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Matches of the Day

Matches from the top Heels in Wrestling today:

Bully Ray- by far the most over heel in the business today.

Kevin Steen who last year became one of the biggest in heels in wrestling and one of the most underrated talents to date. Still Kevin is flying under the radar in the Indy companies in the US.

Pipebomb Promo

For once a WWE divas actually cut a good real promo about an underrated, underutilized, & a taken for granted division. All of those adjective describe the Divas Division in WWE and for WWE actually allowed a diva say a relevent promo. Everything AJ said out of when she was prasing herself & bashing Tyson Kidd was true. Most fans think WWE could do a lot more then what they have done with the Divas Divison over the last few years, and it is awsome to see that they might actually have woken up. Because that promo fans will either hate AJ and get behind the women from Total Divas or visa verse, either way I think it might be to early to tell and we will have to wait and see. But I happy to finally see the Divas being used in meaningful way as oppose to a meaningless way.

How I would book it WWF Part 6....... WWF1995

Saturday September 30th Superstars:
Brooklyn Brawler & Aldo Montoya def. Justin Wilson & Mike Bell (Brawler pins Justin), Razor Ramon def. Jeff Hardy, Skip w/ Sunny def. Robert Fader, Jeff Jarrett def. Goldust via DQ when Brian Armstrong runs in and attacks Jeff Jarrett returning the favor from In Your House. Savio Vega def. Dean Douglas w/ Unabomber (Horowitz is on Commentary), Lex Luger def. Owen Hart
Monday October 2nd Monday Night Raw:

Bushwhackers def. Smoking Guns (Luke pins Billy), Bam-Bam Bigelow vs Yokozuna very hyped match for tonight, Owen Hart def. Bob Holly, Video package of the history between Davey Boy & Luger, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, 123 Kid, & IRS def. Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer via Count-Out, Dean Douglas & Unabomber def. Savio Vega & Barry Horowitz (Unabomber pins Vega) Post Match: Dean attacks Horowitz with the Intercontinental title then poses with it saying he will be the champion. Waylon Mercy def. Henry Godwin, Bam-Bam Bigelow def. Yokozu…

Various TNA News


WWE 2k14 Talk

If you didn't see it already the Roster Revel is Below:

How I would Book it Part 5....... WWF 1995

Monday August 28th Monday Night Raw: Highlights of SummerSlam, Skip w/ Sunny def. Savio Vega, Dean Douglas walks out with a big bodyguard he says “Last night I made a bigger impact in one night then anyone this company has thus far this year. I attacked the joke of an Intercontinental Champion & Shawn Michaels. By the way I am not stupid coming out here alone, as you can see I found a friend his name is the Unabomber so go ahead Shawn or Barry try and get at me. I am here to prove I am not just a one trick pony who can only sell out bingo halls I here to prove if I can get to the top of ECW, then I can get to the top of WWF and I will start with the IC title. Barry Horowitz comes out and says “Dean if you wanted a match all you had to do was ask. I am not hard to find as you found out, and since you’re new I’ll tell you who I am…. I’m Barry Horowitz the most fighting IC Champion in history. You want a match you got it. Dean says not tonight but you can fight Unabomber if you wan…

Breaking TNA News: Stylin Negotiations

It was reported earlier today that the Wrestler many call Mr. TNA that is Allen Jones better known as AJ Styles. AJ has been called a founding father of TNA because of the fact he has been a huge part of the company since it's inception 10 years ago. AJ was the first not only Triple Crown winner but he was also the first Grand Slam Champion in TNA history. As of this writing TNA has done very little to attempt to resign AJ as of yet which is surprising because his contract is expiring next month. Now this would not be the first time TNA allowed a superstars contract to expire before resigning them as it happened with Robert Roode, Samoa Joe, Devon, etc. But it's also happened that because the wrestlers contract expired TNA lost them like it happened with Doc & RVD. 
The lack of resigning talents on time is one of the many things that cost Bruce Pritchard his job with TNA as President of Talent Relations. Rob also is a prefect example of someone who TNA lost then he got sna…

WWE Not so PG

Videos of from RAW this past Monday: A guy discussing Ryback bulling a random guy backstage.

Even though we think WWE is PG it is these sudden and sparing things that happen that make us think that things might change. But it's the game they play to make us happy and keep us quite

Match of the Day

Relive some of the best Matches that I find:  

PPV Predictions

Pre-Show Match: 
(c) Dean Ambrose vs Rob Van Dam  even though this is the pre-show match they have to start having good matches here or nobody will bother watching them. The tag title match from last month was good let's build on it, that with the other member of The Shield raising the bar. Even though I do think RVD winning a title would help both Rob and the title I think they could get more out of a feud with Rob & Ambrose so I see Ambrose winning tonight  Natalya vs Brie Bella  The fact of the matter is even though for the first time in a while a divas match outside the title actually has background behind it means WWE is actually starting to care a little more about the divas. But I still think it will be a usual divas match. Because I think this feud is just starting Brie will win tonight.  Bray Wyatt vs Kane: Inferno Match This match could everything people are hoping for or it could a waste. I think because of the talent of the guys in the ring this match wi…

Flashback Report


Good in the Ring

Decent on the Mic

Even though many fans nowadays view Tazz as an announcer he was actually a top name in ECW, and a main feature of the WWF Hardcore division before injuries ended Tazz's career prematurely. Tazz whose real name is Peter Senercia began his career in WWC as Kid Krush, before moving into the name The Tazmaniac which he has used variations of the name over the course of his entire career. In 1993 still trying to make an impact in Wrestling Peter debuted in the fledgling wrestling organization called ECW or Eastern Championship Wrestling. But it wasn't until 1995 after Peter returned from his neck injury that his career started to take off as that is when he became Tazz. From then till leaving ECW in 1999 Tazz became a solid wrestler and one of the many reasons ECW succeed. However it wasn't long after he joined WWF in 1999 that Tazz would unfortunately be forced to retire due to injuries in 2002.

Below is a list of achievements Tazz captu…

How I would book it Part 4..... WWF 1995

onday July 17th Monday Night Raw: Nashville, TN
Waylon Mercy vignette, Razor Ramon def. 123 Kid, Mabel w/ Moe vs Yokozuna w/ James Cornette, Jeff Jarrett & Skip w/ Sunny def. Brian & Brad Armstrong (Jeff pins Brad), highlights of Undertaker/Million Dollar Corporation, Aldo Montoya def. Henry Godwin, Backstage: Diesel is seen in his locker room; Shawn Michaels walks in and says “Hey, Chill Big D; I seem to remember a time when we were friends, even inseparable then it changed. Big D you got here before me and now you have to deal with Bret & my ex-bodyguard who has a bigger ego then me or you. “So what do you want Shawn” said Diesel, Shawn adds “I know Sid like the back of my hand and you hate Bret so let’s settle this. We won’t be friends again all I am saying is combine our common interest I want to get revenge on Sid & you want to silence your critics. Diesel says deal. Heavenly Bodies def. Allied Powers (Tom pins Luger), Bam-Bam Bigelow w/ Ted DiBiase def. Barry Hor…

Student of the Game

(Courtesy of

Jessika Heiser is like many students at Towson University.
She hates getting up for 8 a.m. classes, is studying hard to pursue her degree in electronic media and works a part-time job when she’s not in school. But, unlike her most of her counterparts, Heiser is not working at a restaurant or at a store in the mall. Heiser is a professional wrestler. The 22-year-old is less than three years into pursuing her dream of performing in front on thousands of fans who paid money to watch her put herbody on the line on a nightly basis. Heiser’s love of wrestling began when she was 10 years old. Her original plans were to work behind the scenes but decided to step into the ring as a form of motivation to get into shape. Since her training began, Heiser – known in professional wrestling circles as Jessie Kaye – has lost more than 60 pounds. “Getting into the ring is like a drug,” Heiser said. “Once you get a taste of the reaction you get from the fans, it’s hard to …

Scouting Report

AJ Styles

Decent on the mic
Great in ring

Below are a list of achievements AJ has mounted during his career:

3 times NWA World Champion
4 times NWA World tag team champion
2 times TNA Legends champion
1 time TNA World Champion
2 times TNA World Tag Team champions
6 time TNA X-Division champion
First Triple Crown winner in TNA
First Grand Slam Champion in TNA
1 time ROH Tag Team Champion
1 time Pure Champion

Next is are two matches highlighting different points in AJ's career:

How I would book it Part 3...... WWF 1995

Saturday June 17th Superstars: Newark, NJ
Men on a Mission def. William McReynolds & Colin McDonald (Moe pins William), Skip w/ Sunny def. Paul Wilson, Aldo Montoya def. Bob Holly via DQ after Hakushi runs in and attacks Bob Holly, Promo Video for King of the Ring on June 25th Live on PPV, Smoking Guns def. 123 Kid & Razor Ramon (Bart pins Kid), Duke Droese vs Henry Godwin No Contest as Helmsley and Henry get into a fight before the match even starts, Barry Horowitz def. Bushwhacker Luke via Submission, Headshrinkers def. Allied Powers (Fatu pins Luger) Monday June 19th Monday Night Raw: Newark, NJ Jeff Jarrett def. Scott Armstrong, Owen Hart & Yokozuna w/ Jim Cornette def. Tekno Team 2000 (Owen pins Travis), Diesel vs Bret Hart contract signing later tonight, Razor walks out to the ring he says even though he is the Intercontinental champion he is showing everyone he can go in tag team to. Now things haven’t worked out with me and Kid as a team so I thought try a new pa…