out during the match stood in the corner of Daniels), Abyss vs AJ Styles (Draw)…

Various News

Tomorrow on Impact The Big O will make his TV debut in the a Gut Check match against former Tough Enough 4 contestant Ryan Howe aka Skid marks. I would love to see TNA acknowledge Adam's friendship with Zack Ryder on TV, but I don't think they will because Adam has made his own name for himself. Ryan hasn't been in the public's that much since being on Tough Enough back 2 years ago but with the Gut Check challenge he gets another chance. If I had to pick I would love to see Adam get the contract because well I am biased but I also think he deserves it. Adam's Gut Check Video which will on Impact tomorrow

As of right now the Briscoe's are finished with ROH for the time being but first Jay has to lose the gold. With this being the case I would say it's only a matter of time before Jay loses the gold to someone but who. I hope ROH doesn't rush it and lets the story whatever it might be…

WWE: Wrong Idea

With most video games companies chose a cover that make people want to buy it and usually it something to do with the game. But in wrestling it's different usually you want your top guys on the cover but we have seen Cena, Orton, Punk, Jericho, Lesnar, Rock, etc. on covers already. Which could make one think they would go a completely different way this year like pointing towards the  future but they didn't do that. Last night on Raw WWE showed the public the cover of WWE 2k14 and it had The Rock on the cover a superstar not even with the company anymore. The Rock for those who don't know left after WrestleMania 29 due to a disagreement with creative and an injury. Rock has also been on a cover or two already so why not have new faces on the cover.

This should have been a new beginning for WWE as for the first time this decade a WWE video game will be produced by THQ this one will be produced by Take 2 or 2K Sports. I think this would have been the perfect opportunity for…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 6 years ago the wrestling world was stunned to find out and was forced to come to terms with the unfortunate and scary passing of Chris Benoit & former Manager Nancy "Women" Benoit & Daniel, Chris's son. But I will talk about what happened this day I will talk Chris's career in pro-wrestling. Chris loved the business and gave all he had every single time he was in the ring to make sure the fans got their moneys worth.

Chris is many ways was the backbone for every company he was a part of from ECW to NJPW to WCW to WWE because every time he went out you knew you would get his best. Which is exactly why WCW suffered such a big lose when he left in January 2000 with Eddie, Dean, & Perry to join WWE. Then while in WWE he went on to be a Triple Crown Champion which can be seen below. It's very unfortunate and sad that such a well liked & gifted talent career was tarnished like this; but most fans try and remember Chris for who he was before t…

How I would Book it Part 6........ TNA 2010

Sunday August 8th Hard Justice: Orlando, FL

Announcers hype the card, 3 way Knockout tag team #1 Contender Match (winner is #1 Contender): Rosita, Sarita & ODB def. Beautiful People & Angelina Love, Hamada & Tara (Rosita pins Love), (c) Kazarian def. Shima Ion to retain the X-Division title, Kurt Angle def. Eric Young, (c) Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea def. Rob Van Dam to retain the TV Title, Grudge Match: Rhino def. Scott Steiner, Motor City Machine Guns over LAX via Count-Out, Rob Terry package showing how Big Rob got to challenging for the World Title, (c) Beer Money def. Pope D’ Angelo Dinero & Jay Lethal to retain the Tag Team titles, Daniels over Jeff Hardy, Tables Match: Team 3D def. Generation Me, #8 AJ Styles def. #7 Samoa Joe to advance up a spot in the TNA Top 10, TNA World Title Match: (c) Mr. Anderson def. “The Freak” Rob Terry (Lashley runs down and distracts Terry allowing Anderson to pick up the win) Post Match: Big Rob is pissed and starts tearing apart the…

McMahon A Mania

I am aware I normally don't post this late but I think my viewers deserve a post because I have been missing them more frequent then I would like. So as reported earlier today not only will the McMahon family feud continue but it was welcomed by the USA network to try and help the ratings. Usually when Vince comes to shows it does help the ratings but if he is their every week will it still help the ratings? Now it also seems as though this could lead to Hunter taking over power from Vince and slowly starting the move towards the New Era in WWE.

I think as long as this doesn't become the focal point of the broadcast it's ok because it is a feud with a Part-Time wrestler/executive & the Owner of the company. That's a good feud to center the show around if they weren't the wrestlers it would be but because they are I don't think it should be. This feud showed not be portrayed as more important then the WWE Title feud or World Title feud but it showed still b…

TNA: A Big Reason to Watch

It was reported this after noon that tonight TNA Gutcheck returns with the newest challenger for the challenge. Tonight current NYWC World Champion The Big O will apart of tonight's Gutcheck segment. Real name Adam David has been competing for local Long Island company NYWC since late 2011. Wrestling fans know Adam from his fame as Zack Ryder's best friend from Zack's YouTube show Z True Long Island Story. Many might be surprised that Big O is going to join TNA and not be with his friend Zack. But in wrestling you take any break you can get and this is a good break for Adam.

Big O is an up in comer in wrestling and I hope this is his big break because he like a lot of other who have gotten this chance has worked for it. Big O has definitely gotten out of the shadow of Zack's show and started building his own name in wrestling. Also unlike most people that have been in this competition Big O actually is has more charisma in my book then most anyone in TNA. Outside of R…

Zeb get's on the Daily Show

Yesterday on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, current WWE manager Zeb Colter was mentioned due to his promo this past Monday on Immigration. John Stewart is against Zeb's views on immigration and actually praises the WWE for having a civilized discussion about it. Below is the blurb from the show about John's response to Zeb also another mention of WWE came in the Moment of Zen on this weeks edition of the Daily Show.


The Whole F'N Show is Coming Back

The news broke last night that Rob Van Dam has officially resigned with the WWE and will return at Money in The Bank. Now even though Rob has returned it doesn't mean he is back full-time because he isn't. In fact Rob doesn't even have that long of a deal; his contract is a short term contract and he is a part timer. Which is what he said he would want if he ever came back to the WWE again after his tenure in TNA. This will technically begin Rob's third stint with the WWE his first was back in the mid-90's when he would occasionally appear on RAW while working for ECW.

With Rob coming back even if it's for a short time he should be able to have some dream matches and help the young guns get better in the ring. Also he should help the lacking WWE mid-card get a little bit better. He could even help the tag division but reuniting with Rey Mysterio for one more push to the gold. The possibilities are unknown right now but I can tell you that RVD coming back is a …

PPV Predictions

WWE Payback Pre-Show: Sheamus vs Damien Sandow I still don't understand why this match is on the pre-show but also for the first time in a while a pre-show match has some background. With the fact it's the pre-show match it doesn't need to be anything special. I would like to see Sandow win especially by cheating to push this feud a little longer. Divas Title Match: (c) Kaitlyn vs AJ this will be the usual divas match aka just long enough to mean something. After what we saw on Monday I really want to see for once were this feud goes. I do think AJ wins tonight United States Title Match Kane vs (c) Dean Ambrose this has all the makings to be a good match, and I hope it is because WWE needs to start making the other titles mean something to. Over the last year both Mid-Card titles have gone up and down in prestige and they need to start meaning something again. For the sake of the young talent or them holding the belts will mean nothing. Ambrose wins because he just…

How I would Book it Part 5......... TNA 2010

Thursday July 1st Impact: 2 Weeks till Victory Road Kenny Omega def. Shark Boy, Jason Blade, & Rob Eckos (Omega pins Boy), Hype for Victory Road July 11th, Madison Rayne comes out with Lacey & Velvet. Madison said she was told she had to defend her Knockouts title tonight or forfeit it by Jeff Jarrett and she goes on to say her and the Beautiful People all think it is very unfair. But then Taylor Wilde walks out and tells Madison that she is a disgrace to the division for not defending that title and expecting to be given respect. She continues to say maybe if you were a fighting champion people would respect you I know if I was the champion I would be afraid to defend it. Madison tells Taylor well you aren't so nobody cares what you would do with my belt. Taylor adds you should because I am the person who is fighting you tonight for you belt. Magnus def. Rhino, Angelina Love & ODB def. Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich (Post Match: Sky & Lacey attack Love & ODB…

TNA: Mafia Good for TNA


This past week on Impact Sting said that he will be making a new Main Event Mafia to combat the Aces & Eights. I think that is a great idea because it will give the Aces & Eights someone to feud with and hopefully elevate a new face or two in the company. Will any of the original members outside of Sting be apart of it no probably not for many reason one of which is most of them are working for WWE. Could, Angle be it of course but I would see new people in the group with Sting as the leader kind of like how Fortune was. Flair was the legend manager helping the other guys get better by association. I hope Sting goes in a similar role but still is active in the ring but just not in such a prominent role. Because with the fact "he can't challenge for the World Title anymore" it would be the perfect time to start moving him out of the Main Event picture.

The only thing that is a mystery about thi…

This Day in Wrestling History

This day 14 years ago during a low point of the Monday Night Wars, WCW went a little to far with a certain match. Sting vs Rick Steiner was a match on the card for the Television Title and it was a Falls Count Anywhere Match. This match took place at the Great American Bash 1999 live on PPV but it wasn't the match that was a problem. Most people thought this match would be good because of who is in it Sting & Rick Steiner two of the better workers the company had left. But not tonight as during the match they went backstage and when the camera found them they found Sting being attacked not by another wrestler. He was being attacked by dogs some of which were led in by Scott Steiner.

This was a definite low point of the Monday Night Wars and for WCW because they pulled this stunt and they are lucky Sting didn't get severely injured from the stunt. The ending of match saw "one of the dogs" pin Sting which gave Rick Steiner the win. Does anyone if a dog really pinn…

Matches Matches & More Matches

Today is this post we tribute The Shield because since they have come up they have shown that not everyone in the developmental is green. They raised the bar even further for Indy's coming to WWE so today here videos that I hope show not only good the Shield is but other people to. Bryan Danielson vs Austin Aries (2004) Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose (2011) Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (2012) CM Punk vs Austin Aries

How I would Book it Part 4........ TNA 2010

Thursday May 13th Impact: 3 days until Sacrifice

Promo video for Sacrifice on the 16th, Kazarian def. Amazing Red, Team 3D Open Challenge: Team 3D pins LAX (Bubba pins Homicide), Magnus def. Pope D’ Angelo Dinero, #7 Matt Morgan vs Rob Terry (Non-Contest), Sting def. Desmond Wolfe (Post Match: Scott Steiner runs in and attacks Wolfe with his lead pipe. Then just as Sting starts walking back up the stage Joe attacks Sting from behind and sends Sting off the stage to the floor and Sting looks hurt.), Sting is getting load on the stretcher and being taken from the arena. RVD def. Jesse Neal, #10 James Storm def. Jeremy Buck, Scott Steiner vs Desmond Wolfe is announced for Sacrifice, Angelina Love & Tara def. Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky (Love pins Sky), (c) Rhino def. Sean Morley, Jeff Hardy is being interviewed about his match later against Moore and he tells JB “When me and Matt started a company called OMEGA we had our friends in it and one of those people were Shannon Moore. Ju…