How I Would Book It Background..... WCW 1990

After a brief hiatus the How I would Book it series has returned with an interesting topic in my book. I will attempt to rebook WCW/NWA 1990. So instead of seeing Ole Anderson, Jim Herd, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, etc I will take control of WCW to try an right the ship. After big business in the early and mid 80's things started to crumble in Mid Atlantic Wrestling which was headed by the Crocketts. But then in November 1988, The Crocketts were forced to sell Mid Atlantic to Ted Turner because they went bankrupt. WCW remained within the ranks of the NWA until September 1993 when they when a disagreement over who would carry the NWA title forced both sides to split. But back to 1990, WCW was back in the drivers seat but had to make up ground on WWE after 2 dismal years. Now because of the fact that Jim Herd isn't here, that Ole, Dusty, or Flair aren't booking I believe that I can keep WCW going in the right direction.

So, Join me as we once again travel back in time 22 years ago to WCW in the early stages. Let's see if I can help the fledgling company get it's feet on the ground and chase WWE. I hope you enjoy what promises to be an interesting Rebook.


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