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PPV Predictions

Hell in a Cell First of all look for these two matches to be added to the show Prime Time Players vs Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara, also Justin Gabriel vs Antonio Cesaro for the United States title. As they have been hyping them over the last few weeks but never formely announced the matches.
Eve Torres © vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla
usual divas match here, I think the end of this story is coming because their isn't much else they can do with it unless they make either Layla or Kaitlyn win but I don't think it happens tonight so Eve wins
Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio
this has all the makings of a good match and it most likely will be as it has been built up as a big feud on Smackdown Kofi Kingston © vs. The Miz
first thought that pops into my head is Kofi winning because he just beat Miz for the gold but then again they could make Miz win but then again I don't think so. Long story short I say Kofi wins because he deserves to keep the belt
Team Hell No © vs. Rhodes Scholars
Rhodes Sch…

Seven Levels of Hate: It's Over

Last night in Melbourne Australia aka October 27 it was as Australia is one day ahead of us so they had Stage 7 last night. With that it's time for me to tell you unfortunately Adam Pearce lost and I say it's unfortunate because with that loss Adam is keeping his word and is leaving the NWA. I apologize first for not mentioning it prior but when Adam challenged Colt to the Seven Levels of Hate he put his NWA career on the line. With that in my opinion the best NWA Wrestler in recent memory and a superstar that helped give NWA a face over the last 5 years is leaving. I am sure the NWA will offer him some sort of parting gift but from myself and the fans, Mr. Pearce thank you for busting your butt every night and giving us fans another reason to watch NWA. Over the last two years I have paid more attention to the NWA then I had in the last 10 years and that's because of Colt & Adam. Watching promos from Adam makes me think of Harley Race just by the tone his voice usuall…

This day in Wrestling History

This day 4 years ago saw the end of an era even though it wasn't known at the time but it is known as the last time Cyber Sunday went on ppv. Over a 4 year period this ppv took a unique idea and built a ppv around the idea that the fans chose the stips for every match. For it's four year history Cyber Sunday was always around the same time which was the end of October or early November. The one problem I have heard from numerous people about this ppv is that nobody knew any match so they didn't want to pay for matches they didn't know the stips for. Basically it was unique for a time but it lost it's uniqueness and end up being replaced by Bragging Rights in 2009. The big stories going into this ppv first from RAW were between Jericho vs Batista & Santino vs Past IC Champions; if you don't remember the Santino story he was trying to beat the Honky Tonk Man's record reign as IC champ. The other between Jericho & Batista was over the World title and t…

Flair is Back or is He

Over the past few months the speculation has been running rampant around the IWC but I am not here to feed into the speculation I will however say facts right now. Flair left TNA in Late April or early May and almost immediately the rumors began that people were saying Flair would be back in WWE by mid-Summer. But that wasn't the case as TNA decide to sue WWE because they thought WWE got confidential contract information on numerous superstars by a former TNA employee. So Flair's return is delayed for now and at this point at the end of October he has still not returned. The reason for his delayed return is because of the TNA lawsuit but now rumors are moving a lot faster then the last few months. As I right this post many source in WWE say Flair could be back in WWE by as early as this Monday because they are live in Charlotte, NC which is Flair's hometown. Also he had an appearance for a local promotion in Charlotte but has canceled which brings us to think it might be t…

Much Deserved

5 years ago after TNA left the NWA they had a tournament to crown a new NWA World Champion the tournament was called Reclaiming the Glory. The winner of the tournament was "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce this was the first time Adam won a major title. Now almost 6 years later Adam has 5 reigns as NWA World Champion in his fifth now. On the other side it's Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana, he like Pearce began his tenure with the NWA apart of the company NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Colt is like Adam a former NWA Champion being a 2 time champion both times winning the title from Adam.
highlights of Stages 1-3 of this match Stage Four Highlights Stage Five Highlights Stage Six Highlights

Stage Seven highlights will come after this Saturday October 27 when Colt Cabana…

How I Would Book it Part 3.... Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair

8/21: WCW Main Event, the match worth noting is Vader & Flair vs Steamboat & Hogan. This match is a first time ever which is what the feud is surrounding the first ever meeting with Flair & Hogan. Steamboat & Hogan win via DQ, Post Match: A face-off between Flair & Steamboat also Vader & Hogan. Sting vs Paul Orndorff (Sting wins but is attacked Post Match by Orndorff)
8/27: WCW Saturday Night, simple tonight they hype Hogan vs Vader & Flair vs Steamboat for tomorrow's Clash of Champions.
8/28: WCW Clash of Champions, (the only matches that have to do with the feud are Flair vs Steamboat for the title & Vader vs Hogan #1 contender match) Sting def Paul Orndorff via DQ, Hulk Hogan over Vader, Ric Flair defeats Ricky Steamboat to retain World Title.
9/3: WCW Saturday Night, Hogan starts by saying finally after months of you running Flair at Fall Brawl, I will be taking your title away from you. Ric is out and he tells Hulk that Ric is the man around…

NWA: Colt Cabana vs Adam Pearce

NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Seven Levels of Hate: Stage 7 Steel Cage Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana challenges "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce October 27, 2012 Melbourne Australia For a company that many thought would never reclaim it's legacy, for a company that many thought that after splitting from TNA would never return to the limelight. Well in my opinion they were wrong because the feud that has been going on in the NWA for most of 2012 over the NWA Title challenges that logic. Now it isn't at the level it used to be it's not even on the level of some Indy companies but it's still alive and kicking and deserves to be acknowledged. The feud between Colt Cabana & Adam Pearce has changed that, they are two of the best in the business and they have showed it. So far six different matches all over the USA, up and down each coast if know or have heard about it you have to acknowledge the feud and be happy about the passion these two men are showing…

Unfortunate Circumstances

I just found out some very sad news it is that former Pro-Wrestler Mike Gosset better known as the son of Wrestling Legend Eddie Gosset or Graham. I am referring to Mike Graham he was 61 years old we have found out that sadly Mike took his own life. Mike started wrestling in 1972 for his father Eddie in his dad's company Championship Wrestling from Florida. By the way Championship Wrestling from Florida was an NWA territory back in the day. For those who may think that Eddie pushed his son just because it's his son well your wrong Mike never really reached Main Event status. As during his career Mike was considered more of tag team wrestler as he held 25 total tag team titles thought his career various territories. But for the most part he had a majority of his success in Florida obviously where he won every CWF title including being 16 time tag team champion. The things that caught my attention is that for the most part he always changed his partners as during his career he m…

Unique Video Viewing

I am not lying to you when I say these where the first videos I saw on Youtube because they weren't I had to search for them. They all show something different, One is funny, the other shows that Hardy has changed & the 3rd shows that WCW doesn't ruin everything. Here we go: Enjoy
In the Ring with Matt Hardy
Clash of Champions XXXV
Jim Cornette: Ring Roasts 3 Trailer (very funny by the way)

How I would I would Book it Part 2...... Hogan vs Flair

6/25: WCW Saturday Night, Starts with Flair bragging that he told everyone it was the most important thing on the show his match and they should it was indeed. However this brings out Vader who disagrees with Flair saying that because of his victory he has the chance to end the career of Hogan before it starts. Long story short Vader vs Flair made for later tonight. Steve Austin defends the US title vs Jim Duggan, Austin retains the title & Once again Simmons challenges Flair. Flair over Vader and after the match Ric accepts Simmons challenge at Bash at the Beach if Simmons can beat Barry Windham.
6/26: WCW Main Event, highlights of Clash of Champions on this show we mostly have the likes of Vader, Ron Simmons, & Ric Flair hyping their matches for Bash at the Beach.
7/2: WCW Saturday Night, We find out that Commissioner Bockwinkle made the match for tonight Flair vs The Boss to add to Ron Simmons vs Barry Windham tonight. Once again Vader & Race provoke Hogan as we draw …

PPV Predictions

Bound For Glory Al Snow vs Joey Ryan this match will be what it needs to be and that's an average match that puts over the stipulation in the match. It will be cool to see Al back in the ring and I expect to hear the fans chanting you still got it for Snow. But because I know where Joey has came from and how hard he has worked it would be nice to see Ryan win tonight and get the contract he deserves with TNA. (c) Miss Tessmacher vs Tara I would say it will be the usual divas match but I don't think it will be because of the fact it's Bound for Glory. Tara is a veteran & Tessmacher has come along way since her days in WWE and this has all the making of being a good match. I would like to see Tessmacher win because it's one of those feuds where you let the face win (c) Zema Ion vs Rob Van Dam this will be an interesting match because it's never happen before I don't think in RVD's career that he has ever challenged for a cruserweight title. Good job TNA…

News Worthy

Over the last few months something in my mind has flown under the radar that deserves to be mentioned and receive the notoriety because of how special it has been for the NWA. I am speaking of one of the best feuds in wrestling in recent memory Adam Pearce vs Colt Cabana. This series is called Seven Level of Hate and it has seen Colt & Adam fight all over the US in loads of different matches. From Chain Match, Texas Death Match, First Blood Match and much more now they move to Steel Cage Match. They have spilt blood all over the US and now they move to Australia on October 27. At one point Colt was up 3-0 and many thought Pearce was going to loss the series and have to leave NWA but Adam came back and showed how good he is. I did just say if Pearce loss the series he has said he will leave NWA forever which is a big deal because he has been a huge star for the NWA. Here is a video of the challenge from Adam to Colt:

Most recently these tw…

Cell of Respect

Over the last couple of months on WWE TV we have heard CM Punk stressing the idea of Respect, saying that even though he is WWE Champion he isn't being given the respect he deserves. Baiscally from the start of this it has been a feud between Punk vs Cena which happend at Night of Champions. Also could happen at Hell in a Cell again only thing halting it is the fact Cena got elbow surgery so that is a problem. Because of that Ryback has found his way into the World title picture and I think it's good, & that Ryback should get the shot because Cena just got it and they will have more to do with Punk/Ryback rather then the latter. I am not saying that Ryback should win because I don't think he should because there is still more they can do with Punk as WWE Champion. Also they could have had more if they were pushing the young guys instead of burying the young guys.
The latest on Cena's injury is that John is recovery slowly but is recovering & but it is uncertai…

The Indies of the Past

Image Chris Hero vs CM Punk (highlight video)
IWA-MS Aj Styles vs Jimmy Rave (ROH) Mike Quakenbush vs Bryan Danielson (ROH) Daniel Bryan vs Low Ki (FCW)

All of these are just some of the great matches each of these guy have had throught their careers in Pro-Wrestling.

How I would Book it Part 1...... Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan

We start on June 4 1994 better known as the night a message came across the screen on WCW Saturday Night that Hogan signed with WCW. Here we go:

Early in the show we get the announcement coming across the screen that Hulk Hogan has signed with WCW. Later on in the broadcast Flair says that his Unification Match vs Sting is more important then Hulk Hogan because we here he isn't & we've proven we belong he hasn't. We'll be waiting Hulk Woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We are promised footage from the press conference when Hulk officially signed next week.
6/5: The Next day on WCW Main Event, We find out that Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel has overloaded by people asking him if they can be the first to fight Hogan. So Nick says at Clash of Champions their will be a Battle Royal were the winner will face Hulk Hogan in his debut match at Bash at the Beach. Also the match on WCW Main Event was Sting over Vader via DQ, Vader attacks Sting after the match but then Flair runs in for…

Ring of Change

As of this writing I have heard a big creative change will be taking place within the ranks of ROH as Jim Cornette will be relinquishing power and giving it to Hunter "Delirious" Johnson. Now Johnson will be in charge of the entire creative direction & also production. Jim will still be with ROH but more like an adviser of sorts to Delirious. From my prior knowledge of ROH, I am aware of Delirious being on the creative team but never having this much power. But then again if anyone can teach him to do it right it would Cornette. Because when you think about great wrestling minds still within wrestling one of the first people to come to mind is Cornette. I think this may help ROH because it gives a fresh future having a new TV & Creative direction should ROH & Delirious move forward. I know what one might say well if Jim is helping Delirious isn't it Jim's ideas that are going to TV yes/no. Yes because is telling Delirious how to do things & no because…

Superstar Corner

This is a new idea I just thought of I will post promos of different Wrestlers each time I do one of these post with the same title. First edition of this I guess post series is one of the most talented guys in FCW/NXT he is Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley. This is just a compilation of a lot of his promos because off the top of my head I don’t know any really good promos he has done. So I hope you in enjoy:

Background: Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair

It's time for the next edition of How I Would Book it; this time instead of focusing on a specific superstar or company I am focusing on a specific feud. Back in the day the talk of the wrestling word was who would win if Hulk Hogan fought Ric Flair a great question. Many people wondered for a long time as both men were the top of two different companies NWA & WWF respectivley. Fans thought Hogan vs Flair would happen when Flair joined WWF in late 1991 after being fired by WCW. But that was not the case Hogan spent more time away they apart of the show which made it hard to make the match. Even though it disappointed many and I many fans still the match didn't happen then Flair left in 1993 to go back to WCW. Fans thought all hope was lost for a dream match like Flair vs Hogan to happen but they were wrong. As it history has it Hogan would join WCW a little over a year after Flair returned to the company specifically Hogan joined in June 94.
I think this feud was one of t…

WWE What's Wrong

I have said it countless times in my opinion what is missing from WWE is compelling storylines below are some links to angle/feuds of the past that I thought made for great tv: None of these are I guess one could call them Attitude Era esque hype videos but they still are compelling TV which is what in my opinion is lacking badly from WWE TV. CM Punk vs John Cena Promo for Money in the Bank 2011 The Rock vs John Cena promo for Wrestlemania 28 CM Punk vs Chris Jericho Wrestlemania 28

Leave a comment tell me if you agree this what WWE is lacking year round compelling stories?

This Day in Wrestling History

Today is in my opinion one of the days in wrestling business that many people thought to be a turning point. It's one of those days that some wrestling fans still remember to this day I am talking about October 4 1975. Still don't know what I am talking about well would Ric Flair, Johnny Valentine, Bob Bruggers, Dave Crokett, Tim Woods, & Joseph Farkas . I am of course talking about the unfortunate Plane Crash that happened over Wellington, NC. The crash took the life of Farkas and ended the career of both Bob Bruggers, & Johnny Valentine. Also as many people know Flair broke his back in the crash & Doctors said "The 26 year old at the time Flair would never wrestle again." But Ric proved the doctors wrong and returned to the ring in early 1976. Then became one of the greatest wrestlers in not only the modern era but ever.
The only wrestler I didn't mention is Tim Woods, because what he did was a story by itself and deserves to be properly addressed.…

This Day in Wrestling History

On this day 22 years ago a future Hall of Famer in every form of the word he is the Highlight of the Night, The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, Larger then Life; King of the World, Lionheart, The Man of 1004 Holds, & The Best in the World at Everything he does Y2J Chris Jericho. He fought in his first match Lance Storm in Moose Hall they fought to a time limit Draw. From that point at 19 in Canada's Indy circuit then to FMW in Japan where he started to hone his craft in this business. Fast forward to 1992 He then moves to Mexico which is a different style then Japan & Canada. He wrestled for the famed CMLL company there he won his first major title which was the NWA World Middleweight title. That title he held for 11 months in Mexico he fought Ultimo Dragon, Silver King, Nergo Casas, & others. Then he went to Germany for a 6 week tournament, then in 1994 he went back to Japan until he was brought in by James Cornette teaming with Lance in the SMW. In 1994, it was the first …

The Future is Getting Brighter

Here are a few videos of Talents within WWE that management has High expectations for:   Seth Rollins vs Bo Dallas   Dean Ambrose vs Damien Sandow Richie Steamboat vs Bobby Dutch

The only way to know what the future holds is to be prepared for it to come.