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How I Would Book It....

I know a few months ago I tried this and it was called Rework & Rewrite well now i am changing it to the title of this post. I know what some of you are thinking why if it didnt work the first time is he doing it again well simply put I looked back and the originals sucked. It was to congested, very hard to follow so in this post i will disclose what i am changing. I will be breaking up the topic based on how long of the certain thing I want to change. In a world without backstage politics, imagine the fans actually had a voice with the big promotions. For all the posts I will have a background before I begin disclosing why I am changing it, & what i am changing. I will be looking at superstars of the past & present. I will be doing research so this series can also focus on hypothetical occurences to expand the imagination. I will take a look at wrestlers who didnt make but could have or should have, promotions like WWE, TNA, WCW, ROH, AWA, NWA, Mid-Atlantic, WCCW, etc. To…

TNA: Ryan is Right

Short and to the point they say Wrestling Matters here is one video that proves it may not
Joey Ryan interviews former TNA star Brian Kendrick

for more video interviews of former TNA talent visit his youtube channel at

1 year today this happend

Over the past few weeks i have been looking back at some great promos from the past in this business well this is why. Today is one year to the date that CM Punk did the Shoot on RAW and turned Face attacking Cena, Rock, Vince, HHH, Steph in the Shoot. That promo lit up the wrestling world and started the spark of Punk that propeled him to one of the longest WWE titles regins in many years. Below is the Promo: 6-27-12 Punk Promo

1000th RAW

This post will be short and to the point, in around 4 weeks WWE will be having the 1000th episode special of RAW. They will be having special guests from the past like you have stars from the past over the last few weeks on RAW it will be done in full & crazy on July 23. First for those who dont know it was announced yesterday that the socail media embassador for the 1000th RAW will be none other then Charlie Sheen. If only they would give him a free range to say what he wants then it would be awesome.
Also something that made news today is that WWE is announcing who the permenate GM will be at the 1000th show. Which in my opinion could be anyone who was a former GM to anyone now who really isnt being used.
There really isnt much else to say other lets wait the 4 weeks to find out.

Wrestling Debuts

Over the past couple of weeks I have been looking back at some debuts of people that nobody they would become as big a star as they did. Well here is the next debut; let me set the stage its November 1996 Survivor Series live from Madison Square Garden, & a kid is making his debut named Rocky Maivia who would later one of the greatest WWE stars of all time here you go: Rock's debut in the WWF and also his first match in the company as well

Updated Standings of the BFG Series:

(1) James Storm – 36 points [3-0-1] … 4 matches
(2) Samoa Joe – 17 points [2-2-0] … 4 matches
(3) Kurt Angle – 10 points [1-2-0] … 3 matches
(4t) Mr. Anderson – 9 points [1-1-1] … 3 matches
(5t) Jeff Hardy – 7 points [1-1-0] … 2 matches
(5t) Magnus – 7 points [1-1-0] … 2 matches
(5t) The Pope – 7 points [1-1-0] … 2 matches
(8) Daniels – 5 points [1-2-0] … 3 matches
(9t) A.J. Styles – 0 points [0-2-0] … 2 matches
(9t) Rob Van Dam – 0 points [0-2-0] … 2 matc…

TNA Live

Back at the end of May we the fans were told that TNA would be moving time slots from 9 to 8 and be going live through the Summer. I am not going to tell you guys that they decided not to go live and are going back to taping but it seems like their last live show will be August 23. Now from what i understand there is still a chance that they might stay live but there is also a chance they may not. I think TNA needs to stay live every week because if they arent planning to leave Orlando then this is a step in the right direction. As even though i really dont watch impact every week i have noticed since they have gone live their show has become more serious and easier to watch. Now they just need to get the ratings around a certain number and keep them their. They do that by having stories the entire auidence want to see, keeping the quality of matches great, & dont have to much backstage stuff but also not to much in the ring. Doing those things should keep people interested and he…

Week News

The end of a new week and another edition of Week news comes your way so here we go.

Even though I really dont talk about them they are a good company with a lot of great talent just ask WWE. I am talking about Ring of Honor and the fact they will be back on IPPV this sunday night with Best in the World in Mahattan, NY the Main Event is Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards for the World title. That will be a really good match and like usual ROH ppv is a stacked one from top to bottom and thats what I love about this company.
With two strikes against Randy Orton from the talent wellness policy many it WWE it to be doubtful that Randy will be pushed back into the Main Event. Also there has been some level of anguish backstage between Orton & Creative because Randy wants to be a heel again but Creative doesnt feel like Sheamus is a strong enough face yet to sell tickets for the live events. So Orton is out of luck, and plus even if he was a heel in the mid card it would take away from the…

Talent Truth

Word is backstage Vince is frustrated with the talent because he feels they arent connecting with auidence because they lack the look of a superstar. Which is in his mind a bodybuilder type like HHH, Hogan, Cena, etc. Which in my opinion either means Vince is losing his mind or he isnt watching the show because both Punk & Bryan have been getting huge reaction from the fans. They dont look like bodybuilders neither does Dolph Ziggler who was very over on RAW & No Way Out, & Zack Ryder, Kidd, Gabirel, Rhodes, Christian, Orton, & others dont have the bodybuiler look. I mean look back at the past people like Bret Hart, Rock, Michaels, Foley, Austin, Undertaker, Jericho, Guerrero, Mysterio, & others. Who cares if they arent noticed at the store by the fans he should only care if they are over on TV cause thats what makes him money not them being noticed at the store, airports, on the street, bar, etc. This aint the territory days where you took any exposure you could g…

Classic Raw Moments 2

To keep the looking back going here are two of my favorite memories from Monday Night Raw it was during the attitude era that these happend and it is another two Steve Austin moments. All I am going to say is Zamboni & Hospital: Austin Rides a Zamboni into the arena Austin attacks McMahon in the Hostpital

both great moments hope you all like as much as i do

Wrestling Debuts

Lets take a look back at another debut of a talent that people didnt expect to make as big as they did in the new company first was Triple H. Now instead spearating this out into two posts i will do it in one Steve Austin as he debut in both WCW & ECW in both places the fans & wrestlers had know idea how big of a star he'd become. Austin's WCW Debut Austin's ECW Debut

Promo Power 2

18 years ago a man turned on his fans he went from telling his little Hulkamaniacs to eat their vitamins & say their prayers to this watch Hulk Hogan turn on WCW and join the NWO with Hall & Nash at Bash at the Beach 1996.

only a couple more before we go to the promo that began this 6/25/12 will be the one year anniversary of the CM Punk shoot dont miss it as i look back at some of the best promos from the past and ending with that one.

PPV Predictions

No Way Out
Brodus Clay vs David Otunga this shouldnt be anything other then a squash match because Otunga isnt somone who should be a big challenge for Brodus because he isnt look at as a serious challenge for Brodus. So Brodus will win the match Tuxedo Match Santino Marella vs Ricardo Rodriguez nothing more the a comedy match to fill time on the ppv this match will not go to long and i see Santino will win (c) Layla vs Beth Phoenix  this could be a decent match but most likely it will be just like any other WWE divas title match because they usually dont give them enough time on ppv to have a good match. I see Layla winning tonight because she just won it and Beth shouldnt get it back right now (c) Christian vs Cody Rhodes I think they need to move Cody to the next level and continue his push or at least try to push him because right it is close to floping. So good match here tonight but Christian getting the win and then start Cody with someone new. (c) Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler …

Politics at its Best!!!!

I said i wasnt going to write about it but when I saw another post about it and more people within WWE saying its true I couldnt help myself. What I am talking about is not only the fact that HHH has been baiscally bad mouthing Mick Foley backstage, because he doesnt believe foley draws has been a main person if not the only one shooting down any and all creative ideas having to do with Foley. Also he has jealous when it comes to The Rock & Steve Austin some believe its because they were bigger stars they he was in WWE and actually made it in Hollywood. But with all the movies HHH has done they have all floped. I was going to let this die but for someone to say that Foley didnt draw any money & that he should pay us (WWE) to appear on their shows is ridiculous. Because without Mick, WWE wouldnt have one of the best moments ever & one of the sickest match the Hell in Cell from KOTR 98 where Mick fought Taker we all know what happend on that night. Adding to what i said ear…

Classic Raw Moments

As the 1000th edition of Monday Night Raw continues to draw closer lets take a look back at another great Raw moment from the past 19 years of WWE's flagship show.
Here we go: how many of you remember this the famous stunt. Austin shows up at Brian Pillman's home in Cincy to find out Pillman has a gun 9mm in his hand crazy insane words i use to describe it.

TNA Reaction

Last night was another live edition of Impact on Spike and I can tell, I am actually really kicking myself that I missed TNA last night cause the show was actually good. They started simple stories like Austin Aries & the guys who attacked Sting. I have express my distaste for the AJ/Dixie angle and I want to keep this post positive instead of negative. TNA has a big chance to make an impact no pun intended with these two angles Aries possibly challenging for the world title & the guy who attacked Sting as long as they dont screw it up. They need to allow the story to pick up stem & the big thing is they need to kill it before the fans do. I am talking about the 3 attackers who went after Sting last night you dont want to keep it a secret for to long. Also you want it to be people the fans have heard of but have been in the company already 4 times. Like most people they bring in because if it's someone the people havent heard of the guys are less likely to get a reacti…

Week News

WZR is reporting that the future of WWE diva Kelly Kelly may be in doubt not that WWE would fire her but that the time off she is taking now may be permenate. Kelly who debuted 6 years ago hasnt really taken any time away from the ring since debut and many think she is burnt out from all the travel. Because of that many feel will not return to WWE but management isnt happy because they feel she is their most marketable diva. While away she is looking into doing things that have nothing do with wrestling as her placement in the Maxim top 100 has opended a lot of doors for her away from WWE. I hope Kelly or WWE dont burn the bridge preventing a possible return for Kelly if she does decide to go away from WWE becuase she is a very marketable talent.
The future for the now Former Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis still isnt complete termination as it seems he is making a change from an office employee to a guy on the road. As he is apparently booking the house…

Wrestling Debuts

For the next weeks I will be looking back at some debuts of wrestlers who reached the top of the sport when nobody thought they would because, of where they started and how long it took them to get their. First debut is the man formerly known as Terra Ryzing & Jean Paul Leavesque or better known as Triple H here is his debut in WCW.

Promo Power

I have done this already once but this time i changed the name of it because this is the truth and that is that just like matches. Promos that the stars cut can make us laugh, cry, cheer, boo, get goosebumps, etc and like the Austin promo here is another great promo by one of the greatest of all time the Enforcer Arn Anderson. The promo is called by some "My Spot"

September 1997 Arn Anderson Retires from Pro Wrestling because of a neck injury that if he keeped going could have caused him to be paryalzed for the rest of his life instead retire here the promo. Listen to it you can feel the emotion from Double A amazing promo by an amazing competitor.

Ratings down wonder Why!!!!!!!!!

Over the last week WWE has experienced a noticeable drop in ratings for Raw, which usually gives them decent numbers every week well I feel like giving my opinion on some problems right now. First thing is they have the same people every week doing the same thing for last week’s show I guessed that 5 things would happen on the show and 4 out of 5 happened. That's because WWE is terribly predictable and need to change because predictability isn’t a good thing an era of surprise which is needed in pro-wrestling. Because with shock value in a product then the fans never know what’s going to happen, but partly because of Super Cena WWE over the last couple of years especially in the past couple of months hasn’t been interesting. Take last year for example the CM Punk story that had him cut the promo that made the IWC go insane.If done right WWE could have ridden the story for all it was worth all the way to this year. Same with the superstars walking out on HHH that never ended the ri…

PPV Predictions

Kid Kash vs Hernandez this will be nothing special, but i like the fact that Kash is back in the ring after spending quite a while off TV & I think Hernandez is better by himself because Anarquia shouldnt be with them. I think because of the size advantage Hernadez gets the win here Devon & Garrett Bischoff vs Robbie E & Robbie T once again nothing special this is just a feud match that will hopefully blow off tonight because i absolutly hate this feud & have been saying for months if you want to help the TV title then get Robbie E out of the picture send him down to develop a new gimmick because people dont hate him they hate the gimmick. Devon & Garrett win (c) Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher this will be a usual divas match, but the strange thing is i can see Brooke winning because out of all the women still with TNA she is one of the only ones never to win the gold. I dont think it will happen though because i think they can let Kim keep…

RAW Moments 1

With the 1000th episode of RAW coming in July I figured why not start now looking back at some of my favorite matches from the last 19 years of the WWE's flagship show RAW. Do you remember on the March 22 1999 edition of RAW when Steve Austin came to the ring in a beer truck if you dont here the video & if you do remember here let us relive some great memories:

More moments to come as we draw nearer to the date July 23 live on the USA network 3 hours of RAW to celebrate 1000th episodes without stopping. Facts and figures will also be apart of the look back at WWE history.

Week News

Report last night there is monster heat on Brock Lesnar backstage with WWE management for going to UFC 146 last weekend. People arent pissed at him for going they are pissed because he went without asking Vince first. Backstage talks say that since coming back Brock has been difficult to work with and people he is only back for the money which is the same think that happend back during his first time.
One of TNA's biggest shows are this weekend that being Slammiversary June 10 live on PPV this like back in March will be headlined by Roode vs Sting like the ppv earlier this year. Why do the match again they had Roode win which is what should have happend because at this point Sting really doesnt need a win against him. It should be A Double getting a World title shot because he has earned it being the most consistant wrestler match quality wise in TNA. (Austin Aries)
July 23 the 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW live and 3 hours on the USA network is said to be getting treated li…

WWE The Future Is Coming 2

I did this last year for some talent in FCW, where i told you what they are good at and need work on & then could be seen up in WWE as legitimate if they corrected those things. Well here is part 2 of that post a few months later.

Dean Ambrose: He is the complete package, he can talk, wrestle, make the fans hate him or love. He has a great work ethic. He has been seen in Dark Matches over the past couple of months prior to TV and has made WWE management like what they see. Dean will be up with the main roster by the end of the year the only thing thats holding him back is his injury. The future is really bright for Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins: The current FCW World champion. He has been impressing people ever since he got there last year & he is right up there with Ambrose as people getting high praises from management. Seth is good in the ring but lacks some skills on the mic but has got better then he was. Unlike Dean, Seth really hasnt fought in Dark Matches but he is still …

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I said I will do a part 2 of the WWE rant I did a few days well here it is its just not called a rant cause i want a cleaner term to describe this. So lets get started basically this is about the fact that WWE has consistent shows which would be a good thing but in this case it isn't. Because every week WWE has the same people on the show Mondays & Fridays. The usuals include: John Cena, CM Punk, Big Show, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Marella, Otunga, Rhodes, Clay, & others. I understand the fact that they need to hype up matches going toward ppv so they use the TV time to do that. But do they really need 4 hours of national TV time to hype up matches on ppv's that people still aren't interested in enough to buy most of the time. Over the last year I cant remember how often people have sang the praises of Tyson Kidd, Ba…


With the 1 year anniversary of the CM Punk worked shoot coming up, I thought it would be nice to take a look at some of the best promos & some pipebombs in wrestling history. Best Pipebombs some of these promos will be in this series probably one of the most famous promos in wrestling history (this is from King of the Ring 96 Steve Austin) Austin 3:16 is born

Who's Next!!!

As of this writing Ric Flair, Matt Morgan, Alex Shelley, & Don West have all left TNA over the last couple of weeks to purse other things. Now an article circulated that another former is considering leaving TNA he is the former 4 time X-division champion Chris Sabin. The article doesnt say why he is leaning toward leaving in August when his contract is up but a few people could guess reasons. One of the reasons could be that Shelley recently left TNA recently so that could be a reason. It could also be that Sabin hasnt really been seen on TV since he returned from his injury earlier this year. A lot could change from now till then like he could not leave but as of now he will. Also this feeds into the rumors of the Dudleys leaving in August when their contracts are up as well. I am not sure about that but if I remember right i think thats true. But also Sabin could be another original to leave this year from the company. First being Russo, then West, and now possibly Sabin this c…

WWE Rant

I am sick of complaining about TNA so I figured switch because now WWE has given me a reason to complain. Also I am so sick of WWE just caring about one thing and not the big picture for the show.

I am talking about a story that just surfaced on WZR regarding WWE focusing more on the ratings and fixing the ppv buys. Here is an excerpt from the headline posted on “WWE’s primary goal is the various television projects they have going, and not building PPV buys. The plan is said to be to use their PPV events to bring in more consistent viewers to the weekly television programs.” How does that make sense it says they have been focusing on the various TV projects rather than building up the ppv buys. Also how could they do the other part of that because people aint ordering the PPV’s because WWE aren’t hyping them then why people want to watch the weekly shows if they don’t want to watch a ppv with no meaning. They need to figure out that giving people a push has no point if …